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This is a continuation from the last instalment and I know that it is fairly lengthy. My apologies but for the story to be appreciated the events leading up to the night in question require elucidation. For those who are looking for juicy bits, they are at the end.

* * * * *

If, what had just occurred, had happened to anyone else rather than between a teacher and pupil on the night of the Sixth Form Christmas Party then I would be have been happy to partake in round two with the deliciously talented Rachael, my star pupil. Inexplicably and just as the mercury was rising, reason interrupted and it was with great reluctance that I eased her away from my rapidly swelling member but I was awash with conflicting emotions.

Although our little dalliance lasted half an hour I knew our presence would be missed and I was keen to avert any form of scandal erupting around our heads. I wasn’t unduly concerned about myself rather I was thinking about Rachael. She had only six months of school left before making that monumental journey into the big wide world and I did not want her focus shifting from what was going to be a rewarding and successful journey. On the other hand after just making love and after all the time we’d spent socially in the past I was now committed to her emotionally. I felt that the there was a deep connection between us and that our friendship was not only mutually beneficial but had reached a crossroads by the events of the evening.

I knew which direction Rachael wanted to take but I wasn’t sure of which direction I should take; my mind was flooded with contradicting thoughts and prejudices. If I chose to pursue a relationship with Rachael then questions were bound to be asked in the staff room and there would be much tongue wagging around the small insular community in which this prestigious college is located. Although times have changed people don’t and a relationship of this nature would be viewed as a scandal. And a scandal like this could and probably would ruin my career forcing me to move, again. Rachael was worth that sacrifice though, actually she is worth any sacrifice. But all these reasons were superficial and what it all came down to was whether I could risk my heart, again. I was still coming to terms with my abortive attempt at marriage and although Jean was never far from my thoughts her face, in my memory, was fading and my life was looking more positive by the day. So why was I a mass of conflicting emotions? I needed to get away and think, really think.

Rachael did not make it easy for me, her beautiful naked form silhouetted by the cold December moonlight was pure art and as I ran my hands up her sides, across her breasts and up to her angelic face my heart opened up for a brief second before my desire took over. I told her that we had to rejoin the party she hugged me tight whimpering against my entreaties. “No Jason no. I want to stay with you. Take me back to your place.” And then with a hint of mischief. “I’ll make it worth your trouble.”

The apple was surely tempting but I stiffened my resolve. We dressed in silence and I detected a hint of disappointment from Rachael as her manner was distinctly icy but I feared that this may happen and without another word she marched from the classroom. It was with great difficulty I extracted myself from the party and as I said my farewells I noticed that Rachael made no attempt to see me. She was on the far side of the hall talking with three friends, facing me and looking right at me. I went home to bed in bad humour.

There were only six days of the term remaining before the Christmas break and they were difficult days to get through. Gone were those intimate lunchtime chats and gone was the classroom enthusiasm. Being a teacher I was unable to allow my personal feelings to interfere with my professional acumen and she interpreted this as arrogance. The truth though was very different; I was hurting deep inside and I wanted a chance to talk to Rachael, to clear the air but an opportunity never presented itself. During those six days I, at least, had opportunity to think and my mind was made up I wanted Rachael with all my heart and I wanted to tell her.

It was shaping up to be a lonely Christmas when there was a knock at the door four days before the event. It was a wild and tempestuous day out, very cold and lashing with rain, typically English weather I’d say. I had no inclination to experience that harshness for the fire was on, the jazz playing in the background and all the supplies required were on hand. With my reverie interrupted, it was with some annoyance that I proceeded to answer the door. This mysterious caller must be insane I thought to myself as I swung open the door. The biting wind stung my face instantly and I involuntarily hid behind the door. I didn’t recognize Rachael. The poor girl was soaked to the skin; her hair was straight due to the weight of the water and was stuck to her face. Her arms were folded across her chest and she was beset shivering but her eyes were alive with the fiery passion of her determined nature. “At last.” She cried.

I brought her inside immediately, ushered her directly into the bathroom, and told her to give me her wet clothes and to take a shower. I gave her my bathrobe and then proceeded to wash her clothes. She emerged bahis firmaları almost twenty minutes later looking like a million dollars as far as circumstances permitted (my place required some feminine influence) and I immediately gave her a loving hug followed by a kiss. Her countenance brightened and she threw her hands around me and gave a big sigh. “I’m so very sorry for the way I treated you at school.” I wanted to weep I was so happy.

