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This is a very private story, which I would never have written. But whenever I think of the events, I get aroused, which has compelled me to write the story. I have only changed the names to ensure privacy.

I am Ravi, happily married to Anita for last 4 years. We lead a normal happy life with regular sex, which we both enjoy. Anita is good looking but slightly thin and with small breasts. I am fascinated with large breasts and slightly plump body with nice curves. So although I love Anita very much, I get carried away in my thoughts when I come across ladies with the sizes that I prefer.

One such lady is Tina, who is married to Anita’s brother, Raj. Tina and me are of the same age, and in fact we had attended the same college, but had never met because of the different courses we took. Tina is just the girl that I always dreamt of. She is slightly plump though not overweight and has nicely curved buttocks. But the most fascinating thing about her were her large round breasts, which suited her nicely. I have spent many a moments imagining how they would look when exposed, what color the nipples would be and whether they would be firm or slightly drooping.

I had complemented her occasionally on her figure and how I would choose her as a partner, if given a chance. She had taken that sportingly and we had never gone past that. It would have remained that way, but due to a twist of fate, my dreams were realized.

The company where Raj was working suddenly closed down and he had to start a business. As he was new to business, he had to struggle a lot to survive. I used my contacts wherever I could to get him some business, so that he could settle down.

One day, through one of my contacts I gave Raj a large enquiry from a Government firm. This was an important order, which if he executed, would take Raj on the road to success. We worked a lot on the deal and met many people. During this time, I used to go to Raj’s place almost every day and Tina would always be there to welcome me. As she could see that I was helping her husband, she took special care of me, and we came very close.

The devil inside me became active, and I realized that if I took advantage of the opportunity then Tina could be mine for once. I started to put the plan in place. I told Raj a couple of times, when Tina was present, that certain official from the Government firm was creating problems and demanded some gifts to clear the deal. Raj asked me whether it was money that he wanted. I told him that the person had not been specific enough and I would let him know soon. A week went by, without any activity and Raj became worried that the person would create problems. I told him to relax and assured him that I would solve the problem. Tina was aware of all this, and was as worried as Raj.

Then, one day, when Raj was not there, Tina told me that she was very much worried about Raj and their future, pendik escort and asked me whether she could help in any way to solve the problem. This was the chance I was looking for! I took a dejected expression, and told her that there was a big problem and she was involved in it. She grew curious and demanded to know more. I showed great reluctance to talk and after a lot of pestering from her, finally spoke out. I told her that she would not like what I had to tell her. But she said, she was ready for anything and I should not waste any more time in telling her.
So, I finally told her that the government official had demanded to sleep with her for one night, as his gift. (They had met each other at a Party, that Raj & Tina had attended)

As expected, Tina was taken aback. She was speechless. I told her that I had done everything to avoid this, but the person was adamant, and nothing could be done about it. After a long silence, Tina asked me to leave her alone for some time.

Two days after that, Tina called me up and asked me to meet her alone. When we met, she told me in low tones, that she had realized, that this could not be avoided. The deal was too important for them and she was ready to face anything for that. She then told me that though she was mentally prepared for it, she did not know how she would react, when she actually met the man, because sleeping with anybody other than her husband was totally against her beliefs and culture. I increased her fear by saying that if she reacted negatively, then the man would be antagonized and everything would be lost.
She was very upset and pleaded to me to help her in this. I made a scene of thinking over it, and then told her that the only way was that she should overcome her initial fear by sleeping with someone who knew and understood her. Once she overcame that taboo, she would not have any problems with that official. The only problem, I told her, was to find such a person.

She caught on to the idea and almost immediately reacted that the only person she could rely on, was me. I showed surprise, which she expected. I then made a big show of rejecting the idea. I told her that she should think about our relationship and about Anita and Raj. But my denials made her more confident about the idea and she almost pleaded me to do it for her. After a long time I finally accepted and she thanked me profusely. We then decided to meet after 2 days at one of my friend’s apartment that was empty. We both decided to work out some excuses, so that we would get few hours free.

The day that I was waiting for such a long time, finally arrived. I decided to be gentle with Tina, as she would not be in a very good mood. I arrived early at the apartment and put on some romantic music to build up the mood and kept some wine ready. As I had thought, Tina arrived in a very subdued mood. She asked me whether we should reconsider this thing. escort pendik I told her that it was her choice, but reminded her about the consequences. She then made up her mind and asked me to get it over with.

