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SHARON and I met at a lunch room in a church fellowship building on the campus of the University. It was a handy place to eat if you didn’t have too long between classes and besides, they served hearty soups and over-stuffed sandwiches.

She was a curvy brunette, somewhat below average height, with long, straight hair pulled back from a pretty heart-shaped face. Her eyes were dark above wide cheekbones, her mouth curved and generous. She wore little or no make-up and her wide, pretty face glowed with youth and health and sun. When she smiled she showed large, even teeth of a startling white. She was terrifically sexy as only young, full-figured women can be.

I’d seen her in the lunchroom line several times before and managed to make eye-contact once or twice. The smile I got back had been encouraging so the next time I caught sight of her I maneuvered myself into position behind her. She hadn’t seen me yet, so she was a bit startled when she turned and suddenly saw me so close but she recovered and smiled warmly through a mild blush.

Our lunch was punctuated by promising glances and grins; she blushed some more but didn’t simper or giggle. We exchanged the polite information about status (both graduate students), majors (she was in biology, I was in theatre) and professors (I didn’t know hers, she didn’t know mine, so it was safe).

As we were leaving she reached down to the floor to retrieve her book bag and her starched white blouse gapped enough at the top to reveal a generous curve of ivory breast. She looked up just in time to catch me looking and froze for a second, then blushed again, rose, and walked out of the room ahead of me. She said she was late for an appointment with her advisor so we said a short, hurried goodbye in front of the building.

That was it, I thought, the appointment was probably an excuse, she caught me staring down the front of her blouse and decided to cut things off before they got started. Nevertheless, I went back to the lunch room the next day and she fell into step beside me as I entered the building.

We got our food and found seats crammed together in a booth we shared with an undergraduate gay couple. We were forced to sit close and I could feel the heat of her thigh against mine. Her skirt was short and tight, exposing a good deal of comely leg, white and round and inviting. Her blouse seemed to be the one from the day before but open an extra button at the top. Her breasts moved provocatively with the motion of her arms and it was apparent that no bra helped to hold those magnificent breasts in that tight and upright position. If I hadn’t been lost before, I was now.

She teased me unmercifully all through lunch, hugging her arms into her breasts and increasing the depth of her cleavage, crossing and re-crossing her legs until her skirt was nearly to the tops of her smooth white thighs and all the time keeping up a light banter of conversation that included the gays across the table who could see very well what was going on. They exchanged a few knowing glances and excused themselves as soon as they could. We were alone in the booth facing the back wall of the room.

When they were gone, she made no move to rise but held my eyes with hers and the challenge was clear.

“Let’s take the rest of the day off,” I suggested.

“Fine with me,” she said. I dropped my hand to her thigh, warm and springy with soft, hairless flesh. My fingertips explored high up to where the skirt had ridden in the crease where her legs were crossed. She was swinging one leg, adding an exciting feeling of movement.

Good. No teasing, evading, pretending or playing hard to get; she knew what we were there for and was declaring herself a player with an equal interest. Just the way I liked it.

We lost no time in getting to my apartment. On the way down the hall to my door I let my hand slip down and squeeze one of her firm, round buttocks. She laid her head in the hollow of my shoulder, turned it in and bit hard on one of my pecs. Better hurry; this was going to be hot and healthy animal sex.

Inside, she ripped off her jacket and blouse with one motion and threw herself on the sofa, arms spread wide. Her breasts separated slightly to the sides but remained firm, taut mounds rising from her chest, smooth hills of pale white flesh with a tracery of blue veins barely visible beneath the surface, nipples as big as berries and surrounded by large pink aureoles nearly the size of my palms.

My palms were soon on them, stroking and squeezing, feeling their weight and heat, my fingers teasing the rough nipples in their pink discs. She smiled up at me, her face glowing, breathing hard and fast through an open mouth, her eyes dancing and sparkling. I thrust a hand between her thighs and gripped the soft, warm flesh. She clamped her legs together, trapping my hand and forcing me to push hard between those lovely ivory columns to where they joined in the wetness of her panties.

With my free arm around ataşehir escort her back I pulled her to me and into a deep and passionate kiss, the first we had ever shared. Tongues probed and met, teased and danced together, first in her mouth then in mine. My fingers pressed into the springy wet hair beneath her panties. A small sound of urgency and need sounded deep in her throat.

