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SurpriseI met 3 friends of mine on many occasions to jam in our little band. We meet at the drummers house on Saturdays. Last Saturday, I was getting ready to go, when J (Jeannie) asked if she could go listen. She loves music and our jams are usually closed to anyone other than the guys. I thought about the possibilities and said I don’t see why not. She was ready to go, so we left. J was wearing a very sexy sheer black top with a bra and jeans. We arrived and the guys were already there. We came in and I told them J wanted to hear how we’re progressing and some of the new songs. She said hi to them and sat on the couch facing us all. We started going thru our set list and were sounding rather good. It always seems to sound better when someone is watching. I looked at J and saw that gleam in her eyes, the horny J coming out. She knew I picked up on it and arranged her bra to expose the top of her ample tits. After the song ended, I asked her how that was. Of course, the guys all looked at her for her answer. She said it was great. I noticed the guys kept looking her way after she bursa escort answered. This continued for another 20 minutes as we played. The entire time J was pulling her bra down in increments, exposing more and more. Soon the top of her pink nipples were peeking out. I was getting a hardon knowing she was turned on and turning all of us on. J got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back, I noticed her bra was off and we could see a faint view of those big tits and nipples. I suggested a break and we all sat and talked. I sat next to J and I could see the other guys staring at her tits. I got up and went to the bathroom to give her some time to reel them in. I was peeping around the corner as all eyes were focused on her ample breasts. She was just conversing with them when all a sudden she said, it’s kinda hot in here. She pulled her top off slowly and said, I hope you guys don’t mind. They stammered no, not at all. J then put her hands on both of her tits and started rubbing her nipples. Her nipples were very hard, and she was getting very turned on. She asked, anybody want bursa escort bayan to touch them? All 3 guys jumped at the chance and were surrounding her with their hands all over her tits. M and R were rubbing each nipple and M bent down and sucked her left nipple into his mouth. That made R suck the other nipple, as D was left out for now. R looked up at D and said, you want a turn? D said, not with your spit all over it. I walked back in and the guys didn’t notice I was there, they were so intent. J told them to stand around her and watch. She pulled her Magic Wand out of her bag and turned it on her pussy, over her jeans. She told us all to watch and jerk off if we wanted. I suggested she take her jeans off for better access, which she did. She took her panties off with them and her glistening shaved pussy was out for all to see. She put the wand on her clit and moaned and said this feels really good. She said watching us play made her horny. I did not know she brought her wand.She moaned louder as it vibrated her clit. The wand made wet noises as she was soaked. She soon said escort bursa she was about to cum. She said she wishes someone would take their cock out. Soon she had 4 hard cocks staring at her. When she saw this, she moaned and said she had to stop to see these cocks. She turned the wand off and looked at each cock and said, please guys, jerk them off on me. She turned the wand back on and put it on her clit. She had all 4 of us jerking off watching her pleasure herself with the wand. She moaned loud and said I’m going to cum, then came in a loud wave of orgasm. She yelled fuck I’m cumming fuck fuck fuck. She kept the wand going and in about 5 seconds came again hard. She was watching us all jerk off as she kept cumming. M said he’s going to cum and said on my tits please. She started cumming again as M moved over her left tit and came all over it. Soon R moved to her right tit and shot all over the hard nipple as J came hard again. She said, oh yeah, cum for me. R and M moved out of the way as D and I took positions over her cum soaked nipples. J came very hard as we both shot our cum on her nipples and tis. She came again several times as all 4 of us were spent. She had cum dripping off her nipples and big tits and onto her belly. That was the end of our jam session, but it was the best we had!