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We walk into the empty lot. It used to be a playground. The parking lot is filled with mounds of dirt and gravel so cars can’t use it. It’s dark and quiet as it approaches 11:30 pm. Just another night in town as Amber and I walk side by side.

We walk through the lot and follow a trail in the grass. Once we’re hidden behind the tree line I stop and turn to face her. I grab her by the waist and pull her closer to me, kissing her soft full lips. Only standing 5’2″ Amber stands in her tip toes as she slips her tongue between my lips. My hands slide down her body to her perfect ass. I squeeze a cheek in each hand, pulling her even closer. Her hands on my chest trying to balance herself.

As we continue to make out I slide my hands down her ass past the bottom if her shorts. Once my thumbs hit the hem I slide my hands back up her ass cheeks under her shorts. The feel of her smooth skin against my hands drives me nuts. I starts playing with her full, firm ass. Pulling her cheeks apart, smacking her ass lightly, and squeezing her czech sharking porno ass as hard as I can.

My fingers being inches from her pussy allows me feel the warmth coming from her. I tease her pussy through the thin material of her thong, rubbing my finger against the material, pushing it between her pussy lips into her wet hole. I’ve fucked her pussy more times than I can count. Tonight I want something different.

I pull my hands from under her shorts and grab the bottom of her shirt. She never stops kissing me causing her shirt to be around her neck. I move to her bra and unclip it. The night air against her 36 C tits causes her to shiver. The coolness of the air makes her nipples even harder than they are from excitement. I push her down off her tip toes, forcing her to stop kissing me. She slips her arms out if her bra as I remove the shirt from around her neck.

We drop both her shirt and bra in front of her. She kneels on her shirt and grabs my shorts, pulling then czech streets porno down to my knees and allowing my cock to spring free. She slowly takes my cock into her mouth. As Amber starts sucking inch after inch of my hard dick into her mouth she looks up at me. Her eyes deadlocked on mine as she continues to work my cock in and out if her mouth. She starts pumping her head up and down the length of my shaft, faster and faster.

I spread my legs a little wider lowering myself so I can reach her perky tits. I love playing with her tits as she sucks my cock. Pinching and rolling her nipples causing her to moan around my cock. Each time she moans she holds my dick against the back of her throat. It’s like she is teasing me for teasing her. As her head bobs up and down on my cock her lips bump against her hand at the base of my shaft. Her free hand is in her shorts rubbing her clit.

Amber increases the speed at which she fucks my dick with her mouth as she closes in on her own orgasm. She czech super models porno truly gets off on pleasing me. Rubbing her clit just speeds up her getting off. My saliva covered cock shines in the moon light as Amber continues. The head of my dick repeatedly bumping against the back of her throat.

I let her know I’m going to cum. She continues bobbing on my cock and begins to stroke my shaft in rhythm to her mouth. Just as I begin to shoot my load she pulls my cock from her mouth-blast after blast hitting her in the face. The cool night air feels great around the warm wetness on my cock. Her hand stroking my cock as fast as possible. All that you can hear is our heavy breathing and the sounds of her spit being used as lube as she strokes the rest of the cum from my cock. My load is 5-6 spots onto her face. One right in the middle of her forehead. Two on her right check. One on her nose. The last bit runs off her chin and drips onto her tit.

She rubs the cum into her skin in her tits before grabbing her shirt and using it to wipe her face. She takes the finger that was working her clit and sucks it into her mouth. As she removes the finger from her mouth I hand her her bra. She gets redressed gives me a kiss and we finish our walk.

Amber and I have fucked for years. Hope you enjoy hearing about it sex life. There will be more Amber stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32