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I had never looked at Mitch this way until one night when him, my boyfriend and I were out at a bar. Since Mitch was the third wheel I jokingly sat next to him in the booth and rubbed my hand up and down his leg. I told him I would be his girl for the night. He whispered in my ear to stop because I was giving him a semi. That was all it took for him to send thoughts about him and I a-whirling into my head.

For the next week all I could think about was ways to get him and I alone. Sure, we were always around each other but never without my boyfriend present. Well, one Saturday afternoon while my boyfriend was at work he called and suggested that we have people over at our apartment that evening…a few other couples and of course, Mitch. He said he had talked to Mitch and he was at his place with nothing to do so why don’t I call him and ask him to come to our place now. Sure, honey…anything you say. So I was on the phone with Mitch before I couldn’t even catch my breath. I told him he should come over now since I had been alone all day long and was very lonely. He said he was on his way, but he had to make a stop before our place.

Well, Mitch was there before I knew it and I still hadn’t showered that day. I was extremely horny from watching porn a few minutes before he arrived. He said he was going to make a beer run. I told him I was going to shower and I’d leave the door unlocked. So, as he left I stepped into the showering imagining the ways I could seduce him. But, I still wasn’t even sure if Mitch looked at me this way. I was going to have to take my chances.

When I got out of the shower I walked into our living room, in just a towel, to see if he was back. Sure enough he was and I scared the shit out of him. When he looked at me, he did a double take. I think to make sure it was a towel I was wearing. He asked “are you going to get dressed?” “What do you want me to do? Get naked and do a little dance?” I asked. He smiled, a very big smile might I add, and said “will you?” I just smirked and walked into my room.

I returned dressed in jeans ataşehir escort and a tight t-shirt, minus a bra, so my hard little nipples would poke through and tease the shit out of him. So I sat down opposite him on the couch, and we started drinking beers. After a few the naked dance came up again…this time by him. He asked if the offer was still on the table. I told him “you don’t want to see me naked.” “You’re right” he said. I was so disappointed. Then he added “because if I do, I may have to take advantage of you.” My pussy started to drip right there…all through my little panties, right through to my tight jeans. I just looked at him stunned. “So can I see you naked?” he asked. I looked at the clock and with an hour and a half left before my boyfriend would even arrive home, I stood up and started for my room. I turned around, looked him dead in the eyes and told him “follow me.” This kid could have won the 100 meter dash as quickly as he got up and followed me into my bedroom. I told him to shut the door, and he did.

I had never seen Mitch so nervous in my life. I crossed my room and he just stood by the door like a little boy who had just been punished. I slowly removed my shirt and as I did, he swallowed hard. Then I started to unbutton my jeans. His eyes never left my body. I removed my jeans and my soaking wet thong and let it all fall to one big pile on the floor. I looked at him and his jaw was literally on the ground. He asked me to turn around so he could see my ass. I did a little twirl for him. He told me “I never imagined that your body could be this good.” I smiled and started to pick up my jeans. He told me to stop. I looked up at him and he was walking towards me. “I have to take advantage of this moment right now” he said. “Is that OK?” he asked. I told him to go lock the front door.

He came back and I was lying on my bed waiting for him. I motioned for him with my finger to get on the bed. He crawled across the bed as he started to unbutton his shirt. My pussy was throbbing at this point, juices flowing onto the bed. As he kadıköy escort took his shirt off, I about came right there. He was so perfect. Muscles in all the right places, a raging 6-pack like none I had ever seen. I was seeing Mitch in a whole new light and I was loving every minute of it. He was perfect. As he lay down on top of me so we could start our first kiss, we could feel each others hearts’ racing. We were so afraid of being caught. He leaned down to kiss me and I got a strong dose of his cologne. My favorite. This could not get any better, I thought, but it did.

He started to kiss me. He was the most passionate kisser I had ever had. He reached down with one hand and fondled my right breast. He pinched my nipple and rolled it around between his two fingers. Then he slowly moved his hand down in between my thighs. I knew he could feel the warmth before he even got there. He slid two fingers over my soaked pussy lips before plunging them inside me. As he did, I moaned in ecstasy. He worked his fingers in and out of me like nothing I had ever experienced. After he did that for what seemed like hours, I knew it was time to undress him. I reached down to unbutton his pants, and as I did, I felt a huge bulge in his pants. This only got me more excited and I ripped off his pants and his boxers. WOW! Was this kid well-endowed. I looked at him, and his amazing body, and that beautifully seductive look in his eyes, and I felt my orgasm getting closer and closer. I pulled him back on top of me, ready to do the one thing I had dreamed about for countless nights now. But he had another plan.

He stopped kissing me and said “no…not yet…I know what you want.” And with that said, he started to move down in between my legs. After countless drunken conversations with him, he knew that it was great oral sex that I craved from men. For some reason, I knew he was going to fulfill that craving. He kissed his way down my stomach over my shaved mound, and with one flick of his tongue against my throbbing clit, he sent me into another world. I was cumming and he bostancı escort had barely started. To this day, I swear he isn’t human because no man should be able to perform like this.

He was so gentle, but so amazing at the same time. He licked up and down and in and out. Over, under…he sucked away at my little button until finally I had to push his head away. I couldn’t take anymore. He didn’t want to stop, but I couldn’t take anymore. I needed all of him inside me right then. He came back up to me and kissed me, and when he did, I could taste myself all over his mouth and chin. He took his large cock in his hand and right before he started to fill me with it, he looked me dead in the eye and said “I’ve waited so long for this moment.”

I pulled him down to me and kissed him so hard. At that moment, he slid himself inside of me. He went in so easily due to the fact that he had just given me the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life. He started going and going and going…I had never had sex like this before. His dick was sliding in and out my cunt like crazy. It was the best sex of my life. And as he went, he sent me to another earth-shattering orgasm. He must have felt my pussy get tighter around his cock because he started fucking me harder and harder. I knew he wanted to come at the same time. As I started cumming, he gave one final thrust. Then he pulled out to shoot his load all over my tummy. I grabbed his cock in my hand and jacked him off gently until he was all done. He collapsed on top of me and we laid there for a few brief seconds until we realized that someone was going to be home soon and would not be very happy if he saw this.

We spent the rest of the night trying not to laugh every time we caught each others eye. And later that night after my boyfriend fell asleep, I snuck out into the living for round two. This time I did the one thing I swore I would never do until I found the perfect man. I gave him the best blow-job that I could. He enjoyed that a lot. Then we had another round of incredible sex. And another 3 rounds after my boyfriend left the next morning. Each time was more and more amazing. We haven’t exactly stopped doing this. He comes over for early morning love sometimes. You know…my friends always tell me “The grass is always greener on the other side.” In this case, it is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32