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I was standing in the kitchen, and I had finally decided to take a shower when I saw you. You had that look on your face and it was telling me that you wanted me then and now. I didn’t get the chance to resist, because you grabbed me quickly and held me tight to your chest.

Feel me pressed against you…how the warmth grows between us…feeding my hunger

My God, what you do to me. Your heart beats faster as your breathing tell me you want to fuck me. I can feel myself getting wet with fearful desire. I know that you are going to be taking me roughly tonight.

My arms wrap around your waist…pulling you closer against me…your large tits pressing into my chest. My free hand runs a line down your stomach…threading a finger along your navel…and lower, lower…

Mmm, I know I can’t resist you and you take advantage of me. I sigh as you slip a finger into my slit and massage my swollen button. How expertly you play my body against me as your hands work my senses. You pinch my nipples as you move faster over my hot pussy, my moans only making more aggressive with me. I feel your rock hard cock snuggled against me, your hips tattooing your lust to my skin.

I pump my fingers into you…all the way inside…watching you fuck yourself on my hand. I kiss you deep, hard, and hungry…then I take your head and push you to your knees. I step back to reveal my throbbing dick.

I stare at your veiny cock , stiff, purple, beautiful as it bobs before me. You grab a fistful of my hair and pull me to you. I open wide to take you all in, but I gag and you laugh at me. You fuck my face, liking that I have no control over you now. I rub myself as you leer at me, my hot lips making you an animal.

Ahh, suck me, you slut! I growl as I shove my cock down your throat…I slide it deep, not caring about your frustrated moans…I am only interested in you sucking me. I feed it to you, making your head bob on my hard shaft.

I never told you how much I love it when you call me a slut and a whore. If you knew, I doubt you would do it anymore…I güvenilir bahis know you love the power of it and it turns me on. I suck you harder, faster, hoping you will repay me with your harsh words and lusty sex.

Mmm, yes, you are my slut, aren’t you? My personal cock servant. Keep sucking…don’t look up at me! That’s it…deeper…suck me…

Ahhh, I love you so much. I will never tell you, but I love what you do to me. How you treat me. Mmm, you are going to fuck me like I need to be, hard, fast, dirty…I love the feeling of choking on your hard, fat cock. I know that, in time, you will fuck me. I decide to make you harder than you have ever been before…I stand up and deny you a release. I look at you like I could care less what you want. I know this will enrage you, then you can show me who is boss. Oh, lover, you know what I want…

You dirty whore! I grab your arm and bend you over the sink. I lick my hand as I feast my eyes on your beautiful ass and wet, exposed pussy. I hold you down with my left hand and I feel you tremble. My right hand, wet, gives you three quick slaps to your unprotected cheek. You have been naughty, lover.

Ahh! NO! You can’t to this! Stop, baby, please! I know you aren’t listening to me…I struggle against you, but you are too strong for me. Fuck you! Who do you think you are?

I can do THIS! I pop your ass again and again, your cheeks bearing my burgundy palm. I am the man you want me to be…You love it! Don’t play your games with me!

Ah, baby, no! Fuck you! You aren’t shit! You’re no man!

Oh, no? I make you kneel again, my cock rigid before your lips. I take your chin in my hand….you look into my eyes. Beg me…tell me how much you want it. I know you do. Tell me or you won’t get it again, ever!

No, I don’t! I don’t want it, you fuck! You couldn’t fuck me with that prick! You are nothing…

That’s it! You have gone too far this time! I scoop you up in my arms and carry you to the shower.

What do you think you are doing? I kick and fight as you take me türkçe bahis to the bathroom. I know you want me, but I have to play my game this time.

No games tonight, dearest. I climb into the stall behind you, pressing you against the chilled tiles. I kick your legs open wider and in one smooth thrust, I gain access to your moist pussy. I move harder, harder, forcing every inch inside you…our skin bounces together as we move.

Ungh! It hurt a little as you penetrated me, but I stood my ground and taunted you. I wanted to you fuck me like a whore and that is what I was going to get. I crave the feeling of you inside me. Fuck, ah, fuck you!

I hold both hands on your hips…fucking your slut pussy with my rod…your wetness dripping down your leg, coating my balls.

My tits bounce and slap against the tile, your jack hammer thrusts make me want more, so much more! I can feel you so deep within me…hurting me with that blissful pain that I have come to adore.

I grab your hair in one hand…pulling it tight…your body lifting to mine. I roll one finger over your clit, grasping it, squeezing…

Auuugghh! Ah, baby! Fuck yeah, I scream at you. Fuck my slut whore cunt, baby! Take me like the man you are! Your finger clamp on my button as I ready my body for my come…

Pounding your drenched slit with my prick, loving your moans, seeing your juicy lips spreading for me…

My grunts make you crazy and you can’t hold on much longer. You want me to come hard, but you need me to feel the thunder of your angst. You push harder, making me cream over you, my body tensing and releasing as my nectar drips over your hairy cock. You know what I like baby, ah, do it!

I pop my rod out of you, taking your arms behind your back. I line up my cock with that sweet ass. What a delicious cunt you are…I am gonna fuck you…I pull on your arms as my thick head eases through your pucker.

Yeah! You still think you are a man? You have to hold me back to fuck me? You want my ass? I shove my tiny hole back on you, your throbbing sending güvenilir bahis siteleri me into ecstasy…Do it then! Do it, you mother fucker! Yeah! I stop to let you slip in, my moans make you hotter for me.

With one low grunt, I push, shoving my hardness inside you. I hear you groan with pain as I thrust farther into you.

I suck in my breath as you breach me…

That’s it. Take it, you cockwhore. Fuck yourself on my fat dick! I release your arms and let you move to your own tempo, rocking on me…

My fingers move to my clit, stroking while you punish my tender asshole. I place my other hand on the wall to brace myself as my tight ass sucks at your cock.

That’s it, my cock slut. Fuck it.

Deeper, harder, faster I go. My body becomes a blur as I force your thick meat into me. I cry a little as I feel my hole being stretched, but I love it! I love being your whore!! Ah, baby, do me! I want it in my ass, I want you to come for me!! I want you to do it! Oh, please, do me like only you can! I don’t want anyone but you. I need your fat cock in my tight ass…fucking my pussy…my mouth…aahhh, come for me!

Oh, God, you are so tight! Mmmm….oh, you are so good, my little slut…Yes! Take it! Milk my hot come from me…aaaaaahhhhh, babyyy, yessss….

More! God, more, baby! Yes! I need to be your cunt! YEAH, aahh, baby……come in my ass…come in me, fill me, lover! I want to feel you…give me your seed…

My fingers dig into your pliant flesh, my hips lock, with a grunt my rod pulses as I shoot rope after rope into your asshole. You can feel my spurts as I empty into you. My come, milked by you, for you…take what you wanted, lover. Yes, baby, take it from the cock you serve.

I bounce more as you push that hot semen into me. I come hard and suddenly, your hard energy makes me scream as I coat you. I feel your dick softening as you kiss my back, murmuring to me. I think to myself that I will have no cause to look at another man…you are all I need. You are my master…

I kiss a line along your back. You have been such a good girl tonight. My beautiful cockslut.

Mmmm, no one can do me like you, Master.

Get cleaned up, love. You are joining me for dinner tonight.

I love you.

I love you. Hurry, my dearest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32