Wife Like’s BBC Blacken

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Wife Like’s BBC BlackenWe had been happily married for more than 15 years and with three k**s. The sex life was superb in every way. At an early stage in our marriage, my wife Pat even gave me anal sex, even though it hurt her to do it. But she wanted me to experience every thing sexually with her. Then during our marriage every now and then she would let me do anal sex. Not long after our third c***d, she had to have a hysterectomy and some repair to her anal passage. After that operation she was always afraid to do it, and I respected that. But it was also nice to have a permanent form of birth control so I could shoot into her without her having to take the pill.We were very open with each other where sex was concerned and often discussed a few of our fantasies. She told me that one night she had a dream of having two guys have sex with her. I became very excited hearing it and we made love with her on top of me as she described what she had dreamed. It made it that much more intense for both of us when we climaxed.We would also watch xxx movies and watch them together as we lay on the bed with me in her from behind and we both watched and slowly fucked. One night I picked an interracial movie by accident. My wife said lets watch and then and began to watch. A good looking white woman was sitting on the toilet, and a black guy came out of the shower. He had a larger cock than mine, but nothing spectacular. The girl started sucking him as she sat there. Then from behind the shower curtain came a second black man. As soon as he stepped out of the shower. My wife began to moan and had an orgasm around my cock. The second guys cock must have been at least 12″ long and very thick. My wife was going wild and thrusting against me as I kept pumping her as she came. “Oh My God look at the size of that cock” She said over and over.Even as I kept fucking her from behind, I could feel her fingers above my cock as she massaged her clit. As I began to unload in her she again had an orgasm with me. Afterwards she told me that she had never seen a cock so big. She also confessed that she had a fantasy of being fucked by two black guys and I caught her and then fucked the hell out of her for it. She told me she was ashamed to tell me the fantasy, and thought I would think badly of her. I told her that it exited me, and we watched the movie again with her cumming twice as we watched. Then she had me lick her to orgasm again as she watched it. It had really turned her on to see such a huge black cock.From then on as she rode me and we discussed what she was doing, she talked a lot about sucking one guys black cock as the other fucked and stretched her pussy. Then as she was doing that she would see me watching and jerking off as I watched. Then when the two guys had cum in her and left, I would fuck her good for cheating on her. Her talking like that while I was in her magnificent pussy was really a turn on and never failed to intensify my orgasm.I guess I should describe my wife so the reader will have an idea of what üsküdar escort she looked like. She is 5′ 3″ tall, with the most gorgeous shapely legs you ever wanted to see. Her tits are 36D With big aureoles and thick long nipples. Her nipples are very sensitive and she loves to have them sucked. She has short brown hair, and doesn’t shave her pussy. I like it hairy and think its sexy. She is also not much of a drinker. Two beers have her very tipsy and when she is tipsy she gets bold and sexy talking and acting. I often thought that if a stranger could get two beers down her and suck her nipples, he could get what ever he wanted from her. She also loves to suck cock and swallow. When first married, I would quite often wake up with my cock in her mouth, and her swallowing my morning load before we went to work. As she got older her orgasm patterns seemed to change also, and she began to squirt when she was very excited. I loved sucking her to orgasm when she squirted.Our description of fantasies as we fucked kept up and we both kind of had the feeling that was as far as it would ever go. That is until recently. We decided to take a vacation to Las Vegas for a week. Our second night there we went into the hotel night club to watch a show. Pat had a couple of drinks and was kind of tipsy by the time the show was over. A band came on then and there was dancing. A young black guy came over to our table and asked my wife to dance. She looked at me and I nodded and she got up and danced with him. It was a slow dance and half way through the song, I could see that he had his hand on my wife’s cute ass and was pressing himself against her. She had her head on his shoulder and seemed to be enjoying it. Once it was over they came back to the table, and my wife told me she had asked Ted to join us since he was alone.We sat there for a while longer having our drinks and talking some. Ted sat kind of close to Pat and I was sure that at sometime he had his hand in her lap or up her skirt. Her face would get flushed and I’d hear an occasional moan from her. The pool at the hotel was open late and for the last two nights we had gone there and swam and used the sauna and we were all alone. To my surprise my wife invited Ted to join us at the pool, and he agreed.In the elevator on the way up to our room, Pat confessed to me that Ted had turned her on. And that he had indeed fingered her while sitting at the table. She had also put her hand on a huge bulge in hi pants. I was hard as a rock by the time we got to our room. As soon as we were in the room I unzipped and took out my cock. Pat went to her knees and began blowing me. But I didn’t want to shoot off in her mouth. She pulled off her panties and I fucked her from behind as she bent over a chair. While I was fucking her I asked her if she liked having a stranger finger her. She moaned and said she loved it. Then when I asked her if she would like to have his cock on her she moaned and began to climax, which took tuzla escort me over the edge and I shot my load into her.She went into the shower while