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Shasa drifted off into a restless slumber. The ravishment of her mouth by her uncle earlier that evening was a shock to her. She had always thought of Tom almost like her own father. She did not know how to look at him the next day. She knew that he would not stop at just making her suck him, especially now that his wife will not be home until Saturday.

Meanwhile, Tom lay in his bed, his penis still rock hard, thinking of his niece’s young body, in the room down the corridor. He knew that he had started something that was taboo, but he could not stop himself. Shasa’s pert breasts and pink nipples made him grab his cock in the palm of his hand as he masturbated. Thick glob of sperm shot from his engorged penis as it splattered onto his chest and stomach. Gasping, he stroked himself until only a thin drip of cum ejaculated and dripped down to his pubic hair.

Tom got up and headed for the bathroom to clean himself. As he wiped himself clean, his penis still was firm and hard. He knew that Shasa was still a virgin. His thoughts wandered to his brother, and he knew that he was in a capricious situation. His brother had trusted both him and his wife to look after Shasa when he send her to them for the holidays. And now, when his wife was away, he had ravished his niece but making her suck him and cumming in her mouth. His penis twitched when he remembered how he held her head firmly in the palms of his hands as she tried to move her head away when he came. And when finally he pressed her tightly against his crotch, she had no choice but to swallow his load.

The sexual urge in him was too great and he decided that whatever the consequences, he had to have her again. He opened the toilet cabinet and took the tube of KY jelly. Walking softly, with only a towel around his midriff, he headed for Shasa’s room.

Opening her door slowly, he looked into the darkened room. Bathed by the street lights, he saw her lying on the stomach on the bed. Her sheer nighty was bunched up around her hips. He walked to her bed and stood there, looking at the young girl’s tight bottom and the bikini panties hugging her small waist. Her long, slim legs were slightly parted.

Tom could feel his heart pounding as he gazed at Shasa’s body. His penis had grown rock hard and he dropped the towel. Naked, he touched his penis and he could feel his precum seeping from his raging hardon. He had to make a decision, whether to leave immediately or do what he had to do. Shasa did not fight him earlier and he decided that she probably would not scream if he touched her.

Gently, he sat on the bed beside her. He brushed the hair from her face and kissed her cheeks.

Shasa moved her head slightly as Tom kissed her ears lobes. Her eyes opened slowly and thought that she was dreaming, when she looked into Tom’s eyes.

“Uncle Tom,” she mouthed in a muted voice. Only then did she gradually realised that Tom was sitting beside her. She tried to get up but a hand gently pressed her down so that she could not move.

“Shhhh, sweetheart,” Tom said as he held both her hands against the mattress, as he continued to kiss her cheeks. As her head turned, he kissed her lips, and his tongue invaded her mouth. He kissed her deeply, searching her tongue as he sucked her. When he left her mouth, she gasped. “Don’t be afraid, sweetheart, I won’t hurt you,” Tom whispered into her ear.

Shasa’s heart was pounding.

Tom released one hand and switched on the bedside lamp. escort ataşehir The sudden soft brightness exposed his niece’s lush body to his sight.

Shasa eyes opened wide in horror when she saw the man beside her was totally naked. She looked down and saw his huge penis, pointing towards the ceiling, stiff and engorged. She could also see drops of clear fluid seeping from the opening and dripping down the shaft. “No, please don’t do this to me,” she moaned in fear.

Tom moved onto her back, his knees straddling her until he was balls was pressing softly onto her buttocks. He was like a man possessed. His only thoughts was Shasa’s body, and what he was about to do with her. His hands left hers as he trapped her with his thighs. Reaching for the back collar of her flimsy nighty, he tore it and exposed her back.

Shasa cried out as she felt his lips on her bare shoulders. She felt him as his wet tongue licked her back. His kisses rained down all behind her, his lips sucking on her flesh. Shasa tried to lift her buttocks up to escape his hold on her.

