Good Birthday Vibes

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“Not bad, not bad at all!” I mumbled to my mirror image as I gently brushed through my hair.

After what felt like a week of bad hair days, my thick blonde mane had finally decided to cooperate and now framed my face with soft curls. I was getting ready for a night out. It was my husband Tom’s birthday, and we were soon supposed to meet up with some of our closest friends at a nice restaurant just a couple of blocks from our apartment. However, my mind was preoccupied with rather naughty thoughts on how we would celebrate his birthday later on, just the two of us, once we got home again. I had planned a surprise that I knew would direct Tom’s thoughts in that very same direction, and I felt butterflies in my stomach just from thinking about it. I wore the thin light blue top that I knew Tom loves and a black skirt, not slutty short but short enough to show off some legs. My favorite lace bra accentuated my firm breasts without giving away too much, and as I looked at my image in the bedroom mirror I had to admit that I looked rather hot!

As a final touch, I lifted up my skirt and pulled down my black lace panties with one hand. The other grabbed the pink vibrator from my nightstand. I added a few drops of lube to the toy, not that it was needed, but as I was about to wear it for a couple of hours, I wanted to make sure it was comfortable. I gave my mound a quick stroke with it before I gently pushed the toy into my pussy. The weight of the toy inside me, and the thought of having it there the whole night, not able to control its vibrating and tumbling motions, turned me on more than I expected. My hand was drawn to my clit and I couldn’t help but to give it a soft rub, letting my fingers circulate on it.

Maybe I should give the toy a quick test ride? I hesitated, it was rather tempting. But no, the toy was not in my control tonight. Knowing it would be worth the wait, I gave my yearning clit a last rub and tried to ignore that I already felt a spreading wetness from my mound. I put my panties back on and made sure that the soft antenna from the vibrator was angled for best connection as it would soon be receiving bluetooth signals from my husbands phone.

We bought the vibrator egg a year ago or so, mostly because of its app controlled features. Back then, Tom was going away on a business trip, and the vibrator gave us some really teasing moments as a hot complement to sexting and phone sex. The whole “fun for discreet public play” part that was advertised on the box had, during the year, turned from a unison, “Nope, don’t think so,” to a hesitating, “Okay, that might actually be hot, should we try this?” Now, we’d used the vibrator in public a couple of times, and it was a huge turn on for both of us. He got a kick out of being in control, and I loved having the toy inside me, not having the power to choose when it would come to life. I knew Tom would love this birthday gift – and that I would get a kick out of it too!

“Honey, before we leave I want to give you a sneak peek of your birthday gift,” I said mischievous as my husband entered our bedroom in search for a pair of socks.

“What do you mean?”

I smiled innocently as I lifted my skirt up, so that Tom got a clear view f my lace panties and the soft pink antenna peeking out of them.

“You’re in control tonight, and I will make sure we move the celebration to a more private location after dinner,” I whispered coyly, as I lowered my skirt again. “Happy birthday honey!”

“Oh, a happy birthday indeed!” he said with a playful smile and embraced me. As he kissed me, one hand immediately found its way in under my top and I felt his fingers pinching my right nipple.

“That feels so good, but we really need to be on our way to the restaurant right now,” I said, although I would rather let the birthday boy have his ways with me right on the spot.

Tom grunted with exaggerated disappointment and gave my nipple a last brush before he got back to getting dressed.

And you know, same rules as always,” I added.

Tom nodded. During our previous adventures with the vibrator in public we had agreed that Tom would keep the vibrations low and teasing, and rather keep me on the edge than actually make me come until we were in private. None of us were so much into exhibitionism and to make each other come or even have sex in public locations was not a goal, but we liked to tease each other.

We arrived at the restaurant and were greeted by our friends. For the next hour or so I almost forgot about the vibrator as it remained silent. There was wine, there was delicious food, and there were some of the most awesome people we knew. I sat next to Tom, with my best friend, Ally, on my other side. When we’d finished our starters with asparagus and egg, I raised my glass of prosecco to make a toast.

“Dear friends! Thank you all for coming here tonight, to celebrate Tom’s thirty-fifth birthday! ” I started. “We are so happy to see you all. I know it’s been a while since we all got tuzla ukraynalı escort together and I ho…”

A sudden pulsating wave made my body freeze. What the hell?! It took me a second or so to realize that my loving husband had decided to turn on the vibrator. Now? He’s doing this now? I was startled, this was definitely not what I had expected.

