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Sunday morning, I think.

A baby cried.

Huh? I don’t have a baby… oh my fucking head… somebody moved… where the fuck am I?

“Never a dull moment around here!” said Kylie. Way too loudly, I might add. I was a little confused as to why she was in my bed. But, this wasn’t my bed.

Oh yeah. Ohhhh Yeahhhhhh!

I watched Kylie’s naked body move to her closet, and return with a robe wrapped around it.

“Mmmmorning,” moaned Whitney. “Where does she keep the Advil?”

“I dunno” I managed to respond. “I’ll find something.”

It was just us in the house, I remembered. I staggered naked, downstairs and found a plastic pitcher. I filled it with water and some ice cubes, found some glasses, and rummaged through the cabinets looking for some pain pills. Success! I downed 3 ibuprofen tablets and a highball glass of water. I staggered back upstairs without breaking anything.

I found Whitney sitting on the toilet, doing her morning pee. Normally she hides this from me. But today, she just sat there and let it fly. I handed her some pills and poured her a drink of water.

“Wow” she said.

“I know, right?” I countered.

“Last night was…” she mused. “I mean, Holy shit!”

We both laughed and then regretted it, holding our heads. I peed after she was done, and we went back to my sister’s bed and leaned against the headboard.

“I can’t believe you went all lesbo on my sister.”

“Yeah? Well, I can’t believe you fucked your sister!”

“Pretty crazy, huh!”

“Yeah, it sure was. God she’s as much of a fucking maniac as you are. No wonder you wanted to fuck her since you were just a twerp. I’m a little jealous, in fact. That story and all…”

That story, ‘The Imperfect Storm’, was based on my desires for my sister. But the story also included Whitney as the girl I marry, and other characters based on Whitney’s sisters. It had a bunch of crazy sex in it that would never happen in real life, but I jacked off about 87 times while I wrote it. It also brought about all of this recent sexual activity with Whitney and her sisters and now my sister.

“Don’t worry baby!” I reassured her as I reached for her. “You know that–ow my head– you know that you’re the one in the story that the guy marries!”

Whitney looked at me. “Are you saying… that we’re going to get married?”

I paused for a few moments.

“You know what?” I asked. “I am saying that. I’ve thought about it for awhile, but now I know. But… this isn’t how I was going to do it. It’s not all that romantic.”

“Trent, baby. I don’t care about the setting! I want to marry you, I don’t care how you ask me, err, you are asking me, right?”

“Yes, I’m asking. Will you marry me, Whitney?”

“Yes! Of course I will!”

We hugged and kissed in my sister’s bed. I pressed her down into the cool sheets, our warm bodies settling into each other. It seems that adrenaline can cure headaches, mine went away. We kissed for several long minutes, just teasing and tasting each other. We talked for a quite a while about us, about being together always, about being so happy. And about having a lot of crazy sex.

“Ohhh Trent… who’s down there?” she asked, indicating a third member pressing into her leg.

“Yeah that guy, he’s just happy to be here.”

I moved my hand down between her legs and found her wet mound.

“Jesus, you’re wet already?”

“Well, duh! You’re hard already, so I’m wet already!”

I slipped my middle finger inside her tight pussy, fairly easily, I might add.

“Well,” she said. “There’s probably still some of your cum in there. And some of Kylie’s milk. Not to mention my own ‘secretions of desire’.”

I laughed as I finger fucked and massaged her pussy. “‘Secretions of desire’? Is that what you call it? I thought it was just cunt juices.” We laughed some more.

“Hey Whit. What was your favorite thing about last night?”

“Hmmmm… let me see…”

“Okay I’ll go first then. For me, I liked it when you and Kylie were sixty-nining, you were under her, ya know, eating her out. And I fucked her doggy and you were licking my cock… jesus… and you told me to cum inside her. And I did. I shot my whole load into my sister while you had a ringside seat to the action. And when I pulled my cock out, all this cum flooded out onto your waiting tongue and face. That was fantastic!”

I slipped a second finger inside and made sure my palm rubbed her whole mons area.

“Mmmmmm yessss, Trent. I loved that, too. And don’t forget I licked all your cum from her pussy lips too!”

“Christ I can’t forget that! You were awesome!”

“Yes I was! Okay then, let’s see. Well, I really like Kylie’s milk. It never dawned on me before how sexual that could be. But when she squirted it all over my pussy, and then bent down and licked it… Christ! I came right then, remember?”

“Yes, I think so. I seem to remember she filled you up, too.”

“Yes, and you drank her milk from my pussy!”

I kept rubbing her pussy, faster and faster.

