Seducing straights

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Seducing straightsI go camping with all my friends alcohol is involved and lots else I go in my tent and come out naked and sit down they surprised ask me what I’m doing. I tell em “ we’re out here alone let’s all get naked, come on guys” my buddy Leo does it he says “shit I’ll do it come on guys do it with me” as he gets naked I go up and hug him and hold him tight to feel our cocks touching eachother a couple other start I say “there we go guys get those cocks out I wanna see everybody’s dick come on now” I go up to Leo and grab his cock and say “damn your big man” he tells me “ he’s happy to see you haha” I say “mine is too” as my cock gets hard. Everyone else is finally naked I say “ perfect let those cocks loose boys I’m happy too see all 5 cocks are starting to get hard, that’s what I wanted every cock here’s hard. it’s pretty sexy guys all 5 of bakırköy escort us naked and hard sitting at camp. I wanna touch them can I guys?” Leo says of course come jerk my cock. Everyone is watching me jerk him I tell him you like when I jerk your cock? He says ooh hell yeah. “Who’s next” I say and walk up to my friend Gabe and start jerking him I say “ you like your cock jerked in front of everyone he replies “ keep jerking my cock it’s amazing” Caleb comes up and I start jerking him too “you like the way I touch your cock?” He says “I love it especially having everyone watch. I say “let’s take our hard cocks for a walk around the camp” so we do who ever is standing in front of one other gets poked in the butt with the cock Leo walking behind me pokes me I say “ do it again rub your cock down my ass beşiktaş escort crack” as I bend over he does I say “ fuck that feels amazing” everyone is watching Gabe says “stick it in him Leo” on a rock off to the side of the trail he starts fucking me I say “ come here guys someone put there cock in my mouth” Caleb slides it in and says damn your good I say “I’ve sucked a few cocks in my days all of you come here” I start licking every cock as I get fucked Jared tells me “damn this is hot just pulling a train on you on the side of a trail” I say “ I’m your fuck toy guys gangbang me I love this shit” they keep fucking me as I suck theyre cocks. Everyone of them came in me in my ass and my mouth as we walk off Gabe says “ look at your ass dripping cum down your legs we fucked the shit out of you” “hell yea beylikdüzü escort you did I can hardly walk not to mention dripping cum out my asshole every step I take I love being your guys whore tho my ass is stretched and full of cum like a good whore. I wonder what that guy thought when he saw u guys gangbanging me. Let’s have a huge orgy at camp tonight nothing but naked cocks in stretched butts I hope someone walks by I love being seen being a whore taking huge cocks in my ass I love when people look like yes he’s fucking my asshole yes I love it” Leo says “let’s go to the beach I’ll fuck u right on the beach so everyone sees you taking my cock as I fuck you nice and good “let’s do it I’ll go out on the beach in front where everyone is sitting get naked and bend over for you on my hands and knees ass spread waiting for you as I moan while I fuck me I want everyone to see my stretched ass and how much I love it after u nut in me I’ll ask whoever is close if it’s coming out my asshole yet and bend over facing them and say hey do u see his nut dripping I could feel he nutted a lot and it usually drips out pretty quick and covers me in cum with a stretched asshole”