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I pulled onto the forecourt of the garage in my old Citroen DS2, it was late and strangely quiet, not even the radio was playing. I turned off the engine and she spluttered to stop, turned off the lights and looked for any signs of life. I could see a shaft of light coming from one of the office windows, I decided to head towards that. My heels sounded deafeningly loud on the concrete floor, no stealth approach here — he knows I am coming anyway.

I push open the door that has been left ajar for me and slide in through the gap, closing and locking it behind me. As I do the lights go off and I dare not move amongst the machinery and tools of the garage, I feel his breath on my neck a second before anything else but it is not quite enough warning to stop me gasping as he kisses me, pulling me into his arms. He smells of engine oil and fuel mixed with a musky aftershave, his face is stubbly from a day at work and is rough against my face and neck as he hungrily kisses me his strong hands pulling me into his grubby work clothes. “You are going to make me all dirty!” I complain, thinking about my smart grey suit getting all grubby in the dark.

He pulls away and firmly grasps my hand, blinded by the complete darkness I have no choice but to follow his lead as he guides me through the busy workshop, we come to a stop and he turns me 180 degrees, pauses then pushes me down. With no warning I fall easily onto the sofa I have sat on many times in his small office, but he doesn’t give me time to think about where before he is on top of me pressing me into the soft surface. “My dress!” I protest again, only half worried now, of course I don’t want him to stop.

“You are really that worried about your dress? grup sex porno Really? You want me to stop? You are free to leave any time you like you know…” He trails off and I realise he has now got off me and once again I am blind and alone and totally unaware of what is going on around me.

“Of course not!” I say nervously, reaching a hand out in front to try and feel him, I wonder if his eyes are more accustomed to the dark, mine are starting to become aware of shadows, but to just makes it all more spooky. I hear a sound on the other side of the room and sit up to try and see where it came from, but in a flash he is on me again.

He holds both my wrists above my head and is kissing me hard on the mouth, his legs straddle mine so his body isn’t actually touching me, but I can’t move. I gasp as he grips my bottom lip with his teeth, firmly but not painfully and then slowly slides his hands down my arms, firmly across my breasts and down my ribs. I leave my arms above my head as his kisses become hungry and his hand grip my pelvis, pushing me down into the sofa and holding me down.

He lets one hand slide down my thigh to the edge of my dress and then back up, just inside. Even if I wanted him to stop I couldn’t tell him, my mouth covered by his, my body incapacitated by his body. His hand slowly travels up my leg, the finger tips gently slowly moving towards my ever increasing wetness. He moves his hand back down and tugs the hem of my dress up, I lift my bum off the sofa as he uses both hands to slide the skirt up and over my hips to expose the tiny black silk panties I was wearing.

He moved his legs between mine and slowed his kissing down again as he slowly but forcefully latina fuck tour porno pushed my legs apart. One hand slowly travels back up my body and rests at my face, his hand gripping my hair and pulling me into him, the other grips my pelvis as he hooks his thumb into the thin fabric and begins pulling at it. I push myself against him, trying to find any kind of relief I can, but he holds me away from his body. I can feel him smiling against my face as I groan into his open mouth in frustration. It is this groan that seems to trigger a change in pace for him and the hand on my hip slides swiftly between my legs and covers my hot wet pussy with his whole hand, his turn to gasp, as I grind myself against him, sliding my tongue into his mouth, sucking his in just to have any part of him inside me.

He begins to rub his hand back and forth against me and starts to kiss down my jaw to my neck, the hand that was holding my hair slips down to my breast and starts playing gently with my nipple through the tight fabric of my dress. As I don’t think I can take it any more he slides two fingers deep inside me, hard and fast he thrust into me, biting down on my neck and gripping my breast in his hand. I am completely at his mercy, pushing myself into him rubbing my sensitive clit against the heel of his hand as his fingers slid in and out. I pulled my head back and groaned loudly as I began to climax, feeling myself squeezing his fingers.

“Oh, so we are excited weren’t we?” He asked, breathing deeply into my ear. I bring my arms down and wrap them around his neck and feel him shifting above me. I loosen my grip and relax back, I run my hand down the soft fabric of his T lezbiyen porno shirt, feeling his strong body beneath, all the way down until I find his naked hips. I lift my hand and bring it down hard on his bum.

“Cheeky boy…now where did your jeans go?” I dig my nails into the soft skin, until he hisses back at me. I run my hand around and find he too is very excited. I gently take the base of his shaft in my hand and slowly run my hand the length of it, barely touching it but knowing from his breathing that it is driving him wild. His hands are back at my hair now, holding me and kissing me hungrily as I up the tempo. I move him closer to me as I move my hand up and down, the tip of his cock placed just against my hot skin.

As I rub up and down the tip rubs against my clit and I push myself forward to allow more friction. I can feel myself about to cum when he starts to push himself into me, slightly more each time my hand moved down his shaft. One of his hands moves down and takes hold of mine, pulling it away and holding it at my side as he slowly and deliberately pushed himself all the way in. I hold my breath as he does, barely moving anything drinking in the sensation of being filled. He begins rocking back and forth, never coming all the way out, keeping a constant pressure on my clit as I feel myself orgasm again.

I grip his head with my free hand and the sofa with the hand that is being held at the wrist and cry out into the darkness as his thrusts become more frantic and animalistic. I am still gripping him tightly as he groans into my ear and pulls my hair to expose more of my neck, I can feel his hot breath on my skin and I feel him let go thrusting frantically into me.

And then we are still, only the sound of our breathing in each others ears as we calm and relax, he loosens his grip on my wrist and shifts his weight off me. I feel my eyes become heavy as all thoughts of crumpled work clothes leave my head and I breath in the smell of him, hot engine oil and musk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32