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I wake up slowly, which is the best way to wake up. I can feel the warmth of your body, and hear you gently snoring there beside me.

You must have slipped in pretty late last night, Sugar. Was it that new game you got, that kept you up? You’re still sleeping, but that’s fair; it’s not morning yet. The sun isn’t even kissing the sky, although it will soon.

My dream hadn’t entirely faded. I can’t remember it all, but there was a horse, and I was making dinner, and you came home – you didn’t look quite like you, you looked a little bit more like Hugh Jackman – and …

And I was bent over, and I could feel the table beneath me, and a cock, your cock, inside me, pressing…

I roll into my back, and slip a hand down between my legs, to feel just how wet and ready my sex is. Even my own touch is electric; my pussy and clit are both tingling and excited. There’s a climax there, waiting for just a little effort from me to release it.

I lick my lips. You’re sleeping. Sound asleep. I could finish myself, indulgently, lying here beside you, flicking my bean while you snore. Would I want you to wake up? Could I climax quietly?

This is not a small orgasm. It’s going to be big; I’m going to feel this in my thighs. I’m going to want to scream. I could bite my pillow…?

I really want something inside me when I cum.

I reach out, carefully, with my left hand, while the index finger of my right hand traces and retraces through my pussy’s lips, teasing the entrance to my cunt, just grazing my clit on the upswing.

Your dick is already hard.

Morning wood is the best. You’re roaring rock hard, and the fingers of my left hand are already slightly slick with my juice. canlı bahis They tease around the head, and you let out an adorably sexy grumble. I press the pad of my index finger against my wet hole, as if to say, “here, cock – this is what you want to fuck, this dirty hole right here”, and I have to bite my lip not to moan.

I don’t want you to wake up until it’s too late. I don’t want you to worry about pleasing me, or touching me, or playing fair; I don’t want you to realize you need to pee or that we should get a condom.

My mind works the puzzle whole my fingertips work your dick and my pussy. Your rigid cock. My hot cunt. They both want it. How do I get them together?

A moment later, you solve it for me. You roll into your back, and for a moment I hold my breath. I took it too far; you’re awake, and my spell is broken, and you’re going to smile and we’ll have to talk and I’ll lose this fucking climax that’s just right there and fuck what a waste that would be.

But, you’re not awake, not yet.. Your cock is straight up and down now, a tower of pleasure, tenting our blankets. I know what to do.

I give my pussy two more quick flicks, and feel my thighs tense; oh yeah, I’m gonna cum. I shimmy down, getting our hips level with each other. It has to be one motion; covers off, me up, cock to pussy, and push. Then maybe finish myself with my right hand, then grind on you until you give me what I want.

Jesus, Sugar. Under the blanket, your cock looks huge. For a moment, I’m worried I might miss. Worried I might hurt you; land wrong on your cock, and bend it weird.

But I’m not worried enough to stop.

I throw the sheets aside, and throw my leg over you. I misjudge; my bahis siteleri leg makes it over you, but my pussy comes down on your cock, not around it. That’s okay, though; I feel your cock tense, just that moment where it’s trapped between your pelvis and my desperate and wet pussy lips, and I couldn’t have planned a better tease. Before, when in thought I wanted it, that was kindling. Now, with your cock’s head pressed against my clit and your thick shaft pressing against my pussy lips, this is an inferno. I rock my hips forward to press the tip of your dick against my snug little fuckhole, just as you start to react, your hands grabbing my hips.

“Don’t stop me. Fuck me, Sugar. Fuck me. Don’t stop”, I groan. The head’s pushing into me, your dick is just sliding in, and fuck you, you’re not taking this away from me. I press, arching my back while you hold my hips, and fuck, your dick is so hard right now. This angle is so good, and I balance myself on you, my left hand on your chest. The fingers on my right hand are already flipping back and forth on my clit and I can hear the sound of me touching myself, wet and eager. You groan, and I don’t know and don’t care if you’re pushing me of or pulling me down, because holy shit you are hard as steel right now, and you’re pressing right against my cervix and right now that’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

I feel my pussy spasm, and I hear myself demand, “Fuck my cunt!”. It’s not like you have another choice, though. You’re not thrusting into me, because I won’t pull away far enough to let you. I’m too busy grinding against your pelvis with mine, and my right hand trapped between us, and holy shit it feels so fucking good. You groan, and bahis şirketleri it’s so, so sexy when a guy groans like that because it means they’re about to completely blow their load, but I’m still edging, and oh fuck I can’t lose it.

The head of your cock is on, like, this angle where it’s pressing against my insides and it feels so perfect, and I groan out, ‘”Cum, Sugar. Cum cum cum for me, fill me up.”

My climax finally arrives, first in my pussy this time. It starts as this jagged little spasm, and then I feel my cum-hungry little cunt squeeze your cock like it owes me money, and I hear you gasp, and just as I feel the spasm from my pussy through my legs and along my spine, you shoot your load, and it’s perfect.

It feels like you go off like a shotgun, your load spraying up inside me, fresh and hot, good, beautiful seed deep inside, soaking my cervix, trying to get deep, trying so hard not to get wasted. My climax, a tingly electrical fire that’s burning out my nervous system, reaches my chest, and then my throat, and I grunt, like a satisfied animal, which I absolutely am. My hips circle once more, as just a little bit more wonderful cum trickles out of your still absolutely rigid cock, and you groan; you’ve told me how the tip rutting against the inside of me while you’re still cumming hurts, because it feels so good.

My body-shattering climax released, I let myself go limp, and drop into your chest. I’m hot and panting, and I stroke your bicep with the left hand I’d been using to hold myself up. The sun’s not up yet, and I’m already in my post-coital bliss, already letting the sizzling tingle my climax left behind make my thighs shudder, already wanting to drift into sleep to let your cum soak in.

I wonder if I can convince you to call in sick, so we can spend the day like this, fucking again and again, as I drift into a wonderful, dozing sleep, waiting for and dreading the alarm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32