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Adults Only. This story is fiction but is made of real like experiences I have had along my journey in life. Hope you like it. This story features aspects of unsafe sex. Always use good judgement and practice safe sex to protect you and your partners.


I had been to the Asian massage places plenty of times. Even though I liked getting off. I enjoyed relaxing as much as the pleasurable ending.

I had been working as a business man for many years. My job required quite a bit of travel and I had gotten good at finding the cleaner more decent massage places. I am in my late 30’s. I keep myself in pretty good shape. I am 5’9″ with a nice chest and shoulders. I have dark hair and dark smoky eyes. (Almost brooding at times). My cock is average at 6″ and cut. I like trimming my pubic hair and on that night I was sporting a little “pussy” triangle. I am bisexual and have almost as may experiences with men as women, though I didn’t start playing with cock until my 30’s.

Even though I enjoy cock and have something of a cum fetish, I don’t date or make out with guys. I just like the fun things you can do with a hard dick. ; )

I also don’t advertise or share my sexual desires and adventures. But every now and then I slip up and it can become pretty apparent that I am not completely straight. Thats what must have happened that night.

I usually go get a decent repartee going with the various ladies. Asian women seem to enjoy me and my body. That night was no different.

I arrived, paid my fee and waited my turn to enjoy a table shower. The masseuse was a Korean Gal called Su. She must have been in her late 20’s or early 30’s though I can never say for sure with Asian women. She was around 5’3″ and maybe 125lbs soaking wet. She had a soft pretty face and long dark silly hair. Su came to get me I was already undressed and waiting in a robe on the table.

She escorted me to the shower room and held out her hand for my robe. I didn’t waste time getting naked and I am pretty relaxed about it since I have done this many times before.

She told me to lay face down on the table while she got the hot water going. I did as instructed and relaxed. She began as usual soaping my naked body from toe to head. She used her fingers to follow the loofa and made me gasp a little as her delicate touch aroused me just a little.

When she got to my ass she wasn’t the least bit reserved or shy. In fact it was the opposite. She aggressively spread my cheeks and scrubbed my hole with the Soapy loofa. I was IN HEAVEN. And I let out a little moan. She paused for a moment perhaps making mental note of my reaction.

She continued her cleaning all over and proceeded to rinse my naked body on the table keeping me warm with the occasional miniature bucket of hot water. She completed my backside by again tracing her fingers up and down my legs. And AGAIN, she traced her way to my ass. This time she wasn’t as aggressive, but when she got to my hole she slowly and deliberately slid her finger into my naked and exposed (but now very clean) hole. I had already gone back to relaxing and wasn’t expecting a kind of aggressive move this early in the massage. I let out an audible OHHHHHH. I could her her hold back a giggle. It wasn’t quite a full laugh but clearly something was amusing her.

I didn’t know whether to be flattered or pissed! I really liked what she was doing to my body, but laughing? That seemed, I don’t know, unprofessional!

I didn’t have time to decide to be one way or the other because even as I was having the thought she told me to turn over so she could clean the front. So I did.

As I started to turn over I realized that her finger was still nesting and sliding ever so slowly in and out of my ass. I looked at over my shoulder as if to ask, “What should I be doing her?” I had never cum in the shower room nor had I ever heard another guy being jacked off in here so this was a completely canlı bahis unexpected turn of events.

Su didn’t miss a beat. She looked straight into my eyes and nice again said with confidence in her voice, “Turn Over.” What the Fuck? Turn over? I should have known something was off at that point but I am just such a pussy when it comes to complaining so I did as she commanded. It was getting clear that she as enjoying her finger hold and being in control.

I rolled to my left and swung my right leg into the air. I must have looked either ridiculous or very sexy as I spread my legs over her body so I could get into position on my back.

I always expect walking in to a massage, to go in soft, get hard, hopefully get off and walk out soft again. So it shouldn’t have been a shock that as I rolled over my cock was not only hard but leaking precum like a river.

I was about to set my right leg back down on the table when Su again looked straight into my eyes and said, “Stop.” Now I am laying naked my left leg flat on the table and my right leg raised in the air like a woman spreading her pussy and Su very much still inside me. Mind you, I have been in this position many times and have had my share of cocks inside me, but never in a massage place or spa, and never with my ass being held hostage by a young Korean gal!

Su’s left hand reached to gently trace my quivering cock but instead of jacking me or even teasing me, she just lifted my cock and exposed my trimmed pussy triangle pube pattern.

