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The soft breeze blew in from the warm rolling swells of the Indian Ocean, rising up the beach and cooling the hot bodies of the twins as they lay on their sun lounges on the balcony of the beach side cottage they were sharing. It had been Lizzie’s idea to hire one of the beachside cottages on the shores of one of the small islands in the Maldives archipelago. The cottages were more than far enough apart to give the twin’s the feeling of the privacy she thought they both needed, yet still having the amenities of the resort a short drive away.

To Lizzie, the news that she and her almost exact twin Peter, were the result of an incestuous coupling of their parents, had been an almost unbearable shock. True, she had often wondered about how close in looks, stature and disposition they had been to their Mother and now more importantly, to their Uncle Richard. At the time, she had put it down to a strong gene pool and had convinced herself that the appearance of the man she had thought was their Father, was indeed, not that dissimilar to that of her Uncle Richard. Thinking back, Lizzie recalled the strange feeling she used to get that her Mother was always at a distance from her Father, a lacking of closeness, almost intangible. Now all was clear, her Mother had always shown more affection for Uncle Richard, displayed a closeness that wasn’t apparent between what she had thought were her parents.

The earth shattering admissions of her Mother’s incestuous relationship with her Uncle still caused an up-welling of disgust in her. How could they have had sex with each other? Surely, no matter what the circumstances or the amount of Drugs; nothing could drive a woman into the arms and bed of her Brother? Not only had she done that, but she had got herself pregnant by him and produced both herself and her Brother Peter. God knows, she had tried and tried to understand how it could happen, even as far as putting herself in her Mother’s place. She had studied her sibling many times and tried to analyse what she felt for him. There was not the slightest doubt that she loved him dearly and passionately, but it was the passion of two people who had been in the womb together, grew up fighting each other and fighting for each other. They were incredibly close, always had been. Had shared each others successes as well as failures but they had never ever shown any sexual feelings for each other.

Lizzie had lain awake many nights, and in trying to understand her Mother, asked herself if she could she ever bring herself to have sex with Peter, had tried desperately to generate such feelings, all to no avail. It was not as though her sibling was not very attractive. To the contrary, he was very handsome, had a well toned athletic body and had a wonderful personality. He had women eating out of his hands in seconds and she felt sure, more than a few eating something else belonging to him. She never doubted that he also loved and cared for her with a closeness only experienced by exact twins, despite their difference in gender. Her own love for him was a deep fraternal love, void of anything remotely sexual and she could not envisage a time or circumstances where any such feeling could arise.

Peter took the shocking revelation pretty much in his stride. True, the idea that his Mother and Uncle were his true parents was disconcerting but nevertheless, it didn’t really change how he felt about his Mother or Sister or for that matter, Richard. He had always viewed him as a mentor and man to be admired for his qualities and athleticism whereas he had always seen his Father as a weak character.

He took the view that although shocking, he could understand how his parents had come to do what they had in the circumstances in which it had happened. Although the act of incest was unlawful, and against all the mores of the world, both of his parents were attractive and he knew enough about drink and recreational drugs to understand what an effective combination they made. He knew in his own mind that despite being the result of an incestuous relationship, both his physical and mental health were second to none and the same went for his sister, Lizzie. Given the choice, Peter felt that he would have preferred his Uncle to be his Father anyway and knew the truth could never diminish the love he felt for his Mother.

