My 3 Years as A Sub

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My 3 Years as A SubMy 3 ½ years as a Sub.One time when I was 23 yo. I got online and went to a Gay Bear personal ad site. I saw this 56 yo chubby polar bear about 40 mi away from me. I sent him a message, would you like to talk? He said he would like to do more than talk. He said I could come on up. This was 7:00 p.m. on a Friday nightHe asked me what I wanted.I said I want to suck cock.He said we’ll get your close off and come suck my cock I stripped and he pulled his pants and underwear off. I got on my knees and sucked him passionately. About 30 minutes later 5 people got out of a van and started bringing groceries in. I stopped and was about to get up and put my clothes on. He put his hand on my head and stopped me.He said, Don’t Worry. He pushed my mouth back on his cock. I sucked him for about 2 hours. He came in my mouth. He pulled his teeth out and gave me a gum job. It was my first blow job. I had given some but not got one. He sucked me for about 2 minutes. I came in his mouth.We talked some more. I told him I thought it was really cool that I could be naked and suck his cock, no matter who or what else was going on. I was never naked at home. I hadn’t ever spent a whole day naked. He said, you can come be naked and suck my cock anytime.I was really tired after that. So I laid my head on his thigh and passed out. In the morning I woke up right there between his legs. I asked him if I could suck him some more before I left. He said, Where you going? Back to your parents house to be lonely, get yelled at, and have to keep your clothes on. He pulled my head back to his cock before I could answer.Other subs got the shower ready. He took one. Then they got mine ready.. Breakfast was brought to us.I just sat right there on the floor in front of his chair. We talked, watched tv, and he fed me snacks. He would tap the top of my head and I looked up and opened my mouth. He put in. He liked it if I stuck my tongue out. Dinner was brought to us. Later that evening I sucked him a couple more hours. He came in my mouth. He sucked me a couple more minutes. I came in his mouth. He slept right there in his chair. I slept right there in front of him with my head on his thigh.The next day was the same.They washed my clothes and had breakfast and a shower ready for me to go to work. My friend said come back after work. He said what you got better to do?After work I sped back, ran in, and stripped bakırköy escort of my clothes. I sucked passionately for about 2 hours. He came in my mouth. He sucked me for about 2 minutes. I came in his mouth. We talked. He fed me snacks.In the morning my clothes were washed and breakfast and shower were prepared.I did that all week.That weekend was the same.My friend liked grooming me. Both literally and figuratively. As he was combing my hair, trimming my nails, eyebrows, and rubbing lotion on me, he asked me, Why go through that hell of a home life, when you come sit right here? I really loved it when he rubbed my head with his hands. It was some of the best times I felt in my life. I called my mom and told her I was going to stay up here a while. She said good. It will get you out of my hair.One time I overheard another guy complaining about how easy I had it because I was sucking my friend.My friend said, You had different reasons why you came here. Sex was a nice extra with you. He didn’t come here to have a place to stay. He didn’t need anything. He wasn’t begging like you guys. I had to beg him to stay. If I would have said you have to do this or that. He could have went home and went to work. Found some other guy. The only reason he came here was to suck my cock.I went to work and sat naked with my friend every evening, slept right their between his legs with my head on his thigh for a couple months. One night right after work. He asked me to stay with him. He said you aren’t spending money anyway. You don’t need nothing here. You won’t have to do any chores. You can just sit right here with me. So I thought. I hate my home life. I hate my job. Why the hell not. I said yes. He said take your clothes off and throw them in the closet over there. You can get them if you need them but I don’t see why you will.My friend took the picture right before I did. After that every day was pretty well the same. Our showers were prepared.Breakfast was brought to us. I sucked him for a couple hours till he came in my mouth. He sucked me for a couple minutes till I came in his mouth. I sat on the floor right in front of his chair. We watched TV and talked. He would feed me snacks and groom me. Put lotion on me. Rub my head with his hands. Then dinner was brought to us. I sucked him for a couple hours till he came in my mouth. He sucked me for a couple minutes beşiktaş escort till I came in his mouth.Then we both slept right there. I loved