The Camping Trip

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The Camping TripThe Camping TripI’m just a girl from the suburbs, not much on the great outdoors. My idea of roughing it is a motor home at the lake with all hookups, including cable, and a nice restaurant nearby. So understandably, I was a little apprehensive when my friend Jeni suggested that we go camping one weekend. “You’ll love it”, she promised. “Besides, you need to get out of all this traffic and smog”.The ride from home was pleasant; Jeni and I spent the trip talking about old boyfriends and sex. Jeni and I have only been friends for a short time, but it seems a lot longer. We have been able to talk to each other about things that I would never have dreamed about talking to my other friends about. We talked a lot about sex: good sex, bad sex, what we did and didn’t like our boyfriends to do. It was something we called TMS or Typical Male Syndrome. It’s the little boy/caveman that lives inside all men.The time passed quickly and before I realized it, Jeni had stopped the car in what looked to me like the middle of the wilderness. “Here we are”, beaming as if sharing some great revelation with me. “Where”, I asked. “Our campsite, silly”, she replied. I looked around and saw nothing but the gravel road behind us and trees everywhere else.“Where’s the bathroom”, I asked, concerned that I might have to squat in the woods to do my business. “It’s just up there, around the bend in the road. It’s actually a flush toilet, not a pit”. “Oh joy”, I said, not attempting to hide my sarcasm. I began to look around while Jeni began to unload the tent and stuff from the car.People have said that Jeni and I look like sisters. We are both around the same height with short shoulder length strawberry blonde hair; both well proportioned, or ample as a former boyfriend used to put it, though my chest is a little larger than hers. Although I normally do not say these things about other girls, Jeni has an ass that looks great in a pair of tight shorts.We were just getting the tent put up when I heard a car approaching, crunching down the gravel road, and I looked up to see a green forestry truck pulling in behind our car. Two guys in those ridiculous “Smokey the Bear” hats sat in the front seat. The driver got out and approached our campsite. I noticed that his gaze lingered on Jeni’s ass as she was bent over hammering in a tent stake.“Good Afternoon”, he said. “I’m Ranger Jim and that “, he said, jerking a thumb over his shoulder back towards the truck, “is Ranger Dave”. He and Jeni began to talk and I looked back at the passenger. At first, all I could see was the hat, but as my eyes adjusted to the light and shadow, I noticed a dark brown moustache covering a pair of full lips.Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by fantasy. I could see those lips attached to one of my breasts, the moustache tickling me while his tongue flicked across my nipple. The fantasy was so vivid, that I felt my pussy contract and I squeezed my thighs together. “Whew”, I thought, “this thin mountain air is making me giddy “.As I watched him, I realized that he was watching me. His eyes were focused squarely on my chest and I saw the tip of his tongue pass slowly across his bottom lip. He was fantasizing about me! The thought of him thinking about the same thing I was sent a shiver down my spine and my pussy contracted again, dampening my panties. My clit began to swell, and I could feel it pressing out from between my lips against the fabric of my panties.As I stared, focused on his lips, they formed into a mischievous smile; kind of a half smirk, half leer that suggested his mind was definitely on something other than his Ranger duties. My gaze shifted to his eyes and he looked straight at me. His smile was reflected in his eyes in a sexy glitter. I blushed and turned back towards Jeni and Ranger Jim.They had finished their conversation and Jim had begun to make his way back towards the truck. Jeni sidled up beside me and in a low voice said, “I invited them back for dinner. Don’t you think Jim is hot?”“You what?” I exclaimed. “You invited two perfect strangers to come and have dinner with us tonight?”