The School Medal.

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The School Medal.The little convent of St. Bertha was closing. After almost one hundred and twenty years serving the local rural community it was time to close the doors. There was only five nuns left,all were now retired from teaching and with dwindling numbers attending the convent school ,the decision was made to close the the convent and the five nuns would move to a much larger convent to enjoy their retirement. Mother Superior Ursula decided to hold a little exhibition highlighting the history of the convent,many people from around the area came to visit the convent one last time,to relive memories,some painful,as the nuns were notorious for the use of corporal punishment. There was numerous photographs of past pupils and nuns to view along with many items of memorabilia . The little convent and it’s now almost over grown gardens was filling up with those who had attended the convent school.John and Aisling had taken the opportunity to take a drive in the countryside. It was a beautiful,summer Autumnal day and was not long before they saw the sign welcoming those who were passing to the convent. “Come on ,lets have a look,” Aisling said.”Okay,if anything we can laugh at the nuns,” John said.They parked their car and entered the convent. There was a number of people milling about and Aisling put some coins into a donation box that was just inside the door.John and Aisling walked around the room looking at the exhibits and many photographs. “Wow,those Nun’s look very severe dressed like that,”Aisling remarked looking at a photograph of two Nun’s standing next to group of pupils. The Nun’s were wearing long black habits,veils and white coifs ;they wore thick black straps around their waists and one Nun held a school ruler in her hands.Aisling noticed that this Nun had a slight smile on her lips. “Look at this,” John said. Aisling stood next to him and both leaned over to look at the little silver medal in a glass case. “It’s beautiful,what is it?” Aisling inquired.”It says it’s a School Attendance Medal,” John replied ,reading the little card next to the medal.Both John and Aisling were not aware of the Nun standing behind them,the Nun who took the opportunity istanbul escort to glance with delight at both John and Aisling’s buttocks.”Yes,it is a School Attendance medal,awarded to those who had unbroken attendance for a full year at school,” the Nun said,startling John and Aisling who immediately stood up,turned around to be met with a Nun in a long black habit and veil,a white coif encircled her face making her look very stern.The Nun smiled and introduced herself,. “My name is Sr.Gertrude ,welcome to our little convent.”John and Aisling introduced themselves.”If I had been awarded a silver medal I think I would have turned up at school more often,” Aisling said.”Me too,”John said,laughing.”Tut,tut,tut; attendance at school is very important , how many days were you truant ?” Sr.Gertrude asked,looking at the both very sternly.”Too many times,John said” , still laughing .However Aisling had become slightly alarmed by the stern expression the Nun now wore.”Deary,deary me,if you both had attended this convent you would both have had excellent attendance records”,Sr.Gertrude said.”And if we hadn’t come to school ?” Aisling asked.”Follow me,” Sr.Gertrude said.They followed her to another display cabinet; “You wold both have been thrashed soundly”, Sr.Gertude continued pointing to a cane on display in the cabinet.Aisling and John stared at the cane.”Was corporal punishment used at the school you attended?” Sr.Gertrude inquired,now standing behind them as they looked at the cane; they were unaware that Sr.Gerturde was taking great personal excitement staring at their bottoms.”No,”John replied.”Not the school I attended either,” Aisling said.”Tut,tut,tut !, it is never to late to atone for some wrong doing,just think how disappointed your parents would have been in you both for not attending school;oh deary me,I do wish I had had the opportunity to mend your ways !” Sr.Gertrude said,there was a strange,sinister smile on her lips.John and Aisling exchanged glances and Aisling nodded.”We would be open to being chastised now for not turning up at school;if that is possible?” John said.The smile avcılar escort on Sr .Gertrude’s lips grew wider. “Yes,yes of course,I understand;follow me”,Sr.Gertrude said .John and Aisling followed Sr.Gertrude from the room and along a long corridor with rooms on the left,on their right were windows,they glanced out at the garden before looking at the Nun they were following. What they couldn’t see or indeed know was the absolute delight Sr.Gertrude was feeling,she was the youngest of the Nun’s in the convent,at 67 years old.She had been at the convent for 40 years and had thrashed many errant pupils,but now she had two people,both aged 24 years old who wished to be thrashed by her for something they had done many years ago.John and Aisling walked in silence,exchanging concerned glances and wondering what was going to happen. Finally the Nun stopped and opened a door which led into a large classroom.”Come in,let us begin”,Sr.Gertrude said. She could feel the old feelings rise inside of her again.”Are you going to use the cane?” John asked.”Unfortunately that cane is on display,but I do have this,” Sr.Gertrude said producing a leather strap from a desk drawer and stoking it.Aisling swallowed hard.”But first come over her,boy ” Sr. Gerturde ordered sitting on a chair. John walked over to the Nun. “Bend over my lap,boy,it is time to repent !” Sr.Gertrude said.John looked at Aisling.”Face the blackboard,girl,I will deal with you presently,” Sr.Gertrude said,a noticeable note of excitement in her voice.”Now,boy,over my lap.”John lay over the Nun’s lap and waited. It felt really strange;the Nun began to just caress his bottom.”Oh,yes,it has been sometime since I have had someone over my knee,I do miss those days,” Sr.Gertrude said looking down at John’s firm bottom while she caressed it;she felt very excited.Then she began to bring her hand down on his bottom,over his jeans,ONEşirinevler escort it; she did experience a twinge of jealously knowing that it was now the Nun who was experiencing delight at touching John’s bottom. The spanking continued for sometime and John was beginning to struggle,his bottom felt really hot. Sr.Gertrude was smiling,enjoying every slap she delivered and remembering how wonderful the feeling of having someone over her knee was. Then it was Aisling’s turn. Aisling began to cry out after the fourth slap;Sr.Gertrude found this exciting and began to spank Aisling with all her strength. “There,now,this is what you deserve,girl”! Sr.Gertrude said looking down at Aisling’s bottom. John was rubbing his bottom while facing the blackboard.Finally Aisling was allowed to stand.”Now,I want you both to bare your bottoms and bend over that desk,” Sr.Gertrude said pointing to a desk at the back of the classroom. John and Aisling faced the desk and began to undress from their waists down. Sr.Gertrdue watched,holding the leather strap and smiling.Sr.Gertrude took sometime to look at the bare bottoms in front of her before saying, “Now bend over the desk, six slaps each with this leather!”John and Aisling bent over their desk,both feeling a draft on their bare bottoms. They could hear Sr.Gertrude approaching them and they held each other’s hands. Sr.Gertrude smiled at this. Sr.Gertrude placed the leather across Aisling bare bottom first and raised it up before bringing it down,hard;Aisling screamed,another and another stroke with the leather brought tears to Aisling’s eyes. Three more slaps and she buckled at the knees,crying and shaking.Then it was John’s turn.The first slap came down hard.Sr,Gertrude enjoyed watching his bottom turn red. She gave him five more hard slaps which caused him to cry out. When Sr.Gertrude finished she watched as they dressed.”Now,you have experienced what it would have been like to attend this school;how do feel ?””Oh,yes,Sr.Gertrude,I am sorry for not attending school,” Aisling said,sniveling.”Yes,Sr.Gertrude,me too “, John said,rubbing his bottom.As Sr.Gerturde stood at the window watching John and Aisling leave she felt a little sad,she had enjoyed herself very much,but now it was time to look to the future and her new posting at the Monastery of Repentance where her expertise an zeal for administering corporal punishment would be used to great effect. She held the leather strap in her hand and decided to use this once she reached the Monastery. Who would be her next penitent?