“You’ve nothing to be sorry for. Why are you here? You could have phoned and I could have come into town.” Still holding her to me. “I just wanted to see you so badly. To clear the air and make everything right again between us. I’ve missed you so very much. I just had to see you” And then with mock anger in her voice, “but I didn’t realise how difficult it was to track you down.”

She’d done well for I live four kilometres from town well off the beaten track in a village with scarce five hundred people. It’s a beautiful village though with a river bisecting the main road and nestled quietly between hills and forests. I have a studio flat above a quite excellent antique bookshop that I purchased for a song four weeks after arriving from Australia. It was recently renovated with a treated pine interior, modern kitchen and bathroom and a view overlooking the river. My car takes me to town every day and town is connected to London by express train so everything I need is very close by. I certainly wouldn’t walk into town on any occasion for the terrain is not for the faint hearted.

“Well now that you’re here you may as well stay for dinner.” She acquiesced without any trace of resistance so I broke the embrace and wandered over to the kitchen. Rachael followed, taking a seat opposite the bench on a stool, I handed her a mug of steaming kenjara and began to prepare dinner for two. We ate an hour later enjoying a wonderful bottle of Australian Shiraz and some intimate conversation. Our friendship was now on very firm ground. We covered a vast array of subjects and I was impressed with her knowledge and experience on a variety of topics, that at her tender age, I could scarce credit. She was drawing me closer to her heart and I was opening up mine again.

After dinner, I dimmed the lights and we retired to the lounge area and curled up in front of the fire beginning our second bottle of wine. The wind and rain howled outside causing Rachael to shudder as she recollected her recent adventure against the elements. In contrast the environment in-doors was warm, the music very ambient and appropriate to the occasion, the conversation engaging and the atmosphere relaxed. Involuntarily, we became much closer physically, her arm resting on the couch and her fingers stroking my shoulder. I on the other hand had rested my left arm on her leg and was slowly making circles against her skin. We both sensed that the time had come and we placed our wine glasses down and moved to each other, our lips finally coming together in a moist and sensual kiss. It was so soft and intimate that I felt a shiver run all the way through my body. My left hand made its way up to the side of her face and I held her and caressed her cheek. She had moved her hand to the back of my head and was using her fingers to stroke my hair. Her touch was magical and the kiss seemed to last forever. When we finally broke up she whispered to me in the softest of voices. “Let’s make love Jason.” All I could do was moan my affirmation before moving to meet her lips again.

Her hands quite expertly began loosening my clothes but her actions were so graceful that my clothes seemed to remove themselves without interrupting this romantically charged ambience. This whole scene seemed to me to be like a dream, coloured with deep textures and rounded off with soft edges. I didn’t want anything to ruin this moment for I felt sure the gods above had blessed me this day. My hand went immediately to the cord of the bathrobe and in one swift motion, like using a key to unlock a door, I had access and I was determined to explore what lay beneath. I brought her close to me and began to kiss her neck, my senses registered that she’d used my eau de toilette earlier and the faint breeze of Fahrenheit made my body dance with desire.

My first contact with her expertly sculptured body was with her flat abdomen, the heat was incredible and my touch caused a slight ripple to flow through Rachael’s body and a murmur to escape from her lips. I travelled up her body careful to avoid direct contact with her breast until I reached her shoulder from whence I caused the robe to fall away while my tongue and lips continued to enjoy her neck. She pulled me back up to her face and kissed me some more, our tongues danced the tango accentuated by the heady fragrance of the Shiraz but there was more urgency in our lip lock caused, no doubt, by the ever-increasing tide of desire.

Rachael broke our kiss and looking directly into my eyes breathed. “I never knew it could be this good”. My hand went back to her face and I replied with equal feeling. “I know. You are so beautiful and I want you so badly”. There were tears in her angelic eyes and she sobbed with disbelief. “Really?” And then with earnest, “I’m all yours Jason. You make me feel like no other and I think I’m deeply in love with you.” Her words kaçak iddaa melted my heart and soul. “I love you too Rachael so very much.” And with that we hugged lovingly both over-awed by our emotions and the depth of feeling for each other.

After what seemed like milliseconds, Rachael broke the embrace and began to kiss me passionately with short pecks before moving down my neck, chest, pausing to lick both nipples, down to my navel for some additional oral delight before coming to a rest at my incredibly hard and moist member. Having already experienced her talented mouth I knew I was in for a treat but in my highly aroused state I was uncertain as to how long I would last under this hedonistic assault.

