My First Time….. How I Learned It’s Larger.

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My First Time….. How I Learned It’s Larger.Most men of large size have an idea of when they learned, exactly, that they were carrying around more than the average Joe. Here’s my tale.We lived in the same house from when I was 6 until I was 16. Our neighbors to the back, were the same neighbors the whole time. They had a son a year younger than me, and a daughter my sister’s age, being 4 years older.So proximity and age made us friends, and we grew up together.At some point puberty hit us all, but I can’t be sure what age. But I do recall suddenly being aware that the daughter, let’s call her Debbie (since that was her name), had grown quite large breasts. It must have been as puberty was arriving for me, because I started getting erections seeing, and thinking about, those full and large, shirt stretching, breasts. And I, of course, started using those erections to arrive at orgasm. Not to mention that Debbie had gotten a reputation for giving head to any boy who peaked her interest. Oh, I dreamt of that mouth too.But nothing more happened. Until I was in the summer of my 14th year. I was completely untouched by woman or man, but longing for the try. Unfortunately puberty hadn’t done much for me, as far as I knew (this was before internet, where you can discover any fact or reality, if you look long enough). I was shorter and skinnier than my classmates. Big coke bottle glasses. Braces. And some acne. Quite what girls were looking for in a boyfriend (sarcasm font needed).As I was saying, summer was here, so no school. And one afternoon I was over at the neighbors playing video games (back then, it wasn’t much) and we hear istanbul escort noise in the garage. Debbie was trying to get in, unsuccessfully, because her boyfriend had dropped off and split. Because he had got her drunk. And she was stumbling around the garage, tripping on everything.So we got her inside. And got her into her room. And dropped her on her bed. And just as we turned to leave she said, “Thanks Joey (because that’s her brother, my friends, name). I owe you a blow job .”Odd moment. But just as we walked through the bedroom door, I told Joey I was just gonna go check on her. I don’t now why I did it, I was never usually this bold.So Joey went back to game, and as he walked down the hallway, I quietly closed the door, with me still in the bedroom. I walked over to the bed, where Debbie lay with her eyes closed, not moving,and pulled down my zipper, and pulled out my member. With it dangling there, I said to Debbie, “How about now?”She opened one eye a squint and turned her head towards me. She looked me in the eyes (eye to eyes….) and then looked downward until she was gazing at my dangling appendage. She didn’t move for a few seconds and the reached out with one hand and took me into her grasp. She experimentally tugged at it as it began to swell and lengthen. Then she rolled onto her side and used her other hand to grasp the shaft. She was using both hands to slide up and down the now almost completely hard cock. The shaft was almost engulfed in her palms, with just the head and an few inches to spare, for her up and down avcılar escort motions. As she worked her hands up and down, she started muttering something. I was sure I was about to cum, but I was distracted her mumbling, so I tried to hear what she was saying.”That’s a big cock. That’s a big cock. That’s a big cock.” Over and over.And then a drop of precum appeared at the tip and started to slide down the head. And then she moved forward and licked the drop off my cock head. Then she put the tip in her mouth and moaned softly. And again, I was sure I was going to cum.But she suddenly sat up and said, “I have to try this”. I was confused about what “this” was, until she pulled off her shorts, and yanked down her panties. She spun around and, laying back on her elbows, put her legs around my hips, and pulled herself to the edge of the bed as she pulled me closer. She took hold of my cock, and positioned it at the opening of her vagina. And then told me to “push”. Just the tip of my cock slipped in and I couldn’t seem to go any further, but she pushed me back a little and told me to thrust forward, and a little more of my cock entered her. I got the idea and began to pull out and push in, and little by little I got my cock in her. Each thrust I got a little deeper in her. She felt so much more tighter than my hand ever did. Like I was being squeezed so much, but it felt really good. And after 20 or so thrusts, I was almost completely inside her. And I felt the head of my cock hit something (which I later learned was her cervix). And as I thrust the next time, I definitely hit that something way şirinevler escort up inside her. And she fell back, and her eyes rolled back in her head, and then they closed, and she started to vibrate. I was sure I had hurt her somehow. But just as I was thinking of how to get out of this mess, should I call for help, how do I explain this, she said, “Again.”So pulled my cock almost completely out, amazed at how it seemed to shine like a polished car, and thrust it deep in her again. And again, she vibrated, this time more like a shudder. And moaned. And then said, “Again.”And I was suddenly aware that I was definitely about to orgasm. But I pulled out, once more, until just the tip was in her, and thrust as deep as I could. And when it hit her deep inside, she thrashed about, her hands grasping the sheets. And I unleashed my cum inside her. I could feel every one of my nerve fibers, it seemed. My toes gripped inside my tennis shoes. I felt the whoosh of the cum as it ran up the base of my cock, being gripped so tight by her opening, the muscles there squeezing it as tight as they could. My cockhead pulsated as it released it’s load. I couldn’t think.And after a time, I realized I hadn’t breathed in a while. I exhaled in bursts. And took a breath. I felt so alive.And then her eyes, shot open. “You came in me. You’re not wearing a condom. I could get pregnant!”, she squeaked.And she pulled away from and ran for her bathroom. “Get OUT!”, she yelled, as she slammed the bathroom door.So I put myself away, zipped up my jeans, and left.When I got back to Joey, he assumed the “Get OUT” was to get rid of me, but not for the reason why. None the wiser.And she didn’t get pregnant.We never talked about that moment again.And I went back to being a non-entity to females I wanted to date.It wasn’t until I was past 18 I was with a woman again.I never got to see, or even feel, those big breasts I had dreamed about so much.But I did know, “That’s a big cock.”