“Hey”, she said. “I figured they were harmless. I mean, Rangers are like Boy Scouts. You know, helpful, courteous, and kind. I sure would like it if Jim ‘helped’ me, if you know what I mean.” She giggled like a schoolgirl and blushed a little, nudging me in the ribs with her elbow.I laughed. “God, you’re a horny little bitch aren’t you?”She laughed again and we returned to the task of getting our tent and camp set up. Secretly, I was fantasizing about what might happen when Jim and the other Ranger returned.The afternoon passed lazily as we lounged around the camp, enjoying the warm sunshine. Jeni rambled on about how cute Jim was and fantasized aloud about doing it in the woods with him. As she chattered, I was lost in my own fantasy about my mysterious Ranger.About four in the afternoon, I grabbed my stuff and headed up the road to the bathroom. If I was going to have to sleep in the woods, I thought, at least I’d be clean.I entered the shower area, turned on the water to heat up, and took off my clothes. I stepped under the water. It was warm and felt good against my skin. Taking the soap and washcloth I had brought with me, I began to lather myself. Almost immediately, I was immersed in fantasy again. ‘His’ hands were slowly passing across my body and breasts. ‘His’ hands caressed my soapy ass.Soon ‘his’ hands were planted firmly between my legs, stroking the length of my slit and teasing my clit. Teasing soon turned into full-scale masturbation and I came hard against my hand, falling back against the shower wall, and his face clear against the lids of my tightly closed eyes.Unexpectedly, I felt hands on my breasts. My eyes flew open in surprise and there stood Jeni, naked and smiling.“Looked like you were enjoying yourself”, she said. “Thought I would help out.”I stood there in shock. I had never known that Jeni might be bi, or that she was in the least bit interested in me.“I… but…”, I stammered.“Relax”, she said. “Just a little fun.”Leaning forward, Jeni ran her tongue across my nipple. The little bud grew harder as her hands slowly slid down the curves of my body.I was stunned. I had never been touched by a woman before. Her soft hands seemed to know each curve of my body as no man had before. I shivered despite the warm water cascading down our bodies. Passion flared again within me.Her hands soon found my ass and she squeezed my cheeks drawing her body close to mine in a passionate embrace, her lips finding mine, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. I gave myself to her completely, without a word.We stood there, interlocked, our mouths hungrily feeding on each other’s passion.Time seemed to hold suspended. The warm water and hot bodies completing a kind of sensual envelope, isolated from reality. My eyes shut tight as the sensuality washed over me in waves.Jeni’s lips left mine and began to trace a path between by breasts and down my stomach. Involuntarily, I leaned back against the wall of the shower as she reached my mound.“Mmmm”, I heard her say quietly.She gently parted my legs and I felt her tongue trace the halkalı escort length of my slit. I bent my knees slightly and she thrust her tongue between the folds, seeking my clit. Soon, her tongue was jabbing and flicking the already sensitive button.In seemingly no time, I was coming again, my hips bucking in Jeni’s face as she held on to my ass with both hands.“Oh my God”, I panted. “Oh my God.”Rising, she kissed me with open lips. I tasted myself on them.She released me, turning towards the shower head.“Now go on”, she said. “I’ve got to get ready too!”Recovering, I stepped out into the changing area. I stared down at my bag for a few moments, trying to decide what to wear. I finally decided that if anything were going to happen tonight, I would be prepared.I grabbed a pair of white, cotton thong panties and slid them up, covering my still sensitive pussy. On top of those, I tugged on a pair of tight “Daisy Duke” shorts. They were so short, that the bottom of my ass was clearly visible. They were so tight that the crotch seam dug into my pussy, parting the lips slightly and forcing my panties inside. The outer lips were clearly visible under the denim.Next, I selected a black nylon bandeau and I knotted a man’s dress shirt around my midriff.I looked at myself in the mirror and cupped my breasts, lifting them up so that thebandeau snugged tight against them.Jeni stepped out of the shower, toweling her hair and saw me looking at myself in the mirror. “Ow!” “You’re out hunting for bear!” she said.“No, I’m just baiting the trap”.It was shortly after 6 when Jim and his friend arrived at our camp. Jeni had dressed similarly to me, but only wore a bikini top over her very tight shorts. When Jim and his friend stepped out of the forestry truck, I saw a look of pure lust cross their faces as they saw us.Jim eyed Jeni like a fox looks at a chicken and his friend did not try to hide his staring at me.We introduced ourselves. “Hi, I’m Dave”, he said looking directly into my eyes. I thought I saw myself reflected in the shining pools of ocean blue eyes that looked at me. “I’m Sheri”, I said, noticing that he was holding my hand a little longer that was required for a handshake. He continued to look deeply into my eyes for a few moments and then released my hand.