“I hope…” I mumbled, trying to regain control and remembering what I was talking about.

“We hope that you’ll enjoy the evening as much as we do. Cheers to Tom!” I finally managed to spill out and took a deep breath when everybody joined in to cheer for Tom.

I realized that my nipples had become stiff and were pointing out, the delicate fabric of my top did not do much to hide my body’s reaction to the vibrating treatment. I hoped that nobody else would notice my almost overwhelming horniness and erect nipples. Well, I knew I could not hide it from Tom. He knew my every sign of arousal and smiled mischievously as he looked at my lascivious breasts. The teasing vibrations from the toy felt really good, though I maybe would have appreciated them even more if they hadn’t started when everyone was staring at me.

Tom kept the vibrator running for a couple of minutes, on a steady, slowly teasing mode. My pussy loved the treatment. I was already wet and felt that this was going to be a long, hot evening. When Tom was about to show a friend something on his phone, he leaned over the table and “accidentally” let his hand brush over my breasts while he moved. I couldn’t help but to moan quietly, my nipples aching for his touch. He smiled playfully and made sure to just as briefly and discreetly stroke over my nipples while he reached for the water bottle next to me very discreetly, and almost painfully teasing! The only thing that wasn’t discreet at the moment was my very erect nipples that were triggered by Tom’s brief caress. Carefully covered by the table cloth, I reached out with my left hand and lightly brushed over Tom’s pants. I moved my hand up a bit and realized that I wasn’t the only one aroused here! Just as I felt the hard, throbbing bulge, I was interrupted and quickly moved my hand.

“So how is work, are you stressed out with deadlines as usual?” Ally asked me.

I had to take a deep breath and really concentrate to focus on something else than my vibrating pussy and Tom’s hard-on before I could answer her. I met Tom’s eyes for a moment and smiled mischievously. Knowing that Tom was enjoying the evening as much as I was made me even more horny, if that was even possible!

“Uhm, well there is a lot to do. As always. Not as much as right before Christmas, but yeah, deadlines and so… ” I said, realizing that I sounded stupid.

It took another deep breath and a lot of concentration to manage to continue the conversation. My pussy was sopping wet, and I seriously started to wonder how long I could possibly hold this up without orgasming right here at the restaurant. I felt the familiar tingling feeling starting to build up and hastily turned to Tom to signal that he needed to give me a pause. Luckily, our food arrived to the table at that very moment, and Tom turned off the vibrator so we could focus on what was in front of us instead. I was relieved, I had no plans to orgasm right here and now!

The vibrator remained pretty still during our dinner. There were a few teasing moments where Tom would turn it on for a couple of seconds, just to make sure I knew he could do so. It wasn’t until halfway through our dessert that Tom decided it was time to kick it up a notch. One of the key features for the vibrator was the ability to use vibration patterns, which were pre-defined movements that you could download through the app. This was very handy when we wanted to play with the vibrator hands-free in the bedroom. Or, as I was to find out: when Tom wanted to casual chitchat with a friend and push his wife closer to the verge of an orgasm in public, simultaneously.

After a discreet look at his phone, my husband apparently decided on a new vibration pattern to try out. I didn’t mind. The vibrations now came in smooth, slow waves, and I could relax a little bit. I managed to have an actual, focused conversation with Ally without loosing the thread and sound like a stuttering moron every other minute. I tried to compensate for my nonsensical answers before and listened attentively to her story about her boss and his strange ideas of team building exercises. Maybe the waves were a little more intense now? I couldn’t really tell, but sipping on my wine I felt that life was pretty good! And in an hour or two, Tom and I would head back home to start our own celebration that involved a lot of nudity and a lot more than a toy inside my pussy!

Then a big, intense wave of rumbling vibrations hit me, and I almost felt the need to hold on to the table to not be swept away. Another wave, just a little bit smoother followed almost immediately. I got a few moments of rest before tuzla rus escort I felt the third wave. This was a bit faster but incredibly powerful. I got nervous that someone would hear the buzzing sounds from the toy and looked around with hesitation. What happened to my husband’s encouraging promise to keep the vibrations “on a lower level, not to intense or powerful”? These waves were nothing like that, they were hitting my pussy like powerful tidal waves, making me gasp for air. As I felt the familiar, warm tension once again build up inside me, all I could think of was how bad I needed to come.