Rachael began by running her tongue all the way up my shaft making it wet and paying particular attention to my balls (that’s what I love the most) before resuming her attack back up to the head. The sensation was divine but this was topped when she decided to go in for the kill and completely engulf me with her warm and wet mouth. I nearly blew it there and then and thought that I had been lucky to remain in control. I wasn’t, however, the only one receiving the pleasure; I ran my right hand down her spine resting for a moment on her super tight bum which I caressed in earnest. Her skin was like silk but hotter than a furnace. I ran my hand down her crack coming to rest against her slit. She was wet, very wet and upon my initial penetration she leaked ever so slightly onto my probing fingers. I allowed my fingers to dance up the length of her slit spreading her heat and moisture in a quest for her little love button. Upon contact, Rachael jumped in spasm and a long and steady stream of whimpers escaped her as she devoured my very soul. In this battle of mutual pleasure I was to be the loser and after a couple of minutes of making love to my cock I announced that I was cuming. And cum I did and it was mind blowing. Rachael, already warned, allowed my orgasm to flood her mouth and she took me down without any trouble. As my orgasm subsided, she cleaned me up and, as I fell from her mouth, she made her way gracefully back up to my face and we engaged in another passionate kiss with my orgasm was present on her tongue. “Mmmm I love tasting you.” She whispered but now it was my turn to repay the favour.

Rachael pulled herself up further and offered me her beautiful breasts. As she pushed a nipple into my mouth, I licked and chewed it like a baby would suckle on its mother. The taste of her skin was fantastic. I intimated for Rachael to climb onto the couch and open her legs, she pulled me back to her breasts. After a few very pleasurable minutes of teasing and sucking, she started to push down on my head wanting me to go lower.

As I reached her swollen pussy I just gazed at the sight of it. With no hair, her labia awash with fragrant nectar and her clit poking out from its hood, I began to flick it back and forth with my finger but she let out a groan and told me to use my mouth. I was in no way hesitant but Rachael, obviously impatient, moved my head closer to her love nest. The smell and taste of her sex was overpowering and I made my tongue as flat as I could and licked her like an envelope moving north to south pausing momentarily to nibble her clit. Under this sort of attention, it didn’t take her long and I felt Rachael’s legs squeeze against my head and her body tense up as she screamed in orgasm. Her slick juice burst fourth as I lapped her up eagerly. She pulled me up to her and gave me the deepest wet kiss telling me “Oh Jason that was so good. You make me cum so hard.” We just lay there for a while with my head on her breast pondering on what was happening between us.

Our minds seemed to be in synchronous thought and as we pulled away looking into each other’s eyes we both knew what was coming next. I scooped Rachael up in my arms and walked to the bedroom. Unfortunately the romantic atmosphere was spoiled for a moment as I laid Rachael down onto an unmade bed. Rachael opened her legs and beckoned me closer. She moved her hips closer to mine and reached for my newly hardened solder beckoning us both to her drenched mound. She reached down and, with all the beauty of a rose in bloom, opened up her lips as I pressed the head of my cock against her opening. “Oh yes Jason. That feels so nice.” She sighed as I continued my journey.

I paused a moment before rocking gently easing more of my cock inside her. I heard her panting as each little thrust moved me slightly deeper inside her. I pulled back until just the head of my cock was in her and thrust more forcibly going deeper into her. As deep as I had been moments before I then went deeper. “Oh God!” we both cried.

Engulfed by her tight wetness, I slowly began to move. As I moved faster, she began to moan, and then cry out. I have never had my cock squeezed like that before. I started gliding deeply into her with long strokes, all the way out and then plunging all the way in. Within minutes Rachael was again hovering upon the brink of another massive orgasm. “I’m cumming, baby, I cumming!” she screamed and when she came her pussy clenched my cock so hard, that I came too. As my creamy load shot into her pussy she began to grind against my pelvis. With each hot spurt, her pussy clenched my cock tighter, kaçak bahis squeezing and sucking every drop of cum from my member. As I slowly rocked my hypersensitive rod in and out of her, I could feel her trembling with pleasure beneath me with each slow, pleasure filled motion. Afterwards, basking in the afterglow, we kissed and caressed for a long time whispering sweet nothings to each other before sleep spirited away two very happy souls.

