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Summary: Divorced costumed teacher bumps into ex-students at bar and….

Note 1: This is a Halloween 2020 Contest Story, so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven,

Teacher’s Halloween DP

Did I want to go to that bar?

No. I hadn’t finished feeling sorry for myself.

Did I want to dress up in some skanky outfit?

A little. People staring because they thought I was hot would be good for my ego.

Did I need to get laid?

Absolutely! I’ll explain.

The divorce had hit me hard, and now over a year later, my two best friends were insisting I go out with them… were declaring my Pity Party was officially over. And as much as I hated to stop my wallowing and admit it, they were right.

I needed to get out, let my hair down, and hopefully to spread my legs. My vibrator had been adequate for a while, but I craved a real cock… someone’s body pressed against mine… someone’s cock slamming into me.

Amy and Jules came over, already dressed in their skanky Halloween costumes, both of them single: Amy a fuck-them-and-leave-them kind of gal, and Jules a lesbian who’d been single for a while.

“Do I have the perfect outfit for you!” Amy crowed, handing me a bag.

“I can only imagine,” I said dubiously, as I looked at her nurse outfit and fishnets that would get any patient’s temperature rising.

“It’s not as revealing as what she wanted to get you,” Jules added, in a sexy and revealing cowgirl outfit.

“I can only imagine,” I repeated, as I opened the bag.

I pulled out a black bodysuit. “What is it?” I asked, as something else black fell to the floor.

“You’re going as Catwoman,” Amy revealed.

“Nice,” I said, Amy knowing I loved Batman, especially the old original sixties series. Yes, it was corny… but I used to watch it every Sunday morning for an hour. It was even better than Saturday morning cartoons.

“I knew you’d like it,” Amy said.

“You wanted her to be a slutty cheerleader,” Jules pointed out.

“I did at first, but once Jules pointed this one out, I knew you’d love it,” Amy shrugged. “Go and try it on.”

“Cool,” I said, kind of excited to do just that.

As I headed for my room to put it on, Amy called out, “And no underwear.”

I called back, “Rubbish! I’m not a slut like you.”

“Tonight you are!”

Oddly I did go without a bra at least, partly because the Catwoman mask would hide my identity, and partly because I’d already had a couple of drinks and was already losing my inhibitions.

So, I stripped completely naked, then decided I wasn’t drunk enough to go sans any underwear at all, so I donned some skimpy panties and black pantyhose, realizing how thin the costume’s fabric was. I didn’t want to go flashing my pussy to all and sundry if the outfit got ripped.

I slid into the black bodysuit, which fit very snugly around my body, and looked into my full-length mirror. Shit, you could easily see my nipples poking through the thin material. Then when I turned around, I saw that my ass, which was a great asset of mine, was perfectly showcased. I put the mask on, which covered the majority of my face and my hair, and I realized I looked a lot like Julie Newmar. Happy with the outfit, and brave because I’d be spending the night with a secret identity, and perhaps even hook up with some younger stud… if I was going to get banged tonight, I wanted it to be with some college hottie, who could shoot two or three loads (I loved cum… especially swallowing it, something my asshole ex used to love feeding me before he replaced me for a younger model), and someone who could last for a couple hours.

I slipped into a pair of four-inch black pumps and sauntered out, where I appropriately received a few cat calls.

I pranced around, snarling meows and clawing the air, loving the attention.

We downed two more shots each while waiting for the Uber, and then headed to a bar where Amy guaranteed I’d get laid. I pointed out I was just going out to have a good time, and she nodded, “Exactly.”

We got to the bar, and I soon realized how old I was compared to this crowd. Most of these kids were fresh out of high school, some of them even looked like they could be in my senior chemistry class right now. I sighed as I saw the plethora of young, scantily clad almost-women who would get all the attention, and realized I was a dinosaur… fuck, I’d be fifty in five more days.

“Let’s get our groove on,” Amy said, undaunted, taking my hand and leading me onto the crowded dance floor.

Figuring fuck it, I may not be able to compete with these young sluts, but I could at least enjoy dancing… something I’d always loved doing, but hadn’t done much of since saying ‘I do’… even though I didn’t remotely know the song that was playing.

The three of us danced for the next hour through endless similar sounding songs, getting my ass grabbed a couple times by strangers, and swallowing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri down three more drinks.

After getting my fourth drink since arriving, I perused the bar and recognized someone… Danny. He was a student of mine who’d graduated a couple years ago, and a really good looking kid. I waved to him, but then remembered I was incognito and quickly lowered my hand.