The wine, in combination with the intense waves inside me, made it extremely hard to think clear, and I started to regret that last glass of wine. My tipsy brain was in full sex mode, and I didn’t have much luck trying to rationalize the conflicting thoughts in my head. A small, sane, and sober part of me sure was horny but tried to think clear. I had come in public before when Tom and I played with the vibrator but only in places that were either somewhat secluded or very noisy, where no one would notice me. Not like this. Not in the middle of a restaurant dinner, surrounded by friends.

“You can’t have an orgasm here, it would be both embarrassing and inappropriate! Get yourself together and tell him to stop this teasing. Now!”

The sane voice inside my head tried to regain some control, but had not much luck. As for the other part of me, well let’s just say that I was a hot, horny, and tipsy mess.

“I’m so close, fuck, I need to come! So what if there are some people, I can be discreet and nobody will find out about this, but it will feel so freaking good!”

The vibrating waves felt more like a storm now, pushing me closer and closer to the verge of orgasming. Suddenly, the two friends sitting closest to us excused themselves at the same time. Tom’s friend, Matthew, went to the bathroom and Ally just got an important call she needed to take. I realized that my husband and I were alone at our end of the table and the tipsy, horny part of me saw an excellent opportunity to make this evening even more rememberable.

I moved a bit closer to Tom and whispered, “I’m so freaking wet right now and my pussy is pulsating from the vibrations. If you don’t turn that off I will come very, very soon.”

He smiled mischievously and let his finger play with the app remote, making the vibrations even more intense.

“But these waves are so smooth and relaxing, aren’t they?” he asked with a teasing voice.

I moaned from pleasure, a bit higher then I intended. When I moved closer I had adjusted my legs, causing the toy to move a little. It was now mercilessly pushing up against my g-spot, making every buzzing a sensation inside my pussy, and I knew I wouldn’t last long in this condition.

“‘I’m serious,” I groaned, biting my lip.

“Okay, okay, I’ll turn it off,” he said and reached for his phone.


He looked at me, surprised by the sudden change in my tone.

“Make me come,” I begged and placed his hand on my thigh.

“But baby, that’s…”

I didn’t let him finish that sentence, as I said, “You’ve gotten my pussy so wet and it is aching for this, I need to come so hard!”

I looked him in the eyes as I pushed his hand up my thigh, in under my skirt.

Eventually, I didn’t have to beg anymore, his fingers found their way up and he mumbled, “Babe, you’re so damn sexy right now.”

My breathing became heavier as I leaned back a little bit in the chair to give him easier access to my pussy. His fingers slipped into my panties, and I felt the fabric pushing against my thigh only to realize how wet it was. When his fingers found my swollen clit, I had to bite my lip to hold back a load groan. He started to rub it gently, making small circles on my nub with his fingers. I could feel the thin fabric of my top stretching over my hard nipples, and it felt like my whole body was on fire.

Soon, Tom became more eager and speeded up his movements on my clit. With the intense vibration in my pussy, it didn’t take long until I couldn’t hold back anymore. I felt the familiar warm feeling building up inside of me, stronger with each vibration. The orgasm I’ve been waiting for, longing for the whole evening was just seconds away now. Tom looked my in the eyes as his fingers rubbed harder on my clit, knowing exactly that it would push me over the edge.

“Oooh, fuck!” I moaned quietly under my breath. I panted fast as my orgasm hit my body like an explosion, and my hips made involuntary small thrusts to meet Tom’s hand as I lost control.

It was one of the most intense orgasms ever; it felt like my whole body was shaking, thrusting and trembling with lust. I felt my juices running down my thigh as my pussy pulsated.

“Are you okay?”

I heard Ally’s voice, a bit worried, and realized that Tom and I weren’t alone anymore, but I couldn’t answer. I knew that I must escort bayan be blushing and breathing abnormally fast, probably looking like I was having some strange kind of seizure. Luckily, my husband turned into the perfect gentleman and came to my rescue.

