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I lay you back on the bed in nothing but your panties.

We had stood, for a deliciously long time, kissing, moving in to each other, feeling each other. As we stood, our tongues searching, time stopped around us. You tasted sweet and full of promise. The room was charged with excitement as we moved around each other, in to each other, lost in the moment. I loved moving my hands over you, feeling your curves through your clothes. You wore a black dress that clung to your body. I could feel your panties underneath; and I could feel your breasts, naked beneath the material, straining against its tight constriction.

At one point I kissed your neck and you sighed and in that sigh was the promise to me, that I could take all I wished from you. Your neck was soft and delicious. I envied the vampire, who would sink his teeth in to such soft, taut flesh. My passion rose and I wanted to bite you…wanted to define the intensity of the moment with a pin-prick of pain. I wanted to bite you – yet I knew it was out of the question leave a mark. We weren’t allowed to leave a mark on each other, we both knew that. Teasingly, I let my teeth graze your soft, sensitive skin and I bit you so, so gently. We rode close to where the pain was but we kept just out of reach. It was agony for us to do so – but we knew we had no choice.

I loved it when you stood there, as I pulled away. Your eyes were closed, you were in your own world. I could only wonder what your imagination was adding to our scene. I stood and admired you and you remained still, passive, as I unzipped your tight black dress and gently, slowly, deliberately eased it down, over your curves. Your breathing was hard and I knew, as your breasts heaved free, that you were feeling the cool air of the room playing against your skin. I knelt behind you and slowly pulled the dress down, further, over your hips and down your legs. Your knickers, black lace, accentuated the beautiful curve of your arse. My face was bare inches away from your perfect round bum. I pushed my face against it, breathing you in, feeling it firm and perfect underneath the material of your panties. I grabbed the leg bands and squeezed them in to your arse, turning a respectable pair of knickers in to a thong. Your cheeks were soft and tempting, inviting. I kissed them, and you tasted divine. I could smell sweet, musky femininity here, so close to the intimacy of your secret self.

And so now, I had you, laid back on the bed. I had pushed you gently to the bed and you had moved obediently before me. You didn’t say a word. You didn’t laugh, you didn’t smile. You didn’t give any hint of what you were feeling. Not through sounds, anyway. Your gentle obedience spoke loudly, though.

I positioned you on the bed, on your back. You lay there, gazing up at me, the expression on your face plain but expectant. You looked just perfect, laying there in your black knickers. Your body was naked and your breasts heavy, your nipples hard and inviting. Your lips were parted, slightly, and I could see the rise and fall of your chest. You were controlled, but your breathing was heavy and I could feel your excitement. The room was cool and I could almost see the cool air moving over your skin, making every nerve in your body taut and aware. Your legs were slightly parted çukurambar escort and I could see the shape of your pussy beneath the lace. I could see a dark mound of hair and I loved you for being such a woman. Heavy sensuality emanated from you. You were experienced and you knew much. You knew pleasure and you loved to bathe in it.

I moved on to the bed and bent over you. I kissed you and you responded. Your mouth opened, allowing my tongue to push in to you, to explore you. The thick smell of sex washed over me. I gently explored you, tongue fucking your mouth and letting my tongue caress and dance with your own. You responded gently, letting your tongue move around mine, from time to time stabbing it in to my mouth and pushing yourself in to me. We kissed and we loved and I let my hands wander up, to cup your face. My fingertips moved over you, gently feeling the softness of your face before they wandered down and lightly caressed your soft neck.

We moved against each other, fighting to get inside each other, wanting a level of physical possession that would never be found. I brushed my fingertips over your neck, through your hair, lightly teasing your earlobes. Now and then I stopped kissing you, only so that I could move down and kiss your neck, lick your ear, suck suggestively on your earlobe. I think I whispered in your ear, softly, words of love and words of simple need. My dick was speaking through me, even as my soul danced with your own. Fuck, cunt, dick, cock…I want to fuck you, I want to have you, I want to pump you full of cum…I need to make you mine, to fuck you, to possess you.

I am sure I said these things. I am sure you moaned agreeably.

While I whispered to you and sucked you and bit you so, so gently, my hand moved down over your soft, soft skin. I let my fingertips guide me, brushing so lightly over your body. I toyed with your breasts for a while, playing with your nipples, drawing lazy circles around your heavy breasts. I rubbed you and teased you and gently took your nipples between my thumb and forefingers, rolling them, stroking them. I could feel your breath above me, hear your gentle sighs.

I pushed further down…further still. For a time, I let my fingertips draw the softest patterns on your belly. I knew that my touch was so soft, that sometimes you wouldn’t be sure if I was touching you at all. But I was. I was feeling every tiny sensation, and I was mapping every millimetre of your skin, loving every part of you. So light was my touch, and so cool the room, that I felt goosebumps on your skin and it pleased me to feel the bump softness of your skin. When I moved my head down to lightly flick my tongue over your nipple, while my fingers gently teased your soft skin below, I felt goosebumps on your breasts. I licked one of your nipples, wetting it, before blowing softly on it. It got harder still and I kissed it, adoringly, before taking it in to my mouth. I sucked it; sucked you. I pulled it between my lips and milked it gently, let my teeth graze it ever so lightly. You tasted divine and I fell in love with you over again, as I felt the hard little nipple throb and grow between my lips. Gently, rhythmically, I began to suck it, in and out, adoring your nipple, adoring the woman beneath me.

