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The scene – Work Christmas party. At a plush, partner’s house. By the time the band starts playing everyone is drinking pretty heavily and there will be about 80 people in the big room off the expansive pool area and about 20 more out by the pool. It’s about 2 in the afternoon on a hot December day, but the air conditioning in the room keeps it nice and cool. Heavy curtains also keep it a little dark and the effect is in stark contrast to the bright sunshine outside.

A Work Band has been formed and we’re playing a series of covers (about 20 we know and few more we can muddle through if we play loud enough) from a hired stage about 2 feet high. One of the girls there is a research clerk about 22, at the end of her law degree. Fair skin and flaxen blonde hair. Tallish and toned, but not skinny with nice curves and long legs. Brash and bold beyond her years and very attractive. Short brown suede A line skirt and strappy hippy heels. Woven cotton top in burnt oranges and yellow horizontal stripes with a neckline that plunges deeply and shows quite a bit of cleavage and skin, middrift exposed, shoestring straps. It shows the shape of reasonably large, very round, firm breasts and semi erect nipples. Her breasts are full and thrusting and jut from her body so that the top is stretched a bit at the nipple area and the under-swell is quite pronounced. The top falls away from her body when she leans over and she can show lots of cleavage and an occasional nipple glimpse if she wants to. Straps slip off shoulders regularly as she dances (often suggestively), her breasts move tautly, full round and firm. The curve of the underside of the breast is enticing and the stretchy (but slightly loose) top clings to it, also revealing the paler side swell considerably with low and cut away design under the arms.

Before the band starts to play and most people are outside (I have just finished setting up and I’m tapping away and getting the drum heads positioned) Jo comes up and asks if she can have a turn. I say sure, and she sits on the stool. I stand next to her and immediately start to stiffen as I see how much I can see down her top, almost to her nipples. Also, when she puts her feet on the high hat and base drum, her thighs are quite parted and the skirt rides up. The only reason I can’t see more is because I am standing sort of over her shoulder/next to her. As she plays (badly) around I try to help her and, naturally end up behind her holding her arms with my head over her shoulder, our faces quite close. She smells like shampoo and perfume and something deeper, tantalising. When I have her right hand on the high hat and her left on the snare drum the way her arms cross over pushes her breasts together nicely, and the movement of hitting the drums makes them bounce a little. She looks at me looking down her cleavage and grins a little as the left strap slips off her shoulder. The top slides down and is only stopped by her semi erect nipple. She pretends not to notice. With the next few beats it peels outward and slowly reveals a nipple rapidly becoming quite hard as I watch. It is a light brown colour in contrast to her pale skin. “You want to get that?” I ask.

She says “Do you?”

“Sure,” I answer and take the strap and slide it back up her arm. The fabric of the top has fallen under her breast though and as I pull the strap up it lifts the breast as well, before it slips suddenly over and the firm weight falls back. She sighs in mock exasperation and adjusts her self by reaching a hand inside and adjusting the top.

“If it happens again, now you know what to do,” she smiles, knowing that watching her touch her breast like that and seeing her nipple exposed and hard has caused a large lump in my pants. She can’t see this but she deliberately leans back into it.

One of the partners says to the few remaining people “C’mon, everybody out to the pool, we have a few of those silly awards to hand out.” I know who got them already so I don’t leave. Neither does Jo. We are alone in the room now.

I move around the other side of the kit with the intention of putting a bit of distance between us but belatedly realise that from here I can see straight up her skirt, which, being quite short, has ridden right up her thighs with the way she is sitting. She makes no move to close her legs and keeps tapping away, getting a little more co-ordinated and having a great time. I can see the way the very thin lace cups her pussy and the light over the kit is conveniently located. She sees me looking and says “Copper.”

“Pardon?” I reply, a little confused.

“My g, it’s copper. The colour? What there is of it.” And at that moment the top comes down again.

“Pesky thing,” I say, “Should just take it off.” Her breast is exposed down to the top of the aureole as she keeps playing away.

She says “Why? Don’t you like copper?”, deliberately misinterpreting me. She stops playing and her head tilts to one side. As the tip of the drum stick rests against her nipple she smiles and says “Well? Did you mean I should take off my top or my bottoms? Cat got your tongue?”

I say “Whatever you like, but I think a few people might notice if you suddenly olgun porno appear topless.”

