Mala – The Village Lady – 8

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Mala – The Village Lady – 8Visiting Sri Lanka and Madurai to Mumbai Journey.We directly moved to Sri Lanka as Alia told us many to make a trip of there. She met with her relatives and then we visited some places over there till evening and backed to our country. From Madurai, we picked an Innova for Mumbai without diver. Meanwhile on our way to home, we stayed in hotels for rest and fresh. When I drove the car, Rahul and Alia enjoyed the back seat. Rahul was very tired to fulfill the sex need. So we started giving short lift to anonymous men. And me and Alia, enjoyed with them. Rahul took some headache pills and slept in back seat. Sudden I saw the 5-6 people pissed on road of another side. I stopped the car and parked offside. Alia winked to me and we crossed the road, they were drunken and returned to Madurai, They passed mean full smile to each other. They asked us the reason to stop and come. Without said a single word, Alia moved to that guy who still pissing, and started drink his piss. All were shocked and made us nude, and then they fucked twice pendik escort both of us. Finally when they cummed in our mouths, we backed to car and started journey. When we again stopped a dhaba, Rahul awaked. We took dinner and beers. Rahul did not take beer, coz now his turn to drive the car. We both were tired after fucking, so we also took a nap.After 4 hours of driving, Rahul stopped a tea stall, I was open my eyes while car was stop, and Alia still sleeping. He talked with tea stall owner and started smoke behind the tea stall. After 1-2 minutes, tea stall owner also moved the behind of stall, I was not able to see Rahul but I saw the owner. He pulled his lungi and took out his dick. Only the glimpse of his dick, I saw. When Rahul came to driving seat, I saw a drop of cum on his lips. His thirst of cum, became him a gay. I came on front seat and started smoking. Rahul said to me, “Mom, give a head to me, I really need to relax.” I started sucking his dick while he drove the car. Soon my mouth filled with hot kartal escort semen. Rahul stopped a while and kissed me for swallowing semen. Around 5am, we stopped near a field for fresh as our stomach making sound. Nobody was there to watch us. We sat together and defecated, this was not new for me but Rahul and Alia were not comfortable. Finally we again started the journey. Around 9am, we took breakfast on dhaba. Now Alia came over driving seat and Rahul started fucking me in back seat. Rahul became relax after fucking me and slept again. We reached near Hubli on 4pm. We stopped and took bathe then took some lunch. We decided to start again in night. Rahul called someone for massage, two guys came for massage. They was two good, they made him cummed to Rahul with oily handjob. Then one of them asked us, “Madam, you need oily simple massage or oily body to body massage.” I and Alia agreed for second one. The quickly removed their clothes, put lot of oil over us and came over us and started rubbing themselves maltepe escort to our bodies. When he rubbed my breast, I took his dick in mouth. He became much naughtier. Alia was play with other one. She sucked his balls. Soon they both sat on our faces and rubbed their asshole to our mouth and massaging our breast and abdomen parts. Then they started sex session and Rahul joined them. Their oily dicks fucked us badly and gave us lot of sex pleasure, I squirted twice while Alia just moaned. After feeding their shots, they left to us. After without stoppage, we reached Pune in morning 7 am. And finally we reached our home around 11.30am. Rahul called to taxi service to pickup of Innova and cleared their rent. Gogo opened the door as he stayed at our home when we not there. Gogo watched all recorded videos till then. Gogo made us drinks for us, we all took three rounds. Gogo said to Rahul, “Bhai, you take full enjoyment with Mom and bhabhi.” Rahul said, “Saale Gandu, you wanna fuck Alia, who stop you? Alia said, “Come bhaiya, fuck me hard like bitch.” Alia started from back of Gogo, she rimmed his asshole. Gogo loudly moaned, “Ummms! Bhabhi, you make me so hard.” Then he fucked her tight asshole. Alia shouted, “Saale Maadarchod, faad de meri gaand. (fuck my asshole.)” After Gogo returned to his home, we slept tight. This trip was so horny and good.