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Introduction from the author

8-11-2011: Hello again. This story was originally intended to be a single, “one-and-done” piece. It has now grown to 4 submitted chapters, with a 5th on the way soon. It was posted with no outside editing or proof reading, which is evident. Looking back, it’s clear that it’s long overdue for a proper edit and revision. That being said, the direction to story is taking has dictated some changes in the story it’s self, which will be carried through to the subsequent chapters that have been posted, namely in the point-of-view and tense of the story. No major changes to the plot or subject matter have been made. I hope you enjoy.

And special thanks to blackstallion21 for editing this mess.


The ringing of his cell phone broke Kevin out of the daze he’d been in. He looked down at the caller I.D: It was Misty. She was probably running late again. They were supposed to meet at her sister’s house for dinner.

“Hey babe, what’s up?”

“I’m goin to get my nails done before we go to Kristen’s house, ‘kay?”

“That’s fine; I just got here a few minutes ago.”

“Oh you’re already there?”

“Yeah, your sis is in the shower. Jim is working late, so it’s just going to be us three.”

“OK, I’ll probably be about an hour or so.”

“Have fun. Love you.”

“Love you too. Bye.”

He flipped the phone closed and stared at it for a minute. It never failed, that woman would be late for he own funeral.

“Was that Misty?” Kristen called from her bedroom.

“Yeah, she’s gonna be here in about an hour, probably.”

“Oh, okay. Good…”

Good? What the hell is THAT supposed to mean?

Just then Kristen walked into the room, wrapped in a soft white bathrobe. He watched her come across the room to stand in front of the couch where he was sitting.

“I want your opinion on something.” She had a sheepish grin on her face and was fidgeting nervously with the tie of the bathrobe. “I bought some lingerie to wear for Jim the other day, but I’m not sure if he’ll like it. The last one I bought he laughed at.” She looked at the floor as she said the last, clearly self conscious.

“I just wanted to find something that would turn him on. We haven’t had sex in three months!” She blurted out.

“Umm, Ok.” He answered her hesitantly, “Just don’t tell Misty. She’d kill us both.”

They both laughed at that, because they knew it was true, if his wife found out that her sister modeled lingerie for him they would both be in deep shit. She knew their past, and even something as innocent as ‘does this look good on me’ would get turned into a big deal. It had happened before.

Kristen and Kevin had an unusual relationship to say the least. Their parents met when we were both young, so their families had been friends for a while. With an age difference of only three years, they kindled a natural friendship. In high school, Kevin really started to notice her as a woman, not just a friend, and fell pretty hard for her. Unfortunately, she didn’t seem interested beyond friendship. During their times alone together she was always flirting with and teasing, but when they went out somewhere he was just “her ride” or “a friend”. Eventually, he gave up and moved on.

Now there they were, years later. Kevin was married to her little sister, and Kristen was married to a lazy, worthless ex-con that treated her like shit. He had never lost the physical attraction to her but never tried to pursue it. Being married to her sister only seemed to spur her flirtatious nature towards him. She loved to wear low cut shirts that showcased her cavernous cleavage and come to visit her sister, knowing he couldn’t stop himself from checking her out. This retrospective flashed through his consciousness in a mere instant.


Kristen was saying something.

“Huh?” he grunted.

“Still with me; I thought I lost you for a minute.”

“Yeah… sorry. I got lost in my head.”

“Okay.” She said, smiling at his bit of witticism. “Ready?”

He nodded.

Slowly, the bathrobe opened and dropped to the floor. She stood there, a shaft of sunlight falling on the soft curves of her body and setting her golden hair aglow. The outfit was hot, dark red silk panties lined with black lace and a canlı bahis matching bustier that barely held her 36DD bust. He could clearly see the stainless steel ring in each nipple, just poking above the edge of the fabric.

“Wow…” he sighed breathlessly, “you look amazing.”

Color rose in her cheeks, turning the pale skin to red as if with rouge. At barely 5’1″ and about 145 pounds, Kristen had a beautiful, thick body: legs that you wanted to have wrapped around your head for days, a nice round ass and curves in all the right places. The outfit she wore looked custom tailored to accent those curves. He was acutely aware that his jeans were feeling tighter in the crotch, but couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He was getting hard.

“You’re not lying?” She studied his face closely, gauging the truth of his answer.

“No I’m definitely not lying. You look sexy as hell.”

He could tell she didn’t really believe him, and was about to reassure her of just how gorgeous she looked when she glanced down to see the growing bulge in his pants. He quickly moved his hands to try to conceal the erection.

Smiling slyly she said “No, I see you’re not lying.”

“The question is do you feel sexy in it?” he asked. “That’s the important part.”

“Well, I don’t know if it’s the outfit, or the situation; or maybe both. But you tell me…”

She grabbed Kevin’s hand and pulled it up to her crotch, pressing it against the soft silk of her panties. The fabric was soaked to the point that it was almost dripping. He pulled his hand back, rubbing his slippery finger tips together. He put the fingers to his lips and tasted the sweet wetness.