sleeping with my head on his thigh. He would rub my head in the night.It was a 4 bedroom 2 bath ranch house with a full basement. He had built another 4 bedrooms and 2 baths downstairs. He had up to 8 other subs. They all had cut deals The two cooks needed room and board that year in college. Some were out of area workers, working a local job for a few months. They did laundry. Took care of me and my friend. Bought groceries and other shopping. Did the yard. One guy was an accountant that did all the bills and finances. I didn’t have to do anything. I didn’t do any chores or even have to take care of myself. Of course I was taking care of my friend but that wasn’t a chore for me. It was the benefit.I didn’t have to talk to anybody I didn’t want to. Other than my friend, I rarely did. We played on his computers. He had few. In the evening he really liked showing me off. He would get on these private forums of 3 to 8 old guys chatting while they got blown. He bragged about me. All the other guys had arrangements. I was just there to suck cock. He bragged about that. It was fun. I enjoyed it. I had already been taking pics for a a few years. The camera just made me more horny.We did not have an arrangement in real life. It was quite simply I could come sit naked with him and suck his cock for it as long as I wanted to. I did for three and a half years.There was orgies once or twice a month. Some I participated in. If my friend wasn’t guiding me along. I stayed out of them. The 2 second pic a,Some of my friend’s friends really liked me and wanted to suck me. Some I had good conversations. Others thought I was just a cocksucker. Which wasn’t wrong. So I just stayed quiet. Which, I was fairly proud to just sit there and be his cocksucker. Still am to say I was. After 6 months I was very comfortable there. He taught me to get fucked in the ass. He never once hurt me. It would make him go soft if he thought he was. That was much more of a problem than actually hurting me.He fucked me once or twice a week. Maybe 3 times. I loved people seeing that he chose my ass. He loved my ass. It was his favorite. He never screwed anyone else’s ass while my ass was there. He liked mine better.He was picky about who played with me. beylikdüzü escort At least compared to all the rest of the people.I had some good threesomes with him and another guy that was a year or two older than me. I was always in the middle. He did things I thought were strange. He loved to rub his cock and balls all over my head while I sat in front of him in his chair. He would run his cock up along my ears and nose. His sack on top of my head and along my forehead. Even stranger is that I loved it too. When he did it. I would push and rub back against his cock and balls like a cat getting its head rubbed. It didn’t even embarrass me when he did it in front of somebody. I felt sexy. He spoke to and handled a lot of people for me. Of course, I didn’t have much business to handle because I didn’t have any money. I didn’t need any money. My friend had great taste in food. He listened to what I liked. We had plenty of time to talk about it. We would talk about things that he wanted. There wasn’t anything that I wanted. I was content to be with him.I didn’t have any possessions. I didn’t need any. I didn’t want any. My friend had everything there. I didn’t want to be responsible for or take care of anything. I didn’t even have to take care of myself. His other subs did it for me. I wanted to be naked and suck my friend.My friend had a bedroom but we never used it except for sex on occasion. I didn’t have a bedroom. I didn’t have any personal space or storage area. I didn’t need any. I didn’t want any. You could argue the pad in front of his chair that said, ‘Matt’s Ass Here’ was mine. I could argue my ass was his.I never went anywhere in 3 ½ years. My friend only left the house maybe 4 hours a month. I didn’t leave the house the whole time I was there. I really didn’t want to. Not only did I not want to put clothes on. I didn’t want to deal with society or anxiety. I felt the safest I had felt in my life until that point, naked by him in his chair. My friend didn’t make me leave the house. He was happy I was there by his chair waiting for him when he walked in. I never wore clothes the whole three years I was there. I felt more safe being naked in front him than fully covered in anywhere else. I knew just as soon as I took my clothes the first time in front of him and went to my knees. That was where I wanted to be. Once he asked me to stay and told me to put my clothes in the closet. I wasn’t getting dressed or going outside again.By the time I was going to go home to help take care of my parents. I had gained so much more weight. The clothes in the closet didn’t fit. My friend had to go buy clothes to go home in. You can see the extra weightMy friend passed about 7 years later.