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You drop to your knees on the orange shag carpet still dressed in your Lululemon spandex and bright pink ASICS sneakers. You appreciate the little bit of comfort it gave while you do your work. Your mind is racing with all the things you needed to get done today: go grocery shopping, do some house cleaning, pickup Derrick and Chelsea from daycare, and finish your… workout routine. But HIS mind was only on one thing…you.

“Beautiful day out today.” He says, trying to lighten the mood and make things feel normal. No matter how many times you do this, it never feels normal. “Thanks for coming over.” He says as you look up at him and fake a quick smile. Let’s get this over with, you think to yourself.

There you are, a quiet innocent looking house wife, on your knees. Your make up is done up perfectly. Your hair, still bleached blonde like you wore it in your sorority years, falls down past your shoulders. You pull it back into a quick and messy ponytail so that it stays out of your way. You’re wearing your pearl earrings, showing that you are prim and proper lady who comes from a nice family. What would they think of you now?

He knows you are always in a hurry and doesn’t waste time. His mushroom head is already standing up at attention pointing at your face. You let out a sigh as you stare down the one-eyed monster. A small stream of precum was leaking out of his slit and running down the underside of his shaft. You lean in and gently lick it up. He loves it when you do that.

“A bit salty today, Harry.” You comment as you take his cock into your hand showing off your fresh manicure. You slide your soft hand slowly up and down getting his pecker to full attention.

“Ahhh that feels so good Nancy… there’s plenty more where that came from.” He subconsciously starts to thrust his hips forward into your stroking hand. You focus on tightening your grip slightly on the up strokes, drawing out more of his precum. Your thumb rubs the slick liquid all around his cock head.

“There sure is Harry.” You say as you lean forward laying a soft kiss on his tip. As you kiss him you lap up a little more of his fluids pretending to savor the taste. Your tongue flicks his slit, inviting his little swimmers to come out and play.

“Why don’t you get comfortable?” You suggest before he sits back in his large armchair. You follow him on your knees never letting go of his girth. He leans back slightly and let’s out a long sigh.

You bend down, lowering your head into his lap and pucker your moist lips. You kiss the tip again instead of pulling off you apply a little pressure and slide down allowing his ever growing cock to invade your mouth. His large wide helmet pops inside and you let it sit there for a second as he audibly moans from the sensation of your warmth.

You can’t help but suck on his tip and run your lips up and down it making it shine with your spit. His dick is soft to the touch but at the same time engorged making him rock hard. You love the feeling as he grows between your lips.

As you continue to travel down, sucking around his veiny shaft, you can feel it pulsing on top of your tongue. You apply some pressure with your finger and thumb at the base causing the whole cock to swell.

Your little pony tail sways back and forth as you begin bobbing your head up and down in his lap. The crown of his cock head thumping in and out of your tight lip seal. You fight the urge to swallow your saliva and instead let it slowly ooze down his length making it nice and slick.

After a few minutes of this, you pull off for a second to catch your breath. While you’re off of him, you stroke it real fast with one hand, sliding from base to tip. Your other hand softly cups his balls and massages them gently as they start to tighten up a bit.

“Does that feels good?” You ask looking up at him as his eyes roll back into his head.

“Uhhh….” a moan of pleasure is all the response you get. Such a romantic… *eye roll*

You lower your head back down and take just his shiny helmet into your mouth. You keep up the quick stroke but also add his favorite tongue twirl. You flick your tongue along the underside and then swirl it around his head while lightly sucking. This drives him crazy. His foot starts tapping on the floor uncontrollably. This, as you are well aware, is his tell-tale sign. However, his fun time is interrupted by your cell phone strapped to your arm ready for your “run”. It starts to ring.

“Just leave it dear, I’m so close.” You ignore him and look over at your brand new Iphone. The screen says ‘Incoming call: David Hubby’ You let go of his cock in shock.

“Shit it’s my Husband! I need to answer.” You look up at him making a shushing motion with your pointer finger. “Don’t say anything. Okay?” He nods while continuing to stroke himself over your face.

You put on your Bluetooth ear buds and answer. “Hey there sweaty. Everything okay?”

“Hey there babe, just calling to make sure you abidinpaşa escort didn’t forget about my suit. I need it dry cleaned before my big meeting Friday.” You hate it when he calls to remind of things.