She looked at him questioningly with her stunning pale blue eyes.

God she’s killing me! He thought.

“I’d say you’re obviously turned on.” he pointed out, trying to sound nonchalant. “Too bad your man isn’t home to take care of you.”

“He won’t get off work until eleven. And besides,” She said as she reached down and grabbed his bulging jeans “I have something right here to take care of me, if you’re willing.” The air felt electrically charged as he looked up at his sister-in-law. The moment he had wished for so badly as a teenager had finally come.

“I’ll take good care of you.” He said, as he pulled her into his lap.

*** Every nerve and sense in his body was in overdrive. He could smell the light scent of the lavender soap she had showered with above the sweet, inviting smell of her wetness. Her skin was like the softest, whitest cream; liquid silk under his roaming hands. When she bent into him to nibble his earlobe her breath was like a hurricane. He ran his fingers through her hair, leaning forward to kiss her neck while his hands slid over her body, from her shoulders, to the mounds of her breasts, down her back to grip her plump ass. The moist heat of her womanhood was grinding against his hard-on through his pants.

They kissed; slowly at first, their mouths brushing lightly, testing the waters. She parted her tender lips and their tongues meet for the first time — a kiss nearly twenty years in the making. The passion was building and their kissing became feverish, almost desperate. Her hands were on the back of his head, gripping his hair and holding his lips tight to hers. The kissing continued for sometime before their mouths finally parted. Kristen’s lips were red and puffy.

She looked at Kevin, her eyes asking if he wanted to go on without saying a word. He wouldn’t – couldn’t – stop now. Not even if Misty or Jim walked in on them. From that point on there was no turning back.

He answered her by reaching up to unlace her bustier. She arched her back, pushing her chest out. As the lacings came free she pulled the fabric to the sides and her heavy round globes came spilling out. The soft white skin was capped by darker, salami sized areolas surrounding her erect eraser-like nipples. He dipped his head to nuzzle into the deep cleft of her cleavage, breathing in her scent and kissing the soft tissue of her tits. His mouth searched for the hard buds of her nipples and she moaned as he sucked one into his mouth and lightly nibbled it, his tongue flicking the little ring as he suckled. She took one large mound in each hand and lifted them away, up to her mouth. Her tongue bahis siteleri slipped out to slide over each rock hard nipple before sucking them each into her mouth in turn.

His cock was harder than it had ever been, throbbing and straining against fabric of his jeans. Kristen reached down and rubbed the bulge she had been grinding on.

“Yeah, you like that don’t you.” She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “You like playing with your wife’s big sis? I know you’ve wanted me for a long time. I’ve wanted you too, so bad. I thought I had missed my chance.”

Hearing his sister-in-law confess that she had been lusting for him as well nearly drives Kevin insane. He reached between her legs to rub her soaked panties against her pussy. She let him continue for a second and then pushed his hand firmly away.

“Uh-uh. You don’t get that just yet baby.” She teased. “First I want to suck that nice hard dick you’ve got. Do you mind?”

“I thought you didn’t give head.” It was all his jumbled mind could think to say.

She leveled her gaze at him. “I say that because I don’t want to suck Jim’s, but I would love to suck you.” She explained smiling.

Kristen slid to her knees in front of the couch and unbuttoned his jeans. Reaching inside, she grabbed his hard cock and pulled it free of its denim prison. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation as she ran her hand over the thick seven inch long shaft.

“Mmm, just the way I like it.” She confessed as she pulled his pants the rest of the way off, “Thick, cut and shaved.”

She looked up at her lover as her tongue slid from his smoothly shaven balls all the way to the swollen head of his member. It felt like a hot, sticky paint brush. Her lips pressed against the tip and Kevin could feel her tongue massaging the slit, tasting the pre-cum that had been dripping from it. He moaned softly as her lips parted and he slid into her waiting mouth. Inside her mouth was like a sauna: steamy, hot and wet. Never taking her eyes from his, she slid down his pole, pushing him deep into her until her nose was pressed against the shaved skin of his pubic area. He could feel the muscles of her throat working to adjust to this new intruder, expanding and contracting around his cock. She held him there for an eternity, tongue working against the underside of his dick, lips clamped tight around the girth. Finally her head lifted and he slid out of her throat, covered in thick ropes of saliva. She gasped for air as she wiped her glistening chin.

Kevin’s sultry sister-in-law slowly sucked and stroked his cock until it felt like he was going to explode. Her eyes never left his as she methodically worked over the throbbing tool with her hands and mouth.

I don’t know how much longer I can take this, I need to be inside this woman NOW! his mind screamed.

“Stand up.” He instructed her.

She stood in front of him, letting his hands run over her beautiful legs and slide her panties off. He kissed his way down from her stomach to run his tongue over the wet slit between her legs. He was pleasantly surprised to find that her clit hood was pierced as well. His tongue flicked across it and Kristen moaned loudly. She thrust her crotch into his face and pushed his head into her lovely shaved snatch. The wet, sweet smell of her sex filled his nose as he nuzzled between her juicy lips. After a moment he lifted his head and pulled her down this lap.

