I thought I was just there for a swim.

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I thought I was just there for a swim.My weekly visit to the neighborhood gym for several dozen laps in the pool as a relaxing way to end the week led to something different than expected. My legs are always shaved and smooth and no one ever notices or says anything so I never thought much of it. This day was a little different. Still nothing was said about my legs, but a man that was in the hot tub which I normally take a post dip, engaged in conversation with me about fitness. Not out of the ordinary for a gym. We ended up talking about our routines and he said he noticed me swimming before and said I looked very fit, and a bit older than me. I thanked him and returned the compliment. He then told me that at his house he has an Olympic sized pool and that I was welcome to come over and give it a try one of these Saturdays and he lived nearby. That seemed like an easy thing to do so I agreed. After exchanging information, we agreed the next Saturday we would meet at his house in the morning. When I arrived at the home, he greeted me with a grin and a six pack of beer. Cool. I love to drink and swim. We walked through the home to the outside where a medium sized pool was and a hot tub. I knew it was too good to be true for it to by Olympic sized. He showed me where to go to change, which was a little outside pump room by the pool with a sink and mirror. After slipping off my clothing I walked to the pool to get ready to jump in. He stopped me and said, “You haven’t even had any beer yet, why don’t you take a dip in the hot tub and relax first?” So I agreed to start the day off with a brew and a soak. We both dipped in and opened up the booze. That was when things started to get a little weird. He started to give me major compliments on my legs and was asking how I kept them so shapely. I said I never touched weights and only ran and swam. He then moved closer to me and asked me if I knew my legs looked sarıyer escort like a woman’s legs. I shyly smiled and said that I have been told that before. He then said, “You are a trans or you cross dress don’t you? I knew it!” I did not know what to day or do, the alcohol was hitting me because we were on the third one already, and I froze. He then advanced all the way over to me, grabbed my leg and my arm and said, “Here is what is going to happen baby. You are going to go back in that changing room and you see a bag of attire. You will put everything on in that bag and then meet me back out here. And then I am going to fuck you harder than you have ever been fucked in your life. “As I thought to think of an excuse, he pushed himself on me and said, “If you don’t I will just have my way with you right here and I know you want to be more feminine before getting fucked. You can have another drink if you need but you don’t have a choice about what I am going to do to you.” So I slowly got out of the hot tub, looked back at him nervously, and headed to the room. Once I entered the room, I saw the bag he was talking about. The only thing in there was glittery pink nail polish, a woman’s bikini, high heels, a red hair wig, lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner and lube. That was really all I needed to feel feminine. I still was not sure if I wanted to do this so I took him up on his drink. He had left a miniature of vodka in the bag as well so to get the nerve I shot that. It did not take me long at all to get ready. As I turned to open the door, it must have been too late because he was there pushing the door open and walked in on me in that small room. He said, “Baby you look fantastic, look at that ass and legs.” With that he pushed me up on the sink and started kissing me, forcing my legs up and around him sort of. Was he going to fuck esenyurt escort me right there in that small room? He pulled my bottoms to the side and continued kissing me very hard. He still had his trunks on but I could feel his hardness through them. He then pushed me down on the floor and took out his cock. It was hard and huge. I looked up at him like no way am I going to take all that and he said, “You are going to need to suck on this if you don’t want your ass destroyed.” That sounded okay to me so I made my face like a young woman getting ready to give her first blow job and started to lick and tease. After just a few seconds, I took him in my mouth just a little and started to softly suck his cock. I was only about half way down on his cock and started to bob up and down like I knew to do. He suddenly grabbed the back of my head and shoved it in my throat. I gagged in response as he held it there. Tears ran down and ran my eyeliner as he took control and started to fuck my face. Each time he would hit the back of my throat I would gag and more tears would run in response. This lasted a good five minutes in that room. He then asked if I was ready to get my fine ass fucked. As he fucked my face and I tried to give head, I moaned yes. He pulled it out of my mouth and stood me up. He turned me around fast, bent me over the sink and started to penetrate me with my bikini to the side, but only slightly inside me. He then stopped and said, “Oh you are like a virgin, we are going to need some good leverage for me to pop this cherry.” He led me out to the pool. My heels clicked as I walked. He said, “You walk like a woman but you suck cock like a little girl. We will see how you fuck because you seem like a virgin.” He then told me to sit down on the pool lawn chair thing to give him more head. As I started I thought of what slut would do and not an inexperienced avrupa yakası escort girl, but it was not soon enough or good enough. He pulled it out, pushed me back on the chair, pulled my knees up and slowly removed my bikini bottom. He told me to spread my legs for him. As I started to spread, he started to enter. I was not even all the way open with my legs. I asked him to go slow but he still drove it in at his own pace. Once he was more than half way in, he held it there. He then pulled my legs up and back and started to pump deeper and deeper until he was all the way in me. Grabbing my ankles and spreading my legs all the way apart stretching so it kind of hurt he started his pounding. His muscular body was way over matched for my small femme build. Even if I had wanted him to stop I couldn’t. He had me and was going to finish on his own time. His thrusts became harder and deeper. It would have hurt more had I not had any alcohol. He told me to moan like a slut but all I could do was let out these little girly sounds in pain. After about 15 minutes, He bent down and pushed up my bikini top and bit my nipple hard. He then picked me up and walked me over to the pool on his cock. He slowly dipped down into the pool and switched me around so I was bent over and holding the side in the shallow end. There was only about three feet of water so he was able to fuck me very hard and deep like that but not super-fast. He had me by the hips and was definitely all the way in to his balls. Every time I acted tired he would push my head down. He said, “You are either a virgin or just like a virgin. I am going to cum in this tight ass.” He then went so deep it hurt; I thought he was already as deep as he could be. As he came, I could feel his seed going up inside me. I moaned the best I could as he continued to spas orgasm. He held it there for a minute telling me what a good girl I was and would learn to fuck like a woman next time. Once he pulled out, he wanted me to clean off his cock with my mouth. I gave him soft head to show that I did know how to do so like a woman. We then got out of the pool and I was able to put on my regular clothing. He told me that since we went to the same gym he would let me know when he was ready to tap my ass again.