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THE CREATURE WITHIN 12: GIRL TIMECHAPTER 12: GIRL TIMEWe were all soaked to the skin after the exposure to the storm. I settled the boys in for the rest of the night after rewarding them with the leftover meatballs from a recent spaghetti dinner, despite Adrian’s playful protests. I equally playfully offered that he could take them away, if he really wanted them.The three of us were headed for the upstairs for hot showers and bed when Sylvia emptied her pocket in the kitchen, finding the business card Rosa had given me. “Annie!” I was at the bottom of the stairs when I heard her call. There was an equal measure of confusion and fear in her voice. I poked my head into the entry to the kitchen and found Adrian with her, looking at something in her hand. As I approached she held it up to show me. It was the card. “There’s blood on the card. Where are you hurt?”My mind was a fog between the fatigue and the downside of the adrenaline rush of the evening. I felt my legs and arms, touching my face, when she grabbed my hands and looked closely, holding one up to Adrian to verify what she was already seeing.“Smeared blood on your hands and forearms.”“Okay. I hoped I had cleaned it off.” I gaged her reaction but realized she wasn’t going to be appeased by a casual shake-off answer. “It’s not mine. The alpha coyote charged, leapt at me, and I caught it. I had to kill it. Look … it was too dark for the k**s to see what happened. They only heard the snarls, growling, barking, and the rest.”Adrian, still looking at my hand, switch his gaze to my face. “You didn’t have any weapons, though. How …?”With my eyes, I indicated to my hands. They both looked from me to the hand they were holding. Instantly, my fingertips changed with the appearance of one inch claws. Sharp claws. Sylvia dropped my hand, her hands went to her mouth. She backed away, her face draining of color. She turned, walking deliberately to the stairs. I called out to her but her reaction was telling. Her raised her hands to stop me and she continued up the stairs. I sank to the floor on my knees, my shoulders sagged, my chin on my chest.Adrian knelt next me, taking me in his arms. He wiped the tears from my face.“She hates me. I disgust her, I know it. I should have always known it.”He lifted my chin. He had a soft smile for me. He seems unaffected by this new revelation. “She doesn’t hate you. She’s tired. She’s confused. She’s afraid. And, she loves you. That hasn’t changed. Give her some time to work it out herself. Please? Okay?”I wiped some fresh tears away. I stood up and walked through the rec room to the patio door. I heard Adrian ask from the entryway, “Where are you going?”“The rain stopped. I’m getting the boys and spend more time with them.” He didn’t argue, even if my response didn’t make much sense.* * * * *The next morning, I wasn’t to be found. At least, not in the house. The shower in my suite hadn’t been used, the bed hadn’t been slept in. I wasn’t downstairs in the kitchen or rec room. I wasn’t hiding and I hadn’t left. When I retrieved Wolf and Preta after leaving Adrian, I led them to the back of the property and settled on the ground against a landscape rock formation near the back fence. It had been a quiet and peaceful night. When the storm blew through, the sky cleared, revealing a magnificent starry display in the dark sky. The boys settle in next to me and promptly went back to sleep. They had done everything they could in support of me last night and they had every right to now seek some deserved rest and recovery.I didn’t sleep very much, however. I spent much of the night thinking. Thinking and petting my boys as they slept. They didn’t bother themselves with emotions, second-guessing, recrimination, and doubt. I did. Sylvia did. I must have fallen asleep late, or very early morning. I woke to the stirring of the a****ls next to me. They didn’t get up, but they were shifting. That alone indicated that whatever it was, it was safe. I opened my eyes to find Sylvia crouched in front of me, petting each of the a****ls.I rubbed my eyes and stretched my aching body. I was exhausted and soaking wet before I left the house. After spending the night on the wet ground, I felt even worse. During the night outside, a lot of different thoughts came to my mind deserving consideration. One, that reoccurred several times, was if I should consider leaving Sylvia. Maybe find someplace where I could hide. Ultimately, I knew I wasn’t going to hide or pretend, anymore. Leaving, though …I looked at her with guilt in my heart and face. “I’m sorry, Sylvia. I should have known better than to think I could exist in ‘normal’ society. I know what you saw last night frightened you. I understand. I do …”She pulled me into her arms and she sobbed as she held onto me. “Shhhhh … oh, Annie, no … no, never. Annie …” she pushed me back enough to make eye contact. “It’s me, Annie. I didn’t handle that well, not well at all. Adrian questioned me last night and I suddenly realized what that must have seemed to you. I tried to run to you, but he made me promise to leave you for the night. All of our emotions were so raw from last night.” She hugged me, again. “That’s no excuse, though, Annie. I’m sorry. Can you forgive me?”