Danny though took my wave as a ‘come on over’, and he left his two friends and headed my way.

“Someone’s coming over, Laura,” Amy said.

“I know, but he’s an ex-student of mine,” I said.

“Perfect,” she said, making light of the predicament I’d just placed myself in.

“Hi,” Danny said, “may I get you another drink?”

“Yes… yes, you certainly can,” Amy spoke for me, and then added, making me instantly go red from both embarrassment and anger, “In fact one or two more, and you can take her home.”

“What’s your poison, Catwoman?” he asked.

Didn’t he recognize me? I guess except for my eyes and lips, there wasn’t much showing to recognize me with, as I was pretty much unrecognizable in this costume. So going along with it, I answered, “Rum, please.”

“My kind of lady, mon,” he smiled. “And for you two other pretty ladies?”

Amy shook her head, “No thanks, we’ll just go off and leave you two alone; just treat her right, okay?”

“I will,” he agreed seriously.

Amy added, “Which means you should treat her like a cheap slut, since she hasn’t been laid in over a year.”

“Amy!” I gasped, once again both embarrassed and angry.

“Am I wrong?” she asked, bulldozing right through how badly she was humiliating me.

“Just go,” I told her, shaking my head in exasperation, even though inwardly I appreciated her expediating this game Danny and I were about to play… my intentions were already thrown out there, and I hadn’t even had to say it.

“Have fun,” she said, as she and Jules sauntered away.

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, trying to act embarrassed, which I was, yet I was also ready to actually be that slut for a night… my most recent one night stand had been in a different century, probably before Danny was born .

“We’ll be around,” Jules said, “but only if you need us,” giving me the slightest hint of support.

“They seem nice,” he said, not following Amy with his eyes like most guys had been doing all night, but focusing only on me.

“They’re something, all right,” I laughed, knowing that in Amy’s mind, she’d just played the perfect wing girl.

Danny waved to the bartender, and I was soon enacting a cliché, a two-fisted drinker, with one in each hand. “So, I have to say I love your outfit. If I may be so bold, it makes you look almost identical to how Julie Newmar used to look.”

“You know Julie Newmar?” I asked.

“I have the limited edition blu ray box set,” he said.

“With the car?” I asked, having bought it for myself on Amazon, when it was on sale for some crazy cheap amount.

“Yeah, you have it too?” he asked, surprised.

“I’ve watched every episode a few times,” I admitted.

“I’ve never met a woman who even knows the show existed.”

“Well, the girls around here look so young their parents wouldn’t even remember the show,” I joked, and instantly realized how completely I was dating myself with such a comment.

“I only have eyes for you,” he said, which was such a corny line from way back in 1959, yet I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

“Is that your best line?” I asked, pretending it didn’t impress me. I didn’t want to look like some pathetic old hag desperate to get laid.

“As in fishing? Is it reeling you in?” he asked, which made me laugh at his witty banter… he’d always been a smooth young man.

“The hook may even have set,” I smiled, his cute smile, the alcohol, and my year-long drought all factors in allowing this mutual seduction to advance.

“I imagine you’ll make me work to get you into the boat,” he said.

Horny, and enjoying this flirtation, I smiled, allowing a little of Amy’s persona to come out of me, “a boat isn’t what I’m hoping to get into.”

“That’s fortunate,” he laughed. “Because I don’t have a boat.”

“But do you have a bed?” I asked bluntly, downing the rest of one of the drinks in my hands.

“I believe I do,” he smiled. “At home, conveniently.”

“Because Catwoman would love to get out of these heels,” I said, as they were killing me… having worn four inchers a major mistake.

“My place is just a few minutes from here,” he said, indeed reeling me in.

Suddenly realizing this was going too fast, even though my pussy was tingling with eagerness, I said, “You do know I’m old enough to be your mother… perhaps even your grandmother.”

“Possibly. But I like my women experienced,” he said, taking my hand. “And hot.”

“And I believe a noisy little magpie told you I haven’t been laid in a year,” I reminded him.

“All good things are worth the wait,” he said, able to respond güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri adeptly to whatever I said.

“You’re a real charmer,” I said, taking another big swig of my other drink… the one he’d bought me.

“And you’re the hottest woman here,” he said suavely.

“I am, ain’t I,” I said playfully, then shaking my head at my pathetic grammar.

“You are, and I’m not just saying that to be nice.”

