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Colorado in the winter is beautiful. Especially ski country, where Janet and I were headed for a day off from college and work. A group of us, eight total, were going to ride up the hill in a school van, heading for Keystone ski area.

Once there, we skied all morning on fresh, Colorado powder snow, lightly packed by the grooming machines. Janet and I were kind of new to each other. We both worked in one of the college offices together. She was about five foot four inches tall, weighed 104 pounds, had long, straight golden hair to the middle of her back. Her breasts were small and pert, just the way I like them.

We had just started hanging out together a little while before this. We’d had our first sex together one night coming home from a party up in the foothills during an ice storm, but we really hadn’t gotten to know each other’s likes and dislikes very well yet. Before this day was over, though, I’d get the surprise of my life.

Up at Keystone, we kept looking for someplace private where we could get it on, but on the ski slopes that was just about impossible. People were everywhere! We managed to get in quite a bit of hugging and kissing, and some belly-rubbing, and some hands-on-thighs, but all that only seemed to make us hornier – “Duh.” It was getting to us both. Especially to me, ’cause on the hill I was usually skiing behind Janet, and it drove me crazy watching her beautiful, bell-shaped bottom in those tight, saddle-butt jeans that hugged her like skin as she shifted weight from ski to ski, snaking down the slopes. Man, that was a sight I’ll always remember.

But it was clear she was getting randy, too. I could tell because her kisses were wet and wide open, illegal bahis and her lithe 18 year-old body pressed into my erection so hard I would have said it hurt if it hadn’t felt so damned good.

And that’s the way it went all day. At lunch, we found a remote corner of the lodge dining room, ate very little, and felt each other up royally – all through our clothes, of course. Good thing our clothes were dark colored, cause I must have creamed dozens of big spots, and I know Janet was wet between her legs; I could feel it.

After about three runs in the afternoon, we decided to hang up our skiis and find the van in the parking lot. I didn’t have keys, but I thought maybe we could jimmy the door lock. Equipped with a coat hanger, we found the van and gave it our best efforts, but frustration set in again. We just couldn’t get into the blasted thing. And the more we thought about it the dumber it seemed, ’cause the van had windows all around. It would have been really chancy to have risked sex in a busy parking lot behind lots of glass.

Finally, we decided to head for the bar and have a couple drinks while we waited for the rest of our crowd. On the walk back to the ski lodge, we lit up a fat jay I had with me, and enjoyed that in the crisp, cold mountain air. By the time we hit the bar, we were pretty mellow with really rosy cheeks. I can’t remember ever being more aware of my body than that afternoon.

About three beers later, around 6:00 – about sundown that time of year – our friends were all back in tow, had had a drink, and we were all ready to head down the mountain. The drive was a big coast, all four-lane highway, and easy driving. Janet and I sat in the back seat. illegal bahis siteleri For the first fifteen minutes, we all talked, and then it got pretty quiet as first one and then another dozed off or just got quiet.

Janet and I started doing a little necking again. She was on my left on the wide seat, and pretty soon she started playing with my cock, which again was harder than a ski pole – and thicker, too, I might add. Naturally, I was rubbing her crotch, and trying to get my hand inside her jeans so I could feel real girl down there under her panties.

But then she beat me to it (no pun intended). She lay her head down in my lap and started blowing hot breath onto my dick through my jeans, which only made me hotter and hotter. At the same time, she was working with my zipper. Without too much trouble she got it started down, then unzipped me slowly all the way. Her small, cool hand reached inside and squeezed my hot cock flesh, then slowly worked it out of my pants.

As she did, I got kind of agitated, looking around at everyone to make sure no one was watching. But no one was, and so I just let Janet get on with her fun.

She no sooner got my cock free of my shorts and jeans than she slid her warm, wet, heavenly mouth right over the big head. Her tongue started making circles around and around, and I threw back my head in pleasure and surprise. I hadn’t really ever had a loving blowjob before, and this one right there with six others in the van was taking me by surprise.

But that was only the start. Janet proceeded to show me the perfect act of fellatio. She would run that tongue around and around, withdraw, take the head back in again, withdraw, then canlı bahis siteleri plunge down until my entire six-and-one-half inches was in her loving warmth and her lips were tight against my balls and belly. Then she’d kind of twist my cock one way then the other inside her mouth. All the time she gently massaged my balls, or my stomach, now and then reaching up under my sweater to rub my chest and nipples. Her mouth never stopped sucking, puffing, moving, sliding, twisting, withdrawing and plunging.

I was sure one of the others would catch on soon. Hell, I could smell the aroma of my own sex pheromones, so I know that odor must have filled the van. But no one even budged, said anything, giggled … nothing!

Janet’s loving was getting to me, and I could feel the cum gathering and almost hear all those little sperms yelling, “Let us out! Let us OUT!”

I had never cum in a woman’s mouth before, so I leaned over a bit and said, “Sweetheart, I’m about there … better stop.” Janet didn’t even slow down. In fact, if anything, she sucked with even more pressure, plunged all the way down and gave my balls a final snug squeeze (as if she KNEW just how hard to do it without hurting me), and I let go. I came in a girl’s mouth for the first time in my life.

She surprised me. She apparently swallowed every last drop, and proceeded to clean up my over sensitive dick with her busy little tongue. I hadn’t known such women existed.

Then, she tucked me all back into my jeans, zipped me back up and snuggled up to me. She looked up at me with the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen before or since, and whispered, “My turn later, sweetheart.”

“Ummmmmm,” I said. And, yes, later she got her turn – over and over, ’cause I loved to do that almost as much as I loved what she’d done. Things only got better after that for the next eight years.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32