“No, it’s me. You saw me with claws. I don’t blame you for being frightened.”She chuckled. I looked at her sharply. She put her hand on the side of my face gently. “Yes …” she looked deep into my eyes, “yes, I was frightened. But I wasn’t fright BY you. Dear girl, I frightened FOR you.” She moved and pushed Preta out of the way so she could sit next to me. That alone lifted my spirits; she has come to trust the a****ls so completely. She trusts that she won’t be hurt by these wild a****ls. “Honey, first, none of this would have ever happened if I hadn’t pushed you to go to get those a****ls for the resort. Second, even with all the talking we have done about what is happening to you, even after hearing from you that you may have claws, istanbul escort it was all theoretical to me. You were that wonderful, young woman that lit my life with amazing new experiences. Yes, Annie, I was frightened, scared, and I felt hopeless. I was afraid for you, not me. I should have sat down with you last night. I should have talked about all this last night.” She held my face between her hands, “That’s why I ask for your forgiveness.”I scrambled to throw my arms around her neck, causing Wolf to scramble away from my feet.She took me inside, guided me to my suite, making me promise to shower and go to bed. While I was in the shower, she turned down my bed, drew the curtains to provide some darkness, and left a note on the pillow. I smiled at the words: Annie, I believe with all my heart YOU are going to do great things for others. Just as you did last night. I will always treasure our friendship. Love, Syl.Syl. She has a nickname? Is that Adrian’s influence?* * * * *I woke with a start. I was being shaken awake. My sleep had been deep and untroubled. Given the night before, I was surprised how peaceful it had been. Sylvia was encouraging me wake and to dress, the day had suddenly become busy and she needed my help. She would explain over lunch downstairs.It was just after noon when I entered the kitchen and was pointed to the dinette table where plates of eggs, sausage, and fresh fruit were waiting. Breakfast was my favorite meal and she remembered how I hated to miss it.On the way into downtown she told me that two things came up for today. The first, a press conference became a demand as a result of the word spreading about the k**s being saved. The other … she said she should have told me about yesterday and talked to me about it, but the evening kind of fell apart. I laughed, the understatement. But, she said the details could wait until later, but she was having a little get-together for two of her closest friends and they wanted to meet me. Adrian was taking some of the police officials to the soccer game tonight.That sounded less than clear. What was it she was still not telling me?Adrian and I were standing behind Sylvia as she took to the microphone setup in front of the Contreras Building. It seemed that every TV and other news agency were present as well as general people. The entire courtyard was filled and spilled onto the sidewalks and required police control to manage the traffic around the crowd. According to Sylvia, the media had pressed much of the day for more details about what happened last night. Word had spread about the search and that Sylvia had personally been present. Sylvia’s few words gave way to a flurry of questions.“What was your involvement in the search, Senora Contreras?” “Did you go to offer support?” “How was your support received?” “We have heard that a young woman was ultimately responsible for finding the c***dren?” “Is that true?” “How did she do that in the dark, if we heard the conditions properly?” “Who is this woman, Senora?” “Is she available?” “What about the families, the c***dren? Are they available?”Sylvia held up her hands to stop the barrage of questions and turned to us. “You’re the one they want to talk to.”I looked at the group assembled. There’s always a first-time for everything. I stopped her as we changed places. “Did someone contact Rosa Lopez about this?” She nodded. “You know I promised her the story.” She nodded, again.I stood before the microphone and the questions started up, again. This time it was me who held up my hands to stop the questions. “We need to understand three things right at the start. One, my