I went to the pool. Ted was already there with three beers waiting. There was no one there but us and the pool area was kind of dark except for the pool lights in the water. Ted spent most of the time telling me what a beautiful wife I had. When I looked at his hands wrapped around his beer bottle, I imagined his fingers in my wife’s pussy, I got hard just thinking about it.The Pat entered wearing her one piece suit. Well at least from first appearance you would call it a lone piece, but it really wasn’t. The top came down into a little kind of frilly skirt, and there was a pair of panties under it that were separate. After some talk and few sips of beer Pat dove into the water. As I watched her, I immediately saw that she had neglected to put on the panties that came with the suit. I could see her ass cheeks and her hairy pussy as she dove in. I’m not sure if Ted did or not.Ted and I decided to get in also. We swam around for a while and then started splashing each other near the shallow end. At one time my wife got on top of my shoulders, and I could feel her hairy slit on my neck. Ted couldn’t see anything with her n that position. He pushed us and we went down. Then to my surprise, Pat swam over to him and got on his shoulders. I could see a look of surprise as she settled down on his shoulders and knew exactly what he was feeling.I went under water a few times and swam down to the other end of the pool. When I turned around to see where they were, I saw that Ted was shoulder deep and leaning against the side of the pool. He had turned Pat completely around so that her pussy was in his face. From the way my wife was thrusting against his face with her head thrown back, I knew he was licking her pussy. Neither of them paid any attention to me, as I slowly swam over to them.From where I was I could just touch bottom with my chin above water. I watched as Ted reached down with both of his hands and tugged his swim trunks down. I ducked underwater and opened my eyes and swam a little closer. He was fully erect and had a huge cock. At least 9″ and very thick. I came back to the surface just as Pat began to orgasm in his face. He held her and licked her through her orgasm and then lowered her down into the water. She must have reached down and touched his cock. “Moan…Oh god its so big” Then I watched her arm movements as though she was jerking him off.I watched as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. His big hands went to her ass and cupped her cheeks. Then I heard my wife groan loudly as he tried to enter her. They worked at it slowly and she was moaning and begging for him to fuck her as he forced more and more of his large organ into my wife. Then they started a fucking with Pat’s back splashing water at each thrust. I swam up to her back as I heard her cries of pleasure in his ear. “Oh pendik escort God I’ve never been so full, don’t stop don’t ever stop”I reached down between Pat’s ass cheeks and slid my finger into her ass hole to the first knuckle. I could feel the huge black cock through the membrane walls of her ass and pussy as it slid in and out of her. Then I heard him groan and tell her he was about to cum. He asked her if she wanted him to cum in her or pull out. Then Pat did something that surprised me, since I thought she was totally unaware where I was. She turned to me with pleading eyes and asked breathlessly, “Honey is it okay if he cums in me?” I nodded as I grabbed my rock hard cock. As I heard my wife almost scream out, “Yessssss Cum in meeeee shoot off your cream in me, give it all to me!” Long strings of my cum began floating to the surface as I shot off in the water as Ted was shooting off into my wife. Pat screamed and thrashed on his spurting cock as she climaxed wildly. She later confided in me that there in the pool she had the best climax of her life!They clung there for a while recovering. Then I heard my wife say, “Lets go to our room, I want to suck your cock” We climbed out and dried off and then hurried to our room. Pat wasted no time in getting Ted’s swim suit off and having him sit on the edge of the bed as she began to make love to his cock with her pretty lips. I sat on the recliner with my hard cock in hand as I watched Ted enjoy my wife’s oral talents. When I looked down at her ass the skirt of her suit was up and I could see her hairy slit as Ted’s cum was seeping out of it. I got on my knees behind her and rubbed my cock along her slit. Pat moaned and reached back and guided me into her wet hole. To my surprise it was quite a turn on fucking my wife with another man’s cum in her.Ted Moaned and his hands grabbed Pat’s head and I knew he was shooting off in her mouth. I could hear her moan with each spurt she swallowed. Then I felt her pussy spasm around my cock and she was cumming as I shot my load in along with Ted’s.Pat and I laid on one bed while Ted on the other and we fell asleep. During the night I awoke to the sound of Ted and my wife. I looked over and she was riding him like a wild woman. I was too tired and drifted back to sleep. Later I awoke again, and looked over and Pat was again sucking his cock for all she was worth.Later in the morning, I got up and went into the bathroom to take a piss. As I came out Pat was leading Ted by the cock to the bathroom, I watched through the open door as she held his cock as he pissed into the toilet. Then she knelt and sucked him to completion.After Ted fucked my wife once more as she sucked me, he left. Pat thanked me for letting her have Ted. She told me she loved me even more than before, but she just couldn’t get enough of Ted’s huge black cock. She wanted to invite him to visit with us next month because his brother lives near us. All the while she was telling me all this she had been fondling my cock which now was hard as a rock. She began sucking in between pulling off and talking bout what happened. “Did you like putting your cock in me after another man shot off in there?” She’d suck some more, “Did it excite you when I swallowed his load?” “Do you think his brother can join us too” Spurt, spurt, ahhhhhhhhhhhgggg She was swallowing my load!