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Double Penetration

I love skiing about as much as I love anything else, but this last vacation I took gave a whole new meaning to a ski week. A friend and I had been planning a ski vacation for some time, and we needed two more people to join us to share some accommodation expenses.

I couldn’t talk my friends into joining us, so my buddy said he’d ask a couple friends he knew at work. I was happy when he told me they had agreed to come, and even happier when he told me these two friends were Julie and Kim, a couple of really fun and attractive girls he was very friendly with, although not romantically. I did not know them that well, but we had met on a couple occasions, and I found Julie extremely attractive and a little mysterious.

We were all set to go when a couple weeks before the trip, my friend John said something drastic came up at work and that he couldn’t go. Since we had already paid deposits and bought plane tickets, I decided to go and hoped he could find someone to take his place. But of course, it was last minute, and just the three of us flew out to Colorado. We got to know each other a little better on the way out there, and I began to secretly be quite glad that John backed out. Julie was very attractive with long brown silky hair and a dark complexion. She had a wonderful body from what I could tell, with long, slender legs and medium breasts. Kim was a vivacious, outgoing blonde, with a similarly athletic build and very sexy eyes. We got to our condo OK, and found two spacious bedrooms, with a living room, fireplace, kitchen and a Jacuzzi in the complex.

We made a trip to the grocery store, and settled in for the night. Skiing the first day was superb, and we all enjoyed each others company, and confessed to being a little sore and tired after a hard day on the slopes. So we decided to take a Jacuzzi after dinner to relax. The place was crowded, but we managed to find a space in the corner and talk. We began commenting on the bodies of the other guests, and I found out what each of them likes. Kim prefers buns; Julie likes eyes.

I was very graciously complementing their figures and I was getting a little excited at the same time. I told them that if we kept this conversation up that I wouldn’t be able to get out of the pool without much embarrassment. They both laughed and we continued some more playful conversation.

I was still sporting a major erection that was plainly visible to both of them as we headed for our towels, and they grinned at their effect on me. Kim had made some quick friends there and decided to go to their place, while Julie and I declined and said we would hang out for a quiet evening. Since the condo had one shower, I let Julie take her shower and I started a fire and read until she was done. She emerged in a long, white cotton nightgown that while unrevealing was somehow sexy nonetheless. She said she was going to lay down for a while and rest while I showered.

I was kind of hoping she would appear in the shower with me and take command, but I showered as long as I could to no such luck. When I finished, I put on some sweats, and walked down the hall past their room. Her light was out, but I could see her laying down with only the hall light seeping in. At first I thought she was asleep, so I walked quietly past. Then upon a better look, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

She was laying down with her robe still tied at the waist, but her breasts and crotch were exposed. Not only that, but she was slowly masturbating with one hand and squeezing her breast with the other. She seemed utterly transfixed, as was I as I stood motionless and watched. She was slowly playing with her clit with one hand and alternately inserting two fingers into her vagina. Her other hand was firmly twirling her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Her eyes were closed tight and her breathing was quick and shallow. Her partially exposed body was more beautiful than I expected.

Her breasts were perfectly shaped and her nipples were quite erect. Her legs were well muscled and slightly taught from her excitement. She then reached the hand that was on her breast down and held her lips open to better rub her clit.

All her actions were unhurried, yet intense. I could feel my erection straining at my pants, and I dared not move for fear that she’d notice me standing there. Then she must have sensed my presence because she stopped and quickly opened her eyes and looked at me. At first I saw shock on her face, which quickly turned softer. Perhaps she planned this little intrusion.

I didn’t know if I should enter or let her alone. When she started playing with herself again, still looking at me, I guess that finally got me going and a entered the room and sat at the foot of the bed. I think she wanted me to join her, but I said to continue where she left off. She just smiled and closed her eyes again and began to really give me a show.

She held her pussy open so I could see how wet she was and slowly inserted one, then two fingers inside herself. She canlı bahis moved them in and out slowly and methodically while reaching her thumb out to stroke her clitoris. She opened her eyes to look at me and saw me absolutely transfixed on her body and the pleasure she was giving herself. Part of me was dying to rip my clothes off and join her, but the rest of me was too thoroughly enjoying this scenario. I looked back at her and just smiled.