name is Annie Linder and I am associated with the Contreras Foundation. Two, I am not answering any of your questions about last night. Three, is Rosa Lopez out there somewhere?” A hand rose above the heads, almost at the rear. “Okay, make a path for her. Come on, open a path. I want her right here in front.”Comments started, again, this time why no questions were going to be answered. That was what a press conference was, blah, blah, blah.I held up my hands for quiet. “I will answer questions, but only from Rosa Lopez, here.” Protests and I held up my hands for quiet. “Listen, folks, she and I can have an interview in private or she can ask her questions in public and all of you can get the information. You might feel this is unfair; I’m sure you do. You are the big news outlets for the surrounding area, maybe for the country. There is a reason why I am doing this, however.” I waited for a beat, getting their attention. “Rosa Lopez writes ‘Rosa’s World’, a blog. I looked it up this morning.” I looked at her directly. “It’s good! Well written and gutsy. She focuses on issues involving the poor. She covers crime, education and medical needs, and the need for local employment and markets.” I waited and was satisfied with the attention. Rosa looked nervous with the attention. “Does anyone know the reason I am answering only her questions?” Nobody, of course. “Rosa Lopez took the risk, if she felt any, to be up there when the k**s went missing.” I looked out over the crowd of reports and press. “None of you. Only her.”She led me through a series of questions: who I was, where I came from, how I knew Senora Contreras, why I thought I could find the c***dren in the dark. That last one stopped me and I thought. I certainly couldn’t answer the full truth.“My a****ls are very good at that kind of thing. I just had the feeling that we could do it.”You’ve done the same thing before?“No, not like that.”Then, like what? And, how did you come to have those a****ls?I didn’t want to look back at Sylvia and raise any suspicions. Maybe a partial truth would be better. “Do you recall a story of a woman and man walking out of the jungle from Brazil a few years ago?” And, that led into the a****ls ‘befriending’ me and helping us out of the jungle. “Ever avcılar escort since, we’ve been together.”The questions from Rosa continued for another fifteen minutes. Cameras were capturing it, writers were taking notes, Rosa was recording it all on her phone. I leaned into her, “Satisfied?” She smiled so brightly, I thought she might burst.I thanked them and requested a few more words. “Senora Contreras might gasp when I say this. I’m not sure I should even be saying something on her behalf, so I will say it as someone who is just learning. I have come to believe that this is a wonderful country and city. I believe there is so much potential, but there is also so much that needs to be done. I want to share a little story that occurred just before we made the decision to try to help finding those k**s last night. Senora Contreras and I were in her office reviewing some charities her foundation is assisting when Major Ramos came in to tell us what he had learned from one of the drivers. The k**s had been missing all day. All day. There was nothing on the news. The police were not involved in the search. Remember that one c***d a couple of weeks ago? Yes, we all do. Remember the effort that was given in that search? I am not speaking ill of anyone. Choices are made. Politics. Economics. Social station, right? You think that my not answering your questions isn’t fair? That disparity in this city between different people is REALLY not fair. That was when we decided to do something; anything at that point was better than nothing.” I hesitated, “I just think more people need to do more for each other. Thank you.”I turned to Sylvia and was surprised to see a tear leaking from her right eye and sliding down her cheek. We hugged. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find Rosa. I enveloped her into my arms and hugged her tightly. She thanked me for what I had done for her. She pulled back.“There are some people to see you.” She pointed down the stairs to the courtyard. Rosa motioned for them and I sat on the top step and was crushed by the three c***dren crashing into me. I would find out later that several of the cameras were still recording.After I managed to hug and talk to each of the k**s, Rosa introduced the families. Sylvia, Adrian and I were invited to a ‘thank you’ celebration in a park-like area near their homes. Adrian leaned to my ear and whispered that it would be honoring them to accept. So, I did. After a nice conversation where it was made clear that the a****ls were also invited, we made our way home. I told Sylvia and Adrian that I was uncomfortable with the families spending what little they had in celebration for me. They assured me of two things: one, that to the families it was their way of giving thanks; and, two, Sylvia would try to anonymously contribute some of the food. I was not used to this public attention.