Sissy & Hotwife Spa Story

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Sissy & Hotwife Spa StoryI have booked us a room at a nudist spa just off outside London for a couple of nights.Before we go there we do some shopping, you choose some stockings, knickers and a little mini skirt but they are not for you, they are for me. We also bought a dildo, lube and condoms.We go into the spa and are showed to our room and drop our gear. We strip off and make our way down to the spa. We go out into the wet area and start with a swim and splash around naked for a while. Then we go to the steam room to warm up for a bit before moving into the Jacuzzi.You sit one side and I sit the other, we are soon joined by one man, he sits next to you and you are soon feeling his hand on your leg, you don’t move it, instead you put your hand on his thigh. He moves his hand up to your boob squeezing your nipple, you put your hand on his cock it’s hard, you gently start stroking it.You say to me ‘sissy boy come here and kneel in front of me’, I do so, you say ‘this man has a hard cock and I am feeling it, I want you to watch while he stands up and shows his cock to you.’ He stands up and I see his hard cock in your hand. You tell me to feel how hard his cock is and that you want to watch me touch it, I reach to hold his cock and squeeze it, it’s not as big as mine but it is very hard.You say ‘OK that’s enough sit down over there’ and so I sit back down and watch as you wank him off as he rubs your breasts and fingers your pussy.Eventually he starts to cum, he raises his body out of the water and I watch as his cum shoots out of his cock.He thanks you and leaves, we sit in the jacuzzi and are soon joined by another man, he also sits by you and five minutes later another one sits the other side of you. It’s soon obvious that you are all feeling each other.‘Now sissy boy go and get ready we will join you in a minute’. I have to get out of the jacuzzi my cock is hard, I try to cover it, leaving you with the two men and I go to the rest rooms with a bag we have prepared. Inside it are my sissy clothes and condoms etc.I get dressed and wait for you to knock on the door, you enter with the two men and then you say to them. ‘This is my sissy, he wants to see me touched by you men, he wants to lick me while you fuck me, his mouth and ass is available to you or anybody else that wants him, please make sure everybody here knows this when you go out of this room’.Now sissy kneel in the corner while I entertain these men.I watch as they lie next to you, sucking and squeezing your breasts and rubbing their fingers in your pussy while you are stroking their hard cocks.You hand the guys condoms and tell them you want them to fuck you and then you call me istanbul escort over and tell me to lie down on the bed and put your pussy above my face. I watch as the first guy comes close and you tell me to push his cock into you, it’s smaller than mine and he slides straight in while he is doing this the other guy has his cock in your mouth and is squeezing your boobs.The guy fucking you is not going to last long, I am licking your pussy and his cock as it goes in you, he speeds up and is soon pulsing inside you.He pulls his cock out and the other guy now moves round and slides his bigger cock in you, every now and then he slides it out and pushes it in my mouth.He fucks you to a powerful orgasm and you tell him to pull his cock out before he comes and remove the condom and then you tell me to suck and wank him until he comes. You turn around and are soon wanking and sucking him with me. When he starts to spurt you aim his cock to my mouth and say now sissy boy suck it clean.When it is finished you ask him to leave us alone, you then lie next too me and we kiss, I tell you I love you, you start stroking my cock I still have not come you get me close a couple of times but won’t let me cum, then you get up and say lets go and swim.I undress again and we go back out to the pool.Then we go for a cup of tea and coffee. You get talking to another couple and soon you are telling them that this is a special occasion as we are living out some fantasies. What fantasies they ask, ‘well he wants to see me with other men and he wants to lick their cum from my pussy, I want to lick another women’s pussy and I want to see him get fucked by a man. The problem is I am not about to let a single man spunk inside me’ you say ‘due to the risk of disease, I would let a married man as of course he is less of a risk’.At this they perk up.We are all in the pool later and she and him are close to you, she is stroking your nipple and also stroking his cock.This play between you carries on for quite a while and then you call me over and tell me to go and get dressed again.I walk out to the room and slip into my stockings and panties again and then slide my mini skirt on, my cock is already hard when you knock on the door.I let you and them in, you tell me to kneel in the corner, I do so and watch as you and the couple get on the bed you are soon helping her suck his big hard cock and then just kissing her, soon you are down between her legs licking her pussy he moves around behind you and starts rubbing your pussy you tell me to get over here and lie underneath you with my mouth on your pussy, I am avcılar escort licking you as he slides his cock into you.She is coming on your mouth and he is fucking you