She read my mind and knew how much this was turning me on. She continued her show for me for quite a while, when I could finally sense her urgency and excitement.

She didn’t quite speed up, but just got more and more rhythmic in her motions. She knew what she was doing. No words were spoken. I could tell thought that she was nearing orgasm because her breathing got more and more erratic. She brought herself skillfully and deliberately to climax. Her fingers were glistening with her juices and her breasts and forehead were covered with light perspiration. Her eyes closed tighter as her hand kept moving in and out, with the other one stroking her clitoris. Then her orgasm racked her body as she came, gasping and moaning. Her legs tightened and her hand remained buried in her pussy. She kept playing with her clit as if to prolong her pleasure, and she kept coming for what seemed like minutes. As she came down from her peak, she opened her eyes again and looked at me.

I could only smile my appreciation and she approved of my control. She withdrew her hand from her wetness and brought them to her lips and languidly licked her juices from her hands. As she sat up to lean towards me, I pushed her back down gently, and stood up to remove my pants. I said nothing and she laid back and watched. I wanted to return her favor. I slowly pushed my pants down over my aching hard-on, and she watched anxiously. The tip of my cock was sticking out over the top of the waistband of my underwear, and I looked at her to see a wonderful, sexy smile. I then reached inside my shorts to play with my balls, prolonging her view of my hardness. It was obvious by now that we both liked to play the same game. I grasped my dick and slowly stroked it up and down still inside my underwear. I was standing only a couple feet from her, and I kept watching her watching me. I slowly removed my hand and slid my underwear down. I just stood there for a minute to let Julie take it in. I reached my hand down again to grab the base and point it at her.

I wanted desperately to move a step closer and place my cock in her mouth, but the game was quite fun. I pulled the skin of my cock down tightly to engorge the head further. Then I reached my other hand down and slowly stroked the underside with my thumb. A little drop emerged from the head and I rubbed it in.

I needed to sit down, so I moved her legs aside, and sat with one foot on the bed, and the other hanging off the side. Julie was absently stroking her still-exposed breast, and was as glued to my cock as I was to her show moments earlier. I continued to stroke my shaft slowly and rhythmically, as she did herself. The feeling was intense, because I was getting an extra jolt from her watching me.

I stopped to caress the groove on the underside of my cock and the feeling went down to my toes. I held the base with one hand and pressed harder on the underside, knowing I was getting closer. I closed my eyes and let Julie watch as I continued teasing myself for her.

I couldn’t keep this going much longer, so I continued to stroke my cock by taking the shaft in my hand and sliding it up and down with a rhythm that brought me closer to orgasm. I began to get that feeling that climax is inevitable, right at the base of my spine, but I resisted in thrashing away. I just kept stroking steadily. The feeling was incredible because I felt the orgasm coming slowly and surely.

The I felt my orgasm cascade through me as I came. The first jet of sperm shot over Julie’s leg and onto the floor. The next waves sent my come onto her thigh and robe. I kept tightly stroking the last of my climax until I was spent and my hand was wet with my come. Julie looked from my cock to me eyes, and without speaking, reached down to her thigh, scooped up the drops that landed there, and brought them to her lips with extreme pleasure and seduction. God, she was good.

We maintained our silence, and cleaned ourselves up just in time when Kim returned from her friends. We just smiled at each other and told Kim that we sat around the fire and talked for a while.

Well the next day’s skiing was exceptional, but I could hardly get my mind off the previous night. I desperately needed to touch Julie and needed her to touch me.

So I set my mind working on a plan to do just that. Since Kim had mentioned that her new friends invited us all over for dinner that night, I needed a plan to get Julie alone again. When we rode up in a double chairlift, I told her that I would love to give her the massage of her life, and promised her she wouldn’t bahis siteleri be disappointed. She said she’d had backrubs before and wanted to join her friend. I was pretty sure she was teasing like she knew we both liked, so I persisted in my offer. She said she’d tell me later. After skiing, I said I was going to stay in and watch a movie on TV; Julie said she would keep me company. Kim just shrugged her shoulders and said it was our loss.

