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I DREAMED 2In our early marriage Sarah and I often did role playing to spice up our marriage and Inoften fantasised fucking Barbara(Jeannie) Eden from the hit tv sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie and wife Sarah indulged necas she loved watching the show, on a particular three days off break she,d dressed up as the lovely Jeannie, but was now naked except for a tiara keeping her pony tail in place and fake jewel in her navel as she frigged her delectable pussy for me letting me kiss her passionately fondling her ample titties while doing so. I now let my lips work their way to her jewelled navel knowing she loved to have her belly button licked before working my tongue all round her pussy as she continued to finger her twat. I now sucked her juices off her fingers and replaced them with my lips and tongue while slurping loudly on her aroused cunt loving the aroma it emitted as she automatically spread her legs even wider for me while gently fondling my clock and sensitive testicles with long delicate fingers. The aroma emitted by her hot slit grew even stronger istanbul escort as I licked faster and probed deeper when she suddenly groaned “Put it in Master! Please FUCK My Cunt!” language Sarah would not have used before we married, but now she knew dirty talking spurred me on to new dizzy heights. “You got it Jeannie!” A quick shift in positions and my stiff dick slipped up her pleasure dome easily. I always loved to just feel the sensations of her muscles gripping me as I rested prior to giving her one doozey of a shafting enjoying her inner body heat on my hard flesh. She often complained that I should have started fucking her as soon as I was buried inside, but I enjoyed the feel as she worked her muscles on my cock, but of course the most enjoyment comes from the movement so gradually I was doing what every man since Adam has done to his Eve or his “Bum Buddy” and began to move in and out in and out in the reproductive ballet all lovers perform to conceive avcılar escort c***dren or not. In those heady days of youth my stamina was strong and I could fuck for a good twenty minutes or more if I varied positions and Sarah Didn,t get too carried away, but she often got impatient to feel my cum shoot in her body or would break away, grab my cock and frantically stroke me till I filled her mouth with my heavy load as she loudly gulped it down. Sometimes she wanted it on her big titties or tummy to lick off at leisure and loved to clean me with her tongue then let me lick it from her body, her favourite to kiss me with a mouth full of my cum. I quailed at first, but when she reminded me that it WAS my own cum and I,d eaten other guy,s cum many times I easily returned her crummy kisses with eager pleasure. This fantasy had given one great fuck and would soon lead to more, but we needed to have a toilet break so she could piss out all the cum I,d filled her delicious pussy with while I made us a cup şirinevler escort of coffee and laid out a piece of cake rptomhelp keep our energy up. Once we,d recharged our batteries “Jeannie” smiled sweetly at me “What is your wish now Master?” “How about one of your long special Blow Jobs?” I suggested. “ Of course Master I,d Love to!” she beamed and knelt between my muscular thighs to work her oral magic on my cock and balls taking her sweet time to build me toward climax a bit like a musician playing an instrument as the orchestra builds toward a crescendo, taking me to new heights, moving back, forward, back till I was starting to think she,d never finish when suddenly my cock exploded, the semen feeling like it was shooting from the top of my head rather than the bulbous head of my climaxing penis as she held me loudly gulping as she swallowed every spurt of semen then continued to suck and squeeze my balls dry till I was totally drained, but very satisfied in such a fabulous act of fellatio. “Bravo My Love! You,re still the best cock sucker I,ve ever known.” “You,re not so bad at eating pussy either, Luv!” she kissed me passionately transferring some of my leftover cum to me through the kiss. We also did role play as Darren and Samantha Stevens in Bewitched and Ellie Mae and Jethro from “Beverley Hillbillies”, but those are other stories waiting to be rembered while my mind,s still here.