Tom stopped kissing her when he felt her buttocks twitching. He looked down and saw the twin mounds trembling. His hands moved to the soft tight flesh and he tore her panties down the middle. Her firm ass cheeks were now visible to his tormented eyes. He touched her there and his palms kneaded the tender flesh. Moving his body further down her legs, he pressed open her buttocks. His eyes fell onto the tiny brown crinkled opening of her anus. Tom lips descended onto the flesh of her firm ass as he kissed her. Then placing his mouth between her thighs, his tongue seeked her forbidden opening, licking and lashing at the spasming hole.

Shasa gasped as she felt him licking her anal opening as she writhed wildly. The sensation she felt as his tongue touched her there was something she never felt before. Her breathing was becoming uneven and she felt an incredible burst as though she was peeing. Her body shuddered as she felt Tom’s tongue penetrated her anus and experienced her first orgasm. Her anal muscle tighten as she gripped his tongue.

Tom knew that Shasa had orgased as her anus relaxed. He pushed his tongue deeper into her rectum, tasting her there for the first time. He was intoxicated by her youthful smell, the smell of a young girl having her first anal experience. He tried to suck her as she collapsed and lay panting. Lifting his saliva wet face, he crept upwards. He used the bedsheet to wipe his face as he turned Shasa onto her back.

Shasa’s eyes were closed when she felt Tom lips on her mouth. She opened them and accepted his tongue as he seeked for hers. Uncle and niece deep kissed as they sucked each other’s mouth. Her lips were almost swollen as he ravished her mouth.

Tom gently remove the remnants of her torn nighty and panties. Shasa was now completely naked to his eyes. Her firm breasts heaving, and her pink nipples, hard and elongated like erasers. His lips moved towards the nipples as he took them one by one into his mouth, sucking them as he felt her body shivering. Her back arched upwards towards his mouth as she moaned. Tom’s hand reached down to his raging penis as he collected his precum onto his finger. His hand then moved between Shasa’s crotch and touched her vagina. She spread her thighs as he rubbed against her mons. Her hips moved upwards as Tom inserted his finger inside her. She was completely wet, her love juice flowing onto the palm kadıköy escort of his hand as he finger fucked her gently.

Then Tom moved into the 69 position, he lifted her legs up until he was almost sitting on her breasts. He made sure that his weight was not resting on her body as he pressed his lips against her pubic hair. Tom licked Shasa’s clitoris and sucked on her until her hood opened and the tiny protrusion came out. He kissed and sucked it. Then his tongue moved down and his lips kissed the petal of her love box and he inserted his tongue into her vagina.

Shasa bite into the pillow as she opened up to his tongue fucking. Then she trapped his tongue as he invaded deep inside her as a second orgasm flushed through her body.

Tom sucked and swallowed her love juices as she convulsed in spasms. It was an incredible feeling for him to drink in the young secretions of his niece’s nectar. He almost felt like ejaculating but he controlled himself. As Shasa’s body relaxed, he let her legs drop to the mattress as he moved to kneel beside her.

He gently touched her face. Looking at her as she completed her orgasm, Tom was touched by the beauty of her youthful body, heaving in gentle breath of the wonder of her first love making. He kissed her. “Shasa, open your eyes, sweetheart,” he said.

She looked up at him.

“I know you are still a virgin and I am not going to defile you,” he said to her gently. “There are many ways of making love, and I need to do it, trust me,” Tom told her.

“Please don’t make me pregnant,” Shasa said, tears falling down her cheeks.

“No, sweetheart, I won’t do that to you,” Tom kissed her and held her in his arms. “Just do as I tell you to, I’ll be gentle and it won’t hurt,” he kissed her assuringly.

“What are you going to do,” Shasa looked at him.

“Hush, baby, I’ll make it good for you,” Tom said as he turned her onto her stomach. He reached for her pillow and slipped it under her. Then he moved behind her.

Shasa felt his hands on her buttocks. And as he did when he first came into her room, he kneaded her twin hillocks, kissed them and parted the cheeks. God, he’s going to lick me there again, she said to herself. And she felt his lips against her tiny opening. She knew it was allright and she liked it the first time. Her anus opened to him as he penetrated her slightly as before. Then she felt his finger on her vagina. The feeling was so good as her juice flowed. She felt him leave her vagina and his finger was now rubbing against her tiny opening. He pushed slowly and it entered her. Her anus had got used to his tongue and the penetration of his finger was just as excruciatingly wonderful. Her back passage hand never been violated before. She felt full, as he pushed in slowly until the whole finger was in.