“Yes dear, of course I remembered.” You talk while taking Harry’s cock back into your hand. You slowly stroke it while continuing to listen to your husband.

“Are you okay Nancy? You’re breathing heavily.” He asked inquisitively.

“Oh… I’m uh… I’m fine dear. I’m just going on my afternoon run. You know how I get winded.” After you answer the question you go down on Harry’s cock again getting in a few quick sucks in while you’re husband talks. Harry smiles as you juggle talking and sucking. You actually answer a few questions with a muffled “mmhmm”. If only David knew why those were muffled.

“All right, Nancy. Good luck out there! I’m proud of you for working on shaving off some of those pounds” He hangs up.

Ever since Chelsea’s birth you haven’t been able to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and you’re super self conscious of it. Sometimes David can be such an ass.

“Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?” Harry said as he squirms in his chair.

“Sorry about that.” You put your ear buds away, trying not to let your husbands words get to you, and look up at Harry’s face of ecstasy as you suck him back into your mouth.

You engulf his rod as far as your little mouth can and his spongy cock head hits the back of your throat. You gag a little as you push your head down hard on his rod. He loves it when you gag on it. Hopefully this will make up for the phone call.

You go back to bobbing your head, slurping, stroking and sucking him with a mission. Every so often you go all the way down and hold it there letting his cock pulse in your throat. You pull back off, catch your breath and then go back to sucking.

“Oh fuck yes, Nancy…hmmm…shit yeah! That married mouth of yours sure knows how to work a cock…. mmmmm.”

You pull off for a second to stroke him and lean your head farther down. You look up at him as your tongue explores his ball sack. They are already nice and wet from your spit. You flick the tip of your tongue around between each testicle teasing him as you keep up the tempo with your slippery hand.

“You know what’s in there don’t you?” He asks looking down grinning. “Mmhmm” is all you can get out as you fill your lips with his tightening scrotum.

“I haven’t touched myself since last time, sweetheart. I know how much you enjoy my big loads.”

You move your mouth back up to his cock to find a huge stream of leaking precum. You swirl your tongue around lapping it all up and then slide your lips back down his shaft. He’s so close. You bob faster and faster, driving him closer and closer.

He finally can’t take it anymore and abruptly takes his raging cock in his hand and starts pumping with determination. His eyes are closed and his head his tilted back. You wonder who or what he’s thinking about? You are a means to an end for him. There are no feelings, just pure needs.

“Ooooohhhh shit!…. you’re going to swallow it all for me, right?” You look up at him and give him a little nod. As he pumps, you open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue so he has a clear shot. He absolutely loves this picture: You looking up at your elderly neighbors cock as he’s about to fill your mouth with his fresh sperm.

He lets out one last moan as he erupts. The first shot is super thick and creamy it paints a line down the length of your tongue. Two more quick shots follow spreading his salty cum across your mouth. As usual he slows down into a steady drool that flows and flows. A little dribbles out of your lower lip as you struggle to hold it all.

“Oh shit! … ugh that feels good. Let me see it all sweetheart.” He always asks that so you open your mouth wide, having to tilt your head farther back to prevent any more from escaping.

“That sure is a lot this time. Well done.” He says as if you were his little dog. “Go ahead my dear. Make it disappear.” This is the part you hate but have to pretend to enjoy. He loves to see you swallow it all down.

You close your lips tight and put on a little show. You slosh it around from cheek to cheek for a second as if you wanted to savor his taste. It takes two big gulps but you get it all down without flinching too much from the strong taste. You finally open wide and show off your clean tongue.

“Very good my dear.” He pulls out his wallet and stuffs the usual payment into your bra and sits back in his chair. “Same time next week?” You smile politely and nod.

As you gather yourself off of his floor, your phone buzzes with a text message.

“Where are you?” From Jaylen. You frantically realize what time it is. 2:35?! You’ve got to get going!

“Thanks Harry, I’ll see you again soon, but I’ve go to run.” You see yourself out leaving him in his bliss.

Back on the sidewalk akay escort of the suburban cul de sac, you put on some tunes as you jog down and around the corner. You belly sloshes a little bit from the fresh deposit there. You run a couple of blocks down and find a familiar large black man waiting at his mailbox.