You demetevler escort nipple was in my mouth, I was working it, and I knew you were focused wholly on that one intense sensation. It must have awoken you from the pinpoint focus, when my hand moved down from your belly and brushed over the material of your knickers, because you gasped. I loved that sound. I loved your voice. And I loved to know I was giving you pleasure.

Still teasing your nipple, I let my hand roam over the lace of your panties. I could feel your bush beneath, as I gently rubbed you, played with you. I felt your legs open, and I knew you needed more. My touch on your mound was light and I knew that the gentle sensation of fingers on your pussy, the light friction blunted further by the sensual barrier of your panties, would be nearly intolerable to you. I let my hand move further down, between your legs. For a few moments, I teased your thighs, letting my fingertips explore the soft, sensitive skin here. I stroked your thighs with a touch that was light and teasing and you spread your legs further, desperate to give me all the access I needed to give you the pleasure you needed.

I brought my hand up between your legs and rubbed you a little firmer, with two fingers. The material of your panties was damp and as I rubbed you, I pushed the material a little way inside you. I could feel your pussy, wet and open. The panties went inside you a little and your knickers were a perfect sensual barrier. I loved the way you jerked lightly against my touch, pushing yourself on to me, trying to match my rhythm with your own. You pushed and jerked your hips, eager to get more of me inside you, eager for a greater friction that would take you to the place we both wanted to go. A place that we would visit together, hand in hand, our souls entwined, the hard, soft, straining, yielding, giving, taking stuff of our sex fused as one.

I rubbed you, loving the way your pussy opened for me, loving the way your panties became more and more damp beneath my touch. You jerked and writhed and I rubbed you with a slow, steady rhythm. I stopped kissing your nipple and moved up to kiss your neck, to bite you gently, to whisper once again in your ear. You have a delicious cunt. I want to feel it. I want to taste it. I want to be inside it.

Deliberately, I pulled the leg band of your knickers to the side, exposing the perfect wet slit of your cunt. I kissed your mouth, my tongue pushing inside you, as I gently lapped your tongue and told you you were mine. Your exposed pussy was open and wet and I felt its beautiful wet warmth as I ran a single finger up and down your slit. You groaned against my mouth as I tongue fucked your warm, mouth. I teased you with my finger, running it up and down your slit, stopping only to rub your clit with the gentlest touch. I teased it softly, before continuing to push a single finger up and down your wetness.

You jerked your hips, desperate for me to push inside you, desperate to intensify the friction that was giving you so much pleasure. I let the tip of my finger slip inside you. You moaned again and your tongue flicked against my own with increasing desperation. Your whole body moved and writhed and pushed against me. Your breathing was hard and ankara escort uncontrolled, your moans were soft and full of need. You were quiet but the intensity of your passion was white hot.

The tip of my finger toyed with you, pushing just a little way inside your wet pussy. Your pussy gave no resistance, it opened for me, inviting me to penetrate you further. You opened your legs for me, wide, giving me your all, giving yourself to me fully. You pushed against me, trying to get me inside you. Finally I relented.

With one slow, deliberate stroke I let my finger sink all the way inside you. It slid inside, effortlessly, until it was buried deep. For a second we both stopped, luxuriating in the sensation of my finger buried deep in your warmth. You stopped, registering the full sensation of it. I remained still, buried deep. And then, slowly, I began to finger fuck you. You ground your pussy against me, your rhythm matching my own. I finger fucked you and you took it enthusiastically, riding against me, helping me, working with me. My finger and your pussy, locked in perfect harmony.

I tongued your mouth, the rhythm of my tongue matching that of my finger in your cunt. I tongue fucked your mouth as my finger finger fucked your pussy. Your face was flushed and you looked so beautiful, so feminine. I could smell your sex, your femininity, as I worked you rhythmically. I slipped a second finger inside you. And then a third.

Your pussy was wet and so, so warm. It opened easily, letting my three fingers deep inside you. The wet sound of sex accompanied each stroke of my fingers as your pussy took the gentle assault of my passion. You made wet noises as I pumped you. And I could feel your juices trickling over my hand.

Your breathing became more and more intense and I knew you were close. I tongue fucked your mouth, wishing it was your pussy; though you tasted so good. Later, I promised myself, I would taste your pussy. I would eat your cunt and tongue fuck you between your legs, just as I am doing now, with your sensual, full mouth. I worked my fingers harder inside you, ,my rhythm becoming quicker and more intense, my strokes becoming deeper and more searching. You moved against me, hardly able to breathe with my mouth locked against your own, but your breath coming hard all the same.

I heard your moans, desperate and so full of need. We moved quicker against each other. Harder. You didn’t need to tell me you were coming. I knew. I felt your pussy tighten around my finger and begin to spasm. Warm juice ran over my hand and you continued to ride me, your jerking quick and incessant. I held my fingers still, buried deep inside you, so that you could work against me now to get the fullness of your pleasure. I remained still, kissing you, and you locked your thighs together pulling my fingers further inside you, locking me there. You stopped breathing for five…ten seconds. You worked against me, your pussy tight, your pleasure coming in one spasm after another. Your tongue no longer moved around mine. It was still. Everything about you was still, except for your jerking, hungry pussy.

It took minutes. You came for minutes.

And then, finally, with a subsidence that was gradual and sublime, you relaxed. You stopped working against me. Your legs relaxed and your pussy loosened around my fingers.

Your head sunk back, slowly, happily, on to the bed. You looked at me, your face flushed. You looked so sexy. So erotic. And then, for the first time since I had seen you, you smiled.

A small, but perfect smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32