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“Next time, I want you to put it in me.”

All day, that phrase had been pushing itself to the front of my mind. And each time, I asked myself the same question: What did she mean by that?

I had heard those words the night before at my neighbor Jenny’s house. She had said it to me after a mutual masturbation session more exciting, more intensely satisfying, than I had ever dreamed possible. After our shuddering orgasms Jenny had used her fingers, still warm and wet from her vagina, to gather my semen from where it had landed on my body. She then slid those cum covered fingers back inside herself, and as she did so she spoke the sentence that would not leave me. “Next time, I want you to put it in me” could mean a couple of things. To paraphrase a President, it all depends on what the meaning of “it” is.

I suppose I managed to get through the day without showing my inner turmoil. But I couldn’t begin to tell you what I did.

When I got home that evening, my wife was sitting at the kitchen table reading a magazine. It may sound callous, but I didn’t feel any sort of guilt about my dalliance with Jenny. The way I looked at it, my wife hadn’t lost anything; it had been years since she had shown any interest in sex, so I wasn’t depriving her of anything. And our marriage wasn’t at any risk; I had no intention of leaving my wife for Jenny or anybody else. It seemed to me that it was a win-win situation. My wife wasn’t bothered, and I had relieved some long pent-up sexual pressure.

“How was your day?” she asked as I hung up my jacket and hat.

“Oh, fine I suppose,” I answered. I didn’t go into any detail because I couldn’t. “How about yours?” I asked in return.

She answered at some length, describing a day pleasantly full of useful activity. I listened, commented when appropriate, and after dinner suggested that we take a walk. We often do that when the weather is good, and I wanted to make sure that I didn’t neglect the many parts of our marriage that were in good working order.

We left the house, and at the end of the walk my wife turned left, toward the house that Jenny rented. Just as we reached Jenny’s walk her door opened and Jenny appeared.

Jenny isn’t a stunning beauty, but she has a very pleasing body and, (as I had just learned the night before) an impish, devil-may-care grin when she is feeling good. She moved down her walk toward us, and we stopped to swap greetings. güvenilir bahis Jenny was acting perfectly normal, and I hope I was. If so it was pretty good acting on my part; it was all I could do to keep from staring hungrily at her small, shapely breasts whose nipples had so delightfully announced themselves the night before, at the perfect V where her legs met and where her fingers had gently caressed, then rubbed, and finally penetrated her beautiful pussy.

The three of us shared a few moments of neighborhood gossip, and then Jenny said she had to be going and stepped toward her car. My wife and I began to walk again. Then, from behind us, we heard Jenny say “Oh, I just remembered. I’m glad I ran into you.”

We turned back, and I was thrilled to see the same smile that I has seen the night before. “I really appreciate your helping me last night,” she said to me. Then she turned to my wife and said “You have the most helpful husband. I don’t know how I could have managed without him. Do you think you could spare him again one evening this week? We didn’t finish everything I wanted to do last night.”

What nerve! I thought admiringly. She looked perfectly natural. I could only hope that I was keeping a straight face.

My wife smiled at Jenny and answered “He is a dear, isn’t he? Of course you can have him again. Just don’t wear him out; I expect to get several more years of use out of him myself.”

Jenny turned back to me, and this time I did spot the hint of a gleam in her eyes. “I have to go out now, but how about later, say 9:00 or so?”

I managed to ignore the fact that I was in danger of displaying a rather impressive erection. I smiled back and said “Sure. Always my pleasure to assist a damsel in distress.”

My wife and I got home from our walk around 8:30, and for the next hour I tried to look as though I was reading. But I just stared at one page while thinking “It’s going to happen again. I’m really going to happen again.”

At 9:25 I could wait no longer. “I’m going over to Jenny’s now,” I called to my wife who was upstairs watching television.

“OK,” she answered. “If I’m asleep when you get back I’ll see you in the morning.”

The walk to Jenny’s house seemed to take days and seconds; that doesn’t make much sense, but that’s what it felt like. When I got to her door, I took a shaky breath and pressed the doorbell button. “It’s open, come on in,” türkçe bahis I heard Jenny call.

