Historical slutty Sarah (her POV)

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Historical slutty Sarah (her POV)We’ve had a lot of really nice messages from people who’ve enjoyed hearing our stories, got a couple of particularly nice messages about our last story, which was from Sarah’s point of view, rather than mine. I asked her if she would be up for another and she said yes, potentially but “I wouldn’t know what to write about”. So we got into bed and set to a bit of roleplay when I asked “what’s the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done? Aside from sleeping with me and your ex?”Turns out, the girl has form.Here is the story that followed, in Sarah’s own words (with a light proof edit from me)”Ok so, this was a long time ago, before I’d met my wonderful boyfriend (hi babe!) and even before is met my big cocked ex-bf.I was 19 years old, and attending a well known UK University, which shall remain unnamed. I’d recently split up with my first ever boyfriend (the distance was too much… As was the temptation!) and was living in the student halls of residence.The halls in my particular campus were stranded in such a way that there were three storey houses in long rows all centred around a heavily subsidised student bar. Each house had nine small bedrooms, 2 on the first floor, 5 on the middle and two up top. The kitchen was also up top with shared showers on the ground floor. The houses were sorted by gender, so I was, obviously, in an all girl’s house.After the breakup of my relationship I was a bit sad but also young and quite horny. My housemates had slept with more guys than I had and encouraged me to get out there and, in their words ‘slut it up’, so every night after classes we’d had to the bar to pick up guys. It was a huge campus and a busy bar so this want particularly hard. Especially considering the skimpy outfits we used to wear. We usually had a few his taking to us within minutes and after a couple of nights I took a guy home and slept with him. Nothing special but a fun night, then a few nights later, another guy, but I went to his. Nothing amazing again but I was getting my confidence.The girls and I would discuss our conquests over the breakfast table and or started to become a bit of a competition. One of my housemates, Clare, came in one morning looking an absolute mess. Wet hair and badly removed makeup all over the place, clothes barely on. She looked exhausted. We all gave a cheer and quizzed her on the night.”Oh my god” she replied “I’ve been at number 27 fucking all the lads in there all night. I’ve not slept. I had to have a shower there cos I was fucking drenched in cum.””As if!?” Jess said “how many did you fuck?”She paused…”Four” she repliedI could hardly believe it! Four guys! She started to describe it to us, how they shared her and ask the different positions and I began to realise that I was horny… And jealous.Anyway, a week later, the campus bar was doing a themed night, doctors and nurses. Now if you’ve ever been to a campus theme night, you’ll know it’s just an excuse to see which girls can dress the sluttiest.I was not going to lose this one.My outfit was about as far from the standard nurses uniform as you could get: Black shoes, black stockings, black panties, black garter belt, black bra…and a blue hat with a red cross on it. I was practically naked.We got in, ordered some drinks and stood chatting on the dance floor, sarıyer escort almost instantly a guy approached us, tall, fit, dark and started chatting to me, after a while he offered to get me a drink, I said yes and off he went.Clare came over and said ” you realise that’s one of the lads from 27 don’t you?”I did not.”She smiled, looked me in the eye and said “you’re single and dressed like that… Make the most of it.And I did.On the dancefloor I ran my hands over his body and he mine. I became aware that a number of his friends were dancing around us too, one of them was with Clare, and another with Jess, but the others were all just chatting and dancing with each other. As it got later, our heavy petting turned to kissing and I suggested a party at his house. So the the girls and 6 guys went back to number 27.Back at the house, we put on some music and cracked open the drinks, Jess had gone straight into a bedroom with one guy, leaving me and Clare in the kitchen with the other 5. It wasn’t long before Clare had moved from the guy dashed been with at the bar to another, and was kissing him on the sofa, before long she had two of them and had her hands down each of their pants, rubbing slowly at their cocks.My guy kissed me, sensually, with his wet tongue in my mouth, and his hands all over my semi naked body. As Clare had already started proceedings I had no problem reaching down, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling out his cock. It was huge, it was the first cock Is ever had that I would have described as “heavy”. It seemed to weigh a ton and must have been the length of my forearm once it was finally fully erect.He began to kiss my neck and, as he did so, I looked over at the remaining two guys, I smiled and beckoned with my indeed finger and they obeyed. I’ll never forget the power I felt in that moment. I knew they wanted me, and only I could grant it to them. One walked right up behind me and grabbed both my tits in his hands, pushing his crotch into the small of my back. I could feel his hard on through his jeans.I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth, before I knew it I had a massive cock forcing my lips further apart, and another in each hand. My instincts took over, and I began to stroke with both hands whilst bobbing my head up and down the shaft in my mouth. As this was happening I looked over to the sofa where Clare was being eaten out by one guy and blowing the other, her nurses uniform a ruffled mess, her stockinged legs wide apart.I switched my oral focus from one cock to the next, handling the others as I did so, after a while I stood up because my knees were hurting and I was led into the nearest bedroom. All three guys came with me.Once in the room someone unhooked my bra from behind and ran his hands over my body, caressing my boobs and poking his dick into my back. As he did this, another guy pulled down my panties and began to finger me and luck my clit whilst the third kissed me passionately, it was his cock that I grabbed, struggling to wrap my fingers around the immense girth of it.The bedroom door was still open and I could hear Clare moaning loudly from the kitchen sofa, even that turned me on a little, hearing her soft voice gasping and moaning.Next, they lifted me up and esenyurt escort lay me down on the bed, three big cocks towering over me, I