“Whitney, escort ataşehir baby” I whispered. “I’ll get you pregnant, and you’ll make milk for us. Would you like that? Huh baby?”

“Yes baby!” she answered, gasping.

I knew she was getting close.

“You were such a dirty girl last night,” I whispered again. “I love you like that. Licking my cock with Kylie’s juices on it… Sucking on her big tits, oooh you liked that! Didn’t you! Cumming on her face… that was so nice of you… and you licked her ass too, right on her hole!”

Whitney gasped harder, thrusting into my hand. I slid a third finger inside her wet folds and rubbed her clit with the palm of my hand.

“Cum Whitney,” I continued whispering. “Cum for your husband-to-be!”

I quickly jumped down between her legs. I planted my mouth right on top of her clit and sucked as much as I could into my mouth.

Whitney clenched my head between her legs as she came like a freight train. Hot pussy juice squirted down my throat. What the fuck! I thought this was a porno trick! She continued to squeeze me between her convulsing thighs, slowly releasing her grip as she came down.

“Oh shit Trent! Did I… did I pee or what? I’m so sorry! I’m so–“

“Haha! No baby it wasn’t pee, it was something, though! Here, taste.” And I kissed her.

“It’s just pussy” she said.

“I know, right!”

“Hey stud, lay back. I need some of that dick.”

I made myself comfy on the pillows, my cock at full extension. Whitney straddled me and grabbed my cock, and sat right the fuck down on top of it.

“Whoa!” she exclaimed as I slid all the way up inside her. She flexed her legs, raising up and down. I couldn’t stand it, her firm tits looked amazing as they moved up and down. I reached for them.

“Down, boy!” she said. And she cupped them for me, kneading them. Rolling her stiffening nipples between her fingers.

I arched up, trying to drill my throbbing cock even farther up her pussy.

“You like my tits, baby?” she asked, coyly.


“You like it when I touch them?”

“Fuck, yes.”

“You like sucking them for you… and I like girls sucking on them…”

“Oh, Fuck yes!”

Then she slapped her left tit a little.

“Ooohh! I might do that some more!”

We kept fucking as she slapped her own tits, a little harder each time. I was getting very close. I finally grabbed her and rolled her on her back, keeping my cock inside her the whole time. I just grunted as I power-fucked her.

“Fuck me, Trent… oooooo… fuck me… fuck me… yesyesyesyes fuck me!”

We both came with strong orgasms, her pussy clenching down on my spurting cock. I collapsed down on top of her, my semi-hard now swimming in a sea of cum.

“Oh hey you guys!” Kylie said as she entered her room. “Did I miss it? I was just getting Jesse fed and dressed and stuff, she’s in her little playpen now.” Kylie looked at us, full of hope. “I’ve got like, a good 20 minutes before i should get back to her.”

“Well.” I teased. “I don’t know… I just shot my morning load.” I pulled out of Whitney and laid on my back.

“My cock has all this gunk on it, but you can have it if you can get it going again.”

Kylie attacked my penis with a ferver. She sucked all the lady and man juices off it, while restoring it to its desired state of hardness. She grinded her tits into my thighs as she deep-throated me. She’s a good cocksucker, my sister is.

She then climbed aboard and without any finesse or tenderness, she just sank down on my pole. God she’s so tight, even after having a kid. I was impressed. Kylie sat up ramrod straight on my cock and squeezed her tits, sending little sprays of milk all over Whitney and myself. That’s such a crowd pleaser, both Whitney and I grabbed at her tits and pulled her down so we could each suck them.

Kylie’s steamy cunt worked it’s magic on my cock. After only a couple minutes I was ready to cum again.

“Kylie,” I panted. “Are you there yet? (pant) I almost am.”

“No!” she whined. “Not yet! I need a couple more minutes… shit!”

I motioned to Whitney to get Kylie’s ass. Then I tried to think about baseball. The White Sox might make a run for the pennant this year.

But then I saw Whitney dipping her fingers into her own puss, still somewhat cum-filled from before. Kylie instantly froze up as Whitney inserted at least one finger into Kylie’s bum. I could feel it through the walls of her pussy, a different pressure in there.

“FUCK!” shouted Kylie. She was having trouble catching her breath as Whitney finger fucked her asshole. I pinched both Kylie’s nipples as hard as I could, pulling and twisting them as her milk poured out of them.

Kylie collapsed forward onto my chest, my cock still fucking her as Whitney hollered out “Two Fingers!” I let go of one tit and shoved three fingers into her mouth, simulating a penis. Her face right next to mine, I could feel her almost gagging.

