Weird sex in Paris. A dream.

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Weird sex in Paris. A dream.A few years ago a friend of mine betted against me that I couldn’t go to Paris, fuck a girl and come back in 24 hours. From the city where I used to stay it takes about 10h to get to the French capital, so I had less than four hours to find a girl and fuck before getting home. This means that for 24 hours I couldn’t sleep and I also had to drive! “30 hours and I accept” I said.My friends accepted. The term of the bet were quite easy: if I won, I would have been offered a beer from all of my group of friends – which meant a beer for free daily for three weeks – on the other, in case I failed, I would have had to offer a cup of coffee to all of them. Petrol and highway costs would have been divided in equal parts (about 15€ each). So all the bet would cost me a maximum of 35-40€ plus a day of tiredness in case of failure, 15€ of cost, about 60€ in beer for free and some good sex in case of a win.Sex and beer? Okay, I’m in. Obviously I couldn’t hire a escort (300€ to win 60?) and had to provide evidence with a photo, video or at least a message in which the girl clearly demonstrated I had screwed her.At 9 am of a Saturday, the bet started. Obviously I didn’t have to fuck a girl in Paris, I could have sex with anyone in any city but I had to demonstrate to have been in Paris by taking photos and buying staff.But you know, Paris and its sorroundings host 10 million people…it’s much easier to find a girl there then in Chamonix or Dijon. So I drove towards Paris and there I would have played my cards.A tad before 8 pm I was in the capital of France. This meant I had about 9 hours, probably less, to find a girl, have sex and drive back home. The first thing I did was to take some photographs and buy an action figure of Napoleon (I find the Eiffel too ugly).I changed my clothes and passed from an informal jeans and T-shirt to a much sexier red suit, white shirt and blue tie. lol it was the french flag, I know, but nobody realizes it because I looked very red.Anyway I left my car in a park and went to the nearest club.It was a bit weird, you know I like metal and rock, and it was a sort of disco…but where’s easier to find a girl? My French is not very good, but acceptable so, provided I didn’t get drunk, I should control “the situation” – lol I always think to Jersey Shore when I say and write this word.”Bonsoir, mademoiselle”. I had to strike up a conversation a lot of time because I was clearly out of my place.It was now past midnight and I went blank for the whole night and was planning to go to a recovery for the poor and fuck the first girl under 50 when I heard a voice.”Coucou Monsieur”It wasn’t a very vivacious voice, quite boring I dare say, but hey…I was looking for a pussy not a voice, although her throat could have been of some interest.”Bonsoir, madame”. The girl looked a bit older and maybe married.We spoke a little in French about what a clear metalhead were doing in a disco. “I guess the same thing a fine lady like you: looking for some stimulating conversations and, first and foremost, fun!””I’m not looking for conversation” she said “do you have a car?””Where do you want to go?” I asked halved between excitement and fear.”My home””You don’t even know kadıköy escort my name””That’s fair. You shouldn’t know mine””Why? Are you a CIA agent?”She laughed and said: “Much worse, baby, much worse!”I was wondering for a lot of time what could be worse than being k**napped by a CIA agent and honestly couldn’t find anything. But time was running and I had to fuck for beer and glory so: “Yes, unnamed lady, I have a car and it’s not far from here””Then what are you waiting for? Take me there”I thought she was a sort of succubus who dined on young guys’ cum but, provided it wouldn’t cost my life, I saw no bad in it.”mmm not everyone can get into my car, let me see what your tongue can do first”She got nearer to me, smelling in Chanel n°5, despite the long time spent into a damn club and her soft lips were placed on my with such a gentle move that it was like walking on air. Her tongue tasted good, whirled better and my cock thanked her with a sudden rise.”Don’t stop now, keep on, it’s such a splendid kiss”She didn’t let me tell it twice.This time her kiss was more violent. Her