Peter had always had an open view on life. He accepted his popularity easily, knew he was attractive to the opposite sex and certainly was not short of admirers, both male and female. He had all of the female sexual encounters he desired and still found time to relax with his friends, be it on the golf course or the bar. It was during one of the latter periods he remembered when his friend, Tom had allowed the drink to go to his head and began to sing the praises of Peter’s sister. Not only had he described her heavenly body, he began to describe what he would like to do to it. Peter gave him a good natured cuff round the ear and reminded göztepe escort him that he was talking about his own sister. He knew that Tom was as successful with the ladies as he was and wondered what it was about his sister that turned Tom into such a horny beast. Peter had forgotten the conversation completely but was reminded of it one day when he had been at home by the pool with both his Mother and sister. It suddenly struck him that they themselves could have been twins. Both had great bodies, though his mother’s was kind of softer and from experience, he knew there was not much support in the cups of their bikini’s so clearly, both sets of breasts must be pretty firm. His sister was lithe and walked like a cat, fully aware of her own body and not at all ashamed to flaunt it in the right circumstances. She was extremely pretty with almost too perfect teeth and a wonderful infectious musical laugh. Yes, he decided, he could now see in his sister what Tom saw. There was no doubt that in any other circumstances, he would be the first in the queue beating a way to her door, but these were not other circumstances, she was his sister and that’s the way he viewed her.

He knew that the news had been taken very badly by Lizzie and in offering her comfort, had tried to get her to see that in the great scheme of things, nothing had changed. After all, they were both fit and healthy, had a loving mother and now, a loving Uncle for a father. There was no need for anyone to know that they came from an incestuous relationship, all people did know was that the twin’s real father was not Peter.

Try as she might, Lizzie could not understand how or why her real parents had done what they had. God knows she had tried to come to terms with it, tried to imagine herself and her own brother in the same circumstances, but knew that they could never have ended up having a sexual relationship. Nevertheless, she needed Peter now, needed his sibling comfort and when her Mother had suggested the Gap year, she leapt at it, it meant that she and her brother would have the time to get their heads together and come up with an approach that would help them adapt to their ‘new’ parental situation.

The twins had done most of Europe, and had become weary of the ever changing cities and landscapes. Lizzie felt she was just running away from the situation and was forever breaking down in fits of weeping, almost inconsolable even with her brother’s constant attention. It was her idea to get away from the world, find an isolated spot where nothing could intrude on them whilst they worked their way through what she thought was their mutual trauma. Peter was happy to go along with the idea, though not affected by the news in the way his sibling was the idea of several weeks in a sunny paradise appealed to him. He had not been short of female company during his travels but thought the time had come for them to get together and sort it out once and for all for Lizzie’s sake.

It was pretty much soon after arriving on the Island that Peter realised it was actually designed for ‘Honeymoon’ couples with all of the cottages having large double beds. He didn’t see it as too big a deal, the only drawback being that he clearly would not be able to bring any females back to the cottage and he had seen a number of ‘Dusky’ native girls who were clearly interested in the tall blonde man.

Lizzie felt the light breeze caressing her body, cooling the beads of sweat covering her skin and stimulating a small surge of blood to her nipples causing them to swell and become turgid. Although both the twins were comfortable with her being topless, Lizzie did not think that Peter would be comfortable with her showing signs of arousal, as slight as they may be. At the same time, she realised that as small as it was, this was the first occasion since they had received the news that her body had shown any signs of excitement. Confused, she turned her head to look at her brother lying alongside her on his sun bed, had he noticed the slight signs of her arousal?

Peter appeared to be sleeping, she saw the rhythmic rising and falling of his chest which itself glistened with beads of sweat which formed little rivulets tracing tracks down across his body. His face was in serene repose, his long blonde eyelashes shone in the sun and his full lips looked so soft and pink. She now saw the light golden colour of his skin which shone with health, his muscles though clearly defined were relaxed and his stomach almost flat but for the ridges of his six-pack. She saw how his thighs were thick and powerful his legs tapering to his smooth calves and broad feet. She had always thought him a very handsome and attractive man, but he now lay there like some bronzed Greek Adonis.

Lizzie felt a soft warm wave of arousal wash through her stomach and loins, felt a tingling of anticipation in her pussy and a dryness in her mouth. She knew the feeling; her body was preparing itself for kartal escort the act of lovemaking, for being invaded by the sun kissed man at her side.