I assured her that I would be very gentle and would not hurt her feelings in any way. I then told her to relax and enjoy the music. Then we had some wine to relieve the tension. With her permission I started a soft porn movie and sat close to her to watch it. I could feel that she was very tensed up and her body was stiff. I just sat there for sometime. As the movie progressed, she seemed to relax and her body loosened up. Taking the cue, I put a hand across her shoulders and brought her close. She did not react and kept watching the movie. I then used the hand to gently fondle her breast. I put the other hand on her leg and started rubbing her between the thighs. At a particularly intimate scene in the movie, a pleasurable sigh came from Tina’s lips, and I knew it was time. I kissed her below the ear and gently stood her up. She stood there, her eyes closed, holding me for support.

I kissed her lips and shot my tongue into her mouth. She started reacting slowly. My hands were everywhere, exploring her body. In the same position, I started removing her clothes. When I touched her innerwear, she stiffened again and pushed me away. But I brought her close and reassured her that she was not doing anything wrong. I finally removed all her clothes, and there she stood with her glorious body, waiting to be taken by me.

She was slightly plump, but rounded at the right places. Her breasts were large, round and did not sag, even a little bit. She had big, dark nipples that were erect due to my caressing. She had a flat stomach and a neatly trimmed bush between her legs. Her buttocks were round but not too large. I removed all my clothes and held her close to my body. The sheer pleasure of touching her naked body sent shivers through me. Tina too felt something, because she held me tightly with her hands. I showered her with kisses everywhere. I started with her face and worked down. When I reached the breasts, the nipples stiffened and I sucked and pulled at them with my lips. I cupped both her breasts and brought them close and started licking her nipples alternately. Tina moaned in pleasure and her body loosened up more. The tension was slowly draining away and she started enjoying the sensations.

I moved down from the breast to the navel and finally to her pussy. As I was about to touch her pussy, she stopped me saying that it was dirty to touch her there. It was obvious that Raj had never paid attention to her pussy. I told her that it was not at all dirty, and she would be missing a great experience by not letting me do it. Then without giving her much time to think over, I dug my face into her pussy and shot my tongue inside her. She stiffened at the new feeling and pendik escort bayan a muffled scream escaped her lips.

I then dragged my tongue slowly out of Tina’s pussy and licked my way up her labia. My hands rubbed up and down her thighs and I made sure to pay careful attention not to touch her clit right away. After a few minutes of feeling my fingers, tongue, and warm breath touch every single inch of skin between her legs, Tina started bucking her hips towards my face, begging for me to suck her clit. I slid two digits into her tight pussy and began to gently work over her G-spot. Her hips kept bucking and as I felt begin to fall into a trance from my rhythmic finger fucking, I leaned in and quickly sucked her clit into my mouth. A cry sprang forth from her lips and she jumped up. I rolled her clit between my lips and flicked it with the tip of my tongue as my fingers kept their steady pace working in and out of her pussy, constantly rubbing that secret spot inside.

Tina lost all her inhibitions after that and started enjoying herself. She rolled her hips and held my head tightly to her pussy. After a long time, when she could not control herself and begged me to stop it, I stood up and took her to bed.

I laid her down and started working on her breasts, which fascinated me. The two mounds stood up proudly, inviting me to them. I sucked hard on them one by one till the nipples grew as hard as my dick. I then licked her on the area below her breasts, near the navel and on the mound. This made her crazy with lust and she begged me to enter her.
As she was completely ready now, I drove my dick slowly into her cunt hole. When I was half way inside, I started pumping rhythmically. She responded by pushing herself up from the bed. When I felt that we were both nearing the climax, I changed the position of my legs and putting my entire weight on her, pushed my cock completely inside her. As I my cock explored her deepest depths, the sudden shock of its plunge, intensified Tina’s pleasure and she held on to me for dear life. In a few moments both of us climaxed simultaneously, and we lay there senseless, still holding onto each other. After a long time we moved away from each other and dressed ourselves silently.

Before leaving, Tina came close to me and holding my hands, thanked me for all that I had done. She told me that she had come here to do her duty and overcome her fear, but the pleasure that I had given her; she would cherish it for life. She then asked me when she had to meet the official. I told her that I would tell her in a couple of days.

A week after that, I met her and told her that the official had been transferred to some other location and the new person had already processed the order in Raj’s name. (This had already happened a few days back, but I chose not to tell them for the obvious reasons) Tina was overjoyed when she heard that. I then asked her to forgive me for what she had to go through. She told me not to bother about that, as she had no regrets and she had rather enjoyed that day with me. Saying that she gave me a warm hug and we parted as friends … and a bit more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32