upper teeth gently bit my lower lips while her tongue from time to time got deep in my throat. Fuck she must have been a sex teacher… a sex teacher…who knew?”Now take me to your car” she said while taking my hand and walking behind me towards the exit.”Not yet” I stopped her with my hand and pulled her back to me to kiss. She was obviously happy and licked the inside of my mouth…I was close to cum but I was sober enough to remember Steve McQueen and slap her ass while we kissed.”Oh, bad boy” she said.When we were out of the club with the street lamps guiding our walk, I finally notice something of her.She was dressed in a short black skirt, high red heels shoes and a very revealing black blouse. Her big boobs almost fell off the pointless top. She was darker than the average French girl.”Vous etes Antillaise…maghrebine?” (Are you from the Antilles…Maghreb?)”Morocco” she said “but I can’t tell you much more””Oh it’s okay. But why is your name so secret? Aren’t you the daughter of the King?” I said smiling”ahaha From CIA agent to Princess of Morocco?””Trials and errors”We walked for maybe five minutes before getting to the car park. “Mysterious lady, before you jumped on my car…are you boobs natural or fake?””Natural””What are they?””85″”You have to jump 10 times if you want to get into my car” my shining smile came like a thunder on her.”hop hop””I will never do 10 jumps””Then you’ll never get into my car””Ahaha, little piece of sh*t”And she jumped. Her boobs bounced so much they popped out of her blouse and, wearing no bra, her nipples were right in front of my eyes.I couldn’t but grab them and lick those precious masterpieces and she apprecciated my idea.”yeah, yeah don’t stop please””Oh, no problem, miss”My hands firmly tried to squeeze her boobs but they were too big and I had to grab one boob with both my hands.”Are you sure it’s 85 and not 95 instead?””Okay it’s 90″Her boobs were so wetted by my saliva that I had to dry by scrolling and shaking them while sucking her nipples.She was surprised but happy.I opened üsküdar escort her door and let her sit down.”wow your car is sexy””Yes it is. At least you can find something as sexy as you””What car is this?””A Maserati” (used one, it doesn’t cost too much)”So you have a nice car, sexy clothes, a perv mind…do you have a big cock too?”I was almost sitting on the driver seat when she asked me such a question, so I went back to her unzipping my trousers, opened the door and showed my cock next to her face.”Oh my, that’s gross! You can’t put your cock so next to my face””Suck it, beurette!” I replied while cockslapping her nose and forehead.”I-I-I can’t…I-I shouldn’t””Shut up and suck, bitch”She was a real bitch. She spit on my cock and lick the top, then kissed the head before licking (the head).”Come out of the car and go on your knees””You, sexist pig”I pulled her hair, slapped her slutty face twice and hit her right ear with my cock.”Oh my…I didn’t expect this””Shut up and suck”She started licking the bottom of the cock until she got to my balls.”You didn’t shave…””Suck and don’t forget my ass!”She did it and it was a very pleasuring tea bagging. My balls and ass were so wet that some drops of her saliva fell on my trousers.”Okay, keep doing it for two more minutes and I swear I will leave you free until we go wherever you want””Let’s make 5 minutes”I would probably cum after 5 minutes of that service but…cumming once, twice…who cared?She stopped a tad before 5 minutes and I did not cum but I couldn’t remain with the cum half an inch from the outside.I asked her if she wouldn’t mind blowing me while I was driving.”You took me for a whore””You gave me those signals””You really don’t know who I am?””Should I?””Where are you from?””Italy”She went down on my cock in an instant.”You should anyway tell me the road”, take the autorute to A86 and get out at Nanterre””You live there?””No, but let’s go there”I was a bit worried but my cock was deep in her throat so I did what she had asked. After not too long we arrived at Nanterre and she stopped playing with my cock to give me precise indications to get to the place.It was an anonymous building in a not so fascinating “arrondissement” but who cared? Evidently she wasn’t rich, despite her Chanel n°5 said something different.”Let’s go to the 5th floor” she said while stripping my