“I got PAID To Do That!!”

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“I got PAID To Do That!!”[ I’m writing this story as one way of exploring what it might be like to be an ‘actor’ (using the word somewhat loosely) in an ‘interracial cuckolding’ porn movie shoot. ]Q.What’s it like to be part of an interracial porn movie? And, do you ever get to fuck any of those super attractive white actresses?A.Uh, yeah. I like being in them. Those sorts of movies, that is. Seeing the final version of such a film is way different than what it’s like from the actual production side; but still, I like being part of making them—and as to your second question: No. I do NOT get to fuck any of the women. Q.That sucks. So, why do you keep doing that if you don’t get any of that sweet pussy?A.I hear that from others, but I personally don’t mind not getting to have sex with these women. Not really. I mean, I’ve got a small cock for one thing. Okay? But that’s what I’ve been hired for! I play the cuck-hubby, and I’m there to watch my ‘wife’ (according to the film scenario), and fucking isn’t what my part is.Q.Wow. istanbul escort I’m not sure I could handle that myself.A.That’s why your not in these films!Q.Good point. So do you ever find it difficult to…well, ‘perform’ as things are being filmed? I mean, how difficult is it to stay hard with all the action going on in front of the camera and behind it?A.Remaining hard isn’t the issue in these films. Not for me, that is. I’m the cuck-hubby; the voyeur; the witness; and if I’ve got an erection, or not, that’s not the main focus of these films.Q.Is it easy for you to have an orgasm when the film requires it?A.Yeah.I suppose so. I know all the people there. We’re not strangers. There’s a rapport between us; the actors, the director, the camera man, the sound person. You know? So I don’t feel uncomfortable around them; and so jacking off when it’s required is fairly easy for me. And, by then, I’m very ready to HAVE an orgasm! It’s my ‘part’ in avcılar escort these films. I think I do a pretty good job of it.Q.As a white guy, what’s it like working around these black guys with the huge cocks? Is that a little intimidating for you, as a guy? Or, are you kind of already relaxed with the fact that they have these enormous cocks, while you do not?A.All the guys I’ve worked with are great. And, yeah—I’m okay with the fact that I don’t have a huge cock like they do. I’ve always known I had a small cock. That’s no recent revelation. So, I have no problem with being the under-sized one in the group!Q.Are you ever treated disrespectfully by any of them?A.No. And there’s no need for that anyway! There’s no competition going on between them and me to begin with! Not in the dick-department.Q.If you could have the chance to fuck one of those white females you are pretending to their ‘cuck’ with, would you?A.Good question. Maybe I would. But to be honest, I know that’s şirinevler escort not going to happen. And, I kind of like the way it is. I’ve had sex with women before getting into the porn business, but I was never very ‘good’ at it. I was always frustrated after words with my ‘performance’, and the women were as well! So, truthfully…I like jerking off more than fucking; which fits perfectly with what I do now days in film!Q.Are you gay?A.(Laughing out loud) No. I’m not gay. I just like jerking off more than fucking. It’s easier for me. It fits my personality more than fucking.Q.You have a pretty impressive cum shot.A.Thanks! That’s an important consideration for who I work for, too! Other wise, I’d probably be doing other kinds of work than this.Q.So your comfortable with the role of cuckold?A.Yeah. If was actually married, and my wife wanted to fuck other guys, I’d let her. No problem. It would be the same as I’m doing now, only for free!Q.How much do you get paid to do this sort of thing?A.I’m not talking about the money. But, I’ll just say that it’s pretty good!Q.For a load of cum?A.(Shrugs) Yeah. Sure. What not? I could be out doors busting my ass on some construction-site instead! To hell with that. I’ll watch a beautiful white lady fucking a big-dicked black guy (and jerk off) any day, to sweating my ass off in the hot sun all day long! I love what I do.