Slave for???

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Slave for???I was sitting just enjoying the sun in the local park almost a sleep. When someone was shaking my shoulder saying is it ok if I sit here? I looked up and up to the face of a really big young black k**, I said sure help your self. He said good and slid down beside me taking up more than his share of the bench which got my attention. I got up and moved over to a bench across the way settled in to resume my attempt for a short nap. He looked over asking if he had done something to offend me? I opened one eye telling him no not at all and he began to tell me his sad story. He said that he just needed some company he had just lost his place to stay that he got caught. I asked getting course you got caught doing what? He slid a little further downon the bench spreading his legs rubbing his crouch smiling he said that he had had it made lot’s of pussy plus a good dick sucker. He said why don’t you come back over here so I don’t have to speak so loud and I’ll tell you all about it. I moved back over it sounded like a good story maybe, he began to talk again saying that he had met a couple at a bar several weeks ago. The wife and he had danced several times and she was all over him saying she had never danced with a black man before making sure to checkout his every assit especially between his legs. She said onthe way back to the table that her husband had always istanbul escort wanted to see her fuck a black man and asked if he wanted to do the honors? As he was talking he was rubbing a large long thing in his shorts. He said when they got back to the table she told her husband let’s go I’ve got one that will do. He shook his cock through his shorts making sure I saw. He said taking my hand placing it on his crough to make a long story short It was great I fucked her in every position all night. He said I woke up the next morning with someone laying between my legs licking my balls, thinking she wanted some more he said he never opened his eyes as his big cockstarted to get hard. He said when he did open his eyes it wasn’t the wife it was the husband busily sucking his cock, he pulled his cock away told him he was just there for the pussy! The husband sat up between his legs saying I’m sure we can work this out so everyone is happy I want your extra cum and you can move in fuck the wife all you want. Adjusting his getting bigger all the time trouser snake he continued. He said he had never had so much sex she rode all night to the early hours of the morning and her hubby made sure everything left over was sucked out. He shaking his monster again said all was good till one day a couple of days avcılar escort ago the wife came home early caught hubby sucking cock got enraged becuase she didn’t know about his feeding on my cock. She demanded that I get out slapping her hubby grapping my cock stuffing it back in his mouth saying here get your last meal from this guy you faggot bitch. His cock head was now peeking out his shorts leg as he said I haven’t had any action since then my balls are about to burst after all that and now nothing! We sat there saying nothing for a little while as he began to doze a little with his big hand grasping mine I sat watching that monster flexing on its own calling me asking me for help. I waited as long as I could I never had done anything so openly I leaned over placing my head on his lap. Thanking I shouldn’t but his presence with that big trouser snake thrubing taking on a life of its own i couldn’t resist at least a feel I ran my hand across the big blach head it seemed to be calling I placed a kiss on it. When he didn’t move Ilicked the precum from the head licking like it was a big pop cycle. I continued licking really getting into it he began to move I realized he was now awake he told me to not be afraid as he slid it all the way out for me saying bitch you’re now my cock sucking bitch! He said drain my balls suck şirinevler escort them dry you know you want to be my bitch. He held my head as he shot a big load into my mouth saying drink from this cock get it all then we will go back to my place for you to enjoy a real feast. He shot what seemed to be a gallon of sweet milk before pulling it from me standing up starting to walk towards the parking lot. He turned looking left and right to see if there was anyone in sight then pulling out his big black cock shaking it at me saying come on you’re my bitch now come and get it! I followed along as he reached his car he pulled it out and said here get on it suck it you will suck it anytime any where! I dropped down started sucking it getting a little precum to my joy then as if we were alone in some place other than a parking lot. I started sucking playing with his big balls i did it didn’t take long before he was filling my mouth again. He said remember your my cock sucker any place any time I need draining that’s your job to please me by sucking till I tell you to stop. With that he got in his car telling me to get in because it had been a long time before he found me since he had been drained that he was sure he had more just waiting. His big cock was still hanging below his short leg he put my hand on it as he drove asking if I liked his cock before I could answer he pulled my head down to his lap. He drove to another park pulling in with my lips firmly attached to his throubing cock sucking the last drops of another load. He said that’s enough for now as he returned me to where we met. As I was getting out he asked if my wife had ever had a big black cock sturing up her white pussy laughing as he pulled away.