started to lose control of my senses and I gave in to the pure adrenalin of it all.”Fuck me with your big juicy cocks” I begged, it didn’t even sound like my voice, I was so surprised hearing my voice say such things but there it was, and I meant it. I wanted them to fuck me, to use me and to French me in their cum.They responded immediately, my legs were pulled apart and the huge dick penetrates my pussy, I felt every inch of it slowly going in as it pushed my pussy lips aside, I was so wet that it slipped in with less of a struggle than I’d expected. I let out a loud moan of pleasure and, as I did, another cock entered my mouth, again, the girth of it forced my mouth open more.. The two inside me struck up an alternating rhythm at first, in my pussy when out of my mouth and vice versa. I closed my eyes and have into the moment, I could hear the third guy rubbing his dick by the side of the bed and I reached around for it until he put it in my hand. As soon as I had it I began to wank him off in rhythm with the other two.After a while the guys swapped positions, so they could all get a turn on my pussy and mouthI don’t know how long we fucked like this for but it must have been a long time, one of the guys came in my mouth and then another on my tits soon after. That left me and the guy I’d met at the club. He continued fucking my cunt as I lay there on my back, my chest covered in his cum, I see it catching the light as my breasts bounced which each thrust. I was fingering myself hard and he was fucking me hard and before I knew it I was coming on his cock. This must have triggered him because he shot his load all over my body and face too. I was absolutely drenched in cum… And it made me feel so… Sexy. So independent. So quintessentially single. It was incredible.After they’d all cum they walked through to the kitchen, leaving me on the bed. I lay there, with my hands between my legs, slowly rubbing my clit and pussy lips, getting turned on again.The next voice I heard was Clare’s. “Hey Tiger” she said (she called me Tiger on account of my deep red hair, almost orange like a tiger)” Have fun?””Oh hell yeah” I replied.Clare climbed onto the bed next to me, and I am opened my eyes to look into hers. She looked at my face and body and said “you’ve got a bit of…” Pointing at her lower lip to indicate one is the many spots I was running with cum.We looked at each other and laughed then she kissed me, on the mouth. Her lips on mine, swapping cum from her mouth into mine, my mouth into hers, then she began to lick my face and my tits, cleaning up all the cum and then using it to kiss me with, our tongues met in each others mouths, playing with the cum, sliding it over the other surfaces, the lips and tongue of the other girl.As we kissed, and swapped cum, I found it nice at first, but then it took on a whole new dimension and it turned into a deep sexual attraction I hadn’t known was there before. Before I knew it, we were fingering each other, as I ran my hands over her body I became aware that she was wearing the same as me, stockings and a garter belt but white instead of black. Then I heard the movement avrupa yakası escort of feet and the two guys Clare had been with in the living room were there, naked and striking their dicks.”Hi boys”Clare said. “Let me introduce you to my friend Sarah… She’s a tiger” then she made a playful roaring sound, complete with Tiger claw action. They both said hi, then she beckoned one to lie down on the bed, he did so and we moved aside, immediately, Clare set about giving him a really sloppy blowjob. She grabbed my hand and placed it on his shaft before kissing me once more, I bent over and we proceeded to give him a double blowjob, licking a side each and taking turns to suck on the head, kissing as our mouths met around the tip.As we sucked, the other guy began to fuck me from behind, ploughing deep into my already tender cunt. He would fuck me for a while then switch to Clare and back to me as we continued our blowjob.I must have gotten wrapped up in what was happening because what happened next took me by surprise, I found myself being lowered onto a cock by Clare and I began to ride this guy, grinding my crotch against his as I did. O was so wet my things were drenched and I was slipping around all over him, then it happened. At exactly the same time, I felt something pushing into my ass and a cock appeared in front of me too. One of the other guys must have come back for more.I had three cocks inside me, in three of my holes. My pussy, ass and mouth.I could no longer control the situation, my body pulsed with rhythm but it came from the cocks, from the guys, my body little more than a rag doll.Clare climbed underneath me to lick my pussy and the thick shaft pumping in and out of me. The guy fucking my mouth started to push his hand inside Clare and this really seemed to make her moan.I, on the other hand, was emitting muffled screams, my pelvis felt full to the brim, I could feel the two cocks moving around inside me, fighting for space and stretching me out. I felt airtight, I felt high pressure, I felt ready to explode.And I did, I came hard, I came wet, right down that guys monster cock and into Clare’s mouth. The cock in my mouth feel out and I collapsed into a heap into a pile of body parts, A guys arm, one of Clare’s tits.I rolled off her and we lay on the bed in each others arms, just kissing, Two if the guys lifted up one of Clare’s legs and began side fucking her pussy and ass.The third guy knelt over us as we kissed and rubbed his dick.Clare entwined her fingers in mine and we caressed each others’ breasts when we felt a shower of cum raining down on our faces, shortly after the other two pulled out of Clare and began fucking out mouths which ended with a blurred tangle of lips, cocks, tongues and cum.And then it was done.They boys went back to the kitchen to drink more and share a spliff in the early morning light.We must have been up all night, I couldn’t believe where the time had gone.Clare and I just lay there, kissing, licking, touching and rubbing until eventually we decided we should probably shower and go home. We had a quick shower before grabbing our bags and kissing the boys goodnight.When we got back to our house we had a second shower together, it wasn’t necessarily sexual as we were both tired and our pussies were sore but we washed each other down and kissed softly before seeing each other off, throwing on some fresh panties and getting into bed…. Together.As we let there drifting off to sleep I looked at her and whispered “Clare?””Yeah?” She whispered backI perused then said…”Five… And you. I think I win”She giggle and said softly “I suppose you do…goodnight….slut”