I shot my wad deep into my sister. The satisfying spurts fired into her pussy. Somewhat kadıköy escort bayan less than a few minutes ago, but incredible, just the same.

Kylie grinded her pelvis into mine for another minute or so and she came too with an earth-shattering scream.


Jesus Christ, right in my fucking ear.

Whitney took her two fingers from Kylie’s ass and stuck them in Kylie’s mouth, who absent-mindedly licked and sucked them. I pushed Kylie off me and onto her back. Whitney bent down and licked my cock clean of our cum. Then she licked and probed and sucked Kylie’s pussy, looking for more of my cum. I had told her a while ago I didn’t want any of it wasted.

“Oh God,” said Kylie, out of breath. “You guys… thank you both… Oh Whitney that’s so nice… so nice.”

“Hey!” I interjected. “You should congratulate us!”

“For what?” asked Kylie. “Fucking me so awesomely?”

“No, silly. We’re getting married!”

Kylie was confused, she pulled herself away from Whitney’s mouth a little. “But… I mean… You both just… you’re getting married?”

Whiteny tried to explain. “It’s all good, Kylie. We’re deeply in love and want to spend our lives together! But we can still… do this… If we’re both here, then it’s not cheating.”

“Well, then, um, Congratulations!!”

We had a little celebration right there. We substituted milk for champagne.

( . Y . )

Well, as you may recall, we were going to move in temporarily with Kylie while we looked for a new place near my new job which was to start the next day. So, we needed to go back to our old place to get some clothes, at least, and other stuff. But I wanted to make a couple stops first. My new employers, Kylie’s husband, Dick, had seen fit to give me a signing bonus already. I thought we should spend some of it.

On the way home, Whitney texted her sisters about the living situation. But I told her we still needed a couple or three hours. Whitney gave me a quizzical look.

When we pulled into the big jewelry store parking lot, she literally beamed.

“Hey baby, we can’t be engaged without a ring!”

After a couple hours, I had learned for more about diamonds than I ever needed. I thought you just bought a ring. But, nooooo! You buy the ring, then you buy the diamond separately! What a fricking racket. I should be in the jewelry business! Anyway, we got out of there for just under ten thou. It’s a nice ring. A few little diamonds on the sides, then a nice pear-shaped diamond in the enter. Whitney cried a little bit, so I think I did pretty good.

We then went to MY store, the local camera shop. I wanted some good video equipment, and I got some! Talked to the guy a lot, not one of those old farts but a younger dude. Told him I wanted to do a lot of ‘close-up’ work. And I wanted to be able to do some Slo-motion, too. Video software can force slo-mo, but it’s better to shoot it at higher speed in the first place. then when you play it back it’s genuine and very fluid slow motion.

So I ended up getting one really outstanding camera. And then a couple cheapy ones but still high-def, and one of those action Go-cams with the wide angle lens that’s also waterproof. He sold me assorted lights, stands, microphones, tripods, even wheels for the tripod. Managed to hold it under five grand. There went my bonus! Well, the half they sent me. Should get the rest sometime next week.

Finally, we met the other Sister Bitches at our apartment around one o’clock. There was a lot of hugs and kisses, they really seemed to have missed us! I missed them, too.

Then, they saw the ring and flipped out. I had to stick my head out the door and tell the other neighbors that everything was alright. Little Missy screamed so loud that we thought the dead might wake up! The happiness was short-lived, however, as Stacy asked the inevitable question.

“So uh… what happens to us?”

Melissa stopped celebrating and became instantly sad.

“Yeah! What about… you mean we aren’t going to fuck anymore?” She got very sad. I loved that she didn’t care much for ‘proper’ conversation. She just said whatever she wanted.

Whitney teased them a little. “Now girls, my sisters, you’ve had some fun with my boyfriend. but that’s all going to change now.” The other sisters looked crestfallen.

“You see,” Whitney continued. “There is a new Sister-Bitch.”

“What?” and “What the fuck?” they asked. You can guess who said what.

“Trent’s sister, Kylie, is now an honorary Sister-Bitch. She just doesn’t know it yet.”

“You’re dumping us for her?” Missy asked, incredulous. “She’s so stuck up and fat and married and–“

I figured I had better jump in before it got out of hand.

“Okay! Girls, wait. Nobody’s getting dumped. We can and will continue our… fucking… and we’re just letting you know that my sister Kylie is also DTF. In fact, we’ve fucked her… what… five times now?”

“Five!” Stacy and Missy shouted at the same time.

“Okay, maybe three… I lost track…”

Missy escort bostancı began taking off her T-shirt. “Alright. I’m putting it to the test!” She stood there in all her topless glory, her big tits jiggling from the recent movements.