deep and hard your cunt flooding around his prick. Soon you are cumming hard and he cums with you spurting deep inside you.When he pulls his cock out of you he slides it into my mouth and then after I have sucked it clean you push your pussy down on my mouth and I am licking all the cream out of you, I start wanking my self hard but you tell me no, you have other plans for me. What plans they ask? You tell them that you will fuck me with a dildo like a sissy, if they want to watch.They say that would be fun, but wait they know some other people here who would enjoy watching.They leave the room, five minutes later a knock on the door, you get off my face and open it and the couple and 2 single guys including a young black guy walk in.You tell me to lie down and you blindfold me.Although embarrassed and nervous my cock is hard in my panties.You start stroking my cock and lubing up my ass, you tell somebody yes put it in his hand and my hand is pulled onto a hard cock, I start wanking it slowlyAt the same time you push the dildo up my ass and my cock get’s even stiffer, you very gently start to fuck me but you tell me that I had better not come.The cock in my hand is pushed into my mouth and is hot and hard I hear you tell him to take it out and then you sit astride me and tell me to lick your pussy, I hear you tell somebody else to wank me and a hand starts to stroke me and fuck me with the dildo.You lean forward and I feel a cock start to slide in your pussy, it is not wearing a condom and soon it is fucking you, you tell the person wanking me not to make me come, just to keep me close.I hear you tell somebody ‘yes do it’ but to put a condom on and I feel somebody get between my legs, the dildo is removed and then I feel a cock slide up against my ass, I shudder.At the same time you pull the blindfold from my eyes so that I see a big black cock above my face with no condom on and it is pushing in and out of pussy, I hear you say, make him suck it for a bit before you fill me with your cum.He slides his massive black cock out of your pussy and forces it into my mouth, the big purple mushroom head is so big, I can barely get it in my mouth, so I suck and lick his cock for a bit and then he slides it into your pussy. His cock is so much bigger than mine and  I am having all sorts of jealous feelings watching your cunt stretch around it, my cock is also rock hard and begging for relief.The man between my legs starts to push his cock at my asshole, şirinevler escort he slowly get’s the tip in and for the next few strokes he pushes more and more in me and then he starts smoothly fucking in and out, amy hard cock is bouncing and pre-cum is dripping from it.The black cock fucking you is giving you great pleasure and soon he cums deep inside you and pushes it back to my mouth, I lick it clean and then as you force your pussy down on my face, the man fucking me speeds up and then pulls out and comes all over my cock. As he moves away another cock is pushed up my ass, this one is bigger and I feel filled up, another cock is pushed into your pussy (wearing a condom) and the cock inside me is so big that I just start spurting my cum flying everywhere, his prick pulses and he pulls out and spunks over my cock and stomach. I lie underneath you as you continue to get fucked and as he come’s he pulls out and cums firing his spunk over your pussy and my face.When you get off me I look around to see the other woman on her hands and knees sucking a cock as another one fucks her.We watch for a while and then the black guy asks if he can fuck you again, his prick is really big and you tell him yes, let my sisyboy suck you to make that cock hard and then you can slide it in me.I do as told and I am embarrassed as you say ‘come on sissyboy get that real mans cock hard for me so he can fuck me in a way you never could. Once he is hard he pushes me out of the way and slides his cock inside you.I sit watching you fuck him while my cock has again got hard, I try not to touch myself and watch as another man comes over to you and spunks on your tits, rubbing his cum on your nipples.Some people have left the room but others have replaced them, I watch you getting fucked by the big black cock and the other woman is also getting plenty of action.As your man cums inside you, you call me over and tell me to clean you up, the other woman lies down next to you and tells me when I have finished with you I am to clean her up also.As I lick both your pussies I watch men wanking over you, spurting cum on your tits.I am on all fours licking her pussy clean of spunk when I hear you say, No, I need a rest, fuck him, and soon a man is behind me pushing his cock up my ass, you get underneath me and start sucking my cock, another man gets in front of me and pushes me from the other women’s pussy and pushes his cock in my mouth. While I am getting fucked at both ends another man get’s between your legs and starts fucking you and you are moaning as you suck me,The man fucking me comes at the same time as the man I am sucking, I spurt over your face and then roll away lying on the floor resting.I watch as you get fucked, you are having lots of orgasms, the other woman sits her pussy on your face and you start licking her until she shudders in orgasm.We go and shower to clean up, I tell you I love you and you tell me I’m a good sissyboy.That was only the first day. What will tomorrow bring?