“You’re late, Nancy.” Jaylen said looking over his sunglasses. “You know I don’t like waiting.”

“I’m so sorry, you know how packed my schedule is” you say still panting from your run.

He looks you up and down for a second. You twirl around showing off how good your ass looks in those yoga pants. He smiles in approval and motions you to come back without saying a word. You look around to make sure no one sees you go back.

“My lady’s working from home today. She’s upstairs on her computer. She won’t hear us in here.” He opens the garage door and pulls your arm inside.

“Your wife is home?! I thought we agreed never to do that.” You try to reason with him as you don’t want anyone to find out about this. You would have to see Lisa at the HOA meetings!

Jaylen ignores your comment, obviously not thinking with the head on his shoulders. He hits the button and the garage door closes. “No escape now” you think to yourself eyeing the time on your phone. 2:45. I have to pick up the kids at 3:00!

The garage, like so many in the neighborhood, is cluttered with boxes and junk. But on one side of the garage, Jaylon had his prized 1971 Camaro SS in jet black. It was gorgeous and made your juices flow just looking at it. He led you around to the far side of it.

“You still on birth control babe?” He asks while nonchalantly pulling his long black cock out from his gym shorts. He started to stroke it.

“Well actually…David and I were going to start trying for a third kid….we haven’t told anyone yet.” Jaylen always scared you a little because he was so strong and really liked it rough. “So…no I’m not…Can we end it differently today maybe?”

He grabs you by the shoulder and bends you over the hood of his favorite car. You weren’t sure if he heard you. Like Harry, he only had one thing in his mind. Before you know it your expensive yoga pants are down wadded up around your ankles and his hand is on your back holding you in position. You only have a limited amount of time but how to convey that urgency to him?

“Give it to me Jaylen. I need that big black cock of yours.” He looks up and locks eyes with you. “Fuck me.” He is more then happy to oblige.

“That’s what I like to hear, girl.” You can feel his thick cock head rubbing up and down your soaking wet lips. Little does he know that they’ve been wet for a while now. He slides right in as if he were made for you. You are the sheath for his sword. David’s cock is only about half the size and never feels as good as Jaylens. He’s able to hit spot’s you husband could only dream of. You can’t help but let out a little shriek as he impales you.

He doesn’t wait for you to recover. He doesn’t ease off. He only likes it at one intensity. He thrusts hard and deep pounding your little white cunt. His balls are slapping against your clit with each stroke of his cock. You try as best you can to brace yourself on the hood of the car as he pushes harder and harder.

“Mmmm damn girl, you’ve got the tightest pussy don’t ya?… mmmm shit yeah!”

He flips you over, takes your tights the rest of the way off, and picks you up as if you weighed nothing. You wrap your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. He pins you against the damp garage wall as he continues to assault your twat.

His thighs are clapping hard against your sweaty ass as he fucks you raw. The noise of flesh against flesh, Jaylen’s harsh grunts and your whimpers fill the garage. You can feel you climax starting to build as his smooth cock head repeatedly hits your g spot perfectly. Your juices are flowing uncontrollably.

Without removing himself, he changes positions again. You have absolutely no control over anything. Jaylen is using your body how he wants and won’t give it back until he’s done with it. You’re okay with this.

Your lying with your back on the hood, sneakers in the air, and your legs over his shoulders. In this position he can really drive deep and hard. He takes long slow strokes, really feeling every inch of your pussy wrapped tight around his cock.

He suddenly stopped mid-thrust. There was a noise, a light turned on.

“Jaylen?! Jaylen?! What is all the commotion?” It was Lisa!

In one quick move, you suddenly found yourself on your back, on the cold concrete. Jaylen had picked you up and moved the whole event down behind the side of the car without pulling himself out. You were out of sight. Lisa couldn’t see anything in the garage anyway, thanks to all the clutter.

“Jaylen?! Did you hear me?” Lisa calling out again from the doorway.

“Shit Lisa! You scared me girl! Haven’t I told you not to sneak up on ankara escort me while I’m working?” Jaylen tries to be cool while his cock is still buried in your snatch. He keeps slowly thrusting a little even while yelling to his wife. You can feel his cock head pulsing inside you with excitement. You bite your lip trying to keep from making a sound, which is hard to do when a big black cock is still slowly fucking you. A slight moan escapes your lips. Jaylen’s hand covers your mouth, shushing you.

