New Job?

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New Job?When I was laid off from job back in the early 2000 jobs were hard to find and money was getting really tight for my wife Pam and myself Bruce. I had been able to fine a lot of temp jobs but we were always coming up short on the needed money. We were on the verge of losing on our house when my wife happened to see an add for a male model to model clothes. The ad said that it paid well so we decided to check it out. We called the number and a lady answered and explained that the job was to model adult novelties and lingerie. She explained it paid 200 dollars a show and a 2 percent commission on what was sold. We talked it over and decided to try it. We made an appointment to meet and to interview me and so that she could see what I looked like. On the appointed day we went to the address we were given and drove their at the appointed time. It was in a residential neighborhood. We went to the door and rang the door bell. We were surprised when we were greeted by a man dressed in a leather jock strap and little else. He introduced him self as slave Steve and we were to follow. Steve had a bare ass and I noticed that he was hairless from the neck down. He led us into a room that was filled with all types of racks and bondage gear. Slave Steve motion for us to sit down and said Goddess Lana would join us shortly. In a few minutes Lana or I should say Goddess Lana strolled into the room. In a few minutes Goddess Lana came into the room. She was dressed in tight leathers that seemed istanbul escort to be part of her body. She said oh you must be Jane and Bruce. She shook my wife’s hand and just sorted of gave me a shrug. She was a very attractive lady and I started getting hard. Goddess Lana explained that she dealt with bondage and restraint sort of products. She turned to Jane and asked if it would bother her if I were to be nude in front of her customers? My wife replied oh no for what you are paying you could even spank his ass. Goddess Lana replied oh that could be arranged. I was thinking oh my god what have we got our selves into. Then Goddess Lana said to me stand up slave. I said what? She replied if you want this job you will do everything I say and you will call me Goddess Lana do you understand? I replied yes I understand she reached out and slapped me and said you always answer with Goddess Lana. I stood up then she said slave strip have to see if you have the body type I am looking for. Then she turned to Jane and said I need you to strip naked too. Much to my surprise Jane took off her clothes and I noticed that her panty was wet. Goddess Lana then turned to me and said strip. By now my cock was rock hard but I stripped naked any way. When I was naked Goddess Lana came over to me and started feeling my cock and balls. Goddess Lana then said Jane please come over here, Then she asked if she had ever dominated avcılar escort me and she said no, Goddess Lana then said ok slave I want you to kiss her feet. I then kissed her feet. Goddess Lana then asked it we had ever done anal sex and if so did she enjoy it, Jane said yes we had but she really was not into it. A strap on cock was produce and Lana said put this on. Lana then asked have you ever put anything up his ass? Jane replied no she had not. Goddess Lana said put this on. Lana then said ok slave come over here and suck it. I did as I was told then Lana said get on your hands and knees and put you butt in the air. Lana then said Jane you are going to take his cherry ass. Lana put a big glob of lube on fake cock and then took a lit of lube and spread it on my ass hole. Lana said ok Jane slowly put it inside him. Jane slowly fucked my ass and I could see flashes as Slave Steve was taking pictures of me getting my ass fucked. Lana then reached down and started beating my cock off. In little time I was shooting cum all over every where. Jane pulled out of me and then Lana said lick up your mess which I did. Goddess Lana then said ok Jane do you two want the job? Jane replied yes I think so, Goddess Lana said you know he is kind of hairy and normally I want the slaves to be shave but in this case if you take the job we will shave him at the first show. Lana then said Slave Bruce after we sign the contracts you will be a slave to any female şirinevler escort and will do what ever she may say do you understand? I replied yes Goddess, Jane then said slave get over her and lick me off. I went over to Jane and started licking her pussy. I was licking her pussy when I looked over to my side and saw that Slave Steve was licking Pam. I could feel when I brought Lana off as she came all over my face. Pam was not far behind her as she came too. Lana then led me over to a wall that had straps on it. She secured my legs and arms and then said Pam have you ever seen a guy being sucked off by another guy? Pam said oh no I have not would you like too? You know most guys are turned on by two gals getting it on now its our turn. Lana said Slave Steve get over here. He came over to where I was tied to, Lana Said ok slave I want you to suck Bruce off. I started to say some thing but then had a panty shoved into my mouth. Steve then got between my legs and started sucking my cock. Despite myself I started getting hard. He kept sucking my cock. He did a great job and in just a little bit I was shooting his load down my throat. He stood up and kissed me forcing my cum down my throat. Then Lana said ok Slave Bruce are you ready to return the favor since Slave Steve brought you off you should bring him off. I was released and this time I got between Slave Steve’s legs and I took his cock in my mouth. As I started sucking it started getting hard in my mouth. The more that I sucked it the harder it got and soon I could feel he was on the verge of orgasm. As Slave Steve shot his load I swallowed it. Lana after a bit said I think you two will work out real well. Pam you know you are the one that will decide what we will and will not do with Bruce and you are his Mistress, We will have a show a week from today.