“You have the most beautiful brown eyes that I have ever seen”, he said. “They almost look gold in the sun, amazing!” “Thank you”, I said, turning away so he could not see I was blushing like a teenager.Jim and Jeni had already paired off and were sitting around the barbeque pit where four beautiful filet mignon steaks were grilling. I had wondered before we left why Jeni had insisted on packing four steaks. Now I began to see. She had been baiting her trap too.“Oh, I forgot something”, Jim said and bounded back to the truck. He returned with a gallon of red wine and poured full glasses for each of us. We ate and drank the wine, talking and flirting. I kept coming back to Dave’s eyes. The blue iris seemed to draw me into their depths. I wondered what else might be hidden in the depths of his eyes.After dinner, as the sun began to drop below the trees, we started the campfire and paired off, each couple sitting on a blanket on different sides of the fire. Jim and Jeni were already necking, totally involved with each other. Dave and I might as well not have been there.“So, do you like camping”, Dave asked. “I’ve never really camped like this before”, I said. “You know, in a tent, out in the woods”. I flashed him a wicked smile. “But I really like what I’ve seen so far”.He flashed that mischievous grin I had seen earlier in the day, and without warning leaned forward and kissed me firmly on the mouth. Without thinking, my mouth opened to his and soon our tongues were deeply entangled in each other’s mouths.We continued our deep kissing for some time, when we heard a noise that caused us to look up, just in time to see Jim and Jeni running off into the forest, blanket in hand. I could hear Jeni giggling as she ran. I knew where they were heading and glanced at Dave. Would he be expecting me to do the same?He saw the question in my eyes and kissed me gently on the forehead. “No hurries, no worries”, he said.We continued kissing, arms entwined tightly around each other, when I became aware of a sound coming from the woods in the direction Jim and Jeni had run. “What was that?” I said. “Well”, Dave said with a knowing smile. “Let’s go see”.We walked a short way into the woods. In the deepening twilight it was getting difficult to see, but my eyes quickly adjusted. We had not gone far, when I heard the sound again. I recognized the sound as a muffled moan. We went a few more steps and I froze in my tracks.Just ahead were Jim and Jeni. Jim was standing, leaning back against a tree, shorts and underwear around his ankles. Jeni’s fist encircled Jim’s cock at the base, and she was licking the head of his cock with obvious relish.I drew in a sharp breath, almost a gasp, when Dave grabbed me by the arm and pulled me down behind a small bush. “Shhh”, he said. “You want to watch for a while?”I had never watched people have sex this close to me except on an occasional porno tape. My first reaction was embarrassment, and my second a voyeuristic curiosity that I had never felt before.“Yes”, I said and blushed, hoping that the growing darkness would hide the color in my face.I returned my attention to Jim and Jeni. Jeni had now sucked the head of Jim’s cock into her mouth and was slowly drawing it deeper. She pushed her head lower until it reached her fist, and removing her hand, continued until her nose was buried in Jim’s pubic hair. Jim responded with a low grunt followed by an almost a****l moan.Jeni slowly withdrew his cock until only the tip was tightly between her lips and then began to lower her head down again, stopping only when her face was against his hips.Slowly, Jeni began to increase the speed of her motions until soon she was moving her head like a piston up and down Jim’s cock, his head thrown back, the moan in his throat almost a constant noise.Watching them, I could feel myself getting excited and my panties began to dampen. I could sense Dave’s presence nearby and wondered if he would touch me.Suddenly, Jim placed his hands on Jeni’s head and pushed her backwards, making her relinquish her hold on his cock. Moving his hands to her shoulders, he continued to lower her down until she lay on her back on the blanket they had brought.Reaching to her waist, Jim unbuttoned her tight shorts and slid them down her legs and off of her feet. I saw Jim smile and heard Jeni giggle. I knew that Jim had just discovered that Jeni shaved her pussy hair and never wore panties.Jim knelt before her, parted her legs, and literally shoved his face into her pussy. The reaction was immediate. Jeni’s head tilted backwards and her eyes closed tightly. Now it was Jeni’s time to moan.I could see Jim’s head moving between Jeni’s thighs and I could imagine his tongue lashing away at her clit. I shifted position and lost my balance. Falling backwards, I found myself encircled by Dave’s strong arms. I rested comfortably there şişli escort while I turned my attention back to Jim