This time she didn’t try to hide her laughter. She must have found me and my pubes hysterical because she laughed loud enough for the rest of the place to hear her. Naturally, there was a knock soon after on the shower room door. It was her boss lady, looking somewhat perturbed and at the very least perplexed at the noise and apparent comedy in the shower room! In walks, Ajima and she sees what I living through on the table.

I expected her to dress her down. Instead, she looked at me. She looked at Su and smiled and laughed a little herself. (What the Fuck Part Deaux!)

Su had her right middle finger in my ass and her left hand showing Ajima the “pretty pussy pubes.” I don’t speak Korean but I caught the gist of the brief conversation that followed and it would seem that both were assessing me to be gay or “sissy” or at the very least non very manly.

Su let go of my dick and it landed with a hard SLAP! She grabbed my raised right leg and put her hand around my ankle and pulled it aside. She then smiled and laughed with Ajima as she pretended to pump her fictitious dick into me while her very real finger did the same.

That must have been to much for both of them because THEY LOST IT! There was no holding back. They joked for another minute in Korean and Ajima gave some instruction before she left the room.

At long last, Su removed her finger from my ass and let my leg down to the table. She didn’t look at me. She just went back to cleaning my front with the soap, loofa, and bucket.

Now I was completely lost. What had just happened? Should I be insulted? Should I get up and leave? I missed my second chance to leave right after that. She gathered up the precum that was all over my crotch and cute pubes with her ass finger and wiped it on my lips. She looked at me and said two very distinctive words. The first was, “Open” Meaning my mouth. And the second was, “Eat.”

And in a moment I not only lost total control of the situation, I apparently set the next series of events in motion.

She said, “Open.” And I did. She said, “Eat.” And I did. She repeated the exercise three more times before I had consumed all my precum. I was really expecting her to finish jacking me off and feed me my own cum, but she didn’t. In fact she didn’t even laugh. She just finished cleaning my front.

She said stand, I and I did. And she dried me off without looking at my eyes. That bahis siteleri is, at least until she got to my pubes which she touched with her fingers. She looked up and me smiled and said, “Very Pretty. Like Pretty Girl.”

FUUUUUUCCCCK. I don’t act UNSTRAIGHT. Or Gay I guess. I always act masculine (unless I am playing kinky and a guy asks me to do otherwise.) But that was like a punch in the stomach. They has sized me up and judged me completely. I wasn’t hard anymore.

She didn’t let me dwell. She just wrapped a towel around my waist and said, “Back to room.” And So I went.

I was feeling pretty low. I always fantasized that one of these girls might let me fuck them sometime if I got to know them. But it was clear that Su and Ajima just looked at me like a pussy.

I lay face down on the table and tried not to show any emotion. Su didn’t both to cover me with a towel. She surprised me again by climbing on top of me and squirting baby oil all over my ass. I didn’t have to guess where this was going. Almost immediately her fingers were back inside me fucking my ass with an aggressive passion.

There was a brief knock at the door and Ajima came into the room. I was moaning and looked at her as Su finger fucked my ass.

Now, in English, Ajima, said to Su, “You were right. He is a sissy. He like his ass fucked.” (Sigh Dammit. Well True but Dammit nevertheless).

I was getting close to cumming when Su stopped and slowed her pace. Her fingers were still inside me. But she was just looking at Ajima.

Ajima walked closer to the massage table and smiled a devilish grin.

She grabbed my arms which were dangling off the sides of the table. In an instant, she had zip tied my hands together underneath the table.

I was SHOCKED. I looked at her and before I let a word out she slapped me across my face. (What the Fuck, Part III).

Ajima leaned in close and said, “You like shave like a pussy?” My mouth was dry and Su pressed a fist into my groin. What else was I going to say?

“Yes.” I answered. And Ajima nodded. “You like Su play with your ass? You like her fuck your ass?” “Yes,” I answered again.

“What about dick, you like dick pussy boy?” My cock, which had completely run away to hide when she slapped me was now ROCK FUCKING HARD.

“Yes, ” I said. And then I did it. I gave away one of those subtle sign of my bisexuality in a public way. I licked my lips.

Now, Ajima smiled. She patted my cheek and said, “Good Girl. Good Pussy.”

She went on to explain. “We have not enough girls tonight. But still we are very busy. We have 4 men in rooms and 5 more waiting. Su can’t make them all spit out cum. But maybe you can.”

It wasn’t a question. This was her plan to keep her business going for the night. And again my stomach fell like I was riding a roller coaster. And again my cock betrayed me.