She laughs and says “What? Notice this?” and pulls both straps down to fully expose both breasts, looking down at them. “Yeah, I suppose so.” Her hands cup them as she looks up at me. “They are pretty noticeable. Guess it’ll have to be the g then.” With that she closes her thighs and, leaving her breasts bare, reaches under her skirt as her ass raises off the stool a bit and wiggles as her hands come out drawing the tiny g down her thighs, over her knees and down her calves. She slips it off her ankles and feet and tosses it to me.

“Cheeky aren’t you?” I ask.

She grins and says “Cheeky doesn’t start to cover it,” and puts her feet on the pedals again, without playing. I can, of course, see exactly what I could see before but now without the panties in the way. Her lips are shaved and smooth, a little glisten of moisture that I can feel on my fingers where I am holding the g. “You better leave this on Jo, that skirt is pretty short. You don’t want everyone seeing what I’m seeing now – no matter how much they might enjoy it.” I move to hand the g back to her and she pauses for a moment looking at me before saying “Come round here and help me.”

I smile, toss the g to her and say “I don’t think that would be a good idea. See you outside.” And walk out.

Later, we are playing a 20 minute set before the massive, hired, stainless steel monstrosity of a BBQ gets fired up by the caterers for the Chef to do a huge amount of steaks, kebabs etc for the late lunch. For one number Jo grabs a mike and is on stage doing a do-wap thing and she comes back to where I am playing the drums. Her back is to everyone else and while she do-waps (pretty well actually) and bops the strap slides off a shoulder and the material slides down again and exposes her breast and still erect nipple. I look, she notices and, grinning broadly, leaves it like that while she jiggles and sings a bit then fixes it and turns away again.

She comes around behind me and bends over close to me and in between do-waps, says in my ear “You like my tits don’t you? I like them too. They’re great tits. They feel great too.” Her great tits are pressed into my back as she says this and they certainly feel great there. Then she bops back to centre stage front and hands the mike over for the next song.

From where I sit at the back and to one side of the room I can see into another room on the side wall closest to me. It is about 5 feet from me. The door opens so that the gap when it is open about a foot or so is on the side farthest from me and therefore only I, at the back of the room, can see in. There is junk on the floor in front of the room, like the cases for the hired kit, etc. Joe enters this room and no-one seems to mark this fact. The door is open about a foot and a half and I see nothing until I see her move into the space I can see, barefoot and rummaging in an overnight bag, still grooving to the music (which is now a very bluesy version of Tracy Chapmans Gimme one Reason. I remember this because we were really nailing this song, it was easy on my right arm which was getting tired, one of the secretaries was doing a bloody good job on the lyric even though she hadn’t rehearsed with us, and because of what follows).

She withdraws a pair of togs, a bikini, chucks the bag out of sight, drops the togs at her feet and starts moving a little to the music while her hands unzip the skirt. It falls around her ankles and she kicks it out of site. Her long pale legs look fantastic and the copper coloured g-string sets her legs and ass off beautifully. She is almost directly under a halogen down light and her flawless skin is well lit. Her nipples are really prominent under the fabric now but then she turns her back, stops dancing, and slowly peels the top off over her head, the muscles in her back moving smoothly, her perfect ass delectable. As it goes up she turns around smoothly and with her eyes closed and her head back it slides up her arms and over her head. Her breasts lift with her movement and her nipples are rock hard. She discards the top and without pausing she turns side on and slowly slides the g string down over her hips and down her legs as she bends forward at the waist. Her breast presses against her leg.

Viewing all of this through the partially opened door is fantastically erotic but it seems to be happening very quickly.

When she stands up she is looking down along her naked body. Her fine blonde pubes are trimmed to a little strip. She walks out of view and comes back with some 30 plus in her hand and proceeds to slowly apply it to her naked body. I am thinking “oh my God. She must know I can see her,” but she has not even looked toward the door and from in there under the light it would seem dark out where I am. The way she puts the lotion on her body is designed to be provocative, and it is. She seems to be looking into a mirror I can’t see (a fact I later confirm) and assessing with evident satisfaction the appearance of her naked body. Her eyes stare straight ahead into the mirror and her body is in ¾ front profile to me. Her hands outdoor sex slowly smooth the lotion onto her arms and shoulders, then her stomach and chest, lingering a little to cup her breasts as her fingers roll the cream into her long, erect nipples. She occasionally pauses and admires herself from different angles. As she puts the cream into her back her contortions have an erotic appeal as her toned body bends and twists and her breasts thrust out as she tries to reach the middle of her back. When she bends at the waist to do her legs she does so with her ass to me and I see the pink lips peeking out as her hands smooth the cream into her skin.