and Jeni.It was obvious that Jeni was about to come. Her body was shaking and she had wrapped her legs around Jim’s shoulders. Her hips began to thrust upwards against Jim’s face as I heard a little cry escape from her lips. She began to shudder all over as her orgasm took control. Thrashing under him, Jim continued to lick and suck her pussy.When her orgasm had passed, I saw Jim kneel between her legs, but Jeni shook her head. “You lie down”, I heard her say.Jim laid on the blanket, his cock pointing at his face, the head large and bulbous. She straddled him and reached down, grabbed his cock, guiding it into her. Once inside, she sat down hard on his cock, slamming her ass into his hips, and began to grind her crotch against him.Leaning forward, she grabbed his wrists, and began to ride him. Up, down, back and forth, moving at a fast rhythm. Jeni was completely into fucking this perfect stranger, and I was watching. A thrill went down my spine and I snuggled closer to Dave.It did not take long until Jeni was coming again. Throwing her head back, she thrust down hard on his prick, holding the down stroke while her orgasm rippled through her body. I could hear little mewing sounds from her as she rocked slowly against him, her orgasm raging.By now I was very excited. My panties were soaked and I’m sure that Dave could smell the musk rising from my crotch. He was excited too. As I leaned back against him, I could feel his hardness through his shorts. To tease him, I wiggled my ass against his bulge and heard him draw a deep breath.Jeni dismounted and knelt beside Jim, who got on his knees behind her. Entering her from the rear, Jim began to pound into her with the first stroke. I could hear his hips slapping against her ass. In moments, Jim withdrew and his cock began to spurt all over Jeni’s back, his sperm visible in the growing moonlight like a geyser.“We’d better go”, Dave whispered in my ear. “They will be heading back this way soon”.We made our way back to the campfire and stood there, holding each other tight, kissing. I could still feel his erection in his shorts and ground my hips against it. His hands found the opening to my shirt, and he began stroking my breasts through my bandeau top. My nipples hardened immediately. His fingers found them and began to tease them through the fabric.Jim and Jeni soon reappeared, walking hand in hand, looking somewhat bedraggled, but quite satisfied. Jim whispered something into Jeni’s ear and began to make his way to the truck.“Tomorrow, I’m off of work”, Dave said. “There is a really cool sunspot observatory near here I would like to show you”. We made plans for him to pick me up the next morning and exchanged one last kiss before he left.I walked over to where Jeni was standing and we waved as they drove off. “Have fun”, I asked. “Yes”, she said “Lots”.The next morning, Dave was punctual and picked me up at about 10:00 am. He was dressed quite casually; a long sleeved cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow and a pair of loose khaki cargo shorts. As we turned towards his jeep, I took a quick look at his ass. I really love a nice ass on a man and Dave’s didn’t disappoint me.We drove out of the campground and turned onto a winding, paved road that led deeper into the mountains. The noise of the motor wind prevented any meaningful conversation, but we exchanged pleased looks as I caught him looking at my legs and feet clad only in the briefest sandals. I had sat up by lantern light and painted my toenails the brightest red color that Jeni and I had. Dave had obviously noticed and was ogling my legs and feet.We stopped at a stop sign and he leaned over towards me. “I wanted to stop by my place and pick up a picnic lunch I prepared”, he said. “Do you mind a little detour?” I assured him that it was all right, and he put the jeep in gear and made a left turn onto a gravel road that led steeply up into the mountains.Dave was busy driving and shifting gears and I could see his muscles working as he drove, flexing as he operated the clutch and gear shift. I began to fantasize about him picking me up with those strong muscles and carrying me to his bed.I shook my head to clear the vision, and began to watch the scenery. In a few moments, we stopped in front of a beautiful log cabin nestled amongst the trees. “It’s not much”, he said, “but it’s home.”“I think it’s beautiful”, I said as we climbed the steps of the cabin onto the wide porch furnished with several rocking chairs. “I didn’t know I liked rustic, but I like this.”Dave opened the carved hardwood front door, and the illusion of a rustic cabin was shattered. The hardwood floors were s**ttered with Berber rugs. Sturdy furniture of heavy oak and pine tastefully accented the room, facing a large stone chimney. A simple staircase led to the upper floor where I assumed the bedroom was. Everything appeared clean and modern.