The New Girl Sheila

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College Student

The New Girl SheilaI was sitting at my desk when my boss James came in and trailing behind him was a new girl that I had not seen before. “Carmen” he said”This is Sheila” “She will be assisting you with some of the new specs we’re doing” he added and I reached up and gently shook her hand. James explained the work she was going to be doing with me and as he did I kept looking over Sheila now and then. Young, nice figure, good looks and a good set of tits I thought to myself and I was hoping I could get to see a little more of her later on. A few days later I called Sheila and told her to bring her work and laptop in for I needed to go over some of her work. As she entered my office,”Close the door” I told her, not wanting anyone to disturb us as we went over the work. I had her place her laptop on my desk and soon I was going over her work with her pointing out some mistakes she had made. I ha her lean over my desk to look closely at her work and her laptop and I sat back in my chair as she did so. She had on a nice short skirt and white blouse that clearly outlined her bra; stockings, heels and I assumed panties as I looked over her ass. Soon I couldn’t hold back and while she leaned over more to examine her work, I reached over and with both hands began to softly caress her ass.She stood up real fast and turned and looked down at me,”What are you doing?” she asked as I slowly began to caress her legs and what beautiful legs they pendik escort were. “Please stop that” she said as she tried to push my hands away. When she started to back up a little I reached out and took hold of her hand and pulled in towards me and in between my legs. As I continued to caress her legs and then body she kept trying to shove my hands away.”What’s the matter dear” I asked calmly”Don’t you like me caressing you?” I asked”Please no” she said again as I now started to lift up her skirt. As she tried to pull it back down I kept on trying to pull it up until I finally stood up in front of her.”You look so beautiful” I softly said to her as I cupped her cheeks with my hands By now I was totally horny and as she tried one last time to ward me off, I quickly moved behind her and grabbing hold of her, turned her around facing me and kissed her. She struggled a bit as I held firmly against her lips until she gave in and we kissed for a good minute or so. When we broke off I quickly turned her around again and shoved her over the edge of my desk. As she stayed there bent over, I now reached down and pulled up her skirt until it was over her ass. I reached over and pulled down her panties and as she still stayed bent over, I bent down and began to kiss my way towards her cunt. When I reached it in went my tongue as I now licked and sucked on her cunt lips and clit, reaching up with my kartal escort hands and somehow managing to open up her blouse.After a few minutes of sucking on that gorgeous cunt, I stood up and turned her around again,”Oh Sheila” I said”You’ve got suck a beautiful cunt” I added and leaned in and we kissed again; this time meeting no resistance form her. I managed to pull her bra up as we kissed and when I stopped, I looked down at her nice firm tits and bent down and began to suck on them as I slowly lowered my one hand down her body until I found her cunt. As I sucked on her tits I now began to finger fuck her cunt. I could hear her softly moaning above me and I knew I had her. I slowly bent down and when I reached her crotch, I began to lick at her pubic hair and then after a minute or so, I got down on my knees and once again began to lick and suck on her cunt. For a few minutes more I sucked on her hot cunt, savoring the taste of her and her juices as she became more turned on. I finally rose up and taking hold of her hand, I went around her, turning her around and I now sat down in my chair. Looking up at her and still holding her hand, I gently pulled her down a little,”Suck on my cunt” I said softly as I guided her down on her knees and in between my legs. She looked at me a little hesitantly, “Go ahead dear” I said to her”Try it” as I pulled her a little closer to me. She was maltepe escort cautious at first and licked me a little until I placed my hand on her head”Go ahead and suck on it” I said a little more sternly and gently nudged her head into my cunt. She began to lick and suck on me and soon got into such a rhythm that I now leaned back and found myself moaning at her tender loving touch. I was so turned on now I finally gently pulled her up off her knees and she bent over as I guided her towards my tits. I had taken off my top and bra and now watched as she sucked on my tits until I once again had her move and this time sit down next to me. The chair was wide enough for two and when she sat down, we now began to kiss in earnest. As we kissed I was able to caress her cunt and she caressed mine. Foe several minutes we stayed like this, kissing passionately, swapping tongues and sucking on one another’s tongue until I finally stopped and we both stood up. When we did we again began to kiss and after a few more tender moments, I broke off and turned her around and had her get on the chair on her knees. As she leaned over the back of the chair I moved in behind her and slowly began to rub our bodies together. The friction sent waves of pleasure through each of us for a couple of minutes as we both relished one another. Soon it was time to quit and as I raised her up and turned her towards me,”Oh Sheila” I said softly”You were so great” I added”Thank you so very much” I then said. Looking at me,”No thank you Carmen” she replied and we kissed one more time. We dressed and as she was about to leave,”Will I see you again” I asked. Smiling and looking at me”Whenever you want” she replied and I knew I now had a new girl to add to my list.