At the end she is drawing her hand up her inside thigh and it keeps travelling up to cup her pussy. I watch her mouth open in a sigh as her hand moves between her legs slowly, naked under the light, her other hand pulling on her nipples as she watches herself in the mirror. The hand begins to move more rapidly and she thrusts her hips forward, feet apart and looks down along her body as she fingers herself faster. She changes to rubbing her clit and soon I see her cry out as her body shakes and jerks, her hand still pinching and pulling her nipples and squeezing her firm tits. Her orgasm is silent to me as she resumes fingering herself, the climax peaking then passing. She looks toward me for the first time and smiles before she puts the bikini on, puts her clothes back on and comes back out. The whole thing has taken only the Tracey Chapman song and one by Everclear. Luckily one I knew well, because I was distracted. That’s the last song in the set and everyone bar a few people move outside around the pool.

I say to her when no-one can hear “You tell me how great your tits are and then cover them with more clothes. Hardly seems fair,” but she looks me straight in the eyes and says

“What, didn’t see enough when I got changed?”

I said something like, “Don’t know what you’re talking about, I was concentrating on my stick control.”

She laughs and says “Nice try. Enjoy the show? Act 2 will have to wait until I’m sure someone won’t walk in on me. Or us, if you like…” and she walks off grinning, swinging her hips provocatively. I’m in a bit of a turmoil. How far do I want to take this? I watch her talking to people as I circulate and chat etc, and soon people are jumping in the pool. I watch as she strips down to her togs and dives in cleanly. Others watch too. It’s nice to watch. When she comes up in the shallow end and stands her hard nipples are pronounced under the small triangles of lycra covering her full breasts. The water beads on her skin. A pool volleyball gets hit to one side and I walk over to throw it back in. She turns to me as I do so and I am the only person on this side of the pool. The people who are paying any attention at all are watching me throw the ball and they don’t see her swiftly but smoothly pull the fabric outward from her breasts briefly before covering them again. In that 2 seconds I see the ultra hard nipples and aureole puckered from the cold water and her mischievous grin.

I end up playing volley ball too, but other than hope and expectations, the occasional brushing touch and the eyeful she presents, the only bit worth mentioning is a brief squeeze of my semierect cock as she moved past me once. When she gets out of the pool (after me) I bring a towel over to her. She is facing me and as we chat I manoeuvre so I am in the corner of the undercover bit outside the pool hut and her back is to everyone. The huge towel is around her shoulders and back right down to mid thigh and while we chat she casually pulls the fabric of her top away from both of her breasts, never breaking eye contact with me. I smile and tell her she is a tease. She says “It’s no tease.”

When someone wonders up, she just pulls the towel over herself a bit. Her nipples are so erect I can hardly stop myself from sucking them. She says “I told you I have great tits.” I say something like “yes you did” but I am distracted because she is casually playing with them as we speak. Squeezing them and rolling the nipple between her fingers. I ask her if she is enjoying herself.

She says something like “I love the feel of my body. My skin gets so soft when I get turned on. I’m enjoying watching you want me. I love the way the guys have been staring when they think I’m not looking. It turns me on. Now watch carefully.” Her hand slips down the front of her bikini bottoms and I watch helplessly as I see it move between her thighs. Her breasts are still bare to me when she says “I’m quite wet you know.” Her eyes lock mine and her hand keeps moving and she says, suddenly business like, “This is a work Christmas party. It’s all without prejudice. I won’t be working here next year and I’m moving to the US anyway. I’m a little pissed but I know what I’m saying. I’ll be clear, I want to fuck you. I’ve been thinking about where and how and this is what I reckon…” Her hand comes out of her pants and she covers her breasts with the towel. “If you’re interested.”

I say “I’m all ears,” and she opens the towel again with a grin.

“I hoped you would be! There is a gym public agent porno type thing near the garage. It’s got a door direct from the outside. I unlocked it a little while ago. After you guys stumble through your next set-”

I interrupt “Our last one.”