“No, you’re saying it to get laid,” I smiled.

“Not so, although if that did happen, it would be great,” he said. He added, “I’m serious, you’re a very beautiful woman.”

“Well, that’s nice to hear,” I admitted, “I don’t get many compliments anymore.”

“Then whoever betrayed you is a fucking asshole,” he said.

“Yes… yes, he was,” I nodded, and as I finished another drink I added, not realizing I was saying it until the words had left my lips, “And that too hasn’t happened for over a year.”

His eyes went wide.

I realized what I had said. Figuring it was already out there, I shrugged, and feeling brazen in my incognito, and uninhibited because of the rum, I leaned forward and whispered, placing my hand directly on his crotch, “Sorry, I probably shouldn’t be so frank, but I do like it in the ass.”

“Ohhhhh,” he groaned, as my cougar instincts took over.

“Is this hard because of me?” I asked, squeezing his very impressive dick.

“Yes,” he admitted, his suave persona suddenly flipped away by my sudden aggressiveness.

“I also love sucking a big cock, and swallowing a big load,” I purred. “Do you have a big load saved up for me?”

“Yeah,” he groaned.

“Want to take me back to your place and fuck me?” I asked bluntly.

“Shit yeah, you’re driving me crazy! Let’s get out of here,” he said, taking my hand and hurriedly leading me out of the bar.

Once outside, he said, “Its a ten-minute walk, unless you want me to flag down a taxi.”

“Hail us a taxi,” I said, squeezing his cock again. “I’m very hungry.”

Danny hailed a taxi, there were three already waiting just down the road, and once we were inside and his address had been given, I bent down and began to fish out his cock from within the fabric.

“Oh, God,” he gasped, as I pulled his hard dick out and took it into my mouth, my costume making me feel free just to do it, without any risk to my identity… which was quite liberating. Tonight I could regress to my college slut self, when I’d explored my sexuality with quite a few guys, three threesomes (twice with two guys and once with two girls), and even a gangbang where I’d serviced four guys at once.

“You okay, sir?” the taxi driver asked, and a moment later added, obviously having looked in his rear view mirror and seen where my head was, “Oh. I guess you are.”

I hadn’t had a dick in my mouth for over a year, and god, it felt good. I bobbed on the thick seven-inch cock, hungrily wanting to extract his first load during our very brief taxi ride. I was dying to feel his cock pulse in my mouth, and I was craving a load of warm cum.

I bobbed for only a couple minutes before Danny, being a gentleman, warned, “I’m going to come, if you don’t stop right now!”

My response was to moan and to bob even faster, and seconds later, his load was gliding into my mouth and warming my belly, as he let out a long moan.

I slowed down and nursed his cock, getting every last drop of the salty seed, before the taxi came to a halt.

“We’re here,” Danny said, his cock still in my mouth, and still hard as steel… God, I’d missed the virile youth and their never-ending erections.

I sat back up and said to the driver, “Thanks for the ride.”

He nodded, his eyes wide with shock, as I wiped my lips and got out.

Danny paid the driver, and once we were outside said, “That was crazy hot.”

“I hope you didn’t mind.”

“Oh, trust me, I didn’t mind at all.”

“I just really needed your big dick in my mouth,” I said wickedly, enjoying being so forward and nasty, taking full advantage of the anonymity of my costume while adding, “But now I’m hoping you can reload quickly.”

“I’m always loaded,” he bragged, as he took my hand and led me into his dorm… regaining the suave confidence he’d briefly lost from my sudden aggression.

We walked past a few people, every one of them checking me out, of course my outfit helping to draw their attention. Remember how prominent my nipples were in my bedroom mirror? They were still doing their PR job admirably.

Once we were in his dorm room, he pushed me against the wall and kissed me. It was a passionate, lustful kiss, and I hadn’t received one of those in two plus decades… the kind of kiss that made it clear he wanted me right here, right now.

His hand went to my pussy over the costume and he rubbed me, making me moan into his mouth. He then surprised me by ripping away the thin fabric of my costume, and soon below the waist I was just wearing my pantyhose. He rubbed his hands up and down my güvenilir bahis şirketleri legs saying, just before he sucked on my pussy through my pantyhose, “I’ve imagined doing this to you for years, Mrs. Cameron.”

My eyes went wide as I let out a load moan from the sudden pressure of his lips on my fevered pussy, and I stammered weakly, stunned by his words, “Y-y-you know who I am?”