* * * * *Once again I found myself in my bedroom dressing specifically for Sylvia. But, unlike the time when we both were dressing like this for Adrian, this time my outfit was simpler and it was only me. I looked in the mirror and wondered how I so easily agree to these things. The dampness between my legs and the erect nipples on my breast were obvious indicators, though. I was turned on by being an exhibitionist. Not an exhibitionist that might offend others who might not enjoy it, but an exhibitionist for those that are also turned on by the display. Apparently, that was what this little gathering of Sylvia’s two friends was about.Well, maybe not just about me in black stockings and heels and nothing else but my tattoos. Specifically, it was about me dressed this way and being mated by Wolf and Preta, in that order. How did this come about? It seems that Sylvia over time had let just enough slip during their little gatherings that her two widowed friends started piecing information together with some internet searching to discover enough to approach Sylvia directly. Certainly not in a confrontational way, but a very, very curious way. These three women had known each other since they were in grade school together. Now, they were very curious about b********y. Ironic, it was Sylvia’s curiosity about b********y that got me into this part of the world. Now, it was her friends’ curiosity about it that had me about to do a performance of sorts.Sylvia assured me the women were all quite serious about getting into b********y and felt the best first step was to see what it for themselves. Sylvia was reluctant to do it herself and, besides, she didn’t have a****ls of her own. So, as I descended the stairs in heels and stocking, I was getting more excited by the moment. This wasn’t much different than the presentations we made at the resort. It was better, in fact. This was more intimate and for people who were important to Sylvia. And, with Adrian away at the game, there was time to play.They were gathered on edge of the patio, Wolf and Preta were running in the back of the yard, oblivious of what might be coming shortly. I opened the sliding door and stepped onto the patio, my heels clicking against the stone surface. This caused the women to turn at the sound. The two friends of Sylvia sucked in a gasp at seeing me walking slowing to them. I wanted this entire affair to be sensual for them, not just the fucking of an a****l. So, my walk was slow and sensual, placing one foot directly in front of the other, a gait that would accentuate my hip movement and provide a slight bit more bounce to my breasts. They stared as I approached.Sylvia was seated in the middle of the women as they faced out to the yard and the preserve in the distance. I walked up behind her, stopped and bent over with straight legs, feeling my breasts fall slightly as my back went horizontal. My arms around her, I kissed her neck. She put her hands on my arms and pressed them into her upper chest. She pulled me between the chairs to be in front of the şirinevler escort women.“You are such a tease. I didn’t know you were going to do this …”I smiled at her with glances to the other two women. “Nothing is too much for your friends. I wanted to show that b********y doesn’t have to crude or dirty. I woman can be elegant, sophisticate, and discerning while enjoying the pleasures of an a****l. Or,” I winked at her, “a woman could allow herself to a****listic, too.”The two women, Martha and Sofia, were still gaping. Martha broke their silence, first, “Syl, you’ve been hiding this goddess?” Sofia added, “You are a beautiful creature, my dear.”I thought to myself, they called her Syl. That was an affectionate name from as far back as when they were her school friends.Sylvia got up, took me into her arms from the back. “Vultures. I’ll protect you from these hussies.” They all laughed. Sylvia introduced everyone but they didn’t stopped gazing at my exposed body.They had questions about mating with a dog, but were just as curious about my preference, including my preference of man or dog. I laughed.