This time I only managed a whisper, “Yes.”

“Good,” said Ajima and nodded to Su. Su immediately got off my back and went to another room. She returned and blind folded my eyes so I couldn’t see who was entering or leaving the room. She said, “It will be best to relax. I have made your pussy nice and open for the real men. You have probably suck cock many times yes? ( I nodded). Good.” She poured some water into my dry mouth and I nodded.

“I take it easy on you to start.”

Easy? What?

With that she was gone. I was naked. My arms strapped to the table and blind folded. It was around two minutes later when she came back. I could smell a masculine scent with her.

“So sorry for the wait.” She said to the man. “We very busy tonight. But if you want please you can use to make cum.” There was another of those moments when I could just imagine the guy contemplating what to do. Then I heard it.

He lowered his zipper and brought his semi hard cock to my mouth. And though I couldn’t see her. Su clasped her hands together and bowed bahis şirketleri as she made her exit. I heard her say “Please enjoy.” As his hardening cock penetrated my lips and slid along my tongue. I didn’t need any more encouragement.

I bucked my torso and sucked his cock for all I was worth! I was practically fucking the table trying to get as much leverage as I could in the position I was in.

The stranger said, “Whoa, your quite the talented cock sucker.” I just moaned and continued sucking him for all I was worth. “Easy.” He said. And repeated it again, “Easy.” Then he grabbed my head and held me still while he pumped his load down my throat and into my stomach. His cock separated from my mouth with a POP!.

“FUCK,” he grunted. And that was all. I could hear him zipping up and he was gone.

2-3 minutes later Su returned and repeated her script. “We very busy tonight. But if you want please you can use to make cum.”

And again she left. The second guy took longer to asses the situation but could hear him slide his gym shorts down and then I could smell his naked cock by my face. He slapped his thick cock against my face and began to finger my hole. I sucked him without asking and he moaned. He continued his probing of my ass while I gently sucked him. I thought maybe he was going to cum in my mouth like the last guy. But he pulled out and climbed on top of me.

Again, I could feel the baby oil being sprayed all over my ass cheeks and hole. “Wait”I said. “Condom.” And he replied, “What condom?” “I was just expecting a happy ending.” And that was the end of our conversation as he slid he WONDERFULLY hard cock into my ass.

“FUUUUUUUUCCCKKK” I moaned. And Fuck me he did. I could feel the little beads of sweat dripping off his body as he plowed me from behind. I could hear him grunting and he grabbed my cheeks and slapped them. And then it happened. He shot rope after rope of hot sticky cum deep in my ass.

“Thanks Pussy.” he said and again he left.

Su returned shortly there after. I thought maybe to clean me or something, anything human. Instead she said, “Oh you do have a good pussy.He cum good. Ready for next two?”


And with that she was gone. She was replaced by two guys who wasted no time to use and abuse me. They took turns switching between my ass and my mouth. Eventually they both creamed all over my face. I was in sexual bliss right up until I heard the old familiar sound of a smart phone camera click.

F U C K.

“Thanks, the one with the camera phone said. We will enjoy posting this.” And then they were gone too.

Three more guys fucked my ass and mouth and left. I was sore, I was tired and I still hadn’t cum.

Su returned and smiled. She as accompanied by Ajima who cut my zip ties with scissors. “You did very good for first night,” said Ajima.

“First?”I started and she shook her finger and cut me off. She lifted my blind fold and said, “You did very well you can be one of my “girls” if you like.”

I had no words. I just stared at them. It was Su who broke the awkward silence and pushed me on my back. This time she slid off her shorts and Hello Kitty Panties. She climbed on me and started to suck my cock. Oh Good GOD it felt amazing. Even with the cum all over my face and leaking from my hole, she was treating me like a man again.

She sucked me as Ajima watched for a minute. A Jima said softly, “One more man left. Just one.”

Did she mean me? ohhhh Fuck SU that feels good! She stopped sucking and I could feel her guiding my cock into her dripping pussy. GOD she was tight!

Just as I started to say, “Man, what other man?” The older man in charge of Ajima arrived in the room. He stood naked and stroking his small but thick cock in the doorway.

“I hear we have a new pussy,” he said. I always try out all the new pussy.

And that is how my night ended, with Su cumming over and over on my cock. My cock blasting deep into Su’s pussy. And the old man pumping his load deep in my ass.

As to the job offer? Well, I still have my day job. But I started working weekends at the spa the next night.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32