After Kim left, Julie said she was going to take me up on me offer, and what did she need to do. I told her to just get undressed and lie down on her bed and I would be in shortly. She disappeared into her room and I followed a few minutes later. She was laying on her stomach, completely nude, with a bottle of baby oil next to her.

Keeping our silent roles, I took off my pants, but left my shorts and shirt on. I spread a generous amount of oil on my hands and proceeded to give her a thorough massage. I started at her neck and firmly eased the soreness from her neck and back muscles. I worked my way down to her ass and deeply rubbed to gluteus muscles. Then I went to her feet, and spent long minutes massaging the muscles on the sole of her feet, moving to her calves and then to her thighs. She slowly moved her legs apart, and I could see her wetness.

I then rolled her over onto her back, and gave her the same attention to her shoulders, arms, torso, and legs, being careful to avoid any sexual contact.

She was thoroughly relaxed when I discarded the baby oil and began to trace light lines up and down her body. She was exquisite. Her breasts were topped with hardening nipples at my indirect touch, and her body glistened with oil.

Her muscles were long and lean, with great tone. I started to trace circles around her breasts, moving slowly towards her nipples. I reached her aureole, and almost imperceptible graces the tips of her rock-hard nipples. I took both breasts in my hands and kneaded their flesh, working towards her nipples. I took them in my fingers and gently rolled them back and forth. I squeezed harder a few times , then released. I slowly flicked each nipple absolutely loving the feel of their firmness in contrast with her smooth breasts. I spent fifteen minutes relishing the feel of her body. I brought my mouth down and blew softly at her tits, and watched the nipples harden further, and felt Julie gasp a little. She opened her eyes, and I snaked my tongue out to flick at her nipples, looking at her eyes, filled with passion.

Still holding her gaze, I took her right nipple in my mouth and sucked softly at first, then took little nibbles. One hand kept rubbing her other tit, while I slowly traced circles with my other hand down to her downy pubic hair. I let my hand linger there, as I switched my mouth to her other breast. I took as much of her tit into my mouth as possible, and hungrily sucked on her nipple. Then I sat up and repositioned myself between her legs, and helped her sit up a little for a better view. Lightly I stroked her outer is with my fingers, and felt wonderful wet juices on them as I found her inner lips. I pushed just the tip of one finger inside and just let it sit there. Slowly I inserted it further, until it was buried all the way inside her pussy. I could feel the contractions of her muscles on my finger and I transferred that feeling to my cock. But we had agreed on no intercourse; anything else was OK.

As I withdrew my finger from her moist hole, I let it trace forward towards her clitoris, and she gasped again as I found it. Julie opened her eyes to look at my hands on her, and I used one hand to open her lips to better get at her pleasure center. I took my other hand and lightly rubbed circled around her clitoris, and felt her slowly rotate her hips in concert.

I moved closer and applied pressure directly to her clit and rubbed quick circles on it with my wet fingers. I kept up with that and moved the other hand to insert two fingers into her wet pussy. I slid them in and out in time with my movements on her clitoris. I noticed her breathing getting shallow, and knew she was close. I looked up at her and her eyes were shut tight, and her hips were moving up and down to meet my hands. I kept going until I felt she was just on the edge of her orgasm, and then stopped. She pleadingly looked at me, as if to say ‘please make me come.’ So I obliged, and started to rub her clit and moved my fingers deeply in and out of her. Again I stopped when she was nearing her release.

This time when she opened her eyes to look at me, they were burning with fire. One doesn’t get to see that look often, and holding her gaze, I leaned forward, stuck out my tongue and made licking motions just an inch from her pussy. The aroma was intoxicating. I know she could feel my breath on her and I felt her arch her his up towards my mouth. I wanted to taste her so badly, but instead, I looked directly at her and licked her juices from my fingers, one at a time. I then took that hand and opened her lips bahis şirketleri again to really drive her wild. With her clit perfectly exposed to my tongue, I leaned down and flicked at it as lightly as I could. Julie was holding her breath, and I obliged her and placed my mouth firmly on her clit and sucked on it like I sucked on her nipples. My tongue drove her slowly up again, and I put my thumb inside her fire box again. Then with the index finger of that hand, I pressed it against her anal hole, and when it relaxed, I moved it in just a couple inches. I could feel my thumb against my finger, with only a thin membrane in between. It was incredible. I pushed both fingers in as far as I could, and continued to lick her clit, this time slowly and rhythmically.