“Man or dog? Why not woman?” That stopped them. They looked at Sylvia, then me and back to Sylvia with eyes pleading for explanation. Sylvia confessed that she and I did also enjoy each other. I explained that I didn’t have a bigger preference of one or another. I enjoyed males of human and a****l species and I also enjoyed the pleasures of women. I explained how I felt each had pleasure aspects that the others didn’t have and that went for different species of a****ls. Wolf and Preta were different, but I enjoyed each immensely.I received reassurances from the women that they were serious about exploring b********y based on Sylvia’s descriptions and felt my demonstration with Wolf would also help. I suggested that rather than me trying to do a running dialog for them while in the act, I would leave Sylvia to provide some comments and answer any questions along the way. That was mostly for my benefit than for theirs. Even though this was about to be performed in front of woman I had just met, I was most interested in enjoying Wolf and the exhibitionistic side of the activity.I whistled loudly, bringing both Wolf and Preta rushing to us from the back of the yard. The women were astounded at the grace and power showing in the way the a****ls moved. I looked over my shoulder at them with a twinkle in my eyes. “That isn’t the only way they can show their power.” They were quiet for a moment before they giggled their understanding.I walked about ten feet onto the lawn and stopped, waiting for them to arrive. I was only going to be mating with Wolf, but Preta would not be left out for long this night. I had Preta go to Sylvia. Sofia, who was sitting next to where Preta decided to sit, was apprehensive, but the easy, comfortable, caring stroking Sylvia gave the a****l relaxed her quickly. Soon, Preta had two women stroking his neck and back, and he was soaking the attention up.I knelt down to Wolf and began stroking him. I slipped a hand underneath him and smiled knowingly. He usually could anticipate what my intentions were in such situations. I could feel the tip of his cock already poking from his sheath. I patted the grass in front of me and he lay before me. Wolf was raising his rear leg as I approached him. I licked his cock tip. The pre-cum leaking from it was an indicator of his level of readiness. I sucked and licked on his tip and cock as it came out of the sheath. In the background, I could hear soft conversation, but I ignored it, focusing on what I would be enjoying.I nudged Wolf and turned my body while on my hands and knees and patting my ass. Wolf responded immediately, jumping up and moving to my ass. He was unaffected by the presence of other women, as he had been on the island. He licked my ass, probing between my cheeks and onto my pussy, but he was quickly on my back, his cock sliding over my extended palm between my legs and finding my hole and plunging deeply into me. I opened my mouth wide to gasp out at the deep, familiar penetration. Wolf repositioned himself on me as he pulled me further onto his cock, then re-gripped around my waist, and resumed plowing his cock into my ready pussy.By the time I felt his knot forming and bumping me on the outside, I was eager as always to take him fully inside me. It felt new and rewarding in a strange way. A silly thing, maybe, but this felt somehow that I was able to return something of a favor to Sylvia. It was also rewarding in the sense of introducing two more women into the lifestyle I have enjoyed so much.I was whimpering as the knot stretched my hole, pressing insistently and demandingly to gain entrance into my pussy. I sucked in air, held it in concentration and determination, applying each in the effort to become tied to my favorite canine male, once again. I sighed deeply, groaning out a measure of relief and pleasure as the knot made the final stretch of my pussy and popped into me, filling me so wonderfully. Cock and knot, both inside me, both now swelling as he approached his climax.I heard a sound from the direction of the house. I knew it was the women, one of them shifting her chair for a better look, but I was too far gone to worry or wonder, even if I was inclined to, which I wasn’t. I only focused on the sensations the cock and knot inside me were providing. I felt the pulsing of the cock and knot inside me and I came. My orgasm coming strongly and overpowering. My head pulled back, my mouth open, my lungs aching for air as it occurred to my fuzzy mind that I was again holding my breath. When I exhaled the air and sucked in fresh air, I growl my pleasure. Having lost all consideration of the women nearby, only aware of the pleasure of the cock and knot my Wolf provided me, my exclamation of release was honest and primal.I collapsed to the grass as my orgasm ebbed and the last of his semen was sent into my pussy, mixing it with my own orgasmic juices. Sylvia would later confide that the women were quite taken aback by the sounds I exclaimed. She assured them it was merely my intimate relationship and connection to my a****ls. If I wasn’t part b**st now by genetics, it might well have been true …* * * CHAPTER 13: RECRUIT TRAINING will follow * * * Thanks for reading