“What are you doing in there, Jaylen?!”

There’s an awkwardly long pause. “I’m working on Denise woman! She needed her brakes adjusted a bit. I’ll be done in a minute. Now go on and leave me to it.” You wonder if Jaylen always talks to her this way. Poor Lisa. You feel a huge wave of guilt wash over as you hear her walk away and close the door. “What are you doing?!” You ask yourself. “This is wrong. Why would Jaylen do this to her?”

But any guilt you fell instantly melts away as Jaylen’s cock begins pumping into you again. It finds your sweet spot and you melt into his will. Waves of intense pleasure cloud over any thoughts you were having and you focus your complete attention to the hard rod thrusting in and out of you.

He flips you over onto your hands and knees, his favorite position. The concrete is hard on your knees but you don’t notice from all the activity going on. He grabs your pony tail and pulls your hair, forcing your head back as he mounts you. You can’t help but moan with each thrust of his perfect cock. He lets go of your hair and instead reaches around and holds his hand over your mouth, trying to quiet you down. He leans over you and whispers in your ear.

“You love being fucked like the little bitch you are, don’t you? You love taking my cock from behind eh?” His balls continue to pummel your swollen clit. You manage to barely breath through your nose as he keeps a tight grip on you. You can’t take it anymore and cum hard.

Your vagina spasms and squeezes down around his rod as your climax hits in full force. Your whole body tenses up as you try to scream but can’t. Your warm juices spurt out around his girth making a small puddle on the floor. You hands clinch up into fists as you try to deal with the intense feeling. He doesn’t let up. He doesn’t let you take a break. He’s in complete control of you.

The combination of your orgasm and the rush of almost getting caught sends Jaylen over the edge. You try to remind him to pull out, you’re off birth control again, but he can’t hear you. Your squirms go unnoticed. He pushes in deep and holds himself there. You can feel his cock get real tense, his cock head expands and then it happens.

“AHHH… fuck yeah!… AHH!!!” He lets out a yelp as his flood gates open. You can feel pulse after pulse after pulse deep in your womb. He didn’t pull out, quite the opposite. He absolutely fills you with his thick, creamy black man cum. Your pussy walls cannot hold it all in. It starts to leak out even as he keeps going. He keeps slowly thrusting, using your tightness to milk as much sperm out of him as he can. He finally gives your ass a good slap and pulls out.

“Damn girl, you’re always a good fuck.”

As his deflating cock slips out of you, you can feel a stream of cum follow it. Without him there, you feel so empty. You lean forward, ass up, and rest your head on the ground as you catch your breath.

His slips the usual amount of cash in the back of your sports bra and tosses you your pants. He was done with you, his little sex toy.

“You better get out of here girl, before she comes back.”

You gather yourself together and quickly slide your yoga pants back on. His cum still steadily leaking from your sore, worn out cunt. You clinch up trying to keep it in. You look into the side mirror of the Camaro and fix up your hair and face a bit. Before you’re done, he hits the button to open the garage, encouraging you to make a get away.

You look at the time, 3:15, shit! You’re late to get the kids! As you put your earbuds in to start your run, he gives you a shout.

“Hey! If, in nine months, the kid comes out black, let me know. I’ll always take care of my girl.” You pull a lose bit of hair behind your ear and smile at him.

You run back home and jump in the Escalade that your husband bought for you and head to daycare.

“Yes, Ms. Abby, I’m so sorry that I’m running late again. I’ll be there in a few minutes to pick them up.”

Without losing your cool, you get the kids home, fed, bathed and in bed by 6:00. David must’ve been working late again. You take your earnings from the day out of your bra and put them in the secret shoe box in the back of the closet. Before you can finally change clothes and shower, you hear the door open.

“Honey, I’m home!” He yells down the hallway. You come down the hall with a finger over your lips.

“The kids are asleep sweetie” you hate it when he makes a ruckus and wakes them. You’re always the one to have to deal with them screaming.

“Why are you dressed like that? How long was your workout?” He asked

“I didn’t have time to change! Ugh I’m sorry it’s been a busy day.” You know he likes seeing you dressed up when he gets home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32