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PREDATORS’ HUMAN – 16CHAPTER 16: EXPLORATIONThe next morning began with more excitement. I went for a swim very early, then to the waterfall to clean the salt off. Walking back to the shelter I was thinking about what the day might bring but how would I know? I only had vague references to the terrain, a****ls, people and dangers that we might encounter. I decided immediately that extreme caution was called for. b**st and I needed to approach this with a sense of stealth reconnaissance and try to minimize being seen by the peoples at least. If it was possible to observe major a****l life forms without being seen, that would be best, also. For the next few days we would be out for short excursions and return before dark. We would then extend our range and time away from the lagoon. By then I would be more comfortable about our knowledge of the area, its dangers and our survival.After having something to eat and drink, I went up to the supply cave. I had not been in there since the Predators left. I needed to decide what I needed for the next few days. Clothes, equipment, weapons, food and water options.It had been days since I had last put any clothes on. I sorted through the crates of clothes but they were all the same. Standard wear from the ship which was heavy, resistant material that provided warmth and protection. After spending the last days naked, I was skeptical. I was near water, always in an ocean breeze and was always comfortable. What was it going to be like in the jungle where the humidity would be greater and the breeze less prevalent? Only time would tell. I dress in shirt and pants. I knew I would need the boots and was glad for them. They fit well up the calf and shin giving good protection. The soles would be good for all terrain.I sorted through an equipment crate and discovered a pair of range finder binoculars. I walked to the entrance of the cave and focused on the far side of the lagoon at the ocean breakers. They looked like I was right on top of them but the distance indicated was right. I decided I really needed to organize everything soon. I didn’t know these were here. What else did they slip into the supplies that might come in really handy in the future? I also found the backpacks and took one and started adding items: the binoculars, rope, water container, protein strips.As far as weapons, I decided to be armed to the extreme. Pity to have the weapons available and not have them if I needed. The intent was for quiet so the bow and lance were a given. The lance would strap to my back and the arrow quiver could attach to it. I also opted for one of the guns and holster strapped to my right thigh and a knife and sheath strapped to my left thigh. Given that I was intending on a quiet hike through the surrounding area, I felt a little ridiculous, but I also didn’t know what might be out there. And, most of it was securely attached and didn’t have to be handled.Feeling like I looked like I was headed into a major battle than a hike, I headed for the tunnel with b**st at my side. Once inside, I hit the switch and the lights came on instantly. The tunnel required b**st to be behind me. At the other end, I hit the switch for the door and lights at the same time even though it was light outside. With the door open I walked out and was surprised by a small rodent that scurried away from me. I decided right then that I needed to be prepared for the eventuality of something being outside when the door opened in the future.I had planned to move west since it was the shorter distance to the side of the island and we could get a sense of the terrain, a****ls, foliage, etc. before worrying about a higher potential of encountering the native people. We hiked all day with only short rests and didn’t come upon anything out of the ordinary, except that most was out of the ordinary. I didn’t recognize most of the plants or trees. Most of the small a****ls were similar to what I knew on Earth, but still different. I caught a fleeting glimpse of a large wolf-like a****l but it kept well away from us (or from b**st, not sure which). We headed back with enough time to make it before dark. As we reentered the tunnel, I reassessed my expectations. With the island land mass as large as it was, it could be years, if ever, before I fully investigated it all. I might never. I was limited to approximately twelve to fifteen miles through the jungle if I was to return. That was pretty limiting. But for the next few weeks I would manage with that and cover that distance from the tunnel entrance. Getting comfortable with the environment, we could spend nights away.The next day we went to the east along the foot of the mountains. After about ten miles we came to the western edge of the lake where the native people were supposed to be established. I noticed that we were climbing for the past several miles in the approach. Using the spotting binoculars, it indicated that we had risen about 200 feet. I chose to go south along the western edge and hopefully avoid their settlement. Along the way we found a small river flowing west but it ended going into the mountain. This must be the source of the waterfall at the lagoon. The south end of the lake butted into the mountain face and ended. And it was time to return. But first I wanted to try to get a glimpse of the settlement and we climbed up the mountain to find a good vantage point. Rising about 500 feet, I found the spot I wanted. An exposed rock outcrop devoid of trees. I had a clear line of site of much of the lake and saw the settlement on the northeast section of the lake. And it was large. There were many structures built with permanency in mind stretched along the north