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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My sister and I still live in the flat we grew up in. Our dad abandoned us when I was five, Kelly six, and we were raised by our mum. I’m struggling to find even a half-decent job, and Kelly’s at the local college. At weekends our mum works long hours in the pub, and Kelly uses any excuse to go out in the evenings. The flat has three bedrooms, a kitchen and a shared bathroom. The walls are paper thin, and when Kelly has a boyfriend over, I can hear every detail of their lovemaking. Indeed, I like to press my ear against the wall to hear better.

I volunteer to do the laundry. Mum has no time or energy for it, and Kelly has so little desire to do it that she is happy to leave it to me – though she makes barbed comments about the way I probably ‘perve’ over her underwear.

She has no idea. ‘Perving’ over her underwear has developed into a weekly ritual. I can hardly wait each Saturday for her to leave the güvenilir bahis flat so that I can sort through the dirty laundry for her bras and her knickers. The lingering smells of her ass and pussy get me so incredibly hard, and I aim my cock into her bra as I come, imagining her wearing it after.

But then, of course, I wash away the evidence.

Last Saturday she brought her boyfriend home early in the afternoon, and I hid in my bedroom, pretending to be out. I heard them fucking in the bedroom, then they had lunch and watched TV in the kitchen, before fucking again. They then showered and left.

After waiting five minutes, I crept out of my room, not bothering to get dressed. I’d been lying on my bed, naked, stroking my cock and holding off from coming. It wasn’t cold, and I was safe – no one could see into the flat. No one would be home for hours. I searched the laundry basket, but there was nothing fresh in there. Nor in the bathroom. They had to be in her bedroom…

The smell türkçe bahis of sex was unmistakable. I breathed it in deeply, and switched the light on. The contrast between the postered walls of my room and the bright pink walls of Kelly’s always amused me. A red bra was draped over her chair. As I picked it up, I felt it was wet with the familiar sliminess of cum – he must have unloaded over her breasts while she wore it.

It was weird touching another man’s cum. I sniffed it curiously, and continued searching for the matching knickers, finding them mixed in with the bed sheets. These too were gloriously wet, as was the vibrator next to them. I sucked on it for a while, and switched it on. The vibrations were decently powerful. Lying on Kelly’s bed, I coated the shaft with saliva and worked it into my ass, the vibrations seeming to echo through my whole body.

Holding the soaked knickers to my nose, I stroked my cock with a steady rhythm, working my way quickly to the orgasm that I had denied myself güvenilir bahis siteleri for hours. The vibrator in my ass added a wonderful intensity too. I cried out softly as my cum arced out, to be captured by Kelly’s red bra.

I wiped off the vibrator and buried the knickers within the sheets again. The bra, soaked from two loads of cum now, I returned to the chair, and wondered whether she would wash it herself or just dump it in the laundry for me to find.

Before leaving, I searched through her underwear drawer to see if she’d bought any new stuff, and was startled to find not only her realistic silicone dildo but a jewelled metal buttplug. I’d had no idea she was into that. The idea of her wearing it in public had my cock stirring to life again.

As I had done with the vibrator, I wet the plug with saliva and slipped it into my own ass, and I walked about the flat smelling and sucking the dildo, imagining myself to be her, while stroking my cock that was very hard again. It wasn’t long before I returned to her room – and with a sigh of pleasure, I spurted a third helping of cum over her bra.

Buttplug and dildo back in their hiding spot, and light off, I returned to my room, very satisfied with my adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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