I opened the door and stepped into her small entry hall. There was a faint light from the back of the house. From Jenny’s bedroom. From that room, I heard Jenny say “Why don’t you lock the door and come on back here.”

When I stepped into Jenny’s bedroom I stopped cold, almost swept away by the sheer sensual impact of what I saw.

There was Jenny in her double bed. She was propped up on a couple of pillows. She was naked. Her legs were bent at the knees and spread. She was stroking and teasing the upright nipple of a perfect breast with one hand, and running one finger of the other hand slowly up and down the faintly glistening cleft in her neatly trimmed bush.

Her voice was low and throaty. “I meant to wait, but I got so excited thinking about us that I had to start without you.”

My knees were trembling so that I had to move slowly as I walked to the bed. When I reached her Jenny took my hand and, without taking her eyes from mine, slowly brought it to her mouth. Her lips parted and her tongue slipped slowly along the length of my middle finger. Then, when my finger was warm and moist from her mouth, she moved my hand down to her body and purred “This time, I want you to put it in me.”

I kept my eyes on hers as I slowly began to caress her beautiful belly. I was so intent on the feel of her that I didn’t even notice that she had moved her hand until I felt her fingers begin to stroke up and down the front of my pants. My erection was like a steel bar, and her gentle massage almost brought me to my knees with desire.

Jenny began to unbuckle my belt, and I responded by letting my hand slip down to the very top of her bush. The feel of her pubic hair against my palm was exquisite. I started a slow, circular rub. The circle was very small at first, but it gradually got larger. Jenny started my jeans down my legs, and we separated long enough for me to kick my sandals off and finish removing the pants. Jenny reached out for me again, and the soft friction of the cotton cloth of my boxers between her hand and my penis was the most exciting sensation I had ever felt. At the same moment that Jenny open my fly and took my shaft firmly in her hand I slid my hand down and found the warm, wet opening between her thighs. I slipped my middle finger deep inside her.

Jenny moaned with pleasure, and güvenilir bahis siteleri thrust herself up against my hand. She took my throbbing penis in both hands and began a slow stroke that ended just below the swollen head. I continued to finger her, now able to slip two fingers easily into her vagina, and used my other hand to tweak her nipple. I felt the soft ridges of that beautiful little sprout as I gently pinched it, not quite twisting. I shuddered with pleasure at the feel of Jenny’s warm hand as she continued to explore my penis, her fingers somtimes soft as butterfly kisses, sometimes hard and insistent.

By now Jenny had spread her legs even wider, and as I plunged my fingers buried deep inside her I rubbed her clit gently but firmly with my palm. I could feel that tiny bud firming up, and Jenny gave a shuddering sigh, the sound of a woman approaching gratification.

By now my penis was almost aching. Jenny’s hand reached the top of a stroke, and her thumb and forefinger continued up to fondle the head. She continued to grasp the head of my penis with one hand, working her palm over the tip, while with her other hand she kept up a rhythmic rubbing from base to head.

My fingers on Jenny’s nipple were working it more insistently. Not hard enough to hurt, just the beginnings of a twist. I now has three fingers buried inside her, and the rest of my hand was rubbing her clit powerfully.

And then, with a ong, shuddering groan that was almost a wail, Jenny began to cum. She arched her back, pressing her vulva against my kneading palm. The muscles in her vagina clinched on my thrusting fingers, and her wetness was suddenly a flow. And at that moment I experienced an explosion of sensation far beyond anything I had ever known before as I began to cum. For what seemed like minutes my penis thrust and jerked in Jenny’s hands as it spewed jets of warm semen over her belly, her breasts, her damp pubic hair. Again and again, Jenny’s muscles tightened and relaxed, tightened and relaxed, and the sticky streams of my semen slid down onto her clit.

My trembling legs threatened to give out, and I let myself collapse across Jenny’s body. We lay there for minutes, slowly regaining our composure.

At last, I raised my head and looked at her. Her complexion was rosy in the aftermath of her release, and there was an enticing sheen of sweat on her breasts. Her eyes opened and when she saw me her lips curved in a faint but completely satisfied smile.

“That was almost perfect,” she sighed.

And then, the faint smile turned into the impish grin I had seen before.

“But next time, I want you to put it all in me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32