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Chapter 05 (Into the Shower)

“I need a shower,” I told her.

“We need a shower,” Paige said, slipping off her little shirt.

“Yes, we need a shower.”

I stepped into the tub with Paige still wrapped around me and pulled the curtain closed. We were like one being, she held me so tightly. I turned on the water and when it reached the perfect temperature, I plunged us beneath the torrent. I stood under the water and felt it run down my body, then turned and placed Paige beneath the flow. I watched as the water cascaded down across her beautiful little face, her hair flattened and clinging to her cheeks. She held her breath with her eyes closed, until she suddenly shook her head and exhaled forcefully, like a dolphin spouting. That sent a spray into my face which brought me around. I had been so enrapture with the vision of my young lover that I’d lost myself for a second. I turned and let the water run down my back.

Paige shook her head, blinked several times, sent another spray into my face and sighed, “Wow!”

I held out my hand and said, “Shampoo, please?”

She obliged, squeezing a dollop of apricot scented shampoo into my palm. I rubbed it into her hair as she tilted her head back slightly. I ran my fingers through her tresses and gently massaged her scalp. She just sighed, again and again.

Her legs were wrapped around my waist and her little twat was pressed against my stomach. She wriggled back and forth, rubbing her pussy on me. My dick was hard again, twitching and waving about, just below her ass. I decided to practice a little restraint and not let this end up with my cock inside of her, or at least hold out as long as I could.

I turned Paige back to the water. I placed my hand in the nape of neck as she tilted her head back farther and let me rinse her hair

I had never seen her from such an angle. The underside of her chin was exposed. Her neck seemed so graceful as she stretched it. The shape of her jaw line, her cheeks, her little turned up nose and her brow all took a different shape from that angle. She looked like something from a Renaissance painting.

She raised her head upright, running her hand across her hair, squeezing the water out as she pulled the hair away from her face. At that moment she didn’t resemble any one I had ever seen. I was looking at Paige, and Paige alone. It was as if I were seeing her for the first time. I was nearly struck breathless by her singular beauty. She leaned forward and pressed her little titties against my bare, wet chest. I felt her hard nipples as she wiggled to and fro.

I picked up one of those squishy mesh sponges and said, “Soap, please?”

Once again she obliged and squirted a dab of apricot body wash on the sponge. I lathered up her back as she kept her breasts pressed firmly against me. I washed down past the small of her back until I reached her bum. I softly spread the soap over each cheek. As I did, the back of my hand grazed the head of my cock. I lingered there for several seconds, lathering her ass and brushing against my dick. I thought I might give in to temptation, but I fought the urge.

Paige clasped her hands behind my neck and leaned back to allow me to wash the front of her. I started at her neck then lathered escort bostancı her shoulders. I squeezed some warm, soapy water on each of her titties and watched as it ran down around the sides of her perfectly shapes mounds and dripped from her hard little nipples. I ran the squishy sponge over her lovely little breasts. She leaned her head back, assuming the form of my Renaissance Beauty, as I washed her stomach, the warm soapy water spilled down past her navel to the place where her body met mine.

I pulled her close to me and she writhed against my body, rubbing my chest with her slippery, little titties. I turned and let the shower drench us as my better half melted from me in the warm, steamy water.

I took the sponge and began to lather her again, for top to bottom. When I reached her waist I knelt down in front of her. I went about by business of washing her, one leg at a time, from top to bottom, scrubbing each delicate foot and every tiny toe.

After washing her legs, I sat back on my feet and looked her up and down. There she stood, looking so much taller from way down there, all wet, slippery and shiny, with a trace of a Mona Lisa smile. She had a look of timeless beauty. I had that angled view of her face again. I found myself wishing I was I painter so I could capture that image on canvas. It would have been a masterpiece. She could just as well have been standing on a “half-shell”.

My eyes slid down across her slick, wet body and came to rest at her delta, her treasure, my treasure. I held my hand out and whispered, “Shampoo.” She obliged.

I placed my soapy fingers on her pubic mound and worked the shampoo into the fine soft hair. As I lathered up her pubes she spread her legs. I worked my way toward the back, keeping my fingers in the hair, resisting the temptation to wash the inside or her little box. She moaned in anticipation. She expected me to plunge my fingers into her twitching little quim.It was hot and wet between her thighs. There was no way of telling, how much of those hot, slippery fluids might have been flowing from Paige’s sweltering little snatch. When I pulled my hand away without fingering her, she let out a soft moan of disappointment. I turned her around and ran my fingers up and down the crack of her butt. I lingered for a moment at her little puckered starfish. I tickled it a little and pressed just the tip of my finger in. She gasped and I froze. I withdrew and guided her under the water again.

I sat back and watched as the water cascaded over her. I watched her rinse and wipe the soap and water from her gorgeous body. I decided at that instant, that in my eyes, Paige had the perfect female form. She had the perfect body ; the slender frame, breasts that were full, but not large, a butt that had a cute shape, but wasn’t round. Its no surprise, that would be my ideal, given that the model for the ideal was Paige’s mother Sarah. But Sarah was the farthest thing from my mind. Paige stood before me, as naked as the day she was born and squeaky clean.

I was seeing Paige in an entirely new light. It was as if, Paige the woman-child had stepped into the shower, and Paige the woman would emerge. I had washed away her youth. As I looked upon Paige as a woman, her innocence ümraniye escort was slipping down the drain. I was meeting her for the first time.