“She’s okay, she’e just need to drink some water. Isn’t the air here really hot?” he asked Ally.

“Oh, I was just thinking the same thing! I went outside to take a phone call, and when I came back it felt like a sauna in here! I know it’s August and everything, but…”

Ally kept talking, apparently convinced that I was okay, even though I must admit that I have no idea what more she said. I took a deep breath and slowly started to regain composure. My whole body felt so relaxed, but still so incredibly horny, as if the orgasm wasn’t enough relief. I looked at Tom who smiled cheekily at me, and then I felt ready to focus on our friends and the vibrating atmosphere at the restaurant and the next round of cocktails that Ally ordered for us on her way back.

“What the hell happened?” I asked an hour later, trying to sound serious. We had just left the restaurant after waving goodby to our friends and were now walking home.

“Well… I think we both got a bit carried away there, right?” Tom answered with an innocent voice.

“What happened to those low and teasing vibrations you’d promised? That last vibration pattern was nowhere near that, it was a freaking earthquake!”

“Okay, I didn’t realize how powerful that pattern would be, it did look kind of harmless at start. But it was you who placed my hand on your leg and begged me to make you come! Admit that you liked it!”

“I… I felt startled, I didn’t know what…”

“Amit it!” Tom insisted.

“My whole body craved an orgasm, I don’t think I had ever been that turned on,” I finally admitted. “I needed you inside me so, so bad!”

“Oh, that bodes well for the rest of the night!” Tom smiled and kissed me while we continued the short walk home.

I was just about to unlock the door to our apartment when Tom thought it was a good time to hit the play button again. The sudden peak of vibrations surprised my body and I jolted forward, dropping the keys to the floor. Never missing an opportunity to tease him, I exaggerated my moves as I bent forward to pick up the keys. As I thought they would be, his hands were immediately there to take advantage of the situation. Before I had the chance to regain my posture, he’d pulled my skirt up and I felt his hungry fingers caressing my butt.

“But… The neighbors could…” I protested, and he reluctantly moved his hands so I could stand up straight.

But before I was able to adjust my skirt or turn around, he pressed me up against the door. I could feel his bulging crotch against my bare skin and his hands reaching forward under my top until they found my breasts. I moaned as he cupped them and started squeezing. His hips made eager, thrusting moves against my butt, and I pressed myself against his hard-on. The vibrator was still on, making soft rumbling motions inside me, keeping my pussy longing for more action.

“I need to fuck you,” Tom whispered in my ear, loosening his grip so I could open the door.

Even before the door closed behind us, his hands were all over me. He unhooked my bra, and as he started to stroke my nipples I realized how sore they felt. My longstanding arousal during the evening had caused my stiff nipples to be stroked by the thin lace of the bra with every movement. When he started to roll my nipples between his fingers I had to bite my lip not to scream. At the same time, my breasts were longing for his touch, being neglected all evening when my pussy got all the good vibrations, and that feeling eventually won over the soreness.

My hands opened up his belt and tugged down his trousers. Inside, his hard cock was demanding attention, and I would gladly please it. I kneeled in front of him and let my tongue caress his tip before I took him in my mouth. He groaned loudly and ran his fingers through my hair. My hands grabbed his ass, pushing him deeper into my mouth. I loved the taste of him, the taste of his arousal and I noticed some precum leaking from his throbbing cock.

“Not… Not yet,” Tom suddenly gasped and pulled himself away from my mouth.

He pulled me up on my feet and led me the few remaining steps towards the bed. He pushed me down on my back onto the bed, his hands immediately caressing my thighs, parting my legs.

“I want your pussy, but first we need to get rid of this,” he said, wiggling the vibrator’s antenna that was mischievously peeking out between my wet lips.

I moaned as I felt the toy move inside me when he touched it. The vibrations were really intense now, making my hips thrust involuntarily. He pulled the antenna, and with a squishy sound the toy left my dripping pussy. Tom ran the bullet along my slit a couple of times, letting it spread my juices all over my sex. Then, without notice, he pushed the vibrating egg right on my clit. I shivered from the touch of the soft silicone, the strong vibrations hitting exactly the right spot.

“Aaah, you’re killing me,” I moaned, and felt how Tom responded by slipping two fingers into my sopping pussy.