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If you were to tell Tabrin she’d be spending Halloween fucking two vampire’s, she’d not only believe you, but thank you after she was done. Right now, though, she was enjoying her time, on her knees, arms wrapped tightly around Cody’s waist, his newly-made vampire cock in her mouth. It had tasted good before, but something about his sire made him even more… intoxicating.

As Tabrin swallowed every inch of Cody’s cock, Lethia was on the verge of collapse. Her hair fell like a waterfall as he devoured her sweet pussy, the vampire Queen’s legs wrapped tightly around his neck, his free hands holding her up by her back. Hearing Lethia’s moans only made Tabrin wetter, and she couldn’t wait to have Cody inside her, tongue or cock.

“Darling! Oh, darling! Yes! I love your tongue!” Lethia cried out, running a hand along her breasts while keeping the other on Cody’s head.

Tabrin couldn’t agree more, licking away at Cody’s shaft. “Mmmm, and I love your cock!” after sucking on his balls, and jerking his massive pole, Tabrin couldn’t wait any longer. “I want you inside me, Cody! Please?”

The thought peaked Lethia’s interest, “Yes! Let me see what makes Tabrin gush all over you!”

Tabrin layed on her back, legs spread and pussy already dripping. While they had fucked numerous times before, she never thought she’d be fucking Cody as a vampire(that’s when she thought, what would Skyler think of vampire Cody?).

Cody’s hands ran everywhere along her legs, enjoying the little giggles Tabrin would make as he ran his fingertips along her thighs. When he reached her breasts, he spared no time in pinching them, licking them, sucking them. Tabrin was getting increasingly more excited and wanting.

“You want kartal escort my cock, Tabrin?” Cody whispered into her ear.

“Yes, Cody… please! Fuck me!”

Slowly, Tabrin could feel his massive girth enter her. Inch. By. Inch. The faces she made turned Cody on beyond belief. When he was finally all the way inside, Cody spared no time in ravaging her.

Tabrin’s mind went blank the more Cody pounded his cock inside her. The sound of his flesh on hers, the wetness of her pussy being penetrated again and again, and the delightful screams emanating from the voluptuous witch made Lethia want to jump in and…

Wait a minute…

Thoughts and words ran around Tabrin’s mind, trying desperately to speak them, when she couldn’t. She couldn’t remember the last time a cock left her so speechless.

“Fu… Oh, Go… So fuc…!”

She was so enamored by Cody, that she didn’t notice Lethia walking over, until she felt the Queen’s wet pussy on her face.

“I couldn’t wait any longer, dear. I hope you don’t- OH!!” Lethia had no time to speak before Tabrin’s mouth started wolfing down her pussy. “Oh my, you’re an eager one!” she locked eyes with Cody, putting a delicate hand on his cheek. “You made an excellent choice inviting her, darling.”

“I knew you’d love her.” Cody smiled, both leaning in for a passionate kiss. It wasn’t long after a while of licking and fucking, that Tabrin got an idea.

“Lethia, can you grow your cock out again?” she asked, stopping her feast on the vampire’s pussy.

“Why, of course!” with ease, another massive cock protruded from Lethia.

“Excellent.” Tabrin smiled. “Now shove that beautiful cock down my throat!”

Lethia wasted no time, and maltepe escort bayan soon, Tabrin found herself spit-roasted between two of the sexiest vampire’s she’d ever met. She was so excited, she came as soon as Lethia’s balls touched her face.

With his new vampire strength, Cody had held Tabrin up by her ass, Lethia’s cock doing the rest, and while he could never get enough of watching his favorite witch suck on his Queen’s cock, he knew Tabrin wanted more than just her pussy and throat fucked.

Tabrin must’ve been feeling the same way he did, because she pulled away from Lethia, and pleaded, “I want you both to fuck my ass and my pussy right now!”

So, pulling Tabrin away from Lethia, Cody hoisted Tabrin up by her back so she was now facing him, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

“I knew you wanted it.” he chuckled, and spread Tabrin’s ass-cheeks wide for Lethia to slide her own deep inside. Oh, the noise Tabrin made…

It must’ve been hours, or at least it felt like it, as Cody and Lethia had their way with Tabrin. The rush of pleasure coursing through the witch’s body was unlike any other. She was left speechless, barely able to utter a word as the two vampire’s fucked her senseless. She so badly wanted to tell them to fuck her harder, faster, to feel them deeper inside her until she wanted them to spray cum all over her face and tits.

“Oh, God! I’m getting ready to cum!” Cody groaned.

“Me, too!” Lethia exclaimed. Their thrusts became faster and faster, their breathing became heavier, and soon, their eyes began to glow. With one last synchronized thrust, both vampire’s reached their climax deep inside Tabrin. Their screams could be heard throughout escort pendik all over town.

As fatigue settled in for all three, sweat and cum dripping everywhere, Lethia noticed a tremble, “Aw, darling, she’s shaking.”

It was true, Tabrin was shaking, but she never let go of Cody. “Are you alright, love?” he asked, genuinely concerned. When he brushed a strand of hair back, he saw Tabrin’s eyes were dreary, and her breathing shaky.

Now Cody was worried, “Did we go too far?” after a moment of silence, Tabrin shook her head.

“No… it was… so fucking good.” Tabrin suddenly clinched Cody tightly, kissing him slowly and passionately. Both he and Lethia held Tabrin between their bodies, soothing her with slow strokes, and soft kisses on the shoulder and neck from the Queen.

Tabrin must have dozed off sometime after that, because the next thing she knew, she was in her bed, still naked. She was facing the nightstand next to her, and noticed there was a letter on top of it. Still too fatigued to sit up, Tabrin could only use her arm to grab it and open it. Thankfully, it was morning, and the sun was just beginning to rise, giving her enough light to read.

Dear Tabrin,

Last night was possibly the greatest Halloween ever! Lethia is so happy to have met you! You seemed tired after our night together, so I flew you back home. I hope you had a great time, as well. We hope to see you again. Oh, and say hi to Skyler for me, please?

Maybe next time we can have fun with both of you 😉

Take care, Tabrin.

Love, Cody.

As soon as Tabrin finished reading the note, she felt something behind her move. “Tabrin? Is everything okay?” Skyler asked, still sleepy, the sheets sliding off her bare breasts.

“Yeah, Skyler, everything’s okay. Go back to sleep, and I’ll make us some breakfast in bed.”

As soon as the blonde turned her back on her, Tabrin reread the note, and felt a familiar rush go through her body.

“Best Halloween ever.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32