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My girlfriend and I were in my room, in bed playing around. As usual we had to be quite as I still lived at home and my Dad worked out of the house a lot. This particular day my girlfriend, now my fiancé, was really horny. We had watched Taboo 2 and the father daughter scene never fails to get her going. I had driven her to the point of orgasm with my mouth and in a fit of passionate rage she returned the favor to me. Now we were both on edge and needed to fuck. I put on a condom since she wasn’t on the pill and she got on her hands and knees, doggy style being her favorite position. As I slowly slid into her she let out a moan. Most of the time she is fairly tight and I have to work at getting it in, today though she was ready to go. I thrusted for a few minutes building up the pace, which she seemed to enjoy. Unfortunately my futon began to squeak loudly.

“Oh my god you’re dad’s going to hear.” She whispered.

“I bet you’d like that.” I replied. “You’d love him to know you were getting fucked, maybe he’d come in and join us.” I felt her pussy tighten. She was into it.

“He wouldn’t.” she said.

“Probably not” I hesitated, “why don’t you go to him then.”

She pulled away from me and turned around. pulled off the condom and sat at the edge of the bed. I stood on the floor in front of her. As she stroked my rock hard cock, she said “Would you like that? Want me to fuck your dad?”

It was my turn to moan as she sucked in my cock, rolling her tongue around the head. Her words made me feel dizzy with excitement.

“You wouldn’t do it.” I said in a mocking tone.

“Yes I would.”



“Then why aren’t you going?”

“Dare me too.”

Now what? My mind raced if I dared her she might not want to back down, but if I didn’t she’d think I was backing down.

“I dare you”

She let go of my cock, stood up and headed for the door. As she reached out for the handle she looked back at me, then she opened the door and stepped into the hall closing the door gently behind her. Holy shit. I realized my dad was down the hall in his office/brothers room. My brother was away at college, so he was hardly ever home. I bet my fiancé was right outside the door. Or maybe she ran to the bathroom. Or maybe she was on her way to fuck my dad! I had to know. I threw on a pair of shorts and went towards the door. I grabbed a couple of condoms…better safe than sorry….

I opened the door, no girlfriend. Looking down the hall I saw the bathroom door was closed and the office door open. She must have eryaman escort gone in the bathroom. I wasn’t sure if I was saddened or relieved. I walked down the hall, stuffing the condoms in my pocket. I stuck my head in the office door to say hello to my dad.

My dad was in the office, sitting in his chair, his profile towards the door. His bathrobe was hanging open and my naked fiancé was kneeling in front of him stroking his cock.

She must have heard me gasp because she looked over at me, smiled sweetly, then turned up to look at my dad. She looked back at me and licked her lips as she bent her head towards my Fathers cock, her gaze not leaving me until her tongue made contact with the tip of my dads penis. She licked the drop of pre-cum off and swallowed it. Her eyes closed and she engulfed him. He moaned and my cock sprang to attention. She bobbed her head up and down his cock, saliva dripping onto her tits. She slowly slid her lips down his cock, taking it more than half of it down her throat before coming up for air. Her tongue danced around the crown as she played with my fathers balls. Her hands moved up and down his shaft as she ran her tongue down his cock stopping to lick and suck his balls. She ran her tongue back up and began to suck his cock again.

She stood up her ass in the air as she continued sucking. I tore off my shorts and put on a condom as I ran to her. I slid in and started a steady rhythm. I grabbed the back of her head and thrust it onto my dads cock. She moaned even more.

After a few minutes she pulled her mouth off him, pulled away from me and turned around. She stood between my fathers legs, facing me. His hands came around her waist and lifted her slightly. She sat back, his cock sliding between her legs. She reached down and took a hold of my dad’s cock sliding it around her pussy playfully putting the tip at the entrance to her cunt.

“Shouldn’t I wear a condom?” My father asked.

“Yeah you should, I’m not on the pill” replied my fiancé.

She looked at me and bit her lip as she slid down onto my father’s dick. She let out a moan as his cock buried itself in her cunt. She began to ride slowly up and down. I watched, transfixed as my own fathers cock slid in and out of my fiancés unprotected pussy.

“Oh daddy..” she moaned.

His hands were busy fondling her massive tits and stroking her clit. She began to pick up the pace, faster and faster she bounced. She had her head bent forward and her feet on my dad’s legs while he grabbed her around the waist, escort eryaman he was lifting her up and slamming her back on his cock. Her eyes opened and she seemed almost surprised to see me. She stopped bouncing and climbed off my father.

She turned around and kissed him, their tongues clashing as she stroked his cock and he played with her tits. It was almost as hot as watching them fuck. “Lie down.” she said to my dad. My dad got off the chair shrugging off his robe as he did, and lay down on my brother’s bed. My fiancé knelt on the bed between his legs and went back to stroking his cock and dipped her head and began lapping at his balls. She sucked them into her mouth and ran her tongue all over them. Then she went lower. My dad groaned as she stuck her tongue in his ass. She looked at me as she licked back up his cock and plunged it back into her mouth. She slobbered all over his cock and moved up, sandwiching his cock between her tits. She fucked him with her tits for a few minutes then resumed her sucking.

She turned her body into a 69 position. I didn’t know where to look, on one end her face was buried in my fathers crotch, the other had him open up her pussy and he was slipping his tongue inside. She moaned at first contact. She tried to keep sucking his cock, but kept stopping and just jerking him off. I watched as his tongue entered her pink folds, his lips finding her clit and sucking it. His used his fingers pushing two inside as his mouth focused on her clit. Finally she had had enough.

She turned again, straddling him poised above his cock. “I’m gonna fuck you good daddy.” she said and sank onto his cock. She slowly moved up and down, and motioned for me to come forward. She grabbed hold of my cock and began slurping all over it. She was making it nice and wet just how I like it. Then she stopped and bent forward dangling her tits in my dads face. “Fuck my ass” She moaned as my Dad slurped on her tits and lifting her ass up and down on his cock. We had never tried anal, and knew she must be really horny if she was willing to give it a try. I got behind her and helped her spread her ass. I dripped some spit on my thumb and massaged her asshole, slowly working my thumb in. Then I switched to my 2 fingers…then 3. She had started pushing back on my fingers and my Dads cock. I pulled my fingers out and placed my cock against her ass and slowly pushed it in, she let out a groan, but didn’t tell me to stop. I was in her virgin ass. I started stroking in and out, and spit on it a few more times. Both our cocks eryaman escort bayan were inside her. Me and my dad were dp’ing my fiance… holy shit…I pulled her hair back and whispered in her ear “Do you like this? Do our cocks feel good?” She moaned and wrapped her arm around my head pulling my mouth to hers. She then bent forward more and kissed my Dad again. It drove me crazy watching them and I started pounding her ass. “Pull my hair” she moaned. I grabbed a fistful of her thick wavy hair and pulled. My dad switched his mouth to her neck, moving down to her tits.

I knew I wouldn’t last long and it seemed like only a few minutes had passed before I said I was going to cum. My fiancé pulled away from us and stood up. “Stand up” she said. We weren’t going to argue. She then sat on the edge of the bed and stroked both of our cocks. She licked and sucked both of us one after the other. She let go of me and really began working my dad’s cock. He grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth, sometimes she likes this and today must have been one of those days. She used one hand to stroke his balls and the other went to her pussy. It was so hot watching his cock going in and out of her mouth, her cheeks sucking in as he pulled almost all the way out. The sounds of her sucking were amazing. Every few thrusts would bury my fiancés nose in my dad’s pubes, and I could see her trying to swallow my dad’s dick.

“I’m going to come” my dad almost whispered.

My fiancé stopped playing with her pussy and began using her hand to jerk off my dad. He tensed up and I could see his cock swelling as he shot his load into her mouth. She was trying to swallow, but it must have been too much, cum ran out of her mouth and she pulled his still spurting cock out and aimed it at her face and tits. Globs of it rained onto her face and between her tits. She had my dad’s cum all over her pretty face and it was running between her tits and down her stomach. My fiancé pulled my dads cock from her mouth again, gave it a final lick reached down with one hand, the other still stroking him, and ran her hand down her chest and stomach gathering cum as she did and tried used it to lube her pussy, it looked like she was trying to stuff some in.

“Next time I want you to come in my pussy daddy” she said as she licked the cum off her lips.

That was it, I began to shoot my load, hitting her in the side of the face, in her hair. She turned and sucked me looking into my eyes as she continued massaging my dad’s cum into her pussy. She swallowed most of the rest of my load, some dripping out of the corners of her mouth. She started to buck as she reached another orgasm. She looked up at us and stroked both our cocks, she was covered with cum.

“We should call Matt” she said, a wicked gleam in her eye, cum dripping from her chin. My brother? What have I started…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32