I could feel her soaring again, and her muscles became tighter. Her hands were grasping the pillow, and I brought her to her long-awaited orgasm. I felt her pussy and ass closing on my fingers, and her legs clamped around my head. She gasped, and rolled, engulfed by her climax. I kept licking her and withdrew my finger from her anus, and she came again. She held my head against her mound and pushed my mouth hard against her. I stopped licking, and she came down from her trip with me relishing in her scent, and her pleasure.

She kissed my lips, wet from her juice, and said, “That was extraordinary. Now its my turn and I’m gonna make you come like you never came before.”

Hearing her say those words, and knowing she meant it was almost too much for me. I stood up to take off my shorts and shirt, but she quickly stood up too, and held my hands firmly at my side. She then took off my shirt and sat down on the bed in front of me. She looked up at me, her face only inched from my bulging shorts, and reached to the waistband and gently pulled them down. My hard cock was only an inch from her mouth and I was hoping she would put me inside her. She reached her hands up to my ass and squeezed my cheeks, and pulled me yet closer to her mouth. I saw her looking at my cock and her mouth opened slightly to let her tongue protrude and lick her lips. I couldn’t breath for fear of breaking this spell. I needed her mouth on me. I could feel her breath on the head of my cock, yet she wouldn’t touch me. She slowly stood up and she let my cock rub her belly as she guided me down on the bed, face down.

I heard her open the baby oil, and then she straddled my back. As her hands worked on my aching muscles, I could feel her still wet pussy on my back and buttocks. She was still wonderfully moist, and getting excited again rubbing on my ass. In the same manner as I massaged her, she massaged my neck, back, but, then strongly worked on my feet and legs. I felt a little more relaxed from the sexual energy, but when she rolled me over, I came back to life seeing this beautiful, sexy woman on top of me. She rubbed my shoulders, stomach, then my legs and thighs. Hr motions were unhurried and deliberate. I half closed my eyes to enjoy the feeling, and sometimes opened them to take in the image of her breasts swaying with her massage movements, and her eyes on me returning the pleasure I gave her. She sat beside me on her knees, and moved up to my chest again. Her fingers grazed my chest and then slowly she toyed with my nipples.

They hardened for her as she pinched them and rolled them in her fingers. Then one hand left and I felt it playing with my balls. She rubbed them gently in her hand and continued to drive me crazy by playing with my nipples. I shouldn’t have tortured her so much, because I wasn’t sure if I could handle this for much longer.

She moved down closer to my groin, and lightly raked her fingers up and down from my scrotum to my asshole. She then tapped her finger on the skin there up and down. It felt great. She started to trace lines up my hard shaft, not touching the tip. She was watching my cock intently, as if planning her next move to send me further up the passion ladder. She let go to encircle my cock with her hand and grasp it tightly at the base.

My dick throbbed in her hand and she smiled a little. She moved her hand up and down , slowly at first, then picking up her speed. I watched her hand on my cock, and began to thrust my hips to meet her rhythm. Then she stopped as I was nearing climax. After a few seconds she started again.

Stroking a few times fast and intense, then stopping, squeezing the base tightly. She would only stop long enough to let me come down a little, but each time she started stroking again, she would bring me further. I was going crazy.

She knew when I was at the point of no return and she would stop just a second before. I felt like I was going to burst with desire.

She look in my eyes again, and saw that I was desparate, and still maintaining my control. She held my gaze and bent forward so that my cock was an inch from her open mouth. She held me firmly in her grasp, and opened her mouth around my cock. She lowered her head, and engulfed me without touching any part of me. The sight was incredible and I held my breath. She pulled up and licked up and down my shaft, again without touching me. This was intense. I have never been raised to this level of sexual excitement before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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