Finally, we broke apart, gasping. Her hands flew to the button and zipper on her skirt and I helped her off with it. The panties followed and she was naked on my sofa, a wide smile on her pretty, shining face, arms above her head to lift her breasts, legs spread wide to display the thick, dark, wet fur at the middle of her, panting and urging me with her eyes, displaying her voluptuous form for my enjoyment. Proud of her body; lusting for pleasure.

I stood above her gazing at the sight, drinking it in, trying to memorize it against the cold years of age when I would wish for her again. (I have wished many times since then.) She stared back, flushed and glowing. Our eyes seemed twisted on a direct path, locked together in supplication and promise. Her hands drifted to her breasts and twisted the nipples, her thighs moved against each other in anticipation. Her breathing deepened and quickened.

I stripped off my shirt, breaking the spell. She pushed off the sofa and slid to her knees, her hands expertly unbuckling, unzipping, pulling me free. In a moment I was in her mouth, hard and urgent. Her lips locked on like a glove and her tongue swirled ecstasy around my burgeoning knob. I held her head and thrust in and out of her mouth till I felt the tide begin to rise within me, then pulled away. She cried a little whimper of loss and looked up at me curiously. I tore off the rest of my clothes and sank to the floor with her, clasping her close, feeling her body seal itself to mine. Her lips and tongue were wet and hot and covered my face with kisses. She locked her thighs around one of my legs and moved against it urgently, wetly, hotly.

Her whimpering cries were more insistent, now, and her fingers found my scrotum, toying and pulling gently. I rolled her over on her back and, in one movement, slipped between her wide-open legs, entered her and sank in to the hilt. She arched her back and gasped loudly, then clasped me to her.

“Oh-h-h-h yes, yes, yes,…..please, PLEASE!…Make me come now…… PLEASE!….. Harder!….. please…. M_M_M_M-m-m-m-m-m…. Oh-h-h… you are so hard…. and so big inside me….A-h-h-h-h-h.”

This girl loved her sex. I pumped away as hard and as deep as I could and was rewarded with her mounting cries as she rose to orgasm. She locked her legs around my waist and moved beneath me in time with my thrusts. She kissed me hotly, licked my face and chest like a cat, mewing and squealing softly in her throat. She was the quickest come I had ever known. Soon, she threw back her head, uttered a strangled cry and thrust her pelvis hard against me, grinding and shuddering. I let go inside her and felt her tense and relax, descending rapidly.

Soon, I lay on top of her feeling our breathing slow. I shrank and fell from her, wet and flaccid.

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you,” she murmured in my ear. Her hands caressed my back lightly. “That was… was.. wonderful!” She shuddered one last time and clasped me close to her. I kissed her warmly and slid off to the side, feeling the slick, mingled sweat of our bodies between us.

We lay like that, recovering, for some minutes. My hands roamed, found the rich mounds of her bottom and petted and squeezed. She smiled, somewhat shyly, I thought, almost as if she were embarrassed at her wantonness and passion. We kissed tenderly and warmly. Her eyes were lovely and soft and very deep.

My hands continued their meandering course and encountered breasts, thighs, arms, breasts again and finally her bottom once more.

“You like the soft curvy parts, don’t you?” she asked.

“Sure, who doesn’t.”

“But you take more time, enjoy it more. I like that.”

“Do you like being touched and caressed?”

“Mm-hm! Very much!”

I ran my hands over her feeling every inch of her voluptuous bottom and thighs, pinched her nipples till they began to respond, squeezed a handful of breast, cupped her mound and squeezed and rubbed. She sighed and smiled under the caresses, moving her soft, warm body against mine. Her hands found my cock and fondled, squeezing invitingly, encouragingly and, after a few minutes, I began to grow again.

She smiled when she felt my hardness returning and put her tongue into my mouth.

“Here, squeeze my breast…suck on it a little and bite… .MMM!.. OK!… That’s good… Oh! you’re hard again! Can I have it?… Please?.. .Let me… let me …let me …”

She played with it, kissing it and stroking it, fondling my balls and making satisfied little sounds. After a while, I pulled her back up to me for a kiss.