“Do you have any condoms?” He asked.

“No, we don’t use them. I’m allergic to latex.” She said sheepishly. “Is that okay?”

“It is if you’re okay with it.” He assured her.

She was.

They kissed deeply again as she grabbed his cock and guided it to her hot, wet opening. Her muscles tightened and they both sighed as it slid between her lips. He sank deep inside of her and she lay forward against his chest, eyes shut, breathing rapidly, impaled on his pole.

“Oh my god you feel so good.” She whispered in his ear. “I want you to fuck me so hard…” The rest was lost when Kevin pressed his mouth to hers and started to slide in and out of her in deep, slow strokes.

Kristen leaned back and Kevin buried his face in her cleavage, kissing the milky skin, his lips gliding over every inch of her heavy round jugs. He gently bit her nipples, sucking bahis şirketleri each nipple ring into his mouth. Her breath came in short gasps and he could feel her pussy getting wetter as she slid up and down his shaft. Their guttural moans and cries were the only soundtrack to the intense lovemaking.

The rhythm quickened.



Kevin leaned back, letting her take total control of the pace. She slammed his cock into her pussy like her life depended on it. She was so wet; his balls were slick and dripping with her fluids. She reached between her legs to rub her swollen clit, pulling and flicking the piercing there. Kevin reached around and traced a finger around the puckered opening of her ass before sliding it in up to the knuckle. A small cry escaped her lips at this new stimulation. She seemed to enjoy it however, and began to flex the anal muscles around his finger.

“Oh baby, please don’t stop” She begged, “I’m going to cum.”

Before she could, he rolled to the left and to lay her down on the couch. He quickly slid to his knees and buried his face between her thighs. His tongue flew over her swollen clit, flicking across her clit ring and coaxing a long, moaning sigh from his sister-in-law. Parting her lips, he dipped his tongue into her honey pot, exploring every crevice. Her hands were on the back of his head holding it down as she pushed her hips up to his face to grind her pussy against his mouth.

“Ooohhhhh” she cried. “I’m cumming! Oh God! Ohgodohgodohgod!”

Tangy-sweet wetness flooded his mouth and he greedily slurped it up, not wasting a drop. Kristen’s body squirmed in pleasure as he licked through her orgasm. When her moans began to subside he climbed between her thighs again and rammed his throbbing cock into her. She screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm re-intensified. Kevin started fucking her with slow, deep strokes. Her legs locked around his waist and pull him in tight.

“I want to feel you cum inside of me” She whispered.

“Are you sure?” Kevin mumbled, not really caring if she was or not. He wanted nothing more than to empty his aching balls inside of her. Damn the consequences and full speed ahead!

“Mmmm… yes. Fuck me hard and fill me up!” She moaned.

Their eyes locked and Kevin was lost in a sea of palest blue.

I could die in those intoxicating eyes. he thinks.

All conscious thought went on vacation: He was a prisoner of lust, hers and his own…

*** Kevin was pumping hard and fast, really pounding her juicy pussy. Kristen had one hand furiously rubbing the hard pink bud of her clit while the other pulled and kneaded her sensitive nipples. He could feel his cock swelling, engorged to size it had never been before, ready to burst and knew he couldn’t hold it in much longer.

“Ohhhh! I’m cumming again!”

Her body began to tremble beneath him. She arched her back, pushing her chest to the ceiling, screaming his name over and over. He couldn’t take it anymore. As her pussy clenched and the flood of her juices intensified, he buried his cock deep inside of her and exploded. She cried out with every spurt of hot cum as it filled her up. They collapsed together and kissed passionately, bodies trembling in each others arms.

Kevin’s cock was still throbbing inside of her, beginning to soften. Without a word he pulled out and slid to his knees. Cum was slowly oozing out of her beautiful pussy, mixed with the last of her fluids. He ran his hands over her trembling body and dipped his head between her thighs. His tongue slid into her, scooping up the dripping seed. The taste of his own cum was foreign to him: thick and salty, mixed with Kristen’s thinner, oh-so-sweet wetness. He continued to lick and slurp at her until she pulled him up to her and they kissed again deeply, sharing their mingled juices.

The two lovers lay together on the couch for some time; not speaking, simply enjoying the post-coital heat of each others bodies. Kristen had her back to Kevin, her body pressed tightly to his, with his arms wrapped around her. She could feel his limp penis resting against the warm cleft of her ass. She rolled onto her back to look at him, searching for something to say.

“Thank you.” She said finally. “I’m really glad I asked your opinion.”

“I’d say your lingerie is a big hit.”

“I’d say you’re right. I’ll make sure I model everything I buy from now on.” She told him with a sly, teasing smile.

“Oh I can’t wait for you to go shopping again!”

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