She motioned with a curling index finger to, “come here”. I rose to my knees as she grabbed a shampoo bottle, it wasn’t the apricot stuff, it was my own shampoo. She squeezed a glob at the crown of my skull and combed it through with her fingers. Her fingertips telegraphed goose flesh all over my body and I trembled at her touch.

She massaged my scalp as I lay my forehead against her thigh. Her breaths matched the rhythm with which she fingered and tickled the delicate skin beneath my hair. She worked her fingers faster and faster, as her breathing accelerated to a feverish pant. As she seemed to be reaching a peak, she wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled my head under the rushing torrent.

The warm, soapy deluge rushed past my face and I held my breath. Just as I thought that I couldn’t hold out any longer, I had to have a breath of air, she snatched my head from beneath the stream and released me. I shook my head and spouted like a porpoise. I looked up to find little Paige towering over me, offering me that Renaissance angle. She was larger than life. She looked regal.

She looked down and crooked her finger again, up by her face. I stood up. She held out the squishy sponge and with out a word, I obliged. A squirt of “Sport Splash” body wash. She began to scour my body. From my neck to my chest, to the lengths of each arm my hands and every finger. She turned me around and scrubbed my back. My skin tingled from head to toe. When she reached my waist, she stopped and turn me around.

She got down on her knees and began to wash my legs, top to bottom, just the way I done to her, feet, toes and all.

She grabbed another dollop of body wash and lathered up her bare hands. She massaged the cheeks of my ass with her slippery hands. She ran two of her soapy, slippery fingers up and down the crack of my ass. She tickled my sphincter. The goose-bumps came back..

Her hands slid around to my crotch. She lathered up my pubes, as my cock twitched, begging for her attention. Her hands slipped down to my scrotum and massaged and kneaded my sack, before taking hold of my throbbing cock,

She held the squishy sponge under hot running water for a minute. She dribbled hot water on the head of my dick and watched it run down, till she wrapped her soapy, slippery hand around my dick just below the head. Then she slowly slid that slippery hand down the shaft, all the way to the base. She repeated that motion with her other hand and then again, like she was climbing a greased pole. I was ready to explode, but that would spell the end to the whole thing, I held back.

I backed into the flow of the shower as I helped Paige to her feet. My “Venus in a Bathtub” stood before me. I could never have imagined anything on the face of the planet more beautiful at that moment in time. It astounded me that we were breathing the same air. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her face, every bit of it, brow, cheeks, jaw, chin, nose, mouth, chin, mouth, mouth, lips, mouth, tongue, mouth, every bit of it.

I pressed my aching member against Paige’s taught little belly. We pushed kartal escort bayan our wet bodies together and writhed around. It was all I could do to keep from cumming. It was even harder to resist the temptation to plunge my sex deep inside of her.

I turned Paige around and she grasped the towel rack. I was soon against her back, pressing in tight, my throbbing cock, nestled in the crack of her ass.

She was moaning, soft and soulful, as I slid my dick up and down her crack. She kept pushing her hips back farther and farther, offering me her butt, tempting me. I was nibbling on her shoulders. I began to kiss down her back. Soon I was on my knees, behind her, kissing and biting on her cute little ass. I ran my tongue up the crack of her butt and down again. I let my tongue come to rest on her little leather cheerio. I felt her shudder as I ran my tongue around the rim. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could, again and again, then swirled around the rim, once, twice, maybe three times more. She was trembling.

I stood up and Paige turned around. She said, “You keep doin’ things that make me think I’d never want to kiss you again, and the next thing you know,” she paused and stared at my mouth. She struck like a viper, taking my lower lip between her teeth. She bit down hard on my lip, it hurt, but I loved the pain. She stared into my eyes as she pulled my lip with her teeth. I was afraid, for a second, that she might start shaking her head and rip my lip clean off. Instead, she released my lip and ran her tongue all around the outside of my mouth, then plunged her thin slippery little tongue into my mouth and explored ever corner, as my tongue raced to try and wrestle her’s.

She was clinging to the towel rack again, her shoulders against the cold tile. She had her breasts pressed against my chest and her left leg wrapped around my right. My cock was squeezed between us. She started a wiggling motion that looked like a slow-motion dance, all the while, grinding my dick with her warm, wet belly. I was struggling not to cum.

I closed my eyes and tried to distance my self from the intense pleasure that was about make me explode. I wanted to pick her and slide her down on my throbbing cock and shoot my load up inside her tender little pussy. No, I thought, maybe I should bend her over and plunge my rod deep into her sweet, young ass and shoot my wad there. But I held out, and let my mind go blank.

Suddenly, another sensation came creeping into groin. I had to piss again. It helped me fight the urge to cum. Then, without the least bit of thought I let it go. I felt the hot liquid spread out across my belly, and Paige’s too, then run down our bodies and off our legs.

Paige’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. “Did you just pee on me?”

I was as surprised as she was. “Yeah,” I said. “It’s a golden shower. You liked it didn’t you?”

“Ye- No! Well, yeah, I guess. You summa bitch. How do you make me like all this gross-ass shit? I bet you would eat my poop if I let you.”

“Its love, Baby. I didn’t make you like anything. We just did it and you liked it. I’d never done this kind of stuff before now either. You just send me over the edge, Baby.”

Paige seemed to like that frame of reference. She closed her eyes and a look of peaceful contentment rose on her face. I felt the hot flow on my thigh, where Paige’s little muff was pressed against me. It ran down the length of leg.

“Are you peeing on me?”

“Yeah, its called a golden shower. You like that don’t ya?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32