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I was staying at my Aunt’s place in Sydney for the during the December holidays. It was a hot day and sweat was trickling off my face. I wore a little tank top with some “Rip Curl” board shorts. I lay on the lounge room floor watching TV with my two double cousins, Simon and Lola. My father’s brother had married my mother’s sister, and our families were having our annual Christmas get together. Aunt Lucy’s house was heaven. Not only was it near Sydney’s beaches with a wonderful balcony on a third floor overlooking the sea on one side and the city on the other, but they had a big pool outside as well. I wasn’t really watching TV though. That’s what I was pretending to do. I was really watching Simon.

Simon had darkish red hair and greenish eyes like mine. He wore a Hawaiian shirt which was a little daggy but forgivable, and some board shorts. What I liked was his perfect body. It was what you expected of a young guy who liked to surf. “I’m taking Lola Christmas shopping.” My Aunt announced, “I want you two to be good while I’m away.”

“We will!” replied Simon, his eyes quickly darting around to meet mine. He caught me for a second, and our eyes flirted. Almost if he could read me, he said, “It’s hot. I’m going to jump back in the pool.”

I heard Lola and Lucy leave the house, and I want upstairs to the room I was staying in. I searched through my messy suitcase for a pair of decent bikinis. I pulled out a nice bright red pair with blue flowers on them canlı bahis that tied at the back with some string. Just before going back downstairs and outside to the pool, I checked my hair in the mirror. It was long and reddish and curled down below my shoulders.

Simon was sitting on the edge of the water, with his T-shirt off. His body was so well formed, he looked like a model in a human biology anatomy book. His six packs were visible even with him slouching slightly. He playfully whistled at me. “It’s almost a shame you’re my cousin.”

I stood my the edge of the pool, undecided whether to jump or dive… His body picked itself up and darted over to me, and before I could blink I was being thrown into the water. I gave a quick scream before feeling the water encompassing my body and some of it going up my nose. As I tried to come up for air, I felt his arms around my waist. He let go of his grip on me and let me surface.

Laughing, I hung on to him. His arms pulled my body back behind him and I found myself mounting his shoulders. Then I realised that something was missing. I looked down, and saw that my chest was bare. I plunged into the water to cover my nakedness.

“Oh, are you looking for these?” Simon asked. He pulled my bikini top out of his board shorts.

“Simon, that’s not funny.” I told him.

Simon forced me up against the side of the pool. My arms spread out as though I was pinned down and he was wrestling with me. He placed bahis siteleri his head down between my breasts and started kissing me. I shoved his head forcefully away from me.

“That’s so wrong, Simon.” I said.

“You were watching me the whole way through the movie,” he said, “I bet you can’t even remember what we were watching.”

His reddish hair had turned a darker shade of brown in the water. I was overcome with feeling when I was held In his big arms. I leaned forward and kissed him. He reciprocated, and before long we had our arms around each other with our tongues wrapping around each other.

“I want you,” he said, “more than my own girlfriend.”

“I want you more than anything.” I replied, “but I know its weird.” I felt my hand going into his board shorts, touching his cock. I let my fingers play with the head of his cock and caressing his balls. I saw him leaning backwards in the water with his head, moaning. Then he pulled down my bikini pants.

“Nice.” He commented. His fingers slipped inside me easily. Then he forced himself up against me.

“You shouldn’t.” I said, “What if…do you have any protection?”

His gentle kisses up and down my neck and his head on my shoulder sent ripples through my body. He went under water and blew bubbles across me between my legs. I laughed. He floated on top of the water whilst I tried to stroke his shaft. I wanted to go the whole way.

Simon hauled himself out of the bahis şirketleri water. He moved so smoothly, the way he placed his arms on the pool edge and pulled his body up so I could see his buttocks and muscles in his legs. “Stay there.” He said.

He came back with a condom in a little package. He grabbed me by the arms, pulling me out of the water like a drowned fish and lay me by the side of the pool. “Can you pretend I’m a lifesaver and you’re drowning?” He asked. He gave me some more mouth-to mouth and then He lay his body on top of my naked body. “You’re so beautiful,” he said, “you look like a mermaid.”

“I want a fuck.” I told him bluntly.

He gave me the condom and I rolled it onto him. He lapped up some the wetness between my legs as I dug my fingernails into his back and then plunged himself into me. I felt my body closing around his, and the tightness. His cock was a little big for me, but it felt good. I began to cum and my eyes rolled back in my head, as I could no longer take it. The fact he was my cousin made it even sexier and naughtier. After our little exercise, I rolled over and lay on top of him.

“What’ll we do?” He asked, “I’m in love with you.”

I kept my hand on his groin.

“Keep it a secret.” I warned him.

“I want to fuck you more often.” He told me.

My ears twitched slightly as I heard the engine of a car pull into a driveway and the crunching of a break. Lucy and Lola must be back home from shopping Simon pulled his pants back on and dived into the pool to get my bikini which had been submerged and left on the bottom. He dressed me as if I was a doll.

“Tonight,” I promised him. I kissed his lips shut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32