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* WARNING — This story contains incest and, in this chapter, sexual activity of a non-consenting nature. In further chapters this non-consent is explained to reveal something different. If you feel this may offend you DO NOT READ THE STORY!


I remember the first time you caught me being, what you would call, a slut. You had come home, drunk as usual, on that Friday night, but a lot earlier than me or either of my brothers expected. I can still see the look of shock on your face as you walked in to the living room. You eldest son, Jason, 23, and your younger son, Chris, 21, both sat on opposite ends of the sofa, both with their trousers unzipped and their big, hard cocks out. And me with one small hand around Chris’s cock, wanking him off and my other hand and mouth working Jason’s at the same time. Jason had his hand on my head gently fucking my teenage mouth and moaning, “Fuck sis, that is so good!” Chris was relaxed back watching me jack his cock, he sighed and said. “I don’t know why but it always feels so much better when its our little sister’s hand around my dick.” They both laughed.

“One day you’re gonna let us fuck you,” said Jason smiling down at me. “I mean you are old enough Anna, you’re 18 now.”

I lifted my head to tell them that what I was doing was already bad enough on many levels but to actually let them have intercourse with me would be just so wrong. Before I could say anything I saw you standing, mouth open, shocked, in the door way. I felt my face flush as I immediately stood up. The boys turned to see what had interrupted their special sister time.

“Oh fuck- ” Jason moaned, burying his head in his hands. A mild reaction I thought, considering our father had just come in and found his daughter sucking and masturbating her older brothers.

“Dad!” Chris immediately stood and zipped his still hard cock back in to his pants.

“Daddy…” I started to try and calm you but I knew it was too late.

“Shut the fuck up, all of you!” you shouted. I could see you shaking with anger, or another negative emotion. “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”

I looked towards Jason who was not looking as cocky as usual, but still managed to appear slightly nonchalant. We all knew better than to try and talk our way out of this. Any excuses would just result in you getting angrier. Jason was an athletic 23 year old but even he would be no match for you in a physical confrontation. You towered above all of us, especially me, and your face was still a mixture of shock and anger. Not a good combination.

“Do any of you have any fucking idea what this is?! Its fucking wrong!” you yelled, still shaking. “My own kids for fuck’s taksim grup yapan escort sake! Fucking each other! What is wrong with you?”

“Dad we never actually-” Jason began but didn’t finish his sentence before you had him out of his seat and up against the wall.

“What Jason? You never actually fucked your sister?” you spat as you screamed in his face. “Well isn’t that big of you?”

“Daddy, please, let him go.” I moved towards you cautiously. You snapped your head round to look at me and I drew back. I had never seen that look in your eyes before. It was one of utter rage, but something else was there…disappointment? I couldn’t read it.

You stared at me for a few seconds, maybe trying to calm yourself down, maybe thinking about what to do next. Then you made your decision and you came at me with a renewed force.

“You little whore!” you yelled, reaching out and grabbing my shoulder. I had tried to retreat and duck out of the way but you were too fast and too strong. Your fingers dug in to my shoulder, bruising me immediately, your other hand grabbed my hair and snapped my head back. You turned me to face my brothers. “You want to be a whore Anna? Is that what you want?” you looked at Jason and Chris who both stood still with shock. “And you two? You want to turn your sister in to a cheap fucking slut? I tell you what,” you laughed maniacally, “why don’t I get some of my friends round? Let you fuck them too?! Charge them to fuck my whore daughter?!!! What about it Anna? If you can suck your brothers’ cocks you can fuck a few old men, surely??”

The room went quiet but the tension rose. I could see Jason wanting to stand up to you and get me out of there, I saw Chris wanting to try and calm things down but neither dared do anything. I knew you were looking at them, daring them to try and confront you.

I started to cry, I couldn’t help it. I knew it would make things worse but the tears just rolled from my eyes. You were pulling my hair so hard I thought it would rip from my scalp, and your other hand was gripping my shoulder viciously.

“What the fuck are you crying for you little slut?” you whispered nastily down my ear, the alcohol stronger than usual on your breath “Because daddy caught you with your brother’s cock in your mouth? Well I tell you what you should be crying about. You should be crying because you are a little fucking whore, my own baby girl, turned in to a cheap common whore.”

I sobbed as you yanked my hair harder. “You two!” you yelled at the boys, “sit down on the settee NOW!”

Both boys did as they were told. None of us had ever seen you like this and it taksim masöz escort was scary.

“You want to see how much of a slut your sister is?” your breathing was ragged as you pushed me forward to the settee and down on to my knees. You forced my face in to Jason’s lap. “Come on son, get your dick out for your sister, she loves sucking cock apparently. Fucking do it Jason or I swear to god I will hurt her more!”