end and wrapping around the east istanbul escort and probably the west sides. It could easily be hundreds of people. I saw many canoes. A population this large would indicate some sophisticated governing structure. Now we had to hustle to get back before dark. But I could see that the mountains continued along the south of the island to the east as far as I could tell.The next days would be to the north, into the island, and avoid the native people. On the fifth day we had climbed a ridge and stood looking over a valley. It was beautiful looking out over the tree tops. But something caught my eye in a small clearing. I could swear it was a pack of dogs, maybe a dozen running through the clearing. The sighting seemed unusual for some reason. It seemed too large for a natural occurrence. I saw something else, too. To the WNW was a much taller mountain, not part of a range and standing by itself. In fact, it was tall enough that the top was obscured by clouds formed only around it.I decided we would spend the next couple days at the lagoon. We were going to be here presumably for the rest of our lives. We didn’t need to rush. We had plenty of time.It had become my habit to strip down once at the lagoon. I hadn’t consciously noticed until this night that I had begun stripping sooner and sooner until tonight I started barely half way through the tunnel. Tonight, b**st almost didn’t let me out of the tunnel before pushing me to a rock ledge to brace myself. He was amazingly intelligent. He already knew what type of structure to look for that would be best to provide me with support so he could mount me. Maybe that was why I was stripping sooner and sooner. I loved mating with him. Hell, be honest, I just loved fucking. When exactly did that become such a part of me? Sometime while with the Predators for sure.The entrance to the cave was strewn with my stuff, clothes, weapons, equipment. b**st had not knotted with me this time. As I gathered up my belongings to carry to the hut, I suggested to him, ‘You didn’t knot with me this time. Was there a reason? Just an uncomfortable location?’ He nodded. I verbalized, “Okay, I asked too many questions, again. I keep expecting you to respond back to me.” We were walking along the sand to the hut and stopped at the hut. I threw everything onto the table and went back outside. b**st was sitting under a palm-like tree but in the last rays of the sun. I pushed him on the shoulders and encouraged him to lie down. Naked, I sat close to him so my back was against him and leaned my head back. Absently looking at the sky as it became night but I was still thinking. “You know, I like it when you knot with me. I like it that you make me yours. I feel so connected to you that way. Is that your preferred way, too?” Nod. “So why didn’t you knot me this time? Okay, bad question form, again. You can’t answer an open question like that. I think we should establish a rule. You only knot with me here in the lagoon. Only when we are home. Maybe later more places will be safe, but for now this is our safe place. Okay?” Repeated nods. “So, if we do it outside, on the other side, no knotting, right?” Nod. “You could fuck me, but we can’t afford to be tied in case some danger might come along. Let’s face it, when we are out there for days at a time, we’ll do it, right?” Repeated nodding. I smiled. And I shook my head. I was having a conversation of sorts about our sex life with an a****l that until recently I couldn’t imagine even existing. But here we were, preparing to start the rest of our lives together.It went that way for months. Actually, life was good. We made sure to spend several days at the lagoon after being out exploring. It was a good recharge for both of us. We ate better, got clean, rested and I found I love to swim so that was a regular part of being at the lagoon. And b**st was less anxious when I went for a longer swim. We had started taking several day explorations requiring several nights away. I packed more stuff and found that b**st could easily carry two packs strapped opposite each other behind his shoulders with straps going around him. He didn’t seem to mind them in the least. I just made a point to get them off him so he could periodically chase down game for his eating. So far, he was definitely at the top of the food chain. He started bringing back portions of his kill; some for me and some for later. Getting fresh large game meat was a nice break from the birds and small a****ls I tended toward for myself. My bow shooting skills were definitely improving and my confidence with it was very high now that I could routinely take down a bird or small a****l.The thing that kept nagging at me was when we ran across the dog pack. I was wondering if there was more than one. Sometimes I saw a pack of a dozen, like earlier. Sometimes, much larger or smaller. They still seemed out of place for some reason. They were the only hunters I saw running in such numbers. The wolves were small groups. There were even some large cats that were socially grouped and hunted together but not in numbers like the dogs. It took us being out for three nights to get to the edge of the jungle and more open rolling plains. Despite our plans to have turned back by that time, I was curious what was ahead and pressed on. At the top of a rise, I spotted the first herd of large grazing a****ls. Off in the distance to the NW I saw an even larger herd. Swinging the binoculars to the east I spotted the river that I knew came from the large lake at the mountains. I followed along the river far to the north and I sucked in breath. I thought I saw the edge avcılar escort of the island and the ocean to the north. But what made me react was what looked like white sticking