Sylvia and Cecil Faye

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Adria Rae

Sylvia and Cecil FayeSilkie leaned back against the pillow and took another puff of her cigarette. ” I’m going to try to tell this part of the thing that I got into with my mom…just that part. “Tom, I’ve been talking a lot to you about this sex stuff with Judy and these grown men that happened when I was f******n or fifteen years old…f******n, I think. “”Holy shit, that was crazy, you know. All this fucking and weird sex when I was still in what we called Junior High? ” “Tom, telling that last story to you got me horny, okay? As in H_O_R_N_Y!I want you; I’ve got a big old fucking itch that needs a scratch now, lover. I need some kissing, my boobs, and my tummy and my puss and back here in my ass. All that part of me needs some attention.””I talked so much about sucking dick, but I didn’t do it yet, but I want to. Right about now…””Boys think that cock sucking is all about pleasure for them, I can’t speak for any woman but me, okay? Sucking your dick is good for me, lover. Here is something to think about….””I’ve sucked the cocks of boys and men I didn’t like that much, and I still liked doing it, okay, not all the time, but sometimes. Sometimes it’s just great to get so intimate, my face down there, the feel, the smell, the taste; the feeling I’m getting him so excited, the sex words, the build-up to having him pop?'”Okay, I’ve done it a lot. Sometimes it’s the same old same old…but…sometimes..””I like to play with myself when I do it, though, I must admit.”The first few boys I did that way, when I was thirteen, I didn’t get that, but this is how the story with my mom started, I guess…'”I was thirteen or f******n. I went to one of mom’s shows, and I was in her dressing room between sets with her and her drummer, Ceil Faye, a Black man who had worked with her for many years. “I was starting my sexual adventures. I had blown a few boys, and of course, been having “sex” with my sister since who knows when. My parents sent me off to this music camp the summer I turned thirteen, but I got sent home because I got caught by one of the counselors in this upper bunk with this other girl with our clothes off. That’s what they said. It was more than that. I had my face right in her little pussy, and I was loving her cunt with everything I had when we got busted.” ”My mom was upset, but she wasn’t THAT mad, not nearly as insane as I thought she would be, and mom didn’t say too much, except” “God what were you thinking?” She was super pissed about this meeting she was supposed to have with the other little girls’ parents.Mom kept putting it off and putting it off until, I guess, it never happened. “I saw her in her performance gowns and changing them, and Cecil right there while she was walking around in her panties and bra, sometimes naked, and he didn’t freak out about that, and neither did she. It was just the life of a performer, she told me, No big deal if you saw someone’s body.””I wanted Cecil Faye’s’ body. That was a thought I couldn’t express to anyone, but I remember the first time I was in her dressing room, and she had her clothes off for one reason or another. I saw halkalı escort Cecil looking at her. Right away, I got it! I got a full understanding of sex feeling right there when no sex was happening, but, as I grew up, I saw that look from men many, many times, but this was the first time. I got such a jolt of sexual electricity…'”Tom, I hadn’t thought about that in a long time. Would you get that vibrator, the purple one there, and just….just kind of…touch it along the line of my pussy hair here, and move it down when I say?”I’m going to tell you about Cecil while you do that. I wish every girl could have a Cecil come along when she is thirteen or f******n….”My mom was between sets, looking for another gown to wear for the second one. Like me, she is short and busty with red hair and red pubes, too. I was pleased when I began developing because I knew I was going to look like her down there, and I thought my mom was the coolest, sexiest woman on earth. I told you how Rachel and I used to sneak up to the door of my parent’s bedroom when we were seven or eight, lay on the floor naked in the hallway outside their door, and diddle ourselves while listening to her getting it. My mom was a performer, she was not shy or hesitant about expressing any emotion, especially sex, as Rachel and I learned to our delight. She caught us on more than one occasion, but she never got too upset, she just told us to play somewhere else. But when she closed the bedroom door with my dad, there was no better place to play on the planet.I didn’t know that she was so concerned with my sexual education and development after I went through puberty. Still, she set me up with a date and sexual encounter with Cecil, and didn’t let me know until two years later when I had my next sexual experience with Mr. Faye and with her!She got a call while she was half-dressed.”Sylvia. I’ve got to see this club owner on the other side of town right now. I might even have to sing. Oh, I don’t know, Ron got me into some performance contract. Now I have to be there and here at the same time. Okay, here’s the deal. You stay here with Cecil till I get back. I shouldn’t be more than an hour.. Look around. Maybe you guessed this isn’t the nicest club in the nicest part of town, got it? I don’t want you to go out of here wigglin’ your ass around on the corner. This part of town is not the neighborhood for that shit, honey, not at all. Stay with Cecil. Do what he says I. I trust him like your dad, okay?”