I nodded at Jason through my sobs of humiliation and pain.

Jason reluctantly reached in to his trousers and pulled his flaccid cock out.

“There you go baby,” you said, “is that what you want? Put it in your mouth. Open your mouth and suck your brother’s cock. It was nice and hard when you were doing it before so he must have liked it.”

You pushed my mouth nearer to Jason’s dick and he held it up for me to put in my mouth. I began sucking, trying not to gag as I was still crying. Jason became hard a lot easier than I expected and I could hear him whispering “I am so sorry Anna, so fucking sorry.” His hips began to move up, pushing more of himself in to my mouth. “Anna I can’t help it.”

I knew you were watching me giving my older brother a blow job and I didn’t know if it was my imagination but I thought I felt you getting hard too as you pressed in to my buttocks.

“Now you Chris,” you said firmly, “get yourself ready for your sister.”

“Dad this is-” Chris began.

“Wrong?” you yelled, from behind me. “Is that what you were going to say?”

Chris backed down immediately and unzipped himself. His cock was soft and you forcefully wrapped my hand around it. You jerked my hand up and down a couple of times to get me started and I continued alone as I knew you wanted. I felt you turn back to pay attention to the blow job I was giving Jason. You pushed my head further down on his now huge hard penis, then yanked me back up as I choked.

“This is how a proper whore does it Anna,” you said, bouncing my head up and down on Jason’s cock. “Just like a real whore now. Look at you, sucking and wanking your brothers off, you dirty slut. Real happy families, eh?”

Both my brothers were softly moaning with pleasure despite the situation, their hips moving to the rhythm of my hand and mouth movement. I kept gagging on Jason’s cock as it entered and retreated my throat, but you were relentless.

“Well almost happy families,” you whispered in my ear. My heart sank as you began lifting my school skirt from behind with one hand and roughly dragged my panties down. “I think daddy should get a little something too, don’t you?” you slapped my buttocks with the hand that wasn’t controlling taksim otele gelen escort my head. “If you’re gonna fuck your brothers you may as well let daddy in on the action. Huh? What do you say Anna?”

“Please,” I gasped on a mouthful of cock, “Don’t daddy!”

You pulled my head up from Jason’s cock and pushed me over to Chris. I immediately took Chris’s smaller but harder cock between my lips. I was still trying to beg you not to do what I thought you were going to do but I couldn’t speak. You put my hand around Jason’s cock and I began to wank him.

“Dad, she’s a virgin!” Jason muttered, “You can’t do this!”

“Jason,” you laughed, “I can do what I like with my slut daughter. Virgin or not! You think its okay to have her suck you off but its wrong for me to do it? That’s double standards son.”

I felt you pull your cock out and start wanking it into my exposed buttocks. Had you been thinking about this for a while? Had this been the perfect opportunity for you to finally commit incest with me, your daughter? I was beginning to think so.

“Anna, honey,” you were laughing drunkenly, “daddy is gonna pop your cherry and fuck your slut cunt. Are you ready?” You spat on your hand and rubbed it around my tight hole, roughly pushing one finger in slightly. “Boys she is so fucking tight!” you told them. “Are you ready for daddy Anna?”

I shook my head and cried but you pushed your big hard cock straight in to my pussy, breaking my hymen with one stroke. I screamed down on to Chris’s cock as you started pumping away at me from behind. I couldn’t believe you were fucking me daddy. Your cock in your virgin daughter’s pussy, humping me roughly, almost violently. I heard Jason start to moan despite himself.

“Oh god yeah, fuck her dad!” he encouraged you and I felt you fuck me harder at his words.

“Oh son, trust me, I’m gonna fuck her little cunt hard until I shoot all my spunk in to her little whore belly.”

“Is she really tight Dad?” Jason asked, pulling me away from Chris back on to his own cock and pushing it deep in to my throat. “Is her virgin pussy small and tight?”

“Yes Jason, its so tight I’m gonna cum soon,” you told him, breathing hard and fast and fucking me the same.

Jason grew in my mouth and his breathing was ragged, I knew he was going to cum and I braced myself to swallow it all. That’s what he liked and I had always obliged.

Then I felt your cock swell more inside me, stretching me wide open painfully. Subconsciously I wanked Chris’s cock harder and faster, wanting it all to be over with.

All three of you moaned your way to orgasm at the same time. Jason shot his cum down my throat, Chris came all over my small hand and you unloaded your spunk in to my cunt. You continued thrusting to milk every last drop of cum out of your balls as Jason and Chris did the same. When you withdrew and let go of me I collapsed on the settee, humiliated and sad.

“Right,” you said standing up, “Your mom will be home soon so get cleaned up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32