I kissed kadıköy escort bayan her long and deeply while I squeezed a breast. I lowered my head and took the other nipple into my mouth and sucked, teased with my tongue, bit gently.

“Oh, God, that’s good! Harder….just a little more…AH!”

I gave the other one to the same treatment, listening to her whimpers and moans, trying to gauge how much she could take.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Oh, yes!…Please, be a little rough with me…but don’t hurt me too much. I like it a little rough.”

I knew what I wanted to do. Something that had been in the back of my mind since the first time I saw her in the lunch room. I rolled her over on my lap until her bottom was just beneath me, round and firm and white in the bright shaft of sunlight that came in through the window unhindered by curtains.

Slowly, I ran my hands over her cheeks, feeling their plump springy flesh, watching them quake and tremble as I shook them. I reached between her thighs, high up near their apex, and felt her obligingly close them, trapping my hand in the velvet warmth. She scissored her legs, increasing the sensation. My other hand crept beneath her, next to my own leg, and fondled one of her breasts. She yelped a little when I pinched the nipple, a little harder than I had done before.

I gripped her breast hard, withdrew my other hand from between her thighs and began a sharp, rapid tattoo on her delightful bottom. The quivering and quaking of her flesh caused my lust to soar. I raised my hand high and brought it down sharply on her bottom with a resounding smack. She squealed in surprise, bucked hard and tried to cover her bottom with her hands. I let her tit go and gathered both of her wrists into one hand and locked them tight against the small of her back.

Again and again I repeated the blow, reddening her bottom till it glowed in the sunlight. I moved on to the backs of her thighs and soon they were glowing, too, in stark contrast to the pale ivory of the rest of her skin. She whimpered and cried, even sobbed a little, but she made no effort to move or stop me. Her flesh jumped and shook deliciously with every slap, driving my passion to new heights.

When my arm grew weary, I pushed her roughly to the floor between my knees and shoved my cock into her mouth. She sucked willingly, her tear-streaked face adding to the satisfaction. I let her suck wildly for a while, then rose to my feet without breaking the contact. I held her head in my hands and took over the motion, thrusting in and out of her mouth. She caressed my testicles, tight in their sack, lifting with her fingers and rolling them with her thumb. I felt my climax build and did nothing to stop it. I noticed one of her hands was busy between her legs and her face was flushed.

“I’m going to come,” I said, more as a warning in case she didn’t want me to finish in her mouth, but she gripped my buttocks with both hands and locked her lips on to the head, her tongue dancing and laving.

“Here it comes!”

She took the shaft in both hands and let it spill onto her lips and chin, smearing it around her face. Then, she took it in again and squealed a little when the last spurt went off in her mouth. Slowly she descended on the shaft, sucking hard as she pulled back, keeping the blood in a little longer. I softened slowly as she sucked and licked lovingly.

She held my cock against the side of her face and squeezed it softly in her hand as she smiled up at me with a face streaked with tears and semen.

We slept there on the floor, with pillows from the sofa. I don’t know how long, but the sun was low when I awoke to her caresses. Her fingers rotated my balls and her mouth was sucking gently but urgently on my nipple.

I found a breast and hefted it, toyed with the nipple, pinching it until I heard her whimper and felt a shudder.



“I want to taste you. I want to put my tongue inside you.”

With a tight, high moan she rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide in the air. Her hands went to her crotch and her fingers spread her wet, cunt lips.

I got to my knees between her legs and gazed down at her big, beautiful body, her tits quivering between her arms. Then I set to work kissing the insides of her thighs, sucking the fragrant flesh, wet with her secretions, then higher, into her bush where the musk was overpowering.

I licked at her lips, teased her clit with the tip of my tongue and, finally, fastened my mouth to her cunt and sucked and probed, going as deep as I could. Her rich, sexual taste drove me to frenzy. She moaned and heaved, her belly fluttering, her thighs moving against my face.

I gripped her bottom in my hands and forced my tongue into her, writhing it against the walls of her passage. I heard her take in a great lung full of air as she arched off of the floor. Then, she descended with a long sighing shudder.

I crawled escort maltepe up her body till I could force my cock into her. I held it high up inside her for several seconds, then withdrew until the head was barely inside her cuntlips.

“No! No! Please don’t leave me!” Her hand clawed at my buttocks, straining to pull me back in.