“I knew you instantly, as soon as you waved to me; I’d recognize those eyes anywhere,” he said, “and then once I heard your voice, I was certain it was you,” as he tore my pantyhose open at the seam, dove into my wetness, and began to lick.

“Oh God, Danny, that feels so good,” I moaned, unable to recall the last time I’d felt a tongue on my pussy, my ex fucking asshole almost never having gone down on me.

“You taste amazing,” he said, which I needed to hear, since my ex bastard shit face had always said things about my scent and taste that were less than flattering.

“Don’t stop,” I moaned, as he tongue-teased my clit and slid a finger inside me.

“Not until you come, Mrs. Cameron,” he said, as I lifted my right leg and draped it over his shoulder.

“That may not be very long,” I moaned, as he slid two fingers inside my very wet pussy.

“I can eat this sweet pussy all night,” he said, as he bathed me with his tongue and probed my pussy with his fingers… surprising me when he suddenly found my mysterious, I’d always thought it mythical, g-spot.

“Mother fucker,” I screamed, likely alerting his neighbours that sweet little Danny boy had a horny slut in his room, as I erupted in seconds, as he tapped it like a drum.

“Oh yes, come all over my face, Mrs. Cameron,” he said, as he lapped up my pussy juice as soon as it flooded out of me.

“Oh, God,” I groaned, as I reached down with both hands to use his head for balance, as the intensity of the orgasm exploded inside me like sticks of dynamite.

“So delicious,” he repeated, as he kept licking me, then pulling his fingers out and catching a massive gush of the wetness he’d first created and then released.

“So… fucking… amazing,” I moaned, still trembling, still immersed in the aftermath of rapture. After another minute, as I just rested between his head and the wall, I said, “I need your cock inside me now, Danny.”

I lifted my leg off of him, he picked me up and carried me across his room, and placed me gently onto the bed.

“Just slam that big cock into me, Danny,” I said, spreading my legs wide, desperate to get fucked, desperate to feel his body on top of mine.

As he got out of his costume, he said, “Get undressed, Mrs. Cameron, I want to see that beautiful body I dreamt of every night after I’d been in your class.”

“You did?” I asked, knowing I had an impact on the odd boy I taught, but never thinking I’d had one on Danny.

“Whenever you dangled your heel, or showed a bit of extra leg through your nylons, you had me hard for the rest of the day,” he said, as I pulled my entire outfit off of myself except for the torn pantyhose, as well as losing the mask.

“These nylons?” I asked, now barefaced and bare almost everything else, as I extended my foot towards him.

“Yes,” he said, as he took charge of my foot and began to massage it.

“Oh, that feels nice,” I said, having always loved foot massages… they were good for my diabetes… but Mr. Fuck Face Asshole had stopped doing them years ago.

“So soft,” he said, as he glided his hands up and down them while licking the sole of my foot, slightly tickling me.

“I only buy sheer nylons,” I said, having always relished the silky sheer feel and look.

“I’ve imagined doing this so many times,” he said, as he sucked a toe into his mouth.

“Well, tonight we need to make all your fantasies come true,” I offered, willing to do just about anything he wanted.

“Be careful what you offer,” he cautioned, as he progressed from toe to toe.

“I’m serious, Danny,” I smiled. “Tonight the untouchable Mrs. Cameron is your submissive teacher pet to use however the hell you please.”

“Shit, do you know when I used to fuck Janey, I often imagined I was fucking you?”

“Well then, tonight instead of imagining it, you can really do it,” I said, as I smiled at the idea he used to fuck one of the popular cheerleaders while imagining she was me… it was very flattering.

“Shit, you’re so fucking hot,” he professed, as he placed himself between my nylon-clad legs.

“Slam that big dick into me right now, Danny,” I begged, desperate to feel his cock inside me.

“No one would believe this,” he said, as he positioned his cock at my wet hole.

“What? That their straitlaced high school teacher is secretly a cock-loving slut?” I asked, as he teased me by rubbing his cock between my pussy lips, but not venturing inside.

“Yeah. I can’t even believe it,” he said, as he tapped my clit with his fat cock head.

“What I can’t believe is that you still haven’t slammed that big fat cock in my cunt,” I said, as I thrusted my ass up, trying to get it inside me.

“I could never imagine you using the ‘C’ word,” he said, as he finally slid his cock inside me.

“Have you ever imagined fucking me right here in your dorm room?” I moaned, as I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deep into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32