“The basket is in the kitchen, but I need to get wine out of the cellar”, he said. “Feel free to look around while I get it ready to go.” He exited out a side door in the kitchen and I began to walk slowly around the room, examining this and that. I wondered what his bedroom was like, so I quietly climbed the stairs and opened the only door.His room was furnished in the same heavy oak and pine style as the rest of the house, with the same Berber rugs on the floor. The dresser and end table complimented the centerpiece of the room: a large four-poster bed. The bed was covered in a simple, handmade quilt, and as I reached out to touch it, I realized that it concealed a feather mattress. I sighed audibly as I thought what it must be like to make love on such softness.“Do you like it”, he said from the doorway. I almost jumped out of my skin as he chuckled. “Don’t be afraid little girl, I won’t bite; unless you want me to.”I turned towards him, and he swept me into his arms, his lips seeking mine. Our mouths opened together and soon our tongues tangled. I allowed my hands to roam to his ass and cupping them, squeezed his firm cheeks with my hands. His hands mirrored mine, and soon we were pulling each other tightly, our hips locked, grinding together.Releasing me briefly, he turned and sat on the edge of the bed. I leaned forward to renew our kiss, and he placed his hands on my ass again, drawing me up onto his lap, my legs astride his. I could feel his cock hard inside his shorts and I slid my pussy across it as I climbed into his lap, crossing my legs behind him and pulling my crotch tight against him.He reached out and gently touched my face pulling me deeper into the kiss: his tongue sliding in and out of my mouth, teasing my lips, causing shivers to run down my spine. I entwined my hands in his hair and he reached behind me and moved his hands up under the tail of my shirt, his hands rough on the softness of my back, rising upwards until he reached my bra. With a deftness that I had never seen in a man before, he quickly had my bra unfastened. I moaned as his hands followed sarıyer escort my now loosened bra around to the undersides of my breasts.He cupped my tits with his rough hands and began to rub his thumbs across my nipples. I removed my mouth from his at the intensity of his touch and threw my head backwards. A low guttural moan came from my throat and I realized that I’d never made this noise before. I felt his warm lips kissing my neck and face and I dissolved into a writhing, gasping thing.Turning, he laid me gently on the bed and I sank into its soft feathery embrace. Slowly, almost reverently, he began to remove my clothing. As each piece revealed a new area of bare skin, Dave kissed and nuzzled me until my skin was afire with tingling.By the time he removed my bra, my nipples were already rock hard, begging to be sucked. Dave wasted no time in answering their call. His mouth encircled a nipple and his brushy moustache tickled the swell of my breast. I was living the fantasy I had when I first saw him. He continued teasing my nipples; first circling the areola with his tongue then sucking the hard little buds into his mouth, switching back and forth between them until my tits were soft, topped by a tight pebble of a pink nipple.Still sucking on one tit, his hand began to slowly make its way down my belly, gliding softly across my skin, leaving goose bumps in its wake. He reached the top of my shorts and soon had the button undone. He began working them off my hips and sliding then down my legs. I obliged him by kicking off my sandals and, placing my feet on the bed, raised my hips. Soon, my shorts were gone and I lay there wearing only a pair of very wet panties.His mouth began to trace the trail that his fingers had blazed, and soon he reached my navel. Using his tongue, he explored its depths; teasing the rim with quick, gentle flicks. Fire ran through my belly to my crotch, as if a direct line existed to my clit. A moan escaped from my lips and I could feel his mouth form a smile against my belly. He continued lower.He placed his thumbs under the band of my panties and they had soon joined my shorts, shirt, and bra on the floor. He repositioned himself so that his shoulders were between my knees and paused. “Beautiful”, I heard him say in almost a whisper, and I stole a glance at his face. His eyes roamed my body, drinking me in, as if trying to memorize me in a glance. His eyes rested on my pussy, where only a thin covering of auburn hair protected me from his gaze.Slowly, he lowered his head and began softly kissing my inner thighs and lower belly, circling, drawing closer to my pussy. I could feel my clit begin to throb and the moisture