He felt the tightness of her rectum. “Does that hurt,” Tom whispered into her ear.

“Noooo,” she replied, ashamed that she was feeling so good.

“Sweetheart, I’m going to do something and I want you to relax,” he said soothingly.

Shasa just nodded her head slightly, now knowing what her uncle really meant.

She felt him removing his finger and she waited in anticipation. Then she felt something cold being rubbed against her anus. She turned her head slightly to see Tom squeezing a clear liquid from a tube which dropped between her buttocks. Then she saw him rubbing a generous amount onto the shaft of his huge penis.

She maltepe escort bayan panicked, “what are you going to do,” she asked him.

Then she saw him hold his engorged cock and felt the blunt head against her anus. “No, no, don’t,” she cried out in desperation.

Shasa gasped as Tom held her hips in a firm grip as he pushed his penis against her. She tried to squirm away from him but his body weight was bearing down on her. Then she felt his hands parting her buttocks. She tried to clench her buttocks together but his fingers priced open her ass cheeks. The hard and firm head of his penis was pressed tightly against her. Even as she tried to refuse him, she felt her anal opening surrendered to his insistence. Her tiny orifice opened as his turgid head entered her.

The pain was hurting as he penetrated her just enough to lodge the head inside. Shasa could hardly breathe as the dull pain shot up her body. She felt Tom stop, just holding her and not moving.

“God, you are so, so tight,” Tom gasped.

A thin sheen of sweat began to cover Shasa’s back as she gasped for air. “Uuugggg”, she moaned as she felt him going in more.

Inch by inch, Tom fucked into Shasa’s virgin rectum. He too gasped as he looked down at his penis moving deeper into her anus. He stopped when almost half of it was lodged inside her. He could feel her trembling uncontrollably. Then he slowly pulled himself out until only the head was in her entrance.

Shasa cried in desperation at the vile act. The pain was causing cramps in her lower abdomen. She gasped in relief as she felt him pulling out. Then she felt him putting more jelly around her anus and felt him pushing in again. This time he held her firmly as he began to fuck her slowly. Her anal muscle relaxed as she got used to his girth.

Tom felt her getting used to his size and then he pulled out. He looked in fascination as her anus kept open when his penis was out. Then it started to close. He dropped his spit onto her hole before it closed completely and he pushed the engorged head into her again.

Shasa felt Tom lifting her up until she was on her knees. His hands pushed her shoulders flat on the mattress. Oh God, she felt him pushed his penis deeper inside her and then she felt his balls against her buttocks. He was completely inside her.

He pulled her shoulders upwards until his chest was tightly against her back. His hands reached around her and cupped her breasts. Then he began the fucking motion as he pumped in and out of her rectum.

The pain was now lessened as her anus got used to his penis.

Tom had wanted to do something he never done before but had always fantasized. Moving Shasa slowly off the bed, with their bodies joined, he walked her to the dressing table. Now, in front of the full length mirror, they stood sideways.

“Look into the mirror, sweetheart,” he said unevenly, “see yourself getting fucked in the anus.”

Then he fucked her, the sound of their sweaty bodies meeting with every in stroke was so erotic to him. His palms kneading her breasts as he sodomised her, the moans emitted by Shasa as his huge penis plundered her back passage until he shuddered and ejaculated deep inside her bowels.

Shasa felt him tremble and the first spurt of her uncle’s sperm coated the insides of her rectum. Then more warm cum was deposited inside her until he stopped shaking. She was shaking herself as a final orgasm for the night took her. Then she felt herself slowly sinking to the floor as Tom released her from his grip.

As she lay on the floor, she looked at the reflection in the mirror. She could see herself, lying there and her uncle looking down at her, his penis still leaking cum which dripped onto her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32