tie, unbuttoning my shirt and kissing my chest. The mystery made it even more exciting.She opened the door and threw my jacket, tie and shirt on the sofa and her blouse as well. I started lowering her skirt and kissing her belly.”Beurettes can belly dance, show me!””Keep kissing and stripping me”I kept lol She had no underwear at all and her pussy was shaved. Not really a tight one but still a good pussy.I started rubbing and her clit and fingering faster and faster and deeper and deeper as well.She moaned and bit her lips. “Pussy or ass? Don’t let me decide for you, madame””My ass is virgin””It used to be virgin before today””No, no, no…my ass no””yes, yes yes, your ass, yes””Put on the condom with your mouth.” She did it with such an ability she must have done it a lot of times.”Please not in my ass””What do you fear? tuzla escort Pain?””Yes””Oh, it’s just 17 cm”I put my hand on her mouth and whispered: “If you don’t want anal sex right now, you have a chance, tell me the chef.lieu of Lorraine”Obviously she couldn’t speak…but she didn’t even try considering she licked my fingersMy cock started entering into her virgin hole and, like an auger I drilled her deeper and deeper as she screamed like possessed. “Calm down, lady, it’s not rough. You fear the idea of anal sex rather than anal sex itself” the usual line for girls having anal for the first time.I started going deeper as her tight hole got stretched. The rythm increased as her moans did. My hand were around her hips and the nice curve of her back made me want to hit it.”Do you like some roughness?””This is not rough enough?””It can, but it can be improved!””Ok…let’s try”She didn’t finish her words yet and I had already punched her back causing her involuntary movement and greater, deeper, breathless moaning.I was assfucking her at full speed, grabbing either her boobs or her hips.I had to stop or cum.I stopped and asked her to remove my condom and suck my cock.She did and told me: “I swallowed your cum in your cum and it tasted good. Give me some more”I cummed in her mouth at about 3 am and took a photo of her tongue gargling my cum. An instant later, a selfie with her pulling out her tongue.”Please don’t show it to anyone””I have to””What does it mean?””I can’t tell you!””What? You fucked my ass and don’t want to tell me why you have to show my photos to others””You’ll get angry””ok, tell me””It was a bet””A bet?””Yes, I had to fuck a parisienne and be back home before 3 pm today””Will you?” “If I leave in two hours, I’ll win””Merde! Don’t show those photos, please.””It would cost me 80€””Why?””A reserve of beer lol””Come on, don’t be such a bad guy””Okay, I won’t show anything to anyone but you have to do me a favor””When I am back home, I’ll call you and you have to tell exactly what happened, describing anything you did and saw like moles for example so that my friends will clearly believe we had sex””Ok”I kissed her forehead, thanked her, embraced and put on my clothes as getting down the stairs.While I was in the car I noticed she forgot her bag on the seat, she must have taken her keys before we got there.I took her bad and rang at her bell. I opened the bad, took her folder and read her name: Najat.I brought her bag with documents and greeted her again. “Thank you so much, Najat, I love you””How do you know my name?””I read it on the ID””Please don’t say a word with anyone””Don’t worry, beauty, you’re safe and sound” I got into the car, it was 4.30 am and I had only 10.30 to get home.I arrived there at 14.56 and won the bet. My friends didn’t want to go deeper in my info and accepted the fact I had screwed a girl.A few days later I was with some friends when on the TV they were talking about France.I gave no importance but when I raised my eyes to watch the TV, I found there the girl I’ve fucked. “It cannot be possible” I kept repeating.Her name appeared on the screen and it was “Najat”. “Who the fuck did I fucked?””Hey, can you please turn up the volume?””Ministre de droit de femmes Najat Belkacem””Yeah, equality!” I said after spitting half my drink.”What happened?””I fucked her””lol you assfucked us with your lies””No, I assfucked her, I swear””Give back our money, lier””I swear””Where’s a photo? Either give us a photo or pay 50€””I can’t show you the photos, I promised…”Gladly a ray of sun hit my eyes and I woke up.