drip from my lips. I wanted to feel his hard tongue on me, to lick me like I was his only source of nourishment, to drink at my well.Reaching out, I placed my hands on his head, intertwining my fingers in his hair. Pulling gently, I directed his head where I wanted it, and I felt his lips press against mine, a kiss as intimate as any we had shared before.His mouth opened against my slit, and I felt his tongue slide into my hole, lapping at the juices flowing from me, drawing them into his mouth. I could hear his lips smacking as he ate me. The insides of my pussy were throbbing as his tongue pierced me again and again. Removing his mouth from my hole, he licked upwards until he found my clit, circled it with the tip, and started down again. He continued to lick up and down, like a c***d licks an ice cream cone, always circling, never touching my clit. Each time he reached the top of my slit, I thrust my hips upward, trying to mash my nub in his mouth, but his tongue danced away.I lost track of time as my mind and body completely focused on his tongue and the pleasure it was giving me. At the top of a lick, he curled his tongue around my erect clit and sucked it between his lips.My orgasm hit me like a truck. My body began to shake uncontrollably: my head thrashing about and my arms and legs acting with a mind of their own. He sucked harder on my clit and flicked his tongue lightly across it. After that, I have only vague memories of what happened for the next few minutes. I was so completely engulfed by pleasure, that I have no conscious memory of anything but my pussy throbbing and sucking and the electric pleasure that was coursing through my body.As I finally returned to reality, I realized that Dave had shed his shorts and shirt and was kneeling between my legs; his hard cock pointing at my pussy like a missile ready to launch. His cock was long. Not scary long, but long; well over seven inches, and fat. Engorged with blood, it had turned an angry red, demanding attention.He placed the tip against my hole, which was slick and wet with a combination of my juices and his saliva. Slowly, he slid the head into me. I thought I would immediately have another orgasm as his length filled me. He continued his slow progress until I felt his balls come to rest against my ass. I felt full. Fuller than I had felt with any man before and the walls of my pussy were squeezing against his cock of their own accord. I could feel the fat tip of his cock pressing against that special spot deep in my pussy.He rested there for a moment and bent forward to kiss me, sticking his tongue deep in my mouth. I could taste my own juices on his lips and sucked hungrily on his tongue; my mouth and pussy filled completely with this man. Withdrawing his mouth from mine, he bent and caught a nipple between his teeth, biting gently. My pussy throbbed against his meat again and he began to slowly slide out of me.My cunt sucked at his cock hungrily, trying to keep him deep inside, but he withdrew all but the tip before pushing in again. Soon his thrusts quickened and he was battering my pussy with his rod, pounding my G-spot at the bottom of every stroke. I was about to come again and I knew it.“Come with me”, I said. “Spurt your cum inside me. Fuck me!” I had never spoken like this to a lover before, but with this man, it seemed natural.As if on cue, I felt his cock grow even larger and begin to pulse inside me. I could feel his semen begin to flood my clutching pussy with a spreading heat that triggered my own orgasm.Again, I lost my grip on reality, focused only on the throbbing piece of hot meat that was spearing me. I came harder and longer than before, if that is possible. When I regained my senses, I realized that I was crying. Tears were running down my face, pooling in my ears.I looked at him and his face changed from one of orgasmic ecstasy to one of concern. “Are you OK”, he asked. “My God”, I sobbed. “My God!” He stroked my face with his hand, trying to wipe away the tears, and kissed me softly on the lips.I could feel his cock softening inside me and he tried to draw away. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him against me, unwilling to be separated from him.It took me a few moments to fully regain my composure. I held tightly to him and whispered in his ear. “I Love You”.He kissed the side of my neck. “And I have loved you since I first saw you”, he said.I’ve become a real mountain girl since then, and I’ve put my own feminine stamp on Dave’s cabin. Each day I wait impatiently for him every day to come home and relive our first time together. We plan to marry in the fall and we are already talking about having babies. I feel complete.We still see Jim and Jeni. She pays regular visits to Jim and we hope that someday they will be as happy as we are.