.”A few more words and she was out the door. As soon as I heard her car pull away, I began to have sexual thoughts about Cecil. First, it was just a few drips, and then it was like water gurgling out of a jug. I didn’t know what I was going to do. Cecil was friendly, like always. I had a little picture in my head of a naked me bouncing up and down on the naked middle(and the cock, when I let that thought come out) of Mr. Cecil Faye.I was sitting there on that folding metal chair. Cecil was charming like he always was. I like him a lot, and that feeling olgun escort was a little different than these sex feelings I was having about him while the two of us sat there. I wasn’t paying that much attention to what he was talking about, but it seemed he had all these questions about my boyfriend. Gosh, I didn’t even HAVE a boyfriend right now.””I remembered something one boy had said when I sucked his dick. I thought it was cute. He said he liked it when I took all the wrinkles out of his dick!. I made me think about how much I love the part where he wasn’t very stiff when he got in my mouth, I made him get hard, and I could feel that happen in my mouth. I liked that feeling. I thought about how it would feel to get all the wrinkles out of Cecil’s dick for just a second. Then I looked over at him in the black leather pants he wore on stage, I could see a significant bump of his erection.”Cecil smiled and brushed his hand across it.He looked right at me, in my eyes, and did it again, more slowly, so I couldn’t miss.”Do you like seein’ that, Sylvia?”I stumbled out of my reverie like I was falling downstairs.”What? …What are you….?””C’mon, honey, you were lookin’ over here, and it grew, baby, it felt you little eys, and he just started growing…””Oh…well..I’m sorry…I guess…” I was stumbling into the reality that Cecil had just unveiled.”I didn’t mean nothin’. Sometimes I have to…””Uh……….. okay.”Now there was a quiet in the room of a completely different dimension.Five minutes of silence. Dead air, as my mom described it when her voice deserted her at the mike.Five full minutes.Finally:”It’s okay, Sylvia, men get boners…””I know.””Does your boyfriend get them?””Cecil, I don’t have a boyfriend…””But, you know boys get them?” “Cecil, I’m thirteen, not seven. I know about that stuff…”There was another pause, this time not quite so long. I was beginning to sense where this might be going. It couldn’t quite believe that Cecil’s mind was going to the same place mine had been.These things don’t happen like that, do they?Cecil?””Yes, Sylvia?””This is starting to feel weird to me, Cecil…””Weird how, baby?””It feels as if you are about to show me your cock or something like that…””Is that what you want me to do. Sylvia? I could do that if you wanted me to…”Things in the little room began to feel charged and heavy.”I’m going to make some tea, Sylvia, a little green tea. Would you like some?””Yes. please, Cecil.”Cecil put the pot to heat the water for his tea on the little dressing room hot plate I had been seeing him use for himself and for mom since I was a little girl.He silently went through all the steps to prepare our tea..This is a delicious tea. You need to let it steep for about eight or nine minutes. Don’t drink it yet.”Sylvia, when you think about me, what do I do for a living?””A drummer?””Well, yes, A timekeeper. I manipulate time. That’s what I do for a living. I Break it up, re-arrange it. You know that. You do it on the keyboard, şişli escort too.”Yeah, but I…””Okay, baby, listen…I can see, how can I not, that this little moment, this charged moment, that only hangs in our existence for a tiny moment. Sylvia, sip your tea, and relax, okay?” ”We could go to a place that a lot of people your age don’t get even to visit, It’s about sex, yes, and about using that time gift that we have in our DNA as musicians, you know?”Sometimes Cecil left me gasping. “Sip some tea, honey.””I love it when the lady at the bank says, “One moment,” the way she does. Yeah, one moment, that’s what I do for a living, right?””Cecil?”You are probably thinking I’m going to take my dick out and wave it in your face, yeah?””Well, I…””The whole thing with sex and time, timing I should say, with making keeping it subtle and fresh…Art Blakey, Elvin Jones. These masters are so subtle in their comprehension of time. There are endless ways a master can re-arrange it.””You can be that woman, Sylvia, you can. It’s totally in you. I’ve been seeing that since you were a tiny c***d. You can be that as a lover, as well. Not just any thirteen old, but you. Rachel and you. Both of you possess this gift..”Sylvia, I want to show you some sexual stuff tonight. I don’t want to take you to any…””Cecil, please, you can have me. My whole body. You can have it, right now, all of me, Right here. On the floor..”Cecil was laughing.”I’m not laughing at you, dear. I’m in awe of your powers. If you want, only if you want, I can use this moment to show you something that perhaps you haven’t seen before about your body and mine. Naked and exposed. If that intrigues you, I want you to reach your hand out and lay it across the erection in my trousers that you have had your eyes on for the past hour. Do you want to suck my cock, Sylvia? Is that what you want?.”Nobody had ever spoken to me this way. I couldn’t even comprehend that somebody would, oh my god, gorgeous Cecil.Of course, I said yes, of course, I did, My voice got dry, but I had lost all ability to hesitate.Cecil smiled his lovely smile to me, not at me, to me.He took a sip of green tea.”Come over here, Sylvia, you don t have to be on the other side of the room.” I lid the chair over, and he put his arm around me and hugged me. He didn’t try to “feel” any part of me, just a hug that I could feel buzzing in my toenails, up through my body and into every red hair that curled between my legs and on my head.I felt like this: I didn’t know the name of every sexual act, or entirely how actual people in the real world performed them, but, whatever and however. I was ready to get on my knees or back, even stand on my head, to make Cecil happy.I had had a little sex in my life. I wanted to show Cecil some of the stuff that I knew.”Cecil, let me rub your big dick, please.””What else do you want, Sylvia?””I want to suck it, baby, lick it and suck your fat cock and taste it. Cum on me, Cecil. Mmmmm mmmm.””What else?””I want your balls, too….””Do you play with your little pussy while you talk to me, Sylvia?””I will if you want me to…”I had only said words like that to one other person, the thirteen-year-old boy who took my virginity.Lesson 1: I learned the effect that words like that can have on grown adult men. I was just a few days past my f******nth birthday.”Rub it, Sylvia, rub my fuckin’ cock when I tell you to. I want you to get the zipper down, understand? Just do that, and shut up till I tell you what to do next…”