I walked over and went behind her. I hefted her big left tit in my hands and lifted it up as high as they would go. I bent over her shoulder (Missy is really short, remember?) and sucked on her nipple as it swelled in my mouth. Whitney came over and knelt down and sucked her other boob.

After a few moments of that, Whitney stood up and kissed her sister on the lips. Then she stepped over to Stacy and kissed her, too. Stacy stood stock-still for a several moments, then she gradually relaxed, and eventually melted under Whitney’s kisses and tongue.

“You guys okay now?” I asked, releasing Missy tit. “We’re all still good, right.”

Whitney grabbed the bottle out of the shopping bag and we all gathered in the kitchen for some toasting.

“Oh, and ladies! I’ve got some new camera equipment that we should try out. I’m going to the car to get it.”

Everyone gathered around as we opened the boxes and looked at the stuff. I made sure we kept the directions and registration papers. The batteries needed charging, which disappointed the girls a bit, but Whitney and I were okay. I could still use a couple more hours of non-fucking! Never thought I’d say that, but yeah, I needed a little down-time to recover.

Whitney and Melissa began to get some clothes together as Stacy helped me look over the cameras and try and learn some of the features. They could do some pretty fancy things, but also had automatic modes so we could at least get started.

She asked about my writing.

“Honestly, haven’t done much real writing lately. I’ve been so busy! The new job and the old job–“

“Come on!” hollered Missy. “You’ve got to write some more! And don’t kill my character this time!”

“Sorry Little Missy!” I said. Then, to Stacy, “She’s not too mad about that?”

“Naw, she’s just glad that the Tony guy, you, loved fucking her and her big tits.”

We laughed.

“But seriously, you haven’t written anything?”

“Well… remember you wanted to do a video with me?”

“Yes, of course I remember.” Then she whispered,”That’s probably the only way I can get you to fuck just me and only me.”

“Yeah, well. Probably so. And we can do that. But I also wrote like a little scene. Well, a script actually. It would be starring you. And you would get fucked by a LOT of people! But also,” I then whispered. “Also, lots of solo fucking from me.”

Stacy beamed. “So, can I see it? Where is it?”

“See what?” asked Whitney, returning from the bedroom.

“Trent has a script,” explained Stacy. “For a movie.”

“Well, it’s pretty short. Like ten or fifteen minutes.”

“Am I in it?” asked Missy. She hates being left out.

“Of course! It kind of has a major star, and then some supporting roles. I kind of had Stacy in mind for this one.” A small look swept over both Whitney and Melissa. Dejection?

“But hey! This is just the first one! I will do more! I’ve got lots of ideas… trust me… lots of ideas and everyone can be a star!”

“So are you going to make this an actual movie?” asked Stacy.

“Well… not sure yet about the logistics. We would need more people. Guys, too.”

“Oooooh Bring it on!!!!” Missy said, shaking her tits for us.

“So go ahead and give it to us! Where is it?”

“Alright, but it’s written kind of like a movie script. Except there aren’t a lot of speaking lines. In fact, most of the speaking is in a voiceover. And the rest of it’s like, um, directions for the camera, and what the camera sees, get it? You’ll see. Here it is on my laptop.” I handed it to Stacy.

“You read it, since it’s for you.”

“Ok, here goes.”

The Mistress of Second Avenue

Woman speaking: I was alone.

[Montage. No natural sounds. Just music of some kind. Close-up of a woman putting on makeup. We just see her eye as she does her eye-liner. A pretty foot foot slips into nice heels. Close-up of cleavage in a nice blouse. Not slutty cleavage, just a little. Nice hands and nails appear, buttoning up a red blazer over her blouse. Wide shot of her living quarters, small, cramped. Her wavy, mid-length brunette hair is gorgeous. She’s moving around gathering up her briefcase and stuff, preparing to go to work. But we don’t see her face yet. She is by herself, she lives alone.]

[Outside sidewalk scene. People walking in a busy city. From the rear, we see our gal, identified by her red blazer. Her sexy legs and high heels evident, she stops at a sidewalk news stand to get a paper. She sets her coffee down to pay. At the same time, a man in a long, tan overcoat does the same thing. We only see him from the rear, or a tiny bit of the side. We don’t know what he looks like but his dark hair is perfectly cut and has the right amount of product in it. We can tell he’s got some money and power.]

[Close-up. Coffees on the shelf at the news stand. There is confusion as a man’s hand and a woman’s hand reach for the cups, not sure which was which. There’s some back and forth. The hands each pick up a cup. Hold for three seconds. Both cups come back down. The hands then reach for the Other cup.]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32