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‘I shall be a water sprite,’ the announcement rang clear and determined through her head. It’s funny how at the strangest moment memories come back to you. The vivid memories of an eight year old standing up and announcing to her class that she was going to be a mermaid when she grew up, the sniggers and the looks of surprise from her teacher unfazed her, she knew what she wanted and she was going to get it. “That’s nice m’dear, but mermaids can’t have babies” “Why?” “Because…. They can’t. Thank you. You may sit down. Now Michael what do you want to be when you grow up?”

That was the end of career goal discussion for our little mermaid.

“I shall be a water sprite because mermaids don’t have pussies,” her mind repeated. Now twenty-five years old, mature and wiser girl thought as she waited by the water for her ferry. She smiled, she had found her place, after endless searching she returned to her favorite, the sea. She adored everything about it, the peace it gave her, the caressing waves, even the coldness. It was the one thing that accepted her as she was.

Everyday she would meet her favorite, sit in her preferred seat in the corner of the ferry, come rain shine or wind she would enjoy her solitude and her beloved dance in front of her. The sea was her solitude and comfort. It strengthened her before facing a gray and black corporate world, and every night it would comfort her as she was carried. But tonight was special; tonight she was making an offering to the sea.

Waiting for the ferry was always an arduous process, a few weeks ago she had escaped to the more dirty side of town with the sole purpose of buying herself a vibrator. Her introverted nature and lack of good male partners had left her aching for sex. Her fingers weren’t enough, and finally she gathered up the courage and raced to a sex shop and bought her first vibrator. Her lips lifted in a wry smile as she remembered her first attempts with the thing, fumbling with the soft pink jelly vibrator. But oh! The pleasure! That night she slept with it on, her body soaked with sex, her nipples sore from her own tweaking her lips tender from biting back her screams. She loved it, and went back to buy her friend her butterfly vibrator. It was like having a cock in her pussy and lips on her clit all day. On weekends she would wear it as she cleaned, imagining her lover coming in and fucking her doggie style as she cleaned or pushed her over the coffee table and feasting on her pussy while all the curtains and windows were open.

Returning to the present, instead of lingering at work she left 5pm on the dot, stopping briefly in the women’s toilet to insert her friend, then with short clipped steps she raced down to the ferry, ignoring the butterflies in her stomach and in her pussy. Tonight was the night, she had a vivid dream recently, dreaming that as she was sitting in her usual spot on the ferry wearing nothing but her black silks, when her entity glided up and sat next to her, her sea god. Blonde with brilliant blue eyes he whispered, Bring your butterfly friend, tonight ataşehir escort bayan I want to play with you, make you cum. I want your orgasms; they will be your gift to me. I will rock you with pleasure and desire. She had woken up, her body throbbing with desire for her sea god.

“All aboard!” the sailor shouted, and her reverie was broken as passengers shuffled onto the ferry. Usually she would look around, and acknowledge her fellow passengers, the old lady that lived up the road, the geek with his walkman and Microsoft sling bag, the old tired businessman with weird tie taste, the smiling blue eye man. She always had a smile for him, for once he had held the ferry back for her, but tonight she was too distracted to see him. Settling in her spot she waited for the stragglers, her sea god rock her just gently, reminding her that tonight was the night. Her butterfly nestled inside her panties, its soft wings pressing softly against her clit and bare lips.

At first she enjoyed the fresh tangy air and the wind, and unconscious a happy smile floated across her face. Then it started, her favorite was working his magic on her body tonight. She loved the way the boat rocked her, slow comforting movements pushing her from side to side. She loved making her offerings – it was like making love to a god-like being. A masterful entity rocking her on her beloved butterfly tucked inside her white panties. She was imagining his powerful hands on her waist rocking her hips on his cock, whipping her into a stormy frenzy. Her legs tensed as the ferry tilted on the back waves, the movement causing her friend to plunge in further as if to hide in her dark safe cavern away from the outside. Her hands tighten on her knees as she absorbed each ripple of pleasure and then the anticipated pleasure as it splashed back against her sensitive skin and fell backwards. A gasp as another set of tilts came – One two three… one two three hard thrusts and then there was no more. Breathing shakily she imagined her sea god, pausing mid thrust to play with her nipples, tweaking, nibbling sucking them just the way she liked it. She bit back a moan of frustration as the slow rocking commenced. Over and over this happened, eagerly she awaited the tilts that would heat her blood, rocking her closer to her orgasm. She loved the slow build-up, her pussy creamy, craving more rocking, the hips twitching as her body took over the pleasure building.

The ferry slowed to dock at the first station, the jerk from the ropes drew a gasp from her lips as her eyes opened, and a gasp of a different sort came out. Sitting opposite her was her sea god. His eyes watching her, watching her sweet nipple distend her black dress, enjoying the flush of lust tinge first her face then trickle down her body. He was there watching as the tilts drove her into a sexual frenzy, he was watching as he was playing with her body. His distended trousers showing that he was just as much affected by her show. Wordlessly he held out his hand. The boat then started off again the movement plunging escort kadıköy her little fucker into her, One two three plunges then nothing more. A whimper of frustration emitted and she looked up again through the haze of lust. His blue eyes brilliant and intent, his blonde hair whipped about by the tumultuous wind. His hand still held out to her, a smile of promise contoured on his lips. Come to me.

