The sagent years later

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The sagent years laterWell I finished my school and headed out to repair systems for the army, but as fate has a way of happening I was reasigned back to El Paso as an instructor at the school. This time I was an sargent and married to a lovely young lady we were quitly enjoying our time together making love as young couples do. We moved into base housing my wife was concerned because she didn’t know anyone. I told her to give it time it would happen. I came home one day to a very excited wife saying she had met the nicest young black lady living across the street. I was glad she had found someone she could hang with so I didn’t thank anything about it at all. As the days passed she and her new friend spent more and more time together she kept saying how nice they were. Then I came home to realize that I knew this guy her freinds husband. I didn’t tell my wife that this was the same guy who made a game out of seeing how meany young white guys he could get between his legs to suck his monster cock. There friendship continued to grow, my wife came home one afternoon very sad saying her friend had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had just six months to live. Saddened by the news my wife became even closer to his wife helping with the c***dern trying to make thing easier for her. My wife came home one day saying that she had just in conversation with her friend been asked if she would do something special for her. Her friend had asked her to please think about taking care of her husbands sexual needs that she could no longer do it. She showed her pictures of her husband in verious stages of undress the last being of his monster trouser snake in all it’s glory. My wife said she didn’t know what to say sow she told her she would think about it and think about it she kocaeli escort did telling me she didn’t know how any woman could take all that monster. Telling me the details of its massive size saying she didn’t think even if she wanted to could take all that cock. I was thinking he was probable feeding that monster to the young recruits as he did in he past making them take up the slack. My wife was being fed more pictures of a sexual nature as his wife was trying to get her interested in fucking him. She would come home with a new story almost everyday. I noticed that when he was around he seemed to be gaining an interest in the wife showing off his swinging beef making sure she noticed smiling at me as he did. He told me if I thought the shows I watched of him chasing recuits wait till he nailed my wife as he ran his hand down his huge meat. Now I really wondered if he was going to get there between my wifes pretty legs? My wife started wearing short shorts and see through blouses most of the time when he was around. Telling me she was just getting him excited sow he would go home and beat off and leave his wife alone. He was always complimenting her while rubbing his big cock. He asked me to take aride with him one day that he needed to talk as we crused he smiled playing with his trouser snake in a way that he knew he had my attention. He finnally pulled over slid down in the seat slidding his pants to his knees saying suck this big cock milk my balls or I will have to tell your wife about how you used to enjoy the show. With that he grabbed head pulling my face to his lap rubbing that big apple shaped head across my lips saying get it. I in the back of my mind knew that this was what I really wanted to do so long ago. I started licking the big head and up and down kocaeli escort bayan the shaft as he told me what he wanted to do with my wife how he wanted to shove this thing deep into her pussy. He said but if I kept him happy and drained he wouldn’t do her. I began to try to get that big head into my mouth to satify his needs as I worked managing to get the big head in and really getting into sucking on it I felt his big balls beginning to sweal. I knew he was about to unload all his milk he grabbed my head again making sure I got every drop. He straightened up said I knew you would be a good cock sucker even back then all you whitees like my milk. I couldn’t believe what had just happrened and without saying anything just agreed to become his cock sucker.Well he didn’t live up to his end of the agreement as he became more and more interested in my wife grabbing her by the ass showing off his monster every chanse he had. One day I came home to the two of them walking out of the house as I’m going in, with his hand firmly placed on her ass. She told me as they passed that she would be home in a while that she was going over to cook. He never removed his hand as they headed across the street to his house. She came home several hours later looked like she had been fresh fucked and smelled like it. She went straight into the bedroom shedding close as she went flopping down on the bed telling me come here and hold me. I lay beside he I placed my hand on her inner thigh into the left over cum that drained as she walked home. She spread her legs saying kiss the results of my cooking. I dove between her thighs to dine at the Y by starting with the stuff coating her thighs working up to the main course as she began to talk. She had know gone over with no intention of letting izmit escort him into her pussy with that monster cock. But he was very controlling that as she began to cook he was beginning to cook too. That he came up behind her grapping her hips and rubbing that big cock into her ass saying I’ve got to get some of you. She said she pushed him away and he walked over to the dining room table sat down dropped out his monster so that she couldn’t help but see him began to stroke it getting it very hard and also hard not to stare at. He told her to get over here this is what you want and that’s why you’re here. In the mean time I was feasting on the leftovers thanking that they seem to be better mixed with pussy jouice. She said when she didn’t move in his direction he got up started in her direction with his big black snake bobbing from side to side. He moved back behind her undid her shorts slid them down her legs and off. He slid his cock between legs rubbing it up and down along her slit getting her so hot she said he could have done anything he wanted and he knew that. He spread her legs alittle more to gain acess to her pussy. I thought I was about finished cleaning when she pointed to her tits. She said that what her friend had said about him being gentle was true at least that he inserted the big head and stopped to let her get accostom to his size. Then he began to slowly fuck her with just the head. She said before long she was the one doing the fucking wanting more of that monster. I licked the dry cream off her tits as she said without removing his cock from her he started walking her to the bedroom and the bed. She said that she believed he could have fucked all night without stop, that he must have dumped several loads before she made him stop saying she was getting sore. She placed her hand on my head guided me back down to the Y saying that there’s more where that came from but do be gentle she was sore that she felt like she’d been fucked by a horse as she eased off into sleep.