“Oh good,” she says, “Just wander outside, down the side and come on in. I’ll be waiting.” Her smile is great. So brazen and sure of herself, of her desirability. She looks over her shoulder and then back at me. “Why don’t you have a preview. Touch me.” So I do. I can’t not. It seems pretty harmless. Less than a lap dance. My hand cups her breast, feeling it’s resilient weight. I squeeze the nipple. Her skin is cool and a bit wet. She sighs and squirms a bit, “Nice, but I didn’t mean there.” I hesitate. She looks over her shoulder again and everyone is moving back inside or over to the outdoor bar on the other side of the pool. For a brief time we are unnoticed. “Now or never.” She says as she pulls the front of her bikini down. I slide my hand down the front and feel the cool dampness of her pubes, then the wet heat of her slippery lips. As my finger slips inside her tight pussy she grabs my wrist, pulling my finger deeper into her and says “Imagine that feeling around your cock. I’m imagining it already.” She covers her breasts and turns away as she says “Remember, I’ll be waiting.”

The sun is down and I struggle through the set. Apart from being pretty drunk, which actually seems to improve my playing, Jo is in the crowd dancing, or over by the bar. Wherever. I track her around the room. She was just wearing her bikini with the towel around her waist for a while. At one stage someone pulls the string undone at the back and she does the decent thing and covers herself, but not before a lot of people have seen her hard nipples and jutting tits. She uses this as an excuse to slip into the room and get changed but she closes and locks the door this time, and just as well. A couple of the drunk lawyers grab a camera and try to open the door. When she comes out she has changed into a tight pair of low cut jeans and a gauzy top with a floral design on a black background through which you can see her black lace bra. Her hair is out and she looks hot. I’m not the only one to notice. We play the same song in this set she was singing to the first time and she does the same routine as before. This time when she turns to face me she is grinding her ass and giving the crown a show they hoot and show appreciation for. While looking at them over her shoulder her body is bent forward toward me and her top gapes showing me her skimpy, almost transparent bra.

The song ends and I launch into the old standard strip rhythm and one of the guys on guitar picks it up straight away. I learnt the routine when I played drums in a school play and one of the guys dressed in drag was doing the feather boa bump and grind thing as part of one scene. Because Jo is centre stage all attention is on her. Everyone is pissed and rowdy and without exception the encouragement and cat calls surge, even from the girls. She mock frowns at me and then starts to bump and grind her hips in time with her ass to the crowd and her hands over her head. She really knows how to play a crowd . She undoes a few buttons facing me then turns to the crowd. She opens her top a bit and points at her bra questioningly and the roar of approval is palpable. Her hands slide up her back and I see her undo the clasp. She makes a show of pulling it out through the sleeves but does this with her back to them again. Her breasts are visible quite clearly through the thin gauzy fabric, but the design makes it a little less blatant. All the same, the firm round shape of her tits is quite visible, as are her nipples. She slides the fabric aside for me and I can see her nipples are very erect. Then she spins to the crowd, still doing the bump and grind to the music and starts swinging the bra over her head before letting it fly. It lands across one of my cymbals.

To use the age old adage, the crowd goes wild. They can see her breasts bouncing inside the shirt, and quite bit of skin as the top moves around with the buttons undone down to her belly. Even the girls are having fun.

Then she starts slowly undoing the button fly on her jeans and the tension in the room increases. I start to wonder how far this will go. Everyone is pretty drunk and Jo is pretty horny and about to leave town, so I’m expecting a good show. She finishes undoing the fly, kicks her clogs off and then – Whoosh – the jeans are around her ankles. There is a clumsy moment as she pulls them off her feet and then she stands up straight with a flourish. Her ass is to me, and the pale globes of her firm cheeks are split by a tiny black g string. She steps back into her clogs and I realise that she is not going to take the g off. But as she turns her ass to the appreciative crowd I see her wink at me and undo the remaining two buttons on her top. She opens it while still facing me and lets it slide down her back. As she looks over her shoulder I feast on the firm, jutting breasts bouncing with her raunchy movements and the hard nipples. I can see her pussy lips through the lace of her g string. She is so sexy. When she turns to face the crowd she closes her shirt and they boo good-naturedly and scream for it to come off. I am thinking it won’t, but then she just flings it open, off and starts swirling it over her head like the bra. Everyone is cheering.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32