into the air above the grass. What I thought I saw was sails of a ship. There were other people here and they were more advanced than the native people.That night we were still out on the plains, maybe three miles from the edge of the jungle. We stopped for the night on the slope of a rise in case rains came, we wouldn’t be in low ground but off the high ground so our fire wouldn’t be as visible from a distance. I used the fire to mostly develop a bed of coals and placed a piece of meat from b**st’s recent kill to cook. With a few roots that I discovered, it made for a simple but satisfying meal. I had earlier removed the packs from b**st, as well as my own equipment. I had started remaining naked as often as not even on these journeys. Our intention was to specifically avoid any humanoid life and we had seen so little of them that it was just more comfortable given the tropical environment. I had tried cutting off pants for shorts and a shirt for a tank top but I ultimately just came back to not bothering. b**st seemed to like it and wasn’t shy about wanting to lick me given the opportunity and relative safety. But we were still cautious of forgetting the potential of danger coming upon us during our times away from the lagoon.Tonight, I was bothered and sat cross-legged on the ground in front of the dying embers. I needed to put them out completely before sleep so a spark didn’t start a prairie fire. After doing that, I settled back down and wondered where b**st had wondered off to. He was still a wild a****l and did his own thing periodically but was never terribly far away. I just started dozing when I heard movement in the grass. I tensed and looked toward the sound but saw nothing. Then, b**st was there. In the dark of night, he was almost impossible to see. He licked my face and then my breasts, my stomach, and abdomen. I opened my legs for him and he proceeded to my pussy, forcing his tongue just between my lips and sliding over my clit in the process. I was hungry for him and, obviously, him for me. I had been working on a solution for the awkwardness of our mating without something for me to lean on. He was so much bigger than a regular dog that my ass had to be higher than on my hands and knees. That meant kneeling on something to raise me up or straight legged with something to brace my hands on. A fallen tree, boulder, ledge, they have all worked but on the plains all those things were lacking.I sat up and hugged his big head to me and rubbed my cheek to his and whispered in his ears. “I want to try something new with you tonight. Lie down and roll onto your back. I will get on you. Let’s see if that works for both of us. It may solve our mating problem out here.” He pulled back and looked at me for a few moments like he wasn’t so sure about that. Then he licked me, walked in a circle a few times like he was creating a nest site, and went down on his side. I crawled over to him, pushed on his massive chest and helped him roll onto his back and jumped up to stabilized him there. I swung my left leg over his midsection and knelt down straddling him. I leaned forward and hugged him and kissed his chest. At the same time, I slid back and forth along his stomach, bumping into his sheath each time. Quickly, I could feel his cock coming out. I lifted a bit and slipped my pussy over the immerging cock and slid my lips over each side which got more of his cock out of his sheath. Very soon he was out enough for me to push myself back onto his cock and take him inside me. His hips started moving but very awkwardly. But his cock quickly grew inside me, lengthening and thickening. I leaned forward and said, “Just relax. Let me do this for you. When we are able, you can be in control. Like this, let me do it for you.” And I did. Rising and falling, over and over. Hugging him and rocking. Rising and falling. He was used to taking control and pounding fast. And I liked that, too. This was slower, less frantic. And this was good, too. I decided I liked this position with him. I controlled the tempo and could enjoy him in me but also enjoy the feel of him against my chest. His strength and size. His a****l power under control, even for just a moment. And with those thoughts and feelings going through my mind, I came … hard. And then, he did, too. I felt his cock spew once, twice, three times into my body and without the knot, spill out onto him and down my thighs. I collapsed onto him, again. And I hugged him, strongly, lovingly, completely with my soul. I crawled up his chest and kissed his mouth. He opened his and we tasted each other’s tongues. I smiled and hugged him and thought, ‘Was that okay for you?’ He nodded several times. I rolled off and felt him roll onto his side, almost on top of me. I wiggled out of his way and then back against him in a spoon. I took one of his front legs in my hands and put my head on it, pulled his other front leg over me and slipped into sleep. Satisfied, content in my existence, and utterly safe in his presence.The morning came with the first rays of the sun and birds waking the world. b**st was nowhere to be seen. I busied myself with the getting the packs together and my weapons ready. I slipped off and took care of my own business and returned to see b**st trotting down the slope. He seemed a little anxious but our communication was just one way. If he was anxious, I would have to stay alert. I had the packs ready to strap onto his sides. Once again, I elected to remain naked. Living by ourselves and avoiding şirinevler escort other humanoids, I just might never find the need to clothe myself. Modesty sure wasn’t going to be the driver.I had the pistol strapped to my right thigh and knife scabbard strapped to my left and the lance and