“Feel that, baby? feel that slo-o-o-ow, deep stroke? It feels good in there! Hot and wet and tight!”

I pulled slowly out again. She sucked in her breath in gulps. “I want to come again. Can you make me come again?”

“Sure, baby, and I’m going to come real soon, too, all over those big, soft tits.’

“OH, YES!” Her eyes flew open and she clutched my arms hard with her hands, digging her nails in. “Please! Come on my tits, I want to watch you come on me!”

“OK, but first, roll over.” I withdrew and rolled her onto her stomach. “Up…c’mon, up on your knees.” I slapped her ass a few times and she settled on her knees and elbows. I rubbed the head up and down between her pussy lips, letting her feel it, teasing her with it till she made a little frustrated noise. Then, I pushed in all the way, moving tight against her, pulling her hips back, luxuriating in her soft, round ass, pushing against it, squeezing it with my hands. She pushed against me, rotating her ass in a circular motion. My hand slipped underneath to capture one big, swaying breast and put my mouth next to her ear.

“M-m-m-m-m…you have big, wonderful tits.” I held my hand just below it so our motion caused it to swing and rub against my palm. I clutched both of them, ballooning them out to the sides of her chest, mauling them, pinching the nipples and pulling on them, listening to the sounds of passion she was making. Then I let them go. I leaned back and slapped her bottom hard four or five times, felt her clench and quiver.

“No,. . . . Please! Do it some more! . . .and hit me . .my bottom! Spank me harder while you fuck me!”

I thrust into her again and gave her two or three hard strokes. Then, I let go with several sharp smacks to her ass and saw her flesh jump and tighten. She squealed and squirmed her bottom back against me.

“More! . . . a little more. . .Please!” she wailed. I increased the force of the smacks and heard them echo off the walls. Her bottom was red again. I let her have a few along the sides of her thighs and she flinched at the change of target.

My cock was swollen, aching for a climax. I couldn’t put it off much longer. I left her again and she whimpered a little.

“On your back, again!” She lay down, panting, looking up, her eyes bright and pleading. I held her gaze as I sank into her.

I quickened my pace, feeling the final build begin. Her arms twined around my head and pulled me down for a hot, wet kiss. I was plunging in and out with all the speed and force I could muster. Her tits were flying and bobbling like great pools of custard. She made a high keening sound that rose and fell with the impact of our bodies. I forced my hand beneath her, grabbed a handful of her ample ass and squeezed until she yelped. I rolled her to one side and slapped her bottom hard three times with my open hand. She yelled and bucked and began to shudder with her orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her and shifted upward. She held her tits up with her hands, watching for the explosion. I jacked my cock a couple of times and showered her tits with come, spilling it across her huge white mounds and dark rough nipples. I could feel more coming so I pushed forward and jammed my cock between her lips smearing her mouth and chin. She took hold of my cock and rubbed it all around her mouth and face, licking and sucking gently on the head while the last of the load spilled out into her mouth. Then, she drew it deep into her mouth with a hot and satisfied sigh and drew it out slowly, sucking and tonguing while it softened.

We collapsed onto the floor breathing hard. As normalcy began to return, she rolled toward me and cuddled into my side. I put my arms around her and affectionately stroked and squeezed one big, soft breast.

“Later, I’ll take you to dinner,” I said.

“Tomorrow night.”


When I called for her at her apartment the next night, she looked as fresh as a flower and as innocent. Her makeup was freshly applied and very subtle. She wore a simple but colorful summer print dress of a silky, gauzy fabric that seemed to invite touch. The neckline showed a lot of cleavage. Her hair was swept up from her neck and piled high on her head in a careless-looking mass. On her feet were open-work sandals; her legs were bare.

“Hi,” she said, “I’ll just be a minute.” I managed to caress her bottom softly as she pecked me on the cheek, but she disengaged gently before I could get a proper handful and disappeared into her bedroom leaving the door open. A full-length mirror was positioned so that I could see her as she stood before her dresser. She pulled the sheath skirt up to her waist and slipped off her panties, letting them slide down her lower legs. She stepped out of them and leaned back against the dresser, smiling at me in the mirror, her skirt still up to her waist. She continued smiling as she ran her hands through her bush and stroked her thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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