The shrieking of the winds and the pouring of rain awakened me sometime in the dead of night and a swift glance at the alarm clock informed me that there were indeed many hours remaining until ‘morning’. It was nice and toasty between the sheets as I rolled over to have a look at my baby. Rachael was awake also and as we met she smiled with a slight giggle. “Hi babe.” I offered and noticed that she was playing with one of her large, nicely shaped breasts and was pushing the nipple up to her mouth, looking straight into my eyes as her tongue traced tiny swirls around the aureole, making small goose-bumps on it. Her nipple was fully erect, pointing up towards her caressing tongue. Her other hand was used to prop herself up and I was laying on my side enjoying this impromptu show when after a few minutes her hand left her breast travelling down to her crotch. I threw back the covers so I could see exactly what was happening. Watching her fingers all wet with her juice, as she massaged her slit in gentle, lazy circles, was very arousing, and my pole began to pulsate in anticipation.

“Mmmm!” moaned Rachael as her fingers found her tiny, pink clitoris, which had poked its delicate way out of the folds of its protective hood. I looked closely at the pearly tip of her shiny and lubricated clit, and heard her gasp loudly as I reached down and gently touched her there, barely making any real contact with that precious pearl. I then reached down to my cock, which had a large deposit of pre-cum forming on the tip, and put this on my fingertip. Then, I slowly massaged it onto her anxious clit, mingling with her aromatic nectar. She watched intently as I massaged my juice into the tiny jewel of her sensitive love bud. “Oh babe!” she moaned as I ever so gently massaged her pussy for her. “Oh yeah! That’s it!” She sighed as I pushed my finger deep and swiftly into her seething hole. I was surprised at how hot she was, as she tried to clasp my finger as if it were my cock, her hips moving forward to allow me full access to her now soaking wet pussy. Her hand found my throbbing cock and her stroking matched the rhythm of my probes into her snatch. “Oh what a nice, hard cock, so beautiful, so strong!” she exclaimed, as she massaged me to an intense erection. I moved over to kiss her, and said, in between each kiss “God, you have such a fantastic body lover?” She beamed at the compliment and answered “This body is aching to feel yours inside it, thrusting deep into it!” So, without wasting a moment, I positioned myself between Rachael’s muscular, long legs, and let her guide my eager pole into her juicy hole, first rubbing just the tip against her clitoris as she began to buck up and down under me even before I’d entered her. Finally, when I really couldn’t stand this sweet torture of feeling her wetness, and not sinking deeply into her, I pushed my hips forward and my cock went right in, smoothing out the folds of her lust slickened tunnel. “Oh yeah!” she cried out, as I filled her with my manhood. “Cream me baby!” she moaned, “Fuck me and cream my hot pussy with that hard cock!” This filthy talk was direct contrast to earlier but was more in keeping with her mischievous character. The spasms inside Rachael’s pussy were so intense that they nearly knocked me out as I pumped my shaft in and out of her. Our sexual lust for each other continued to build as we seemed to be racing to some place, going somewhere frantically in a hurry as we pumped and spasmed against each other.

Rachael was desperately trying to get me as deep inside her as humanly possible, and had now spread her legs wide, pointing her toes as her hands held her calves apart for me. This shifted her pelvis upwards, opened her so completely for me, that my dick now made direct contact with the very depths of her womanhood. “Oh Jason! I want your cream! Shoot it deep in me!” She panted as I pumped furiously and ardently into her tightness. “Give it to me!” She wailed, as I began to fuck her as if trying to crawl deep inside her. There’s something base and animal in having a woman imploring you, in those terms for this was not love making as before but raw animalistic passion that drove us to orgasm. With Rachael’s toes curling as her orgasm exploded inside her, I pushed my hot, swollen cock into her tummy, and held it deep as I let loose my creamy gift inside her. The bucking of my cock triggered further spasms from her grasping, hungry mound. “Ah yes! That’s it! Give it to me” She yelled, one hand caressing my jerking ball sack and the other twisting her nipple as I pumped thick hot cream into her wonderfully tight pussy. The force of my own cum nearly choked me. Part of a cry attempted to leave but was stuck in my throat and I just grunted into her mouth as we kissed, her snake like tongue now dancing in my mouth. Muscles deep inside Rachael held-tight and kept my dick from retreating from her, even as I softened-up within her. With all the pent up energy I’d used to pump her mound, Rachael’s pussy was absolutely virgin tight as we lay there, the two of us catching our breath as we just held onto one another.

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