Cautiously she reached for the offered hand, her mind battling with her body. Her mind echoing the age old dire warnings from her mother about strangers, her body instinctively knowing that the man in front of her was the source of her pleasure. She hesitated but the sea was an impatient entity and its rocking pushing her hand into his grasp. Immediately he pulled her onto his lap.

His hand wrapped around her waist, her hand held on tightly. Her body tense, unsure of what he would do to her, his free hand smoothed her shoulders, as his voice offered sweet low murmurs promising not to hurt her, the sea rocking the couple as they traveled to their destination.

Slowly but surely her body remembered the desire that was glowing in her, and it flared to life as her sea god stroked her body, letting the embers flare into life, into living want. Rippling through her body and the rhythm seemed more intense with his arm around her waist. She swayed with the boat, her pussy and her clit tickled by her butterfly, her butt cleft teased by his hard rod. His hand moved down to push her toy more firmly against her as his other hand crept up to her aching breasts. Pinching and tweaking her nipple as she raced up to her orgasm.

I want this man, her mind announced and what Eva wanted Eva was going to get. Her desire so great, she ached to feel his lip on her, and turned her head to viciously kiss him. Her fingers deep in his hair, holding him still as she fed veraciously on his lips and tongue. Breaking off briefly she turned around and straddled him, grinding her vibrator against his hard shaft, moaning against his lips, his hands reaching under her skirt to grip her butt cheeks rocking her on him, relentlessly. All the time she fought to keep her eyes open to stare into his soul through his clear blue eyes, but the lust he created was intense, her eyes closing down her portals aching to be blocked or contained so her pleasure could be contained. His hands had shifted down to release himself and to tear her panties and butterfly away. His hard shaft bucked against her bare pussy, parting her swollen lips, coating himself with her juices, lubricating their motion. He was biting her nipples through the slinky fabric of her dress. Her hands clawing his shoulders as her lust induced rocking rubbed her excited clit against his tip.

The boat rocked again, riding cross-waves. Adding to her movements pushing her up against her to sink back down onto his cock. She stiffened as she sank down on him, her pussy clamping on a new foreign object. Her eyes flew open startled by the action, he smiled at her, and cupping her face drew her down for a soft bostancı escort kiss. Bewildered she allowed herself to be kissed, soft seducing kisses luring her back into her oceanic fantasy. His hands rocked her hips as he consumed her lips, his cock buoyed by the swaying ferry, pushing him gently up inside her. He was a patient man, after all he had been watching her for months, enjoying her movements, she reminded him of a mermaid, her long hair loose and her expression of pleasure as she was carried across the sea. Tonight she was his. Plucking up the courage to approach her. Only to find her caught in a self induced web of desire. Instinctively knowing she wore her toy tonight, after all he had visited the same shop once and recognized the bag and the nervousness that he had felt when he had made his purchase.

His cock felt glorious in her pussy, it felt like he had come home, found its place. Her pussy was tight, sucking, hot and so wet. He fought the urge to thrust into her, instead letting the waves push him into her, a slow cadence. His lips returned to worrying her nipples as he tried to distract himself from the hot pussy in his lap.

She drew back and watched his face tighten with concentration as he fucked her. Using her hips she raised herself so that her pussy lips were only just parted by his tip. Towering over him she looked down and watched his facial expression as she slide back down. Buried down face to face with him she smiled mischievously as she tightened her pussy around him. His pupils dilated and his nostrils flared before returning her mischievous smile. Retaliating by reaching between them with her thumb pushing against her clit. Fuck me he mouthed, pushing his hips up grinding his cock and balls into her shaved pussy.

They had plotted this course and they would reach their destination. Kissing him again as her hips began slowly to grind she could barely hear him for she was concentrating on stifling her moans and whimpers. His cock filled her totally, stretching her hot tight little pussy wide open. Her muscles clamped around his cock with each thrust, nails digging deep into his shoulders as he guided her hips up and down forcing her down on his cock, faster and deeper.

His hands gripped at her waist and he shoved her deeper onto his throbbing cock, each thrust making her muffle a scream. Trickles of sweat were running down her cleavage and he would lick them from her and then grunt and thrust hard up into that tight hot pussy again, until finally they were both spent and their screams and moans swallowed by a savage kiss as they came together rocking the boat with its intensity.

Breathing hard, she rested against him, her head on his shoulder, his hands smoothing her back through the black cloth. Comforted by their union, she drew back to look at him again; kissing him on the nose she slowly relinquished her pussy’s hold on his cock. Standing up she could feel his cum trickling down her leg. Automatically he tidied himself, he watched her, unsure of his reception now that the event had passed. Would she accept him? He waited for her answer.

The ferry had almost completed its journey and her stop was next. Gathering her bags she smiled and took his hand and led him off the ferry. After all she had given the sea her orgasm and the sea had given her love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32