arrows strapped to my back. I put the bow over my shoulder. The only other thing I was wearing was my boots. Coming up to mid-calf, they provided good protection for the soles of my feet and lower legs against rocks and twisted ankles. We had gone a mile toward the jungle and approaching another rise when we heard a screech and scream. It seemed to be nearby and from a c***d and female. b**st and I ran the rest of the way up the hill and scanned the area. A hundred yards away I saw a group of native people surrounded by about a dozen of those dogs. The people consisted of three males, two females and a couple c***dren. I could see a couple pack a****ls running off. The males had spears and bows and were trying to defend the group. But I could already see that one of the c***dren was on the ground, then a female. I unfastened the packs from b**st and we started running to help them. I told b**st to circle to the right and come in from the back and I would go straight in. I took the bow and an arrow, stopped, breathed and let it go. I got one of the dogs closest to the down c***d. Another shot got a dog close to the fallen female. I ran again and shouted to attract attention, and then b**st roared from the other direction. I strung another arrow and put it into a dog in my way. Once amongst the people, I turned and positioned myself between the dogs and them, knowing b**st would do the same. I dropped the bow and took the lance, pressed the button and opened it to its full length. A point on one end and a fierce, razor sharp blade on the other. I jumped in the way of a charging dog and stuck it in the chest as it leaped. I spun and slashed another through the stomach. There were five dogs down now from my side and I could hear b**st’s roars and fierce growls and snarls as he was engaged in his own fight. Then I heard in my mind, ‘Alexa, help!’. The dogs in front of me had backed off so I spun around quick to search for b**st. He had his mouth clamped on the neck of one but another was on his back. I pull the pistol and shot the dog off him. The new sound caused all the remaining dogs to back off further and the people to fall to the ground. This gave me a clear sighting all around and I unleashed a series of shots at the remaining dogs. Several got away. In the quiet afterwards I went from fallen dog to fallen dog and made sure each was dead using a clean piercing into where I imagined the heart to be with the lance. We had killed ten of the dogs. While checking the dogs I noticed that each dog had a brand on its right hind leg. It was a simple circle with a slash through it but they all had one.I then called to b**st to get the packs with the medical supplies, my clothes and water. I checked the wounded female and c***d. The c***d was worse so I tended her first with cleaning, salve (Danna’s miracle cream), and then cutting my shirt I made bandages and strips to hold then tight. Then, the female the same way. While I was tending to the wounds, I looked across at b**st who was sitting watching out in the direction the dogs had run. I thought to him, ‘Did you communicate with me?’. He didn’t initially respond but maintained his watch. ‘b**st, I know you hear me. I know I heard you during the fight. It had to be you.’ He turned his head and shoulders to look at me and nodded.Then I heard, ‘Shame.’‘Shame? Why? You called for help because you needed it. You had already killed two and had another when that other one jumped you. You saved me before, remember. That’s what we do for each other. We help. No shame in us helping each other. It doesn’t make either of us weak.’‘Yes. Okay.’‘This is so exciting. We’re communicating. Not verbally, but we are. Oh, b**st, I’m so happy. But we need to get these people to safety, first. Then we go to the lagoon and get you healed and talk. Sorry, I feel like a giddy teenage girl, this has been my wish from when I realized you could understand me.’Two of the males had left and shortly returned with the pack a****ls. They were apparently on a hunting expedition but that was cut short now. We made up some sk**s from poles they carried for tents, attached them to the a****ls and placed the wounded to be taken back. They were quite nervous about b**st so I kept him at my side but on the opposite side from them. They were also curious about me and talked in some language among themselves and pointing at me and b**st. That’s when I realized that I was naked except for boots and they weren’t. The males wore a simple wrap loin cloth. The females wore a simple wrap skirt that covered from the waist to mid-thigh. Neither had any covering above the waist. On their feet they wore a moccasin of a****l hide. The processor implanted in me started giving me initial feedback as it began forming recognition patterns in the language. But this was not the time. I wanted to leave them as soon as we could but I felt it was better to walked them to the jungle where they should be safer. Then b**st and I split off and headed west.It wasn’t until they were out of sight before we stopped to check the wounds on b**st’s back. I was carrying the packs to help his back. He had several nasty openings from claws and probably teeth, but they would heal. He wouldn’t look any worse than my back. I used the same cream on him assuming it would have the same effect. I continued to carry the two packs so his wounds wouldn’t be rubbed open constantly. While we walked, I couldn’t get out of my head how aggressive the dog pack was in directly attacking the people. They seemed to not have any fear. It wasn’t natural. The brands were also interesting. Clearly, they were bred, owned and perhaps trained at some point. But why are they here?* * * Part 17 will follow * * * Thanks for reading.