What? Lizzie shook her head as she realised just what was going through her mind. For Christ’s sake! She was actually thinking about making love to her Brother. A feeling of disgust rose in her breast but it could not dispel the warm waves of arousal in her loins. Forcing herself to rise from the sun bed, she stood on weak knees and was about to move when Peter reached out and took her calf in his hand.

Giving her a gentle squeeze, he said, “Be a darling and get me a fresh drink will you?”

The touch of his hand sent electric shocks through the whole of her body, the gentle waves at her loins now more insistent.

“Yes, yes of course” she replied, and lurched towards the cottage.

Entering the cottage, Lizzie leaned up against the fridge, cooling her fevered brow against the cold metal of the door. Despite the growing fire in her loins, she could feel the nausea rising in her throat. How could she feel like this, her own brother? Is this how her Mother had felt? Is this why she had thrown herself into the arms of her Brother to complete the incestuous conception? A soft groan left her lips as she fought for control of her body. She would not let this feeling overtake her; she would stand where her Mother had fallen. It was the sun, of course it was. The heat had made her light headed, she was not thinking straight, had turned a perfectly normal wave of arousal due to abstinence take over her mind and suggest this awful thing. God, what would Peter have thought if she had made a move on him? The consequences did not bear thinking about. And yet, if her Mother had given in to the same urge she had felt, so had her Father, Uncle Richard. Did that mean that Peter would do the same? Would they both have ended up making frantic love on the sun lounger?

Lizzie forced the thought from her head and distracted herself by preparing two very large ice cold Rum and cokes, holding both glasses to her forehead before returning to the sun loungers and handing Richard his drink. Sitting on her own bed with her feet between both lounges she took a long pull at the cold liquid, feeling it course down her throat in a cooling river. Raising her eyes, Lizzie looked at her sibling and that’s exactly what she saw, her Brother. Not some Greek mythological God, just Richard. Smiling to herself, she realised she had conquered the incestuous thoughts she had had. She knew now that nothing would ever happen, after all, she had control, unlike her Mother.

“Thanks for the drink, its lovely” said Peter as he reached out and patted his sister on her knee.

But it wasn’t his cold hand that made Lizzie gasp, but the large fiery explosion of wanting in the pit of her stomach when she glanced at him and saw what was clearly his arousal distending his swimming trunks.

Peter felt the hot sun beating down on him, could feel the beads of sweat grouping and forming rivulets as they ran down his skin. His mind drifted aimlessly through the circumstances that had brought both him and his sister to this island paradise. He had already mentally adjusted himself to the fact that they were the fruit of an incestuous relationship, but did still wonder how despite the drugs, his parents could have ended up engaged in full on unprotected sex. He like his sister had engaged in the odd bout of recreational drug taking, and several times they had done it together. He accepted that the drugs did raise his libido, but he had never been aroused by his sister, as beautiful as she was. He had never considered her as a sexual being nor for that matter had he been aware of any similar feelings on her part.

Peter rolled his head to the side to drain the accumulated sweat from his eye sockets and slowly glanced at his sister through partially open eyes. He could see that she too had her head turned to the side and was clearly studying someone intently. He was about to ask her for her thoughts but was instead distracted by what appeared to be signs of arousal in his sibling. He had seen his sister topless numerous times during this break and to be frank, most of every day. He had dispassionately told himself that she did have a wonderful pair of breasts, probably a very firm 36C if he was any judge but had never seen any sign of arousal in them until now. He would have had to have been blind not to notice her swollen nipples as engorged as they were, and it certainly wasn’t the cold that was causing it.

Allowing his eyes to slide down her body he could see almost imperceptible convulsions at the top of her thighs and contractions of her stomach. Idly, he wondered if one of the hotel boys was around on the beach and was triggering his sister’s reaction. With a start, Peter remembered that the staff members were not allowed near the cottages outside of servicing hours. He also realised maltepe escort that their nearest neighbours were too far away for anyone of them to cause it. Jesus! It couldn’t be. Peter allowed his eyes to drift up Lizzie’s body to take in her face. There, he was right. The target of his sister’s intent scrutiny was himself. His sister was studying his body and becoming aroused.

Though not shocked, Peter was certainly mentally surprised; after all he was her brother so how could she feel aroused by him? He was certainly used to being sexually appraised by women, but not when this one of them was his sister. He was even more surprised therefore when he realised that he himself was also slowly becoming aroused by the idea.

He was startled when his sister suddenly stood up and he unconsciously reached for her leg, holding her calf gently as he requested her to get him a drink. As she left, he lay back and considered what he had seen. Looking around, he confirmed that there was no one else in the area and that it followed therefore that he must indeed have been the object of his sister’s attention. He had seen his sister many times in bikinis and what he could only describe as ‘daring’ clothing, she certainly didn’t buy her clothing for quantity of its coverage. Nevertheless, he had never looked at her as a sexual object, but he most certainly was now. He had had many women with equally as good bodies as well as looks, even with the same intellect as his sibling, so found it hard to understand why he should now be feeling aroused by the sight of his own sister’s arousal. That arousal could not be denied as the contents of his trunks grew larger, causing him to reach down to move the offending object to a more comfortable position.

Acknowledging his arousal, he began to wonder where it was going to take him. Was he going to make a play for his own sister? Was the family’s incestuous past about to be revisited? He had never doubted his ability to seduce women, it came naturally to him. However, he was now thinking of his own sister and undoubtedly she would be a completely different proposition. He knew that despite her own obvious arousal, she had made her stance clear. She could not and would not understand why their parents did what they did, had even expressed deep disgust at the very thought of it. No easy task then. It was with some surprise that Richard realised he was actually weighing up the pros and cons of seducing his own sister. It would certainly be a tough challenge, but what an exciting chase, actually breaking down her objections to not only having sex with him, but incestuous sex at that. The very thought sent even more blood to his already engorged penis which throbbed below the cover of his trunks.

His thoughts were disturbed by the return of his sister who handed him his drink as she sat between them. Taking a swallow of the ice cold liquid he looked to his sister and saw that any signs of arousal had clearly disappeared. Her nipples were relaxed soft mounds in the centre of each areola showing none of their former engorged state, and she seemed perfectly at ease with herself and the world. Reaching out, Richard patted Lizzie on the knee and thanked her for the drink and as he did so, he heard her sharp intake of breath, a sound which he had heard before on many occasions, the sound of a woman’s arousal when touched in certain places. So, the game was on…

“I need a swim” said Lizzie turning and running to the sea, cleaving a path through the waves in a plunging dive.

The water was cool on her body and her nipples quickly filled with blood and stood proudly from her breasts, though it did little for the fire in her loins. She had to finish her arousal in the only manner available at the time and desperately thought of the young men she had bedded in a desperate attempt to close off the images of her own brother. Her hand slid beneath the waist of her bikini bottoms as her middle finger sought and found her clitoris, slowly rubbing the nub, building the fire now raging in her loins. Her other hand found the nipple of her left breast, gently rubbing and pinching it sending small shock waves throughout her body. Despite the water, her pussy was slippery with her own secretions; her fingers found her entrance and worked at her secret spot whilst her thumb continued the assault on her clitoris.

Lizzie cried out in frustration when she was unable to rid herself of the image of Peter’s bronzed body and tumescent penis hidden in his trunks. Unable to rid herself of his image, she gave herself over to it, imagined his lips on her breasts, his hands gently caressing her body and the hot probing feel of his penis sliding inside her wet passage. Within seconds, her body exploded with a gut wrenching orgasm causing her to cry out her release to the world as she continue to work her fingers inside herself.

Slowly the descending waves of passion were replaced with a feeling of guilt and disgust. How could she have pictured herself with her own brother? Was she little better than her own mother who had bedded her brother